Heidelberg football coach sacked after controversial call

By JOHN VANDIVER | STARS AND STRIPES Published: November 9, 2010

STUTTGART, Germany — Just days after leading his team to the DODDS-Europe Division I football crown, Heidelberg’s football coach announced Tuesday that school leadership has decided to remove him from the position he’s occupied for 15 years.

“I was notified Monday by my principal that HHS will be moving in a new direction and I will not be coaching anymore,” Brad Shahan wrote in an e-mail to members of the sports community in Europe.

Reached at home Tuesday, Shahan said he also will no longer be serving as the school’s varsity basketball coach, a position he held since 1990. Shahan declined to comment further on the end of his coaching career, but did say he will remain on board as a teacher.

Heidelberg Principal KJ Brewer did not respond to a phone call or e-mail seeking comment. Athletic Director Karen Seadore would not comment beyond saying it was a “school leadership decision.”

The coaching shake-up comes after weeks of controversy over Shahan’s decision not to field his football team during the closing seconds of an Oct. 9 contest against Wiesbaden. The failure to put his team on the field resulted in an imposed forfeiture.

However, the referee’s ruling sparked an uproar of protest among Heidelberg parents, who led the push to get the team’s 54-19 victory reinstated. Last week, Nancy Bresell, director of Department of Defense Dependents Schools-Europe, overturned the forfeiture. High school sports rules mandate that forfeitures be imposed before the end of a game. Since the referee’s decision was more than a week later, it was in violation of the rule book, Bresell stated in her memorandum.

Though Heidelberg’s victory was reinstated, Shahan was not vindicated of the charge of unsportsmanlike conduct that prompted the original complaint.

“The basis of the protest, that the Heidelberg coach did not direct the players to return to the field after being so directed by the referee and that this lack of action by the coach constituted unsportsmanlike behavior, was substantiated,” Bresell wrote.

On Saturday, Shahan led his Lions to a dramatic double-overtime win in a rematch against Wiesbaden. It was the fifth time Shahan led Heidelberg to a football championship. He was equally successful as a basketball coach, leading Heidelberg to numerous championships, including five consecutive Division I crowns from 2000 and 2004.

“We’re all really disappointed. We feel like he’s done an excellent job this year,” said Jeanne McBride, a Heidelberg parent who was part of a group that pushed to have the forfeit decision overturned.

McBride said Shahan took unnecessary criticism for his conduct at the end of the game. Shahan’s supporters argue that instead of defying a referee’s request to return players to the field, there was a feeling among the Heidelberg team that time had already expired in the game.

“We didn’t feel like he was malicious in any way to the referee,” McBride said. “We’re all saddened by this decision.”

Though popular with many players and parents, Shahan’s career wasn’t without controversy. In 2007, Shahan was disciplined for his decision a year earlier to require football players to do 200 push-ups in increments of 20 after leaving trash on the field after practice.

In his e-mail to the DODDS-Europe sports community, Shahan wrote: “I would like to take a minute and thank you for all the camaraderie over the years. It was great working with you at camp and against you on the sidelines. I will remember all the laughs and good times we shared.”


Heidelberg head football coach Brad Shahan talks to the referee towards the end of the controversial game at Wiesbaden on Oct. 9. Just days after leading his team to the DODDS-Europe Division I football crown, Shahan announced Tuesday that school leadership has decided to remove him from the position he's occupied for 15 years.


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I'm glad they got rid of him. What he pulled against Wiesbaden was a bunch of CRAP! He deserves to get fired.
Written by Heidelburgsuckssss, 9 November 2010 18:55

Bad form all around. DoDDs sports aren't really all that competitive, are ridiculously unorganized, and are poorly officiated. The same schools dominate every sport every year. Has anyone considered that thought? Maybe it is time to go in a new direction. Arrogance is a vile trait, and karma always comes back to visit.
Written by Tigerdude, 9 November 2010 18:35

Why would he want his job back if the administration doesn't want him? I think the best thing if for the school to offer his job back and he turns them down
Written by starstudded, 9 November 2010 18:19

Is anyone going to the ESPN sports center event in Graf on Veteran's Day? If you are, you should bring signs for Coach Shahan. Just a thought.
Written by A Member of the Student Body, 9 November 2010 18:04

I say go public in the USA, I would fire Kevin Brewer and Karen Seadore. both are a disgrace to DODDS, why they keep them I don't know. Alot of illegal doings by both parties, something to be said about you scratch my back I scratch yours. I am sure Kevin Brewer would agree how do you think he has stayed around so long.
Written by fired up, 9 November 2010 17:53

