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Soccer: BoysDivision ILakenheath2, Kaiserslautern 1(Saturday at Kaiserslautern)Halftime—0-0.Goals—Lakenheath: Chris Davis 2, Kaiserslautern: Cameron Roxberry.Assists—Lakenheath: None reported; Kaiserslautern: C.J. Murray, Jerry Hickey.Saves—Lakenheath (Carl Snapp) 8; Kaiserslautern (Murray) 16.Noteworthy—Lancers remain undefeated (4-0-1 in D-I), tied with Heidelberg with 13 points. Kaiserslautern is 0-4-0 in D-1.Heidelberg 2, Patch 0(Saturday at Heidelberg)Halftime—1-0.Goals—Sean Kerber, Blake Langford.Assists—Owen Darrow, Jon Hoffman.Saves—Patch (Jacob Schoonover) 14; Heidelberg (Oliver Allen 4, Dominic Simon 3) 7.Noteworthy—Loss was first of season for Patch (2-1-1 overall and 2-1-0 in league). Heidelberg is 4-0-2, 4-0-1.ISB 1, Wiesbaden 0(Saturday at Wiesbaden)Halftime—0-0.Goal—Lukas Lanwehr.Assist—Vincent Luscomb.Saves—International School of Brussels (James Kershaw) 8; Wiesbaden (Mikey Harder) 12.Noteworthy—Defending D-I regular-season champion ISB is 2-2 in league; Wiesbaden 1-2. Wiesbaden coach Ben Arcila reported he was disappointed with his team’s impatience on taking shots, rushing and squandering three first-half opportunities. The Warriors play a makeup game Tuesday at Patch.

Division IIMannheim 2, Vilseck 1(Saturday at Vilseck)Halftime—Vilseck 1, Mannheim 0.Goals—Mannheim: Evan Crockett, Adam Pauley; Vilseck: Jacob Skells.Assists—Mannheim: Jeremy Junker, Sneider Dillamicar; Vilseck: None reported.Saves—Mannheim (Zach Bobek) 12; Vilseck (Sean Anderson) 8.Noteworthy—Mannheim coach Martin Goering credited his team’s improvement to 2-2 in II-South and 2-3 overall to great team play and superior conditioning. Vilseck is 3-2, 2-2 and travels to unbeaten Black Forest Academy on Saturday. Mannheim next hosts winless Würzburg.JV—Vilseck 2, Mannheim 0.BFA 7, Würzburg 0 (Saturday at Kandern, Germany)Halftime—Black Forest Academy 7, Würzburg 0.Goals—Billy Reed 3, others unavailable.Assists—None reported.Saves—Würzburg (Brad Hannum) 13; BFA unavailable.Noteworthy—Seven-goal courtesy-rule victory improved BFA’s league leading II-South record to 4-0. The Falcons have yet to surrender a goal this season. Wuerzburg is 0-5 overall, 0-4 in II-South.SHAPE 3, Bitburg 3(Saturday at SHAPE, Belgium)Halftime—1-1.Goals—Bitburg: Ryan Poock, Sid Banks, Jamie Watts; SHAPE: Claudio Giraldo, Pablo Martinez, Piotr Kwsecien.Assists—Bitburg: None; SHAPE: Giraldi, Daniele Coccia, Andre Brugmann.Saves—Bitburg (Robert Hernandez) 5; SHAPE (Sean Murnane) 3.Noteworthy—According to SHAPE coach Tony Blasio, SHAPE's 3-1 lead evaporated in Bitburg’s determined effort over the final 10 minutes. He said Banks tested the SHAPE defense throughout as the Barons improved to 2-1-2 overall and 1-1-2 in II-North. Blasio said Eirik Iden and Claudio Citta were outstanding for SHAPE (3-0-1 both ways).Baumholder 1, AFNORTH 1(Saturday at Baumholder)Halftime—Baumholder 1, AFNORTH 0.Goals—AFNORTH: James Perea; Baumholder: Edgar Acosta.Assists—AFNORTH: Christopher Eden; Baumholder: None.Saves—AFNORTH (Tobias Christmann) 9; Baumholder (James Lampe) 7.Noteworthy—Baumholder (1-3-1 overall, 0-3-1 in II-North) got strong play from its midfield quartet of Acosta, David Crow, Daethan Fletcher and Nick McKenney, according to Bucs' coach Jeffrey O’Neil. AFNORTH is 1-1-2 overall and in II-North.

