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Boys soccerDivision I

Heidelberg 3, Wiesbaden 0 (Saturday at Wiesbaden)Halftime—0-0.Goals—Kevin Beerman, Matthew Ellis, Jon Hoffman.Noteworthy—Heidelberg (5-0-2, 5-0-1 in D-I) won conference crown in tiebreaker on basis of goals-differential over idle Lakenheath (5-0-1 both ways). Wiesbaden coach Ben Arcila praised play of Heidelberg All-European Sean Kerber and his own Brandon Foster. Wiesbaden is 2-5-0, 2-4-0.

Ramstein 3, Kaiserslautern 0 (Saturday at Ramstein)Halftime—0-0.Goals—Michael Soto, Michael Semon, Rolando Crossdale.Assist—Dan Whitney.Saves—Kaiserslautern (C.J. Murray) 24; Ramstein (Jon Keith) 8.Noteworthy—According to Ramstein coach Dan Nukala, Soto, an All-Europe defender, moved up from defense to score the first goal, then moved back to anchor the line with Kris Lusk. Jakob Lopez played every minute and provided shut-down defense for the Royals, and Ryan Smith moved to midfield for this game and did a great job of running the offense, Nukala added. It was Senior Day for five Royals, who saw their final regular-season mark improve to 3-4-0 overall and 2-4-0 in D-I. K-town fell to 0-6.

Division II-North

SHAPE 7, Baumholder 0 (Saturday at Baumholder)Halftime—5-0.Goals—Claudio Giraldi 2, Daniele Coccia 2, Pablo Martinez, Boban Krstey, Fernando Perez.Assists—Piotr Kwiecien 3, Carlos Notarianni, Jorge Quesada, Alper Kaymaz, Cezar Saenz.Saves—SHAPE (Sean Murnane 3, Marco Plebiscito 4) 7; Baumholder (James Lampe) 23.Noteworthy—According to Baumholder coach Jeffrey O'Neil, SHAPE sweeper Eirik Iden played an outstanding game for the II-North and defending European D-II champions (5-0-1 overall). Baumholder is 1-5-1 overall, 0-5-1 in league.

Bitburg 2, AFNORTH 1 (Saturday at Bitburg)Halftime—1-1.Goals—AFNORTH: Chris Eden; Bitburg: Sid Banks, Chad Roberson.Assists—AFNORTH: Banks; AFNORTH: Alex Hartung.Saves—AFNORTH (Matt Hyland) unavailable; Bitburg (Robbie Hernandez) unavailable.Noteworthy—According to AFNORTH coach Greg Blankenship, midfield play of James Perea and Tobias Schick kept Lions in contention.JV—AFNORTH 2, Bitburg 1.

Division II-South

Vilseck 8, Würzburg 1 (Saturday at Wuerzburg)Halftime—Vilseck 6, Würzburg 1.Goals—Würzburg: Nils Jonsson; Vilseck: Jake Skells 3, Zach Skells 2, Erik Bidinger, Jose Leon, Kyed Najdawi.Assists—Vilseck: Shean Singletary 3, Z. Skells 2, Bidinger 2, Kyle Canale.Saves—Vilseck (Sean Anderson) 4; Würzburg (Brad Hannum) 14.Noteworthy—Vilseck is 4-3 overall and 3-3 in league. Würzburg is 0-7, 0-6.

BFA 1, Mannheim 0 (Saturday at Marzell, Germany)Halftime—0-0.Goal—Preston Godbold.Noteworthy—Black Forest Academy completed regular season 6-0-0 overall and in II-South. Mannheim is 3-4-0, 3-3-0.JV—2-2.

Division III-North

Alconbury 5, Menwith Hill 2 (Saturday at Menwith Hill)Halftime—Alconbury 3, Menwith Hill 1.Goals—Alconbury: Devin Pryor 2, Connor Redding, Bryce Clyburne; Menwith Hill: Jon Criss, Danton Moore.Assists—Alconbury: None reported; Menwith Hill: Greg Puchetti, Cody Conklin.Noteworthy—Alconbury (2-4-1) and Menwith Hill (0-5-1) will play in European tournament in Division IV.

Division III-South

Hohenfels 4, Hanau 1 (Saturday at Hohenfels)Halftime—1-1.Goals—Hanau: Corey Lane; Hohenfels: Kenny Oberlin 2, Anthony Marshall, Dameon Odum.Assists—Hohenfels: Ian Newell, Rey Marshall.Saves—Hanau (Keeper’s name unavailable) 12; Hohenfels (Lucas Salerno) 10.Noteworthy—Defending European D-III champion Tigers clinch III-South title at 7-0-0. Hanau is 4-3-1, 3-2-1 in league.JV—1-1.

