DODEA-Europe cross country

DODEA-Europe cross country (Stars and Stripes)

TOP 10

(Updated with races reported through Sept. 18)


Runner School Time Date
Luke Jones Wiesbaden 16:04.17 Sept. 9
Jackson Cochran Vilseck 16:05.60 Sept. 16
Cochran Vilseck 16:39.67 Sept. 9
Adin Evans Aviano 16:56 Sept. 16
Hudson Selph Naples 16:58 Sept. 16
Jax Watson Wiesbaden 17:45.67 Sept. 9
David Van Wagenen SHAPE 17:51 Sept. 9
Selph Naples 17:57 Sept. 9
Andrew McGovern Vicenza 18:03 Sept. 16
Spencer Johnson AFNORTH 18:08 Sept. 16


Runner School Time Date
Sophie Templeton Stuttgart 20:42.30 Sept. 16
Isabella Leon Sigonella 20:44 Sept. 16
Regan Stewart Stuttgart 20:45 Sept. 16
Malea Jobity Hohenfels 21:12.60 Sept. 16
Jalisa Jobity Hohenfels 21:22 Sept. 16
Lily Austin Stuttgart 21:30 Sept. 16
M.Jobity Hohenfels 21:32.48 Sept. 9
Iveta Stefancinova SHAPE 21:45 Sept. 9
Rhianna Bender SHAPE 21:48 Sept. 9
J.Jobity Hohenfels 21:50.84 Sept. 9


Saturday, Sept. 9

Lakenheath, Brussels, AFNORTH, SHAPE at Alconbury (team scores not reported)

Baumholder, Spangdahlem, Kaiserslautern, Stuttgart at Ramstein


Naples 38, Vicenza 39, Aviano 43, Sigonella incomplete

Wiesbaden 34, Black Forest Academy 49, Vilseck 54, Ansbach 83


Wiesbaden 24, Vilseck 52, BFA 58

Naples 35, Vicenza 36, Sigonella 55, Aviano incomplete

Saturday, Sept. 16

BFA, Ramstein, Frankfurt International, Rota at Kaiserslautern

Wiesbaden, Lakenheath, Alconbury at Spangdahlem


Stuttgart 34, Zurich International 68, Vilseck 68, Munich International 89, Ansbach 113, Hohenfels 136

Vicenza 40, Aviano 44, Naples 45, Marymount 114, AOSR 134, Sigonella incomplete

Brussels 14, SHAPE 24, Baumholder 54, AFNORTH 65 


Stuttgart 21, Zurich 48, Vilseck 60

AOSR 37, Vicenza 50, Naples 59, Marymount 95, Sigonella 98, Aviano incomplete

SHAPE 54, Brussels 72, AFNORTH 123, Baumholder incomplete  Saturday, Sept. 23

Kaiserslautern, Alconbury at Lakenheath

Baumholder, AFNORTH at Brussels

Ramstein, Spangdahlem at SHAPE

American School of London, Munich, Frankfurt, International School Zurich, American School of Vienna, BFA, Hohenfels, Wiesbaden, Stuttgart, Ansbach at Vilseck

Aviano, Sigonella, Vicenza, Bahrain, AOSR, Marymount, Rota at Naples

Friday, Sept. 29

Sigonella, AOSR at Rota

Saturday, Sept. 30

Kaiserslautern, Spangdahlem, Baumholder, SHAPE at Ramstein

Hohenfels, Wiesbaden, Ansbach at Vilseck

AFNORTH, Lakenheath, Alconbury, Stuttgart at Brussels

Naples, Marymount, Aviano at Vicenza

Saturday, Oct. 7

Bahrain, Kaiserslautern, Frankfurt at Wiesbaden

BFA, Ramstein, Baumholder at Stuttgart

Brussels, SHAPE at AFNORTH

Ansbach, Hohenfels, Vilseck at Munich

Sigonella, Rota at Naples

Lakenheath, Spangdahlem at Alconbury

Marymount, Aviano, Vicenza at AOSR

Saturday, Oct. 14

Lakenheath, Alconbury, AFNORTH at Spangdahlem

Brussels, SHAPE, Kaiserslautern at Baumholder

Ramstein, Vilseck, Hohenfels, Munich at Ansbach

Naples, Marymount at Sigonella

AOSR at Aviano

Rota at Vicenza

Wiesbaden, Stuttgart, Frankfurt at BFA

Saturday, Oct. 21

European championships at Baumholder

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