Division III-NorthBrussels 5, London Central 1(Saturday at Brussels)Halftime—Brussels 2, London Central 1.Goals—London Central: John Secules; Brussels: Mike Hebing 3, Jimmy Russel 2.Assists—None reported.Saves—London Central (David Harker) 3; Brussels (Ethan Hennes 4, Gediminas Navikas 2) 6.Noteworthy—Brussels improved to 4-1 overall, 4-1 in league. London Central is 2-2 each way.Alconbury 0, Menwith Hill 0(Saturday at Alconbury)Halftime—0-0.Saves—Menwith Hill unavailable; Alconbury (Yul McGrath) 6.Noteworthy—Menwith Hill is 0-3-1; Alconbury, which got a crossbar save on Danton Moore's breakaway shot, is 1-3-1.

Division III-SouthHohenfels 7, Ansbach 1(Saturday at Ansbach)Halftime—Hohenfels 3, Ansbach 1.Goals—Hohenfels: Lucas Hoss 2, Anthony Marshall 2, Kenny Oberlin, Rey Marshall, Ian Hewell; Ansbach: Dominic Marin.Assists—None reported.Saves—Hohenfels unavailable; Ansbach (Jacob Burnside) 16.Noteworthy—Defending European D-III champion Hohenfels improved to 5-0 overall and in league play. Ansbach is 0-5.

ItalyNaples 7, Aviano 1(Saturday at Naples)Halftime—0-0.Goals—Aviano: Cory Potter; Naples: Eric Sadsad 3, Chase Montambo, Dan Crusellas. Daniel Brew, Mark Ryan.Assists—Aviano: None reported; Naples: Sadsad 2, Marc Nguyen 2, Samet Yueksekgonuel 2.Saves—Aviano (Justin Bowen 5, Kyle Craft 0) 5; Naples (Mitchell Marziali 2, J.R. Prejura 2) 4.Noteworthy—Naples is 3-1 going into a Saturday showdown against unbeaten Marymount. Aviano is 1-4.Marymount 7, Sigonella 0(Saturday at Sigonella)Halftime—4-0.Goals—Fabio Nutarnicola 2, Mamfredi Monticelli, Zein Nour, Victor Rotundo, Saidi Muanundu, Tommaso Giouannini.Other details unavailable.Noteworthy—Marymount improved to 4-0 overall and in the American Schools in Italy League. Sigonella is 1-3.

Soccer: GirlsDivision IKaiserslautern 3, Lakenheath 0(Saturday at Kaiserslautern)Halftime—Kaiserslautern 1, Lakenheath 0.Goals—Liana Knight 2, Joy Hrushka.Assists—None reported.Saves—Kaiserslautern unavailable; Lakenheath (Molly Henage) 8.Noteworthy—According to coach Anna Gerstner, Lakenheath’s defense was anchored by Brittany Buckingham and Desiree Colbert. She said the Lancers got “consistently strong midfield play from Greta Gerstner.” K-town is 2-0-2 overall and in D-I. Lakenheath is 1-4-0 in D-I.Heidelberg 1, Lakenheath 0(Friday at Heidelberg)Halftime—0-0.Goal—Lauren Brosseau.Assist—None.Saves—Lakenheath (Anna Marie Pontius 4, Henage 6) 10; Heidelberg (AnaMecia Torres) 2.Noteworthy—Buckingham and Gerstner blunted several Heidelberg chances, according to Lady Lions coach Jim McCauley. McCauley cited the work of Ariel Heath and All-European Ana Anger in confining Lakenheath to few scoring opportunities, the offensive effort of Leslie Campbell and Courtney Cain and the midfield excellence of Sarah Knapp.Patch 2, Heidelberg 0 (Saturday at Heidelberg)Halftime—2-0.Goals—Zoey Call, Kylie Marchant.Assists—None.Saves—Patch (Stephanie Velasquez) 8; Heidelberg (Ana Rynecki) 4.Noteworthy—Heidelberg's McCauley cited strong play by All-European Kylie Marchant and Maggie Mae Redmond for Patch (1-2-1 overall, 1-1-1 in D-I). Heidelberg fell to 2-3-1, 1-3-1 despite the play of Katelyn Garner, Knapp, Brousseau and Anger that impressed McCauley.