Bamberg 7, Ansbach 0 (Saturday at Ansbach)Halftime—4-0.Goals—Jake Dominick 4, Mustafa Arli 2, Thomas Pitts.Assists—Andrew Duque 3, Dominick 2.Saves—Bamberg (Billy Lucas) 6; Ansbach unavailable.Noteworthy—Bamberg completed regular season 2-4-0; Ansbach 0-7-0.


AOSR 4, Naples 1 (Saturday at Naples)Halftime—American Overseas School of Rome 1, Naples 0.Goals—AOSR: Eros Shehediela, Giacomo Castelli, David Sananiades, Fabrizio Menghini; Naples: Eric Sadsad.Assists—AOSR: Todd Kopf; Naples: Chase Montambo, Tom Berry.Noteworthy—AOSR completed regular season 5-1, second to the 5-0-1 mark of idle Marymount. Naples (3-3) will play D-II at European tournament; AOSR will be chasing its ninth European crown in the 11-year history of the D-III tournament.

Girls soccerDivision I

Kaiserslautern 3, Ramstein 3 (Saturday at Ramstein)Halftime—0-0.Goals—Kaiserslautern: Liana Knight 2, Joy Hrushka; Ramstein: Stephanie Silvey, Lauren Williams, Jamie Cachuela.Assists—Kaiserslautern: None; Ramstein: Victoria Lyle, Helen DeLa Rovere.Saves—Kaiserslautern (Pia Coffman) 10; Ramstein (Emily Coard) 8.Noteworthy—Ramstein (5-0-2 overall) repeated as D-I conference champs with 4-0-2 league mark; K-town (3-0-3 overall and in D-I) finished second.JV—Ramstein 5, Kaiserslautern 0

ISB 1, Patch 0 (Saturday at Stuttgart)Goal—Josine Blok.Assist—Lydia Gray.Saves—Int’l School of Brussels (Ashley Hartman) 8; Patch (Steph Vasquez) 7.Noteworthy—ISB, which broke through in the 78th minute, completed regular season 3-1-2 overall and in D-I. Patch will take 3-3-1 overall mark and 3-2-1 D-I record into European tournament.

Heidelberg 3, Wiesbaden 0 (Saturday at Wiesbaden)Halftime—1-0.Goals—Lauren Brosseau, Katelyn Garner, Ana Anger.Assist—Brousseau.Saves—Heidelberg (Mellanie Stordahl 3, Ana Rynecki 1) 4; Wiesbaden (Nancy Jensen) 3.Noteworthy—Heidelberg coach Jim McCauley cited midfield play of Angie Cotter, Sarah Knapp, Mallory LaGrone and Rachel Perotta as defending European D-I champions improved to 3-3-1 overall and 2-3-1 in D-I. Wiesbaden is 0-6-1, 0-5-1.

Division II-North

SHAPE 2, Baumholder 0 (Saturday at Baumbolder)Halftime—1-0.Goals—Evridiki Nalmpanti 2.Assist—Anne-Marie Roa.Saves—SHAPE (Natasha Hauber 2, Kate Olsen 3) 5; Baumholder (Chelsea Hall) 14.Noteworthy—Baumholder coach Samuel Alsup reported SHAPE coach Shawn Whitehurstas saying “Maren Espeled was instrumental in moving the ball forward and creating momentum offensively, while Denial Cheetham often brought the ball from the defensive end to the forward.” II-North champ SHAPE finished regular season at 5-0-1 and is the probable top-seed for the European D-II tournament; Baumholder finished 1-6.

AFNORTH 1, Bitburg 1 (Saturday at Bitburg)Halftime—0-0.Goals—AFNORTH: Brittany Leeming; Bitburg: Rachel Poock.Assists—AFNORTH: Alexia Roy; Bitburg: Megan Pollock.Saves—AFNORTH unavailable; Bitburg (Courtney Roberson) 13.Noteworthy—According to Bitburg coach Valerie McCamish, defenders Shannon Joyner and Kylee Ludwig each cleared balls off the goal line as the Lady Barons completed their regular-season schedule 2-2-3 overall and 2-2-2 in the league. AFNORTH is 3-3-1, 3-2-1.

Division II-South

Vilseck 6, Würzburg 0 (Saturday at Vilseck)Halftime—5-0.Goals—Rosa Leon 2, Nicole Lewis 2, Tamaria Hollis, Eileen Jones.Assist—Shamyra Coleman.Saves—Vilseck (Becky Linka) 0.Noteworthy—Vilseck coach Tim Connolly, impressed with the sportsmanlike play, determination and spirit of a numbers-challenged Würzburg team, noted his defense, with Stevie Hood, Jill Aviles, Cathy DelaRosa and Angie Odom in front of Linka, has yielded just two on-field goals all season.