Shahan has been in the sights of DoDDs leadership ever since he won at arbitration in 2007 and DoDDS leadership had to eat crow. So this latest case of retaliation was to be expected.
Written by Jesse, 9 November 2010 17:51

I've never EVER seen it where a coach wins a CHAMPIONSHIP , then gets fired , hey , come on down to Ramstein , we could use you .
Written by Coach Anonymous, 9 November 2010 17:39

It will be interesting when ESPN picks up this story and it goes nationwide. Perhaps at that point an official investigation into the DoDDS-E Athletic Director's mismanagement of this whole issue will be conducted. She does oversee the official's training, right?
Written by Concerned Dodds teacher, 9 November 2010 17:35

Written by studentHHS, 9 November 2010 17:32

To Coach Shahan, I would like to inform you that you are looked up to not just by the members of the teams you have coached but by the student body as a whole. Currently my fellow students of Heidelberg High School are taking a leading position in the fight to have you reinstated. To Parents of Children that attend HHS, I would like to inform you that though a plan to stage a walkout was concieved (and some still call it by its first name) the new plan consists more of a sit-down. I urge you to allow your children to participate, as it will not only be a quick way to send a powerful message, it will be an experience in peaceful protest and an excercise in the unalienable right to assemble. I also urge you to quit speculating or insulting, though we have a right to say what is on our minds, we should not use that right as a way to debunk others. And we should use it as a way to achieve our goal. So far the Students of HHS seem to be more organized than the parents, we cannot do this alone, we need action on your part as well as ours to get Coach Shahan reinstated. To Mr. Brewer, All I can say is everyone makes mistakes. It takes a real man to correct his own.
Written by A Member of the Student Body, 9 November 2010 17:21

@Stfupty The last part was not necessary.
Written by come on dude, 9 November 2010 17:19

WHS Fan your full of crap. Don't talk about a game that your just hot headed over. This article is about coach Shahan not how you have to come up with excuses on why Heidelberg won (54-19) ... Boohoo get over it, Wiesbaden played great in there championship game and it's people like you that give Wiesbaden players an arrogant and shallow appearance online, which isn't true in person. Stop talking crap, your jealousy is showing, stay off this blog if all your going to do is cut yourself you little Emo kid.
Written by Stfupty, 9 November 2010 17:13

This is Seriously a Shame! From a former player of Coach Shahans i have to say it. I might not have liked the crap i had to do on the field, but i would be a bloody liar if i said i did not learn ALOT from this Man on the field and Off the Field! What i learned from him has carried on in the years since than for me, WTH is going on in DODDS?!?!?! I work in Sports and Fitness, and let me tell you no one is happy with this, even people who could care less about football and have no affiliation with HHS are ticked off about this. You people need to get your crap together and shape up, or ship off! Political correctness? What a joke
Written by #79HHS Lion, 9 November 2010 17:06

This is Seriously a Shame! From a former player of Coach Shahans i have to say it. I might not have liked the crap i had to do on the field, but i would be a bloody liar if i said i did not learn ALOT from this Man on the field and Off the Field! What i learned from him has carried on in the years since than for me, WTH is going on in DODDS?!?!?! I work in Sports and Fitness, and let me tell you no one is happy with this, even people who could care less about football and have no affiliation with HHS are ticked off about this. You people need to get your crap together and shape up, or ship off! Political correctness? What a joke
Written by #79HHS Lion, 9 November 2010 17:04

Does no one remember the WHS P.E. teacher, (the one that had all the annoying instruments) in the Weisboden stands that had the stuffed lion, and tied a noose around it's neck and swung it around, then put it in a garbage bag? That was very disrespectful. I don't know what good things WHS students learn from that.
Written by #22, 9 November 2010 16:56

This is really Disappointing, how can Brewer sit around after the championships cheering on our team for winning, when the whole reason we won was because of Shahan. HHS is suppose to be a family, and this has shown that we are not, because family are suppose to stick together. The only ones standing up for these actions are the students and parents and those are who we can really count on. Take a look around our athletes…. We need Shahan!
Written by HHS student, 9 November 2010 16:53

of course, i am assuming that the people in charge HAVE brains...suppose that could be up for debate what with their silly decision
Written by Doesn'tanyoneusetheirbrainsanymore?, 9 November 2010 16:50