Division IIBFA 5, Würzburg 0(Saturday at Kandern, Germany)Halftime—Black Forest Academy 1, Würzburg 0.Goals—Jessica Krause 2, Christine Mindeck, Pricilla Buheitel, Julie Sudek.Assists—Krause, Cameron Prenger, Stephanie Zub.Saves—Würzburg (Keeper’s name unavailable) 17; BFA (Autumn Tustin) unavailable.Noteworthy—The effort of Würzburg defenders Katherine Riley, Kristen Brewster and Jaileen Madera was credited with keeping BFA (2-1-1 overall and in II-South) scoreless until late in the first half. BFA keeper Tustin saved a penalty kick late in the game as Würzburg fell to 0-4 overall and in II-South.Vilseck 4, Mannheim 0 (Saturday at Vilseck)Halftime—1-0.Goals—Chikobi Murry, Nicole Lewis, Shamyra Coleman, Leah Beilhart.Assist—Coleman.Saves—Mannheim (Becky Case) 3; Vilseck (Becky Linka) 4.Noteworthy—Vilseck coach Tim Connolly credited good team defense for the shutout, which pulled the Falcons two points behind II-South leader Mannheim (3-1-1 overall, 3-1-0 in II-South). Vilseck (2-1-2, 2-1-1 in league play) is tied with BFA in second place.SHAPE 1, Bitburg 1(Saturday at SHAPE, Belgium)Halftime—0-0.Goals—Bitburg: Megan Pollock; SHAPE: Ann-Marie Roa.Assists—Bitburg: Rachel Poock; SHAPE: None.Saves—Bitburg (Courtney Roberson) 7; SHAPE (Natasha Hauber) 6.Noteworthy—Bitburg is 1-2-2 overall, 1-2-1 in II-North. Coach Shawn Whitehurst credited the play by sweeper Kacie Kappenman with keeping SHAPE (3-0-1 both ways) unbeaten.JV—SHAPE 2, Bitburg 1

Division III-NorthAlconbury 1, Menwith Hill 1(Saturday at Alconbury)Halftime—0-0.Goals—Menwith Hill: Jen Abing; Alconbury: Andrea Starr.Assists—Menwith Hill: None; Alconbury: Kirsten Ussery.Saves—Menwith Hill (Desiree Moore) 12; Alconbury (Cassie Brockway) 8.Noteworthy—Alconbury is 1-1-1 overall and 0-1-1 in III-North; Menwith Hill 0-2-1 each way.

Division III-SouthHanau 4, Giessen 1(Saturday at Giessen)Halftime—Hanau 2, Giessen 1.Goals—Hanau: Feiloaiga Oloi 2, Taija Kidwell, Emily Morris; Giessen: Tiana Benjamin.Assists—Hanau: Oloi, Ashley Destafani; Giessen: Melanie Seitz.Saves—Hanau (Liscian Ramel) 8; Jamila Knight 11.Noteworthy—Hanau (5-0-1 overall, 5-0-0 in league) clinched at least a tie for the III-South title. Giessen is 2-3, 2-2.Hohenfels 2, Ansbach 0(Saturday at Ansbach)Halftime—Unavailable.Goals—Lois Ann DeLass 2.Assists—None reported.Saves—Hohenfels (Vanessa Turner) 4, Ansbach unavailable.Noteworthy—Hohenfels is 4-1-0 overall and in III-South; Ansbach 1-4-0 both ways.

ItalyNaples 3, Aviano 3(Saturday at Naples)Halftime—Naples 3, Aviano 0.Goals—Aviano: Brittany Patrick, Samantha Cordova, Saisa Salter-Mack; Naples: Dominique Aljabi 2, Dana Coburn.Assists—Aviano: B. Patrick; Naples: Coburn, Kelsey Anderson.Saves—Aviano (Lindsey Jackson 6, Tiffany Hight 4) 10; Naples (Lauren Pickford) 10.Noteworthy—According to Naples coach Ron Ginter, Hight preserved tie with a “fantastic save” on a shot from Courtnee Wilson to preserve tie. Naples is 3-1; Aviano 4-1.Sigonella 1, Marymount 1 (Saturday at Sigonella)Halftime—1-1.Goals—Marymount: Elena Carrarini; Sigonella: Annalisa Gasporra.Assists—Marymount None; Sigonella: Rachel Botts.Saves—Marymount unavailable; Sigonella (Nishea Harris) 11.Noteworthy—According to coach Shawn McCarthy, his keeper Harris saved a penalty kick to preserve tie, the first non-victory of the season for Marymount (3-0-1). Sigonella (1-2-1) plays both Aviano and Vicenza on Friday and Saturday ast Aviano.

