European Forces Swim League Championships Saturday at Eindhoven, Netherlands100-meter individual medley (short course) Girls’ 8 and under Hylcke de Beer (GKN) 1:26.46 Boys’ 8 and under Teddy Bernard (STU) 1:36.95 Girls’ 9-year-old Victoria Marthaler (NAP) 1:32.09 Boys’ 9-year-old Maxime Moratona (SHA) 1:29.15 Girls’ 10-year-old Maddie Davenport (VIC) 1:23.17 Boys’ 10-year-old C.J. Davis (SIG) 1:26.58 Girls’ 11-year-old Annika Zimmerer (KAI) 1:16.61 Boys’ 11-year-old Andrew Hendrickson (KAI) 1:13.09 Girls’ 12-year-old Ella Bathurst (STU) 1:08.46 Boys’ 12-year-old Timo Sieverding (NATO) 1:15.78100-meter freestyle Girls’ 13-14 Kylie Davenport (VIC) 1:03.92 Boys’ 13-14 Luis Carrara (LIS) 0:59.99 Girls’ 15-16 Ariana Lewis (STU) 0:59.99 Boys’ 15-16 Dominic Scifo (LKN) 0:54.99 Girls’ 17-19 Alaina Scifo (LKN) 1:00.61 Boys’ 17-19 Roman Jantos (GKN) 0:54.9750-meter butterfly Boys’ 8 and under James Stewart (STU) 0:42.52 Girls’ 9-year-old Skye Andros (ST) 0:43.01 Boys’ 9-year-old Maxime Moratona (SHA) 0:41.23 Girls’ 10-year-old Maddie Davenport (VIC) 0:36.91 Boys’ 10-year-old C.J. Davis (SIG) 0:35.52 Girls’ 11-year-old Annika Zimmerer (KAI) 0:35.41 Boys’ 11-year-old Andrew Hendrickson (KAI) 0:32.46 Girls’ 12-year-old Ella Bathurst (STU) 0:31.59 Boys’ 12-year-old Timo Sieverding (NATO) 0:31.87100-meter butterfly Girls’ 13-14 Kylie Davenport (VIC) 1:13.63 Boys’ 13-14 Kenji Zaharchuk (LIS) 1:07.59 Girls’ 15-16 Maddie Koning (STU) 1:11.68 Boys’ 15-16 Dominic Scifo (LKN) 0:59.00 Girls’ 17-19 Emma Thomas (KAI) 1:06.45 Boys’ 17-19 Isidro Carrara (LIS) 1:01.2150-meter breasstroke Girls’ 8 and under Hylcke de Beer (GKN) 0:45.10 Boys’ 8 and under Teddy Benard (STU) 0:53.50 Girls’ 9-year-old Victoria Marthaler (NAP) 0:47.12 Boys’ 9-year-old Maj Pavesic (BRU) 0:47.06 Girls’ 10-year-old Maddie Davenport (VIC) 0:45.76 Boys’ 10-year-old Kaden Carpenter (NAP) 0:44.74 Girls’ 11-year-old Kay Golden (KAI) 0:42.09 Boys’ 11-year-old Andrew Hendrickson (KAI) 0:40.34 Girls’ 12-year-old Ella Bathurst (STU) 0:36.17 Boys’ 12-year-old Ryan Rayos (NAP) 0:40.41100-meter breaststroke Girls’ 13-14 Shahida Kitzov (BER) 1:24.78 Boys’ 13-14 Kenji Zaharchuk (BER) 1:18.65 Girls’ 15-16 Charlotte Kreienbaum (BER) 1:24.04 Boys’ 15-16 Dominic Scifo (LKN) 1:11.63 Girls’ 17-19 Alaina Scifo (LKN) 1:22.76 Boys’ 17-19 Isidro Carrara (LIS) 1:18.48200-meter freestyle Girls’ 8 and under Hylcke de Beer (GKN) 2:53.23 Boys’ 8 and under Leon Pierre-Louis (KAI) 3:07.24 Girls’ 9-year-old Victoria Marthaler (NAP) 3:05.05 Boys’ 9-year-old Maxime Moratona (SHA) 2:52.01 Girls’ 10-year-old Maddie Davenport (VIC) 2:40.90 Boys’ 10-year-old C.J. Davis (SIG) 2:44.31 Girls’ 11-year-old Annika Zimmerer (KAI) 2:21.92 Boys’ 11-year-old Andrew Hendrickson (KAI) 2:21.99 Girls’ 12-year-old Ella Bathurst (STU) 2:15.74 Boys’ 12-year-old Timo Sieverding (NATO) 2:35.50400-meter freestyle Girls’ 13-14 Kylie Davenport (VIC) 4:57.17 Boys’ 13-14 Luis Carrara (LIS) 4:38.61 Girls’ 15-16 Ariana Lewis (STU) 4:45.76 Boys’ 15-16 Matthew Pollmiller (LKN) 4:24.25 Girls’ 17-19 Alaina Scifo (LKN) 4:38.83 Boys’ 17-19 Isidro Carrara (LIS) 4:22.20200-meter medley relay (mixed) 10 and under Naples (Annabella Marthaler, Kaden Carpenter, Alex Ruppe, Jordan Traucht) 11-12 Kaiserslautern (Annika Zimmerer, Kay Golden, Brandon Geray, Andrew Hendrickson) 13-14 Berlin (Kenji Zaharchuk, Shahida Kitzov, Louis Liu, Tessa Langhaeuser) 15-19 Kaiserslautern (Matthew Pollmiller, Scott Rustenhaven, Emma Thomas, Ann Johnson)

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