BFA 3, Mannheim 1 (Saturday at Marzell, Germany)Halftime—Black Forest Academy 2, Mannheim 1.Goals—Mannheim: Brooke Long; BFA: Mallory Holliday, Pricilla Buheitel, Ellyn Purpero.Saves—Mannheim (Keeper's name unavailable) 7; BFA (Keeper's name unavailable) 6.Noteworthy—BFA closed regular season 3-2-1; II-South champ Mannheim 4-2-0.JV—BFA 5, Mannheim 2.

Division III-North

Menwith Hill 2, Alconbury 2 (Saturday at Menwith Hill)Halftime—1-1.Goals—Alconbury: Andrea Starr, Jelize Calata; Menwith Hill: Theresa Kaaihue, Jennifer Abing.Assists—Alconbury: Brooke Bagnall, Meaghan Kelly; Menwith Hill: Jennifer Amores.Saves—Alconbury ()Cassie Brockway) 11; Menwith Hill (Desiree Moore) 11.Noteworthy—Alconbury (0-2-2) and Menwith Hill (0-2-2) will play in Division IV in the European tournament.

Division III-South

Hanau 3, Hohenfels 1 (Saturday at Hohenfels)Halftime—1-0.Goals—Hanau: Fei Oloi 3; Hohenfels: Lois Ann DeLass.Assists—Hanau: Kate MacCagnan 2; Hohenfels: None.Saves—Hanau (Liscian Ramel) 6; Hohenfels (Vanessa Turner) 6.Noteworthy—Hanau improved to 6-0-0 in winning conference crown and 6-0-1 overall in becoming probable top-seed in European D-III tournament; Hohenfels is 5-2 both ways.JV—Hanau 3, Hohenfels 2.


Naples 5, AOSR 0 (Saturday at Naples)Halftime—Naples 1, American Overseas School of Rome 0.Goals—Joanna Fearing , Tia Dozier, Dominique Aljabi, Courtnee Wilson, Allyson McKechnie.Assists—Kelsey Anderson 2, Wilson 2, Aljabi.Saves—AOSR (Courtney Morris) 12; Naples (Lauren Pickford) 6.Noteworthy—Naples improved to 4-1-1, tied for first with idle Aviano and Marymount, who finished their American Schools in Italy League regular seasons the previous week at 4-1-1. Based on the points-differential tiebreaker used for a three-way tie, Naples takes the ASIL conference championship, according to Naples coach Ron Ginter.

Vicenza 2, Milan 0 (Saturday at Vicenza)Halftime—1-0.Goals—Rachel Garcia, Kelsey Roche.Assist—Jessica Buhler.Saves—Milan (Kim Melly) 6; Vicenza (Chrissy Helmick 2, Anna Vallery 4) 6.Noteworthy—Vicenza, able to field 11 players for the first time in weeks according to coach Adam Ridgley, finished ASIL campaign at 2-4-0 and will play in the European D-III tournament; Milan, which will play D-IV, is 0-6.

Track and fieldAt Aviano

(Saturday; all race distances in meters and hand-timed)