Boys: Track and field(Saturday; all race distances in meters)At RamsteinTeam scoring—Ramstein 162.5, Kaiserslautern 129, Heidelberg 113, Patch 40.75, Baumholder 28, SHAPE 22.75, Bitburg 20100 meters—1, Chris Frazier (Heid) 11.21; 2, Tadiwa Niage (Rams) 11.23; 3, Khairi Smith (Kais) 11.45; 4,(tie) Anton Harris (Bitb) and Daren Fomin (Rams) 11.47200—1, K. Smith, 23.61; 2, Niage, 23.62; 3, Lonnie Walker (Rams) 23.65; 4, Benji Bowles (Pat) 23.75400—1, Ed Grady (Heid) 53.80; 2, David Lambert (Heid) 53.84; 3, Phil Southard (Rams) 54.36; 4, Maurice Rolle (Pat) 54.46800—1, Kyle Southard (Rams) 1:57.52; 2, Nick Rogers (Pat) 2:07.03; 3, Michael Parsons (Rams) 2:07.76; 4, John Reinecke (Heid) 2:08.001,500—1, Parsons, 4:21; 2, Rogers, 4:23; 3, J.D. Fevold (Rams) 4:31; 4, Craig Herron (Rams) 4:323,000—1, K. Southard, 9:22.59; 2, Kevin Edwards (Rams) 9:24.05; 3, Rogers, 9:30.24; 4, Nicholas Walker (Rams) 10:00.42110 high hurdles—1, Jeremy Marshall (Kais) 16.26; 2, Rod Sherman (Kais) 16.73; 3, Zeth McNeal (Bitb) 16.84; 4, Brice Relaford (Rams) 16.98300 intermediate hurdles—1, Sherman, 42.25; 2, Marshall, 42.76; 3, Joshia Baldwin (Kais) 43.15; 4, Max Hillman (Kais) 43.474x100-meter relay—1, Ramstein (A.J. Hawkins, Fomin, Lowder, Niage) 44.74; 2, Baumholder, 45.17; 3, Heidelberg, 45.30; 4, Bitburg, 45.944x400 relay—1, Heidelberg (Grady, Lambert, Kameron Pillow, Romonno Washington) 3:47.05; 2, Ramstein, 3:51.57; 3, Kaiserslautern, 3:51.89; 4, SHAPE, 3:52.504x800 relay—1, Heidelberg (Lambert, Moon, Washington, unavailable) 8:47; 2, Kaiserslautern, 9:17; 3, Patch, 9:27; 4, Ramstein 9:341,600 sprint medley relay—1, Heidelberg (Frazier, Cody Mallette, Moon, Pillow) 3:58.22; 2, Kaiserslautern, 3:58.55; 3, Baumholder, 4:02; 4, Ramstein, 4:16High jump—1, Robert Kearney (SHP) 6 feet, 0 inches; 2, Michael Wallace (Rams) 6-0; 3, (tie) Darius Lynn (Bitb) and Grady, 5-8Long jump—1, A.J. Hawkins (Rams) 21-1.5; 2, Frazier, 20-0; 3, Rashad Taylor (Baum) 19-1; 4, Sonny Clark (Baum) 18-11Triple jump—1, Marshall, 44-5; 2, K. Smith, 41-2.5; 3, Baldwin, 40-5; 4, Kearney, 40-4Shot put—1, Marcus Cherry (Rams) 45-0.75; 2, Jordan Fackler (Heid) 39-6.25; 3, Patrick Hess (Heid) 37-7; 4, Michael Denson (Baum) 37-5.75Discus—1, Terrence Reaves (Kais) 125-1; 2, Hess, 113-5; 3, Fackler, 107-11; 4, Derron Manning (Kais) 107-6

