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Suzi Devin of Osan American tries to shoot over Dayna Garland (14) of Matthew C. Perry of Japan during Tuesday's round-robin play.
Suzi Devin of Osan American tries to shoot over Dayna Garland (14) of Matthew C. Perry of Japan during Tuesday's round-robin play. (Dave Ornauer / S&S)
Suzi Devin of Osan American tries to shoot over Dayna Garland (14) of Matthew C. Perry of Japan during Tuesday's round-robin play.
Suzi Devin of Osan American tries to shoot over Dayna Garland (14) of Matthew C. Perry of Japan during Tuesday's round-robin play. (Dave Ornauer / S&S)
Kinnick's Brenden Lynce shoots during the second quarter Tuesday as Yokota's Karl Gerstner defends.
Kinnick's Brenden Lynce shoots during the second quarter Tuesday as Yokota's Karl Gerstner defends. (Dave Ornauer / S&S)

(Tuesday's game summaries at end of story.)

The Far East basketball tournaments feature subtle differences.

For example, playoffs in the Boys Class AA and Girls Class A tournaments started earlier than usual, because the military needs the tournament sites at Yongsan Garrison and Camp Hialeah for a Korea-wide exercise.

Also new to the Class A tournament is a 30-second shot clock, mandated by Department of Defense Dependents Schools-Pacific’s Far East Activities Council.

Even the mechanism for crowning a champion differs between tournaments:

The Class AA boys tournament conducts a double-elimination playoff.Double-elimination is also the case in the Class A girls tournament, but with a winner-take- all championship game, as is done in college baseball’s World Series.The Girls Class AA tournament features a single-elimination playoff.Coaches’ opinions on the different formats and shot clock are divided.

“I’d rather play it right straight on through,” said Kadena girls coach Ken Hudson of Okinawa, a single-elimination proponent. “It’s more of a challenge. You have to play one game at a time and bring your ‘A’ game every time out.”

Bruce Barker of Korea’s Osan American Cougars disagreed, saying a single-elimination format punishes a team for one bad game and doesn’t give it a chance to redeem itself.

“You can have a bad game and if you do, it doesn’t show who the better team is,” he said. “Plus, it doesn’t put as much pressure on you. You can relax and probably play better.”

Barker adamantly opposes a shot clock, and his coaching and team’s style of play prove it. The Cougars have been known to press and build big leads with their transition game and then stall in the second half.

“If you get far enough ahead, you can learn to be patient, pass the ball and look for good shots,” he said. “A shot clock takes away from the learning. The pros, I can understand, but this is high school.”

Hudson says a shot clock keeps the game moving.

“I prefer action,” he said. “It adds element and strategy to the game and it makes for better basketball.”

Most seemed to agree, however, that moving the first day of playoffs didn’t make any difference.

“It just means we’re not playing as many games as we did last year,” Zama American boys coach Tom Allensworth said.

Allensworth said last year’s tournament featured an extended round-robin as well as a double- elimination playoff. Kubasaki’s boys played seven games in a 30-hour span.

“From a health and safety standpoint, this is probably better,” he said.

“It’s just a matter of doing the same thing I’ve been doing,” Seoul American boys coach Steve Boyd said. “There’s really not a whole lot of difference.”

“As long as they get it played, it’s all right with me,” Barker said.

Kadena’s Gittens OK after taking spill on opening day

You just can’t keep down a good MVP.

A day after falling on her forehead during a round-robin game, reigning Girls Class AA MVP Theresa Gittens of Kadena returned to the court and scored 13 points in the Panthers’ 60-27 win over American School In Japan.

“She’s pretty tough,” Hudson said of Gittens, who took a spill during Monday’s 49-29 win over Simon Sanchez of Guam. “She came back like nothing happened to her.”

Far East Girls Class A

At Camp Hialeah, S. Korea

Pool A

International School of the Sacred Heart 55, Seoul International 20

Halftime-ISSH 28, Seoul 6. Leading scorers-ISSH, Jemma Sampson 11, Adena Wallingford 11; Seoul, Jennifer Lee 6. Leading rebounder-Seoul, Gisela Lee 12. Steals-ISSH, Jemma Sampson 5, Mari Look 5; Seoul, Diana Lee 5, Patricia Shin 5.

Osan American 51, Matthew C. Perry 11

Halftime-Osan 24, Perry 4. Leading scorers-Osan, Margaret Nurse 17 (10 first quarter); Perry, Christina Sindac 7. Leading rebounders-Osan, Margaret Nurse 14 (10 offensive), Ariana Farrulla 6. Noteworthy-Cougars scored first nine points and used 21-0 run to go up 36-4.

International School of the Sacred Heart 54, Pusan American 31

Halftime-ISSH 29, Pusan 12. Leading scorers-ISSH, Adena Wallingford 18 (8 second quarter), Alecia Wallingford 14; Pusan, Brieanna Carroll 22.