@ whs fan Are you really so blind as to what the actual issue is? Heidelberg High School students are human. When one is pushed, they push back. Let's not only place blame to the opposing side, take some responisbility for the students in Wiesbaden. Is it not also true that WHS players displayed the same ill attitude towards the HHS players? They may not have deserved some of what students may have done or said in retaliation to what WHS students did, but this is not about the quarrels between students. THIS IS OUR SCHOOL. Shahan has been a role model and a leader to our students. And "not necessarily deservedly?" So am I to assume that football games are now scored on biased opinions on sportsmanship? And not on the actual touchdown counts made by each team? Heidelberg High School has worked hard and dedicated all their efforts into their games, and I firmly believe that they have EARNED each win that lead to their undefeated season.
Written by Lion Pride, 9 November 2010 16:48

Has anyone else looked at this logically? Why would the Heidelberg coach keep his team off the field and forfeit the game? In protest of what---winning? Clearly, it was a situation of confusion at the end of the game, hell, even the refs were confused. Me thinks maybe somebody in charge ought to start using their brains, just a thought.
Written by Doesn'tanyoneusetheirbrainsanymore?, 9 November 2010 16:44

Coach Shanhan is not only an amazing teacher but also an amazing coach, not only does he set goal for us to real but he pushes us towards them because he believes in what we have and what we have to give. Firing him was a terrible mistake. They will NEVER find a better coach and nor do we want a better coach because the one we want will still be walking down the halls of HHS and it will just be a waste to have him there w/o coaching. This has been the best year for football season so far and now it has been ruined. Principal and everyone else who had part on firing him should be ashamed! Because of this, i dont have pride in our school anymore. Sorry, but we need Shahan back!
Written by WeNeedShahan!, 9 November 2010 16:39

Please no one comment on anything WHS Fan says. Don't let whoever take away the focus of this blog. Let them blog themselves.
Written by Haters Hate Winners, 9 November 2010 16:36

358 people!
Written by And the support keeps growing!, 9 November 2010 16:33

Its a good thing the mannheim coach is ready because Wade Phillips shouldnt be allowed to coach a youth flag football team.
Written by greenbay 45-7, 9 November 2010 16:26

Like coach always told us, "We don't play dirty or take those cheap shots, we play Heidelberg football!"
Written by Paco #22, 9 November 2010 16:26

Having a coach as Shahan is never bad, unless you're Brewer or the likes. Brewer is weak, change of direction is what he was told to say...he continues his roll as principle based on his will to say yes ma'am.. Stand up Brewer everyone has had disagreements with management!
Written by PG 83, 9 November 2010 16:23

great stuff what he did was disrespecfull, and it was against the rules people from heidelberg are saying that he taught your children values, sportsmanship, and other such things crucial for the development of a person, apparently not my friends who were on the football team said that nearly all of the heidelberg players were disrespecfull and rude on the field after both games, particulary the game at wiesbaden. They made repeated insulting remarks towards players, the team, and wiesbaden. Good Sportsmanship and ehtics indeed. More like teaching disrespect, bad ethics, bad sportsmanship, and arrogance. i am willing to throw out some proof if needed you may have won, but not nessacarly deservedly
Written by whs fan, 9 November 2010 16:22

I wonder what a sports writer from ESPN or Foxsports would make of this mess? Might be interesting to find out. This is a treavesty of unspeakable proportion.
Written by Tempted, 9 November 2010 16:16

Un-flippin-believable. Big mistake, DODDS. Biiiiiig mistake. I hope some savvy reporter at Stripes is able to get to the truth. We think you are amazing, Coach Shahan!!!!
Written by Vasquez family, 9 November 2010 16:09

200 push ups? Please. You should reinstate this man and fire the Principal. In the old, old days that was part of the wrestling team warm up.
Written by Fuzzy(Jerry's rt side buddy), 9 November 2010 16:01

We send our kids to school and hope that they are being taught to do what's right. Mr. Brewer I understand self preservation but it still is very disappointing. Frankly, I don't feel that my child gets a very good lesson out of this. Everybody leaves a legacy in this world. What is yours? I too have felt the pull of strings on my life by the puppet master but will never sell a person down the river. I still believe in right is right and will probably die never having achieved much in life; but I will have dignity, honor, and my soul. That's most important to me. My legacy is doing right by others.
Written by Defying the Puppeteer, 9 November 2010 16:00