Team scoring—Naples 214, Aviano 113, Livorno 49, The American School in Switzerland 42, Sigonella 26, Vicenza 18, Marymount International of Rome 3. 100-1, B.J. Taylor 11.6; 2, Stephan Jeanpierre (TASIS) 11.7; 3, Ryan Fitzgerald (Napl) 11.9; 4, T.J. Lumar (Napl) 12.2200-1, London Bridget (Napl) 24.2; 2, Antonio Harris (Vicz) 24.4; 3, Jeanpierre, 24.6; 4, Lumar, 24.8400-1, Harris, 52.5; 2, Randall Wright (Napl) 53.4; 3, Shaun Majadeo (Vicz) 57.5; 4, Fred Hartage (Napl) 60.3800-1, John Markman (Napl) 2:10.0; 2, Sean Welter (Napl) 2:10.3; 3, Kyle Mears (Napl) 2:11.6; 4, Will Jordan (TASIS) 2:14.01,500-1, Jacob Denkins (Livo) 4:57.9; 2, Sebastian Miller (Livo) 5:24.3; 3, Kyle Stammer (Vicz) 5:24.7; 4, Andrew Smith (Napl) 5:34.53,000-1, Denkins, 11:44.1; 2, Mike Brown (Avi) 12:22.3; 3, Sebastian Miller (Livo) 12:51.0; 4, Smith, 13:21.0110 high hurdles-1, Austin Struckmeyer (Napl) 18.4; 2, Matt Olson (Napl) 18.2; 3, Davide Chiericoni (Napl) 20.4300 intermediate hurdles-1, Olson, 46.0; 2, Parry Williams (Avi) 48.6; 3, Struckmeyer, 49.1; 4, Corey George (Sig) 51.6400 relay-1, Naples (Fitzgerald, Taylor, Lumar, Bridget) 45.2; 2, Aviano, 47.5; 3, TASIS, 54.61,600 relay-1, Aviano (First names unavailable: LeBouef, Hernandez, Interiano, Outing) 3:55.4; 2, Naples, 4:07.53,200 relay-1, Naples (Mears, Hartage, Welter, Markman) 9:04.5; 2, Aviano, 9:29.31,600 sprint medley relay-1, Naples (Markman, Wright, Fitzgerald, Lumar) 3:54.3; 2, Aviano, 4:11.9High jump-1, Wright, 5 feet, 6 inches; 2, Jeanpierre, 5-6; 3, William Berrios (Liv) 5-5; 4, Denkins, 5-5Long jump-1, Ivan Tibbs (Avi) 20-2.5; 2, Jeanpierre, 19-0; 3, Taylor, 18-10; 4, Sean Outing, 18-1Triple jump-1, Wright, 40-10.5; 2, Tibbs, 39-4; 3, Outing, 39-3Shot put-1, Quamine Holliman (Napl) 38-5.25; 2, Dallas Cagle (Napl) 37-11.75; 3, Arteur Wilson (Sig) 34-9.75; 4, Joel Meade (Avi) 33-8.5Discus-1, Wilson, 103-2; 2, Gavin Richard (Napl) 97-10; 3, Meade, 93-7.5; 4, Andres Mackay (Sig) 93-7


Team scoring—Naples 147, Aviano 114, The American School in Switzerland 69, Marymount International of Rome 25, Livorno 9, Vicenza 4, Sigonella 3 100-1, Nyrika Davis 12.7l 2, Tinubu Habitat (TASIS) 14.5; 3, Bradie Dwenger (Avi) 14.8; 4, Elena Nocci (TASIS) 14.9200-1, Valentina Lee (Napl) 28.2; 2, Habitat, 29.6; 3, Dwenger, 30.0; 4, Courtney Anderson (Vicz) 30.7400-1, Katie Nowell (Napl) 62.3; 2, Arista Hennessey (Avi) 75.2; 3, Monique Boliko (Mmt) 76.6; 4, Avery Fuerst (Napl) 88.3800-1, Shelby Yoacum (Avi) 2:51.0; 2, Kaitlin Bibeau (Napl) 3:08.0; 3, Fuerst, 3:13.7; 4, Hennessey, 3:13.81,500-1, Yoacum, 5:44.0; 2, Bibeau, 6:10.1; 3, Adriana Delcastillo (Avi) 6:10.1; 4, Fuerst, 6:36.03,000-1, Kacie Schoen (Napl) 12:59.4100 intermediate hurdles-1, Sequenna Simmons (Napl) 20.0300 low hurdles-1, Ashley Peralta (Napl) 60.8400 relay-1, Naples (Lee, Davis, Simmons, first name unavailable Nowell) 53.3; 2, TASIS, 62.11,600 relay-1, Aviano (Fair, Pietszak, Yoacum, first name unavailable Patterson) 4:41.13,200 relay-1, Aviano (Hennessey, Boyd, first name unavailable McCullom, Delcastillo) 13:07.301,600 sprint medley relay-1, Naples (Schoen, Nowell, Davis, Lee) 4:42.6High jump-1, Habitat, 4 feet, 8 inches; 2, Stefanie Fair (Avi) 4-6; 3, Denise Watkins (Livo) 4-4; 4, Makayla Boyd (Avi) 4-3Long jump-1, Davis, 15-0.5; 2, Courtney Pietszak (Avi) 14-4; 3, Habitat, 13-8; 4, Simmons, 13-5Triple jump-1, Lee, 32-0; 2, Shanay Miller (Avi) 27-11; 3, Hayley Nelson (TASIS) 24-4Shot put-1, Boliko, 23-2.25; 2, Nelson, 21-10.75; 3, Rebecca Weddle (Napl) 20-1; 4, Dila Capkinogin (TASIS) 18-4.75Discus-1, Fair, 72-3; 2, Boliko, 68-1; 3, Weddle, 59-10; 4, Capkinogin 57-7

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