Matthew C. Perry 35, Seoul International 32

Halftime-Seoul 18, Perry 12. Leading scorers-Perry, Quinika Benton 14 (8 third quarter), Mariesa Dacanay 11; Seoul, Gisela Lee 10. Leading rebounders-Perry, Anitria Bryan 14; Seoul, Joy Park 10, Gisela Lee 5. Steals-Perry, Anitria Bryan 5. Noteworthy-17-6 third quarter rallied Samurai.

Osan American 70, Pusan American 47

Halftime-Osan 39, Pusan 18. Leading scorers-Osan, Mina Davis 24, Margaret Nurse 16 (14 first half); Pusan, Brieanna Carroll 24, Shabraya Hays 15. Leading rebounders-Osan, Margaret Nurse 14, Sarah Gates 8, Mina Davis 5. Assists-Pusan, Brieanna Carroll 6. Steals-Pusan, Brieanna Carroll 6.

Pool B

St. Paul Christian 52, International Christian-Seoul 7

Halftime-St. Paul 31, ICS-Seoul 7. Leading scorer-St. Paul, Tara Benavente 14. Leading rebounders-St. Paul, Alyssa Tomada 9, Lani Manalo 5. Steals-St. Paul, Alyssa Tomada 7, Mallary Duenas 5. Noteworthy-Warriors used 16-0 first-half run to go up 18-3 and held Guardians scoreless for 10:30.

Morrison Christian Academy 45, E.J. King 23

Halftime-Morrison 26, King 8. Leading scorers-Morrison, Teri Tan 14, Heather Craker 12, Ruth Cheng 11 (three three-point goals); King, Yudia Johnson 9. Leading rebounders-Morrison, Heather Craker 11, Teri Tan 7; King, Yudia Johnson 5. Steals-Morrison, Sara Dwight 5.

St. Paul Christian 50, Taegu American 49

Halftime-Taegu 27, St. Paul 24. Leading scorers-St. Paul, Mallary Duenas 32; Taegu, Kelli Cox 18, Lynette Grant 16. Noteworthy-Trailing 49-43 with 30 seconds left, Warriors got two three-pointers, then a foul shot after the buzzer from Mallary Duenas to win it.

Morrison Christian Academy 42, International Christian-Seoul 2

Halftime-Morrison 27, ICS-Seoul 0. Leading scorers-Morrison, Teri Tan 12 (all first half), Krystal Liu 12. Leading rebounders-Morrison, Heather Craker 8, Krystal Liu 7. Noteworthy-Guardians got their lone points on two Michelle Lee free throws with 30 seconds left.

Taegu American 48, E.J. King 39

Halftime-King 24, Taegu 17. Leading scorers-Taegu, Lynette Grant 16 (10 third quarter), Kelli Cox 11, Michelle Weal 11; King, Bianca Cruz 21 (6 three-point goals), Yudia Johnson 10.

Far East Girls Class AA

At Camp Foster, Okinawa

Pool A

John F. Kennedy 56, Kubasaki junior varsity 27

Halftime-JFK 36, Kubasaki JV 6. Leading scorers-JFK, Jocelyn Pardilla 13, Lili Baranda 11; Kubasaki JV, Chanice West 15, Centralia Taber 10.

Nile C. Kinnick 58, Kubasaki junior varsity 35

Halftime-Kinnick 21, Kubasaki JV 20. Leading scorers-Kinnick, Lualhati Johnson 11, Caroline Morin 10, Carol Tully 10; Kubasaki JV, Centralia Taber 14.

Seoul American 37, John F. Kennedy 32

Halftime-JFK 21, Seoul 16. Leading scorers-Seoul, Janel Daniels 10; JFK, Lili Baranda 12, Celine Cruz 12.

Pool B

Kadena 60, American School In Japan 27

Halftime-Kadena 34, ASIJ 17. Leading scorers-Kadena, Kim Lyle 14, Theresa Gittens 13; ASIJ, Mary Hull 8, Renae Widdison 8. Noteworthy-Reigning MVP Theresa Gittens of Panthers showed no effects from head injury suffered Monday.

Simon Sanchez 38, Zama American 37

Halftime-Simon Sanchez 14, Zama 12. Leading scorers-Tara Mallari 11; Zama, Elli Legaspi 8, Deanna James 8.

Pool C

Faith Academy 47, Academy of Our Lady 18

Halftime-Faith 35, Academy 11. Leading scorers-Faith, Jessica Nelson 15; Academy, Gillan 6.

Seisen International 29, Yokota 28

Halftime-Seisen 13, Yokota 12. Leading scorers-Seisen, Samanthan Dunn 7; Yokota, Danita Ross 13.

Pool D

Robert D. Edgren 50, Guam High 35

Halftime-Edgren 29, Guam High 17. Leading scorers-Edgren, Liz Lally 18, Krystine Horsley 10; Guam High, Jamese Slade 10.

Kubasaki 53, Guam High 8

Halftime-Kubasaki 26, Guam High 2. Leading scorers-Kubasaki, Atana Grady 10; Guam High, La'Shonda Cash 6.

Robert D. Edgren 37, Christian Academy In Japan 33, OT

Halftime-Edgren 15, CAJ 11. End of regulation-Edgren 31, CAJ 31. Leading scorers-Edgren, Janae Burt 10; CAJ, Susie Probst 16.