This sounds fishy to me and makes zero sense. As an HHS parent with a child who does not play sports, I am still confused and upset. It is obvious that this coach is highly well-liked and respected. It sounds like he is a good coach - and a successful one at that. WHY would Mr. Brewer and that powers-that-be at DODDS get RID of something that was working? Why? If you are reading this Mr. Shahan, I am sorry that you have been loyal to DODDS for over 20 years - only to have them turn their back on you. I think you an asset to our school and I completely support your reinstatement. Know that you have fans all over HD right now rallying up the troops on your behalf. And, know...that you have made a difference in the lives of our kids. Shameful, DODDS. JUST when I thought DODDS couldn't get any stupider....YOU FIRED THE WRONG GUY, DODDS. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR INCOMPETENCE - LOOK NO FURTHER THAN OUR PRINCIPAL!!!
Written by Pissed-off parent, 9 November 2010 15:55

I smell a rat in this whole thing. I find it a slight coincidence that this was Mannheims' last year as a high school (and football team). Which means their coach is out of a job and a coaching job just HAPPEN to open down the road. If the Mannheim coach becomes the HHS football coach, I will lose all respect for the DODDS athletic committee, DODDS over all and Mr. Brewer for allowing this to happen. I am glad my kid is graduating this year because I'm disgusted with DODDS-Europe and their stupidity. In regards to the walkout option, why walk out when you can just flood SOMEONES email inbox, or mail box (letters) or even ICE comments. Not a fan of the walkout but understand it. I support you but, I don't support my kid walkingout of school.
Written by Shahan for president in 2012!!, 9 November 2010 15:32

Oh, don't you worry Mr. Phillips! They are getting the Mannheim Coach ready to take Shahan's place! They had everything well planed!
Written by HHS, 9 November 2010 15:24

Dear Mr. Brewer. I heard there is an opening for a football coach. My name is Wade Phillips and I think I can still coach. Let me know where to send the resume. I have always wanted to coach in Germany and at the high school level where I had success. I am willing to work for nothing and put up with bothersome bosses.
Written by Wade Phillips, 9 November 2010 15:21

Gee Thanks. Try explaining this mess to a 10 year old who through the family atmosphere Coach Shahan created thought he was a Heidelberg Lion. He enjoyed joking around and playing with Shahan at the team dinners. Now he is sad and confused. Coach touched not only the players but the families. Terrible decision. In an attempt to make your lives easier you have just made everyone elses more difficult.
Written by Eric, 9 November 2010 15:13

300 people!
Written by And the support keeps growing!, 9 November 2010 15:09

Mr. Brewer, what you meant to say is congratulations for a great undefeated season Coach Shahan. I understand the total incompetence at DoDDS Europe and apologize for the unwarranted one game suspension that was delivered at the close of business on Friday so that no chance of appeal could happen. I like my job and want to keep it and they gave me a choice either fire you or I would be fired. In a couple of years when the Heidelberg community is closed and we become part of Wiesbaden all will be forgiven and they will hate someone else.
Written by MySincereApologies, 9 November 2010 15:09

What I don't understand is why a penalty was called in the first place on Coach Shahan when the 2010 NFHS Football Rule Section 3 Article 3d states that no PAT should have been attempted because it was the last down of the 4th period and the points would not have affected the outcome of the game. Just goes to show you that by being a good sport and agreeing to play on after mercy ruling the other team it ultimately costs him his job. Note to the next coach when you are up by more than 39 points, don't play on.
Written by CanIGetALawyer, 9 November 2010 15:03

291 people!
Written by And the support keeps growing!, 9 November 2010 15:02

Brad, you are and always will be Heidelberg Football....We love you and are sorry to hear about this!!
Written by Domko Family, 9 November 2010 14:58

I have been one of those parents that got to know Brad Shahan not only through his coaching, but also on a personal level. I feel if it wasn't for him that my sons wouldn't be the men they are today, especially my second son. When the school seemed like they had given up on him, Brad took him under his wing and set him on the right path,and for that I am VERY GRATEFUL. Removing him as Coach is just anoher one of DODDS major miscues. Like the overturning of the forfeit,DODDS still has time to make this right. Brad if you are reading these just know that even though we are no longer in Germany, we still support you 110%.
Written by Grateful Parent, 9 November 2010 14:58

286 people!
Written by And the support keeps growing!, 9 November 2010 14:53

Coach Shahan is all about the kids. He teaches them good sportsmanship, team ethics and is a wonderful role model. He gives them the opportunity to excel through his leadership. Exactly what other direction is there to go? For years, DODDS has been biased against this man. He's been harassed repeatedly and treated more harshly than other coaches. For what it's worth, Coach, your students, players, parents and community love you and appreciate everything you've given to us. I'm so sorry you are being treated this way.
Written by Mamma 65, 9 November 2010 14:50

