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Cross countrySaturday at Aviano Air Base (5-kilometer course)Boys 1. Michael O’Brien, 19 minutes, 22 seconds; 2. Zachary Villa, 19:30; 3. Trenton Bouchard, 20:45; 4. Brandon Hwang, 23:58; 5. Nick Altland, 15:06.Girls 1. Makayla Hall, 23:02; 2. Savannah Dismute, 23:27; 3. Halie Carroll, 25:29; 4. Layla Hall, 25:52; 5. Zurnia Dickerson, 30:43.

TennisSaturday at KaiserslauternBoys Kaiserslautern 6, Spangdahlem 0 Singles: Zander Brunk def. Kenny Dull 6-0, 6-1; Will Alsing def. Conner Koenig 8-0; Micah San Pedro def. Nicholas Murphy 8-1; Caleb Gin def. Michael Landers 6-0, Christian Ramirez def. Casey Supinger 6-0, Anderson Ennis def. Connery Rosenthal 6-0.Girls Kaiserslautern 6, Spangdahlem 0 Singles: Hannah San Pedro def. Sofia Buckner; remainder of matches were forfeits.Boys Kaiserslautern 3, Ramstein 3 Singles: Brunk (Kais) def. Colin Kent 3-6, 6-0, (10-3); Asa Hester (Ram) def. Alsing 8-5; Collin Ritter (Ram) def. Micah San Pedro 8-3; Gin (Kais) def. Reed Gallagher 7-6; Ramirez (Kais) def. Joshua Huillett 6-3; Sean Hatchell (Ram) def. Ennis 6-2.Girls Ramstein 4, Kaiserslautern 2 Singles: Aiva Schmitz (Kais) def. Allison Douglas 6-0, 6-0; Madalin Svan (Ram) def. Hannah San Pedro 8-4; Sarah Holt (Ram) def. Brooke Rawcliffe 8-5; Isabela Wagers (Kais) def. Grace Hudson-Pineda 6-2; Sydney Hall (Ram) def. Amarachi Okoroafor 6-3; Anna Tackett (Ram) def. Urua Shiozawa 6-2.Boys Ramstein 6, Spangdahlem 0Singles: Kent def. Dull 6-2, 6-3; Hester def. Koenig 8-0, Ritter def. Murphy 8-0; Gallagher def. Landers 6-0; Huillet def. Supinger 6-0, Hatchell def. Rosenthal 6-0.Girls Ramstein 6, Spangdahlem 0Singles: Svan def. Bucker 8-0; remainder of matches were forfeits.


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