Girls: Track and FieldTeam scoring—Kaiserslautern 199, Heidelberg 117, Ramstein 108, Patch 27, SHAPE 18, Baumholder 18, Bitburg 7100 meters—1, Deandra Rodgers (Heid) 12.42; 2, Crystal Richardson (Rams) 12.46; 3, Loretta Kessah (Heid) 12.94; 4, Miasia Holleman (Heid) 13.07200—1, Richardson, 27.11; 2, Marche Bobbs (Kais) 27.26; 3, Shuryka McKenzie (Pat) 27.92; 4, Sade Lewis (Rams) 28.07400—1, Bobbs, 58.97; 2, Ely Tracy (Kais) 65.00; 3, Takara Grier (Kais) 65.74; 4, Cellese Griffin (Baum) 67.29800—1, Bobbs, 2:29; 2, Colleen Smith (Kais) 2:30; 3, Symone January (Kais) 2:35; 4, Tracy, 2:361,500—1, C. Smith, 4:58; 2, Janaury, 5:14; 3, Kelley McRaven (Pat) 5:29; 4, Stephanie Polzer (Rams) 5:293,000—1, C. Smith, 11:04.63; 2, Polzer, 12:15.57; 3, Shelby Whatley (Rams) 12:33.13; 4, McRaven, 12:40.19100 intermediate hurdles—1, Amanda Garza (Rams) 16.69; 2, Desiree Hillman (Kais) 17.38; 3, Cassara Collins (Kais) 17.81; 4, Shalisa Baldwin (Kais) 18.62300 low hurdles—1, Collins, 51.53; 2, Melody Morosin (Kais) 53.40; 3, S. Baldwin, 54.25; 4, Aerial Smith (Kais) 55.154x100-meter relay—1, Heidelberg (Holleman, Kelly, Kessah, Rodgers) 51.80; 2, Rasmtein, 53.07; 3, Baumholder, 55.814x400 relay—1, Kaiserslautern (Collins, Grier, Hillman, Morosin) 4:29.32; 2, Ramstein, 4:42.60; 3, Heidelberg, 5:12.374x800 relay—1, Ramstein (Lorraine Tucker, Polzer, Krystal Webb, Whatley) 10:51; 2, Heidelberg, 11:40; 3, Kaiserslautern, 11:561,600 sprint medley relay—1, Kaiserslautern (Booker, Lightfoot, Viechia, Volkint) 5:00; 2, Heidelberg, 5:27High jump—1, (tie) Jessica Mundo (Pat) and Rodgers, 4 feet, 10 inches; 3, Richardson, 4-8; 4, Shamona Cunningham (Kais) 4-6Long jump—1, Holleman, 14-6.5; 2, Griffin, 14-5.5; 3, Takoya Franklin (Bitb) 13-10.25; 4, Shakita Black (SHP) 13-2Triple jump—1, Lewis, 32-8.5; 2, Keiana Allen (Kais) 32-3; 3, Olyvia Smith (Kais) 32-1; 4, S. Baldwin, 31-4Shot put—1, Rodgers, 37-1.25; 2, Jessica Blanks (Heid) 35-2.25; 3, Sha’air Hawkins (SHP) 30-6.25; 4, Maddy Wilson (Kais) 29-5.5Discus—1, Blanks, 109-2; 2, Dominique Gray (Heid) 89-11; 3, Courtney Talka (Kais) 86-11; 4, Tianna Gray (Kais) 85-0

Military: BoxingU.S. Forces Europe championshipsSTUTTGART, Germany — Results from the 2007 U.S. Forces Europe boxing championship at Patch Barracks here. All bouts are novice, 10 career bouts or fewer. Individual bout scores are unavailable:

Friday’s semifinalsWomenMiddleweight—Temali Mercado (Grafenwoehr) def. Kristen Nixon (Wiesbaden).

MenLight welterweight—Jess Palomino (Grafenwoehr) def. Evan Kohoutek (Heidelberg); Jacob Hasbrouck (Giessen) def. Jesus Contreras (Kaiserslautern).Welterweight—Cedric Penson (Wiesbaden) def. Nahshon Johnson (Grafenwöhr).Light middleweight—Ricardo Mediano (Grafenwöhr) def. Ron Rivera (Grafenwöhr).Light heavyweight—Carlos Lebron (Grafenwöhr) def. Daniel Von Kaenel (Stuttgart); Edward Garcia (Stuttgart) def. Donte Reed (Wiesbaden).Super heavyweight—Thomas Cowell (Wiesbaden) def. Poai Toafa (Giessen); Ivan Kovaiev (Stuttgart) def. Oscar Zertuche (Wiesbaden).

Sunday’s championships(Bouts begin at 2 p.m.)WomenFeatherweight—Britney Teasley (Stuttgart) vs. Rosalee Gordon (Kaiserslautern).Middleweight—Mercado vs. Tabitha Cornejo (Wiesbaden).

MenLight welterweight—Palomino vs. Hasbrouck.Welterweight—Roberto Figueroa (Kaiserslautern) vs. Penson.Light middleweight—Sullivan vs. Mediano.Light heavyweight—Lebron vs. Garcia.Heavyweight—Christian Meyers (Stuttgart) vs. Anthony Watson (Heidelberg).Super heavyweight—Cowell vs. Kovaiev.

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