275 people!
Written by And the support keeps growing!, 9 November 2010 14:42

Mr Vandiver, the kids are organizing a WALK OUT on Monday to support their COACH....Maybe you should cover it?
Written by LION, 9 November 2010 14:37

265 people!
Written by And the support keeps growing!, 9 November 2010 14:35

I have watched coach Shahan coach for a few years in both basketball and football and actually never liked his arrogance or the extreme lack of discipline of his assistant coaches, especially football. With that said, I have spoken to many people who know him personally and they all say he is a caring coach who looks out for his kids well beyond the playing fields, mentoring and helping kids become better people. His success in the sports he coaches speaks for itself. What else do we want for our kids. Once again DODDS has taken away a valuable resource, what a shame.
Written by Big Mike, 9 November 2010 14:29

Here's a petition to get Brad Shahan reinstated as head football and basketball coach of Heidelberg High School. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/shahan/
Written by J.C., 9 November 2010 14:24

I guess we should wait to see if the championship game victory by Heidelberg is official or will be overturned too. We still have a week for DoDDs to review the victory and the referee to file his game report. Did anyone see the referee end the game?
Written by ThreeBlindMiceSeeHowWePlay, 9 November 2010 14:14

248 people!
Written by And the support keeps growing!, 9 November 2010 14:13

Never have so few done so much harm for so long and kept their jobs. Having coached a Varsity team at HHS it is unbelievable the BS you have to put up with from DoDDS, Referees who only have to pass a 100 question open book test, and the HHS Administration. I am surprised that Brad put up with it all this long. A great person and educator. I guess he was put on double secret probation after the BS push up incident last year. Another example of political correctness gone haywire. We are moving in a new direction HHS. We are looking for someone to hug our kids and tell them that they all are wonderful and don't worry about the rules they will be interpreted by those who try hard but are challenged to comprehend that you must read the entire rule book.
Written by SaveBradShahan, 9 November 2010 14:11

At a DoDDS European championship softball game in Ramstein, the Stuttgart coach shouted across the field and told the upmire to F*** off, he was punished by sitting out one game!!!! Glad that coach was not from Heidelberg, he would never have been seen again.
Written by Softball mom, 9 November 2010 14:09

243 people!
Written by And the support keeps growing!, 9 November 2010 14:06

Written by your fault, 9 November 2010 14:02

DoDDS is officially one big Joke.. You give back the forfeit but still punish the best coach I've ever had. He had a kind heart and would do anything for his players, students, friends, and family.
Written by Jimmy Montfleury, 9 November 2010 14:01

I was going to try out for basketball next week at HHS, but instead am boycotting basketball. I encourage everybody else to do the same.
Written by boycott, 9 November 2010 14:00

234 people!
Written by And the support keeps growing!, 9 November 2010 13:58

That IS correct Lion Ram!!!
Written by SEEN IT!!, 9 November 2010 13:52

229 persons.
Written by And the support keeps growing!, 9 November 2010 13:52

Rumor has it that Coach Shahan was told on the field after the game, that he would no longer be coaching. Is anyone able to confirm this. Additionally the HHS principal is being made the scapegoat. This is another display of fascist behavior by DoDDS administrators. There is one thing that both Ramstein and Heidelberg agree on, the overwhelming dislike of Ms Seadore. Shame on you all.
Written by Lion Ram, 9 November 2010 13:48

At this very moment there are 213 DoDDs and non-DoDDs affiliated persons petitioning this ludicrous act of injustice. No surprise there. Shahan has done an incalculable amount of good for the Heidelberg athletes, WE are completely in DEBT to this wonderful Man and Mentor.
Written by And the support keeps growing!, 9 November 2010 13:47

I knew Coach Shahan since I was in third grade. He is not a bad teacher or coach at all. He taught his students and players life lessons and helped us all go the right direction. Without him we wouldn't be the people we are today. We need him back!!!
Written by Heidelberg Lady Baller, 9 November 2010 13:45