Far East Boys Class AA

Pool A

Seoul American 67, Simon Sanchez 35

Halftime-Seoul 29, Simon Sanchez 15. Leading scorers-Seoul, Daniel Chicko 13, Luis Feliciano 13; Simon Sanchez, Rodrigo Grande 9, Stan Serisola 9.

American School In Japan 62, Zama American 53

Halftime-Zama 29, ASIJ 26. Leading scorers-ASIJ, Shawn Seevers 21, Ryan Butz 19; Zama, Corey Stacy 38.

Pool B

Robert D. Edgren 65, Guam High 46

Halftime-Edgren 37, Guam High 27. Leading scorers-Edgren, Carlos Whatley 22, Warren Wilson 19, Kyle Deutsch 12; Guam High, Brandon Cruz 35.

St. Mary's International 59, Kubasaki 46

Halftime-St. Mary's 29, Kubasaki 18. Leading scorers-Kubasaki, Jun Dambara 17, Yuta Kambe 17, Ehsan Mahdi 15; Kubasaki, Mike Goodman 16, Eric Auzenne 12.

Pool C

Nile C. Kinnick 72, Yokota 32

Halftime-Kinnick 45, Yokota 10. Leading scorers-Kinnick, Gabriel El-Swaify 14, Travis Ekmark 10, Brenden Lynce 10; Yokota, Chris Roach 8.

Morrison Christian Academy 60, Christian Academy In Japan 43

Halftime-Morrison 23, CAJ 18. Leading scorers-Morrison, Jeff McKay 29, Greg Grobler 12; CAJ, Nate Reasoner 11.

Pool D

Seoul American junior varsity 64, Kadena 56

Halftime-Seoul JV 31, Kadena 24. Leading scorers-Seoul JV, Phillippe Anglade 26, Kris Stadler 11, Jeremy Christopher 10; Kadena, Dajuan Kindell 22, Marvin Myrick 12, A.J. Morgan 11.

Father Duenas Memorial 47, Faith Academy 41

Halftime-Faith 23, Father Duenas 21. Leading scorers-Father Duenas, Julius Yu 20, Neal Limbo 10; Faith, Ryan Chase 8, David Joung 8, Drew Burdick 8, Chris Baron 8.

Seoul American 70, Yokota 51

Halftime — Seoul 36, Yokota 27. Leading scorers — Seoul, Jake Abramowitz 21, Jay Higgins 14, Phillip Douglas 12; Yokota, Corie White 22.

Father Duenas Memorial 74, Kubasaki 57

Halftime — Father Duenas 32, Kubasaki 20. Leading scorers — Father Duenas, Willie Stinnett 23, Julius Yu 14, Joe Hernandez 10; Kubasaki, Ronnie Stephens 25.

Morrison Christian Academy 72, Simon Sanchez 39

Halftime — Morrison 42, Simon Sanchez 9. Leading scorers — Morrison, Paul MacDonald 13, Jeff McKay 10, Greg Grobler 10, John Kuo 10; Simon Sanchez, David Topasna 11, Rodrigo Grande 11.

Robert D. Edgren 72, Seoul American junior varsity 42

Halftime — Edgren 31, Seoul JV 18. Leading scorers — Edgren, Kyle Deutsch 20, Carlos Whatley 16, Johnny Shields 12; Seoul JV, Jeremy Christopher 12.

Nile C. Kinnick 83, Zama American 49

Halftime — Kinnick 37, Zama 21. Leading scorers — Kinnick, Travis Ekmark 26 (career high), Leonard Lynce 20, Brenden Lynce 17; Zama, Corey Stacy 31.

Kadena 70, Guam High 30

Halftime — Kadena 41, Guam High 17. Leading scorers — Kadena, Dajuan Kindell 36, Brandon Rice 17, Marvin Myrick 10; Guam High, Jamilius Freeman 13, Brandon Cruz 12.

St. Mary’s Int’l 42, Faith Academy 39

Halftime — St. Mary's 19, Faith 15. Leading scorers — St. Mary's, Yuta Kambe 17, Jun Dambara 12; Faith, Drew Burdick 10.

American School In Japan 42, Christian Academy In Japan 33

Halftime — ASIJ 18, CAJ 17. Leading scorers — ASIJ, Ryan Butz 20, Shawn Seevers 11; CAJ, Nate Reasoner 11, Jesse Kleinjan 10.

Tournament officials Frederick Bales, Randy Grubbs, Gary Beckham and Denny Hilgar and student-journalists Aimee Brown, Hannah Lee, Mycal Horton, Saerom Yoo, Jeni Smith, Grace Hong, Joanna Hur, Moses Joh, Jaekwan Park, Mary Edwards and Ilaan Shtaygrud contributed to this report.

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Dave Ornauer has been employed by or assigned to Stars and Stripes Pacific almost continuously since March 5, 1981. He served 10½ years in the Air Force, the last 4½ assigned to Stripes in Tokyo, and was then hired by Stripes on Oct. 25, 1985. He covers interservice and high school sports at DODEA-Pacific schools and manages Pacific Storm Tracker.
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