The firing of Brad Shahan, as a Coach, is a travesty and a farce. Never has anyone poured as much dedication and brought as much recognition to the Heidelberg High School like Coach Shahan. He is an icon, a figurehead, and a leader in the Heidelberg community. His actions and ideals ought to be emulated by all, and his ability as a football and a basketball coach is unparalleled. This unjust decision has shaken the Heidelberg community. And every student, past, present, and future, have been directly affected by Coach Shahan's legacy. Every player under Coach Shahan has seen his morals, sincerity, trust, and positivity and has absorbed it. When other teams are cussing on the field, throwing cheap shots, and running up the score, Coach Shahan has been the model of tradition and morality. There is only one word to describes such a person - Proven. Coach Shahan has produced when other athletic departments did not. He lead the Lions!In the face of this scandal, it appears that whoever made this decision, has quickly forgotten this, and has made a brash decision. Let us remind them of their folly, and demand that Coach Shahan be given his post back, and that there is justice for Brad Shahan and the Heidelberg family.So lets come together as one unit, a collective whole, to support a man that not only created champions but who also changed lives of the many athletes that walked the halls of Heidelberg High School.
Written by HHS LION MOM, 9 November 2010 13:44

Just take a look on what DODDS did.... http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=143777239003146
Written by STOP NOW, 9 November 2010 13:35

I swore a oath to protect my country against all enemies foreign and domestic. This is one of those instances where the administration has gotten to much power and out of control and needs to be removed. I demand that Brewer, Bresell, the Referees and All others in senior leadership in DODDs Europe resign. It is time to take a stand. This is so wrong and what are we really teaching our children. That power is in the hands of the few and not the people. That you can tell a lie and get others in trouble. That you can manipulate the system and get rid of the competition. That it is easier to cheat and lie than to do what it takes to stand up for what is right. I am mad and so are a lot of others. May I remind you the dems just lost power in DC because they lost contact with the people. We are coming to get your resignations, have them ready!!!!!!!
Written by Sick of Dodds, 9 November 2010 13:33

This is a very sad day. It's a sad day for my son, who instead of going back to the States as I wished, wanted to finish his high school career with Coach Shahan. Coach Shahan has made such a positive mark on my son’s life that words can’t explain. It has made my job as a father very easy. This is the kind of thing that happens when a coach (Jewell) did not know the rules and filed a protest and a referee that lied to cover his own mistake. A man's livelihood, career, reputation, and the love of mentoring young people all destroyed over a lie. It may not help but Wiesbaden coaches you need to come clean about that referee approaching Heidelberg's sideline. You were there and he stood on your side of the field talking to your head coach. Coach Jewell even wrote in his own protest that time had expired and he thought he was supposed to get an extra point try. This directly contradicts the referee. The other refs need to come clean and not worry about contracts. This is about a human being suffering because of a blatant lie. I was at the game and I know the head ref and will tell you; he flat out lied. Sir you need to come clean. This has gone too far because of your lie. Do you not have any compassion for your fellow man? Even people I am not fond of, I would never ruin their career or life. That’s cold. I hope you are not a religious man because he who sins against a man wrongs his own soul. Save your soul.
Written by Truth, 9 November 2010 13:30

didn't he just get honored for coaching on saturday night, then on tuesday tehy fire him? I wonder how long they have been planning this for?
Written by paranoid?, 9 November 2010 12:55

Didn't they award him the DODDS Europe Director's Coin of Excellence after winning the game Saturday? Wow... talk about ironic...
Written by anonymous, 9 November 2010 12:52

The funny thing is that he is deserving of COACH of the YEAR Honors!.... Will he get it???
Written by Iwastheredamnit, 9 November 2010 12:46

Okay Dodds is seriously having some issues and blatant stupidity is what is at fault here! The is all a load of crap and they know it! And did they really think that they weren't going to be put under the fire for doing this?! Are they really so ignorant as to make such a stupid ruling?!
Written by Anonymous, 9 November 2010 12:37

As an HHS Lion, I can only picture the team next year consisting of no one, as much as some of these guys want to play, their loyalty to Coach Shahan is far greater than that desire. Bresell undoubtably has somthing against Coach Sahahan, and she is intentionally or unintentionally taking it out on the HHS community; if she has somthing against Shahan then she has somthing against HHS, and if she has a problem with HHS then she has a huge, angry problem.
Written by Class of '14, 9 November 2010 12:35

The question is whether the Stars and Stripes will actually investigate this story rather than report the "facts". Don't hold your breath!
Written by Bob Woodward, 9 November 2010 12:34

I cannot believe that Coach Shahan has been fired as the Coach of the Heidelberg High School. Did anyone take a look at the video of the game? Apparently NOT! Coach Shahan was fired from Coaching based on “the failure to put his team back on the field” “unsportsmanlike” conduct per the referee. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? A man has just lost his job behind this gross miscommunication. THE REFEREE DID NOT TELL COACH SHAHAN OR ANY OF THE 4 OTHER COACHES TO PUT THE TEAM BACK ON THE FIELD. Did anyone take a look at the video of the game? Apparently NOT! Did anyone consider that the Referee was not forth coming with the truth? Coach Shahan was suspended for a game because of this so call “unsportsmanlike” conduct. Now he is being fired as well. Now because of this UNTRUTH, we have lost more than just a Coach. To some Coach Shahan might be considered as a “Hardass” like most Coaches are. However, no one can call him a LIAR! THE REFEREE DID NOT TELL COACH SHAHAN TO PUT HIS TEAM BACK ON THE FIELD! He has devoted and dedicated himself to the Heidelberg Sport Program. A sports program where he has proven himself while mentoring and teaching our young athletes the game of life, whether it on the football field or on the basketball court. Several of our students, past, present and potential students have been directly affected by this decision. A thorough investigation must be conducted. THIS WILL NOT GO AWAY! TO THE HEIDELBERG COMMUNITY: WE HAVE MORE WORK TO DO!
Written by Thomas Hogue, 9 November 2010 12:32

sorry, heidelberg vs. wiesbaden. not ramstein.
Written by Butterball still thinks it's stupid, 9 November 2010 12:30

Had this happened here in the States, the head coach would never have been fired. While winning a championship, Coach Shahan also garnered the support of his players and their parents. That is no small feat in coaching. The overturn of the forfieted game would not have been possible without the passionate support of the player's parents. It is quite obvious that they are fully behind their coach. If the HHS adminstration felt this was such a grevious error by Coach Shahan, why wait until the season is over to remove him? As a high school coach and parent, I feel that the HHS administration has gone too far in their discpline of Coach Shahan. It is beyond comprehension to fire a coach that not only has the support and admiration of his players and parents, but also consistently puts forth a winning effort.
Written by Matt Lisowski, HHS '86, 9 November 2010 12:30

The only person who should be stripped of there duties is the Referee that blatantly lied during the 2nd Heidelberg vs. Wiesbaden game. He never once mentioned time remaining on the clock, and even had nerve to argue and explain the untimed down after the game....because he knew at that time there was no time left on the clock!!!.... and then afterwards, in an official statement, he snuck in a few seconds remained in the game. Ludicrous!!!!
Written by Iwastheredamnit, 9 November 2010 12:29

Any one else find it Ironic that the referees from the Championship for Heidelberg vs. Ramstein which HEIDELBERG WON were that same as the contriversal game? Vendetta much?
Written by BUTTERBALL THINKS IT"S STUPID TOO, 9 November 2010 12:29

http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/event.php?eid=143777239003146&index=1 this was made after one hour after this article was posted by the students of HHS
Written by Shahan Supporter, 9 November 2010 12:28

Its funny how Heidelberg is just hated one constantly. Coach Shahan, I hope you do read how much support you are getting from everyone that has had the priveledge to meet you & work with you. This is completely uncalled for & Bresell knows it. Hopefully there will be justice SOON.

This is total BS and absolutely a personal controversy between DODDS Europe Administration and Athletics and a coach they do not like. I think it is time for all those concerned to call and write your congressmen and have a full investigation placed on DODDS Europe. I believe there were other instances in DODDS Europe this year of unsportsmanlike conduct of other coaches. Were they fired. Heck no. I have been here for two years and I have seen again and again the injustice of the DODDS officials directed at Heidelberg HS. Why? They did everything they could to prevent Heidelberg from winning the championship. When that did not work then they fired the coach. I think this is a attempt to discredit all teachers and coaches at Heidelberg since this school will be closing in a few years and this HQ's moving to Wiesbaden. When that happens then DODDS will have to fire some teachers with less tenure than those in Heidelberg. Time for parents and Service Members to speak out and demand that DR. Bresell resign or be fired. I will be writing letter to all my congressmen for sure.
Written by Harry M., 9 November 2010 12:10

Wow. Shahan has lead them to Victory in 08, 2nd place in 09 and Champions in '10. and yall are firing him. THis Director is Wackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. how dumb can she be?
Written by Krystena, 9 November 2010 12:06

A new direction? So Heidelberg is going to hire someone who can't coach and the players (and their parents) don't respect?? Until someone is hired who understand athletics DoDDS Athletics will continue to be the joke that it is...
Written by Bud Grant, 9 November 2010 12:05

As Evidence shows, Only two words come to mind.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PERSONAL VENDETTA------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Written by Judge Jury And Conviction, 9 November 2010 12:04

the referee did not tell them to get back on the field. You guys have serious issues and need to get over them.
Written by sicktomystomach, 9 November 2010 12:00

Coach Shahan is probably one of the best if not the best coaches to ever coach dodds sports. He not only is a great coach but he changes people for the better. He has touched the lives of many throughout his coaching years and to "go in a new direction" is rediculous. He has won Heidelberg an outragous number of championships so what new direction is needed. He is winning and not only winning through championships but winning by teaching these kids valuable lessons.
Written by HHS '09 alum, 9 November 2010 11:48

Bresell needs to be investigated into and FIRED. This was a big mistake for her, she will get caught and will NOT get away with this!!! She's been trying to get rid of Heidelberg's successful coach for to long, and now she found an excuse to. She needs to be fired ASAP...
Written by COMPLETELY SICK OF DODDS ATHLETICS, 9 November 2010 11:48

OK, I am certainly the first on to admit, I'm no Rhodes Scholar, but even a blind man can see, this is a 'personal' vendetta against the Coach. . .maybe, someone should be investigating Bresell, and the admin at Heidelberg High School. . .jmo Scott Page Class of '65 Heidelberg American High School
Written by Scott Page, 9 November 2010 11:43

Man this seems a little extreme for not sending a team back on the field for an extra point at the end of the game. I think there may be more to the story, that we are not getting here through S&S?
Written by WANTMOREINFOR, 9 November 2010 11:40

Okay, I get the problem, Being a Warrior Football alumni Myself, I can see why this would be a problem, and the district would have to set an example, But this is going too far! You simply cannot punish someone twice for the same offense. Now i cannot vouch for the coach's behavior during all of this, but i can say that this is not right. The coaches are human. They will make mistakes in their lifetimes. And just as they are human, they learn from their mistakes. The coach may have gotten caught up in the moment of victory, but the game was what it was. The only explanation that i can see for this is that Bresell was too concerned about his pride to simply allow the forfeit to be re-instated. This is a sneaky and deceitful way to dismiss a coach, because it is the end of the season, Players are no longer checking the papers for news, and other teams are done as well. As a player, this is an insult. You not only took away one of the best coaches that DoDDs has to offer, but you also took the determination away from players from all over DoDDs schools. Players that will come back next year and learn the life lesson of getting up, and fighting back stronger. Last but not least, is it legally right to dismiss a coach from his duties in basketball when his mistakes corrolate to a whole different sport? He has never shown a history of bad judgement in basketball so why should he punished for it?
Written by Nick, 9 November 2010 11:34

all i got to say is: why would you do it brewer? what "direction" is heidelberg moving in, besides becoming D1 football champions.... LED BY SHAHAN!!!!
Written by JCHRIST THINKS THIS IS STUPID, 9 November 2010 11:33

1) Let's keep the comments clean! Your responses are seen as a reflection of Heidelberg, HHS and the Lions Pride! 2) It's a shame that this decision has been made regarding Brad Shahan. I've know him for years as an educator, coach and finally, a friend. His integrity is unquestionable. This is not his first controversy and I hope he is able to rise above this as he has in the past and be rightfully reinstated as a coach. Brad and Linda Shahan have touched the lives of thousands of students and families both professionally and personally. He has earned his stripes and MUST be reinstated as a coach. Thanks for the memories Coach Shahan and the Lion Nation around the globe wraps their arms around you and supports you! Melissa Reyes-Abbey HHS 1990
Written by Melissa Reyes-Abbey HHS '90, 9 November 2010 11:32

you guys, I know it sucks. But here's the deal. He was the best coach Heidelberg or Germany has every seen. He could get a job pretty much anywhere in the states at almost any high school he wanted. Hell, he could get a job anywhere. He's a fantastic coach and will do great in future wherever he goes. That was the best season to leave on. Undefeated and a championship. He's an amazing coach.
Written by STUDENT, 9 November 2010 11:31

Don't u dare take these comment down stripes. Make dodds see what they about to get themselves into. And to tell him moments after winning a championship after his first Undefeated season. WRONG.
Written by It's comin, 9 November 2010 11:30

WOAHH! That's ridiculous.
Written by HHS LION., 9 November 2010 11:20

This is unbieveable! 1. The ref never one time told Coach Shahan to put his players back on the field, I was there. 2. Coach Shahan had all ready been suspended for one game for this, how can he be punished twice for the same infracture...
Written by Dave, 9 November 2010 11:20

It's BS and they know it!!!
Written by Iwastheredamnit, 9 November 2010 11:27

Written by LION, 9 November 2010 11:34

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