Tennis2010 European championshipsWIESBADEN-NORDENSTADT, Germany — Results from the 2010 DODD-Europe high school tennis championships, which end Saturday at the Tenniszentrum Vitis here. Championship-bracket matches are best-of-3 sets; consolation rounds are single 8-game pro sets. (Individual byes, forfeits not listed; seed, school in parentheses. Tiebreaker scores are unavailable):

Friday’s resultsChampionship bracketBoysSinglesQuarterfinalsAjdin Tahirovic (1, Patch) def. James Chase (8, Heidelberg) 6-0, 6-1Cameron Meeker (5, Heidelberg) def. Emir Isik (4, Bahrain) 6-4, 7-6Nikolay Gospodinov (3, SHAPE) def Gabriele Boccaccini (American Overseas School of Rome) 7-6, 6-2Patrick Tan (2, International School of Brussels) def. Jon Lightner (Patch) 6-3, 6-4SemifinalsTahirovic def. Meeker 6-4, 6-4Tan def. Gospodinov 7-6, 6-1DoublesQuarterfinalsJack Kolodziejski and Darien Ward (Heidelberg) def. Dylan Rehwaldt and Charles Schoonover (Patch) 6-2, 6-4Arman Alarilla and Evin Alarilla (Wiesbaden) def. Brice Tanner and Asgeiv Hallgrimson (International School of Brussels) 6-2, 6-4Lee Debose and Forrest Kamperman (Ramstein) def. Westin McKinney and Saverio Young (AFNORTH) 6-1, 6-3Alvaro Sanchez and Aaron Yip (SHAPE) def. Trevor LePage and Daniel Roman-Cohen (American Overseas School of Rome) 7-5, 6-3SemifinalsKolodziejski and Ward (1, Heidelberg) def. Alarilla and Alarilla 6-4, 4-6, 6-3Sanchez and A. Yip (SHAPE) def. Debose and Kamperman 7-6, 6-4GirlsSinglesQuarterfinalsGinevra Bolla (1, Marymount) def. Michaela Corral (Ramstein) 6-1, 7-5Sayaka Goto (4, International School of Brussels) def. Kaitlyn Miller (5, Bitburg) 7-6, 7-5Paige Chase (Heidelberg) def. Svenja Jansen (6, SHAPE) 6-2, 6-2Carli Arza (2, American Overseas School of Rome) def. Casey Leon (Hohenfels) 6-3, 6-0SemifinalsBolla def. Goto 3-6, 6-3, 6-1P.Chase def. Arza 6-2, 6-1DoublesQuarterfinalsMeghan Augsburger and Olivia Rockwell (Ramstein) def. Caroline Bourgeois and Erin Redden (Hohenfelsw) 6-0, 6-1Yu Murakami and Ana Torrijos (Internatioinal School of Brussels) def. Sara Carriker and Thea Dunn (Vilseck) 6-0, 6-2Kasmira Della Schiava and Elisse Hooley (Milan) def. Lauren Sink and Charlotte Woods (Bamberg) 6-3, 6-3Taylor Bonen Clark and Stephanie Seitz (AFNORTH) def. Emily Hall and Laura Jackson (Heidelberg) 6-1, 6-1SemifinalsAugsburger and Rockwiil (Ramstein) def. Murakami and Torrijos (ISB) 6-3, 6-4Bonen Clark and Seitz (AFNORTH) def. Hooley and Della Schianva (Milan) 6-2, 4-6. 6-1

Consolation bracketBoysSinglesChristopher Jimenez (Kaiserslautern) def. Stephen Schafer (Hohenfels) 8-3Ryan Bottesini (Brussels) def. Mario Delaguardia (Wiesbaden) 8-1Aryan Von Eicken (Ramstein) def. Miguel Cordero Guzman (Vilseck) 8-3Randall Biery (Naples) def. Benjamin Cates (Lakenheath) 8-1Filippo Mancinelli Scotti (Marymount) bye; Joshua Campfield (Aviano) def. Deniz Alibazoglu (Ankara) 8-1Tyler Jakobs (Bitburg) def. Harrison Tarr (Vicenza) 8-0Daniel Buffett (Incirlik) def. Ronald Behr (Alconbury) 8-3Bottesini (Brussels) def. Jimenez (Kaisersalutern) 8-1Biery (Naples) def. Von Eicken (Ramstein) 8-3Mancinelli Scotti (Marymount) def. Campfield (Aviano) 8-5Jakobs (Bitburg) def. Buffett 8-0Isik (Bahrain) def. Bottesini (Brussels) 8-2Biery (Naples) def. J.Chase (Heidelberg) 8-5DoublesChris Jastrab and Erik Langholz (Kaiserlautern) def. T.J. Difiore and Kaleb Stevenson (Bamberg) 8-0Samuel Nevinger and Andrew Sutton (Mannheim) def. Joel Fourhman and Matthew Thrasher (Alconbury) 8-6Erik Liebig and John McCrea (Bitburg) def. River Shank and Sage Thornbrugh (Vilseck) 8-1Vanozzieo Philips and Alexander Shadrin (Baumholder) def. Aaron Bloom and Cody Prichard (Incirlik) 8-6Carson Coates and Kalani Dickinson (Sigonella) def. Giacomo Benassi and Mattias Verbist (Marymount) by forfeitAlexandre El-Habr and Aalok Mehta (Bahrain) def. Conor Skelton and Daniel Umstaedter (Naples) 9-7Francesco Agosti and Giovanni Scuri (Milan) def. Rene Bourgeois and Andrew Mulvihill (Hohenfels) 8-5William Besuden and John Camuso (Vicenza) def. Sam Armstrong and Andrew Cates (Lak) 8-5Jastrab and Langholz (Kaiserslautern) def. Nevinger and Sutton (Mannheim) 8-4Liebig and McCrea (Bitburg) def. Philips and Shadrin (Baumholder) 8-1El-Habr and Mehta (Bahrain) def. Coates and Dickinson (Sigonella) 8-1GirlsSinglesMehgan Eaker (Kaiserslautern) def. Anna Sloan (Aviano) 8-2Hope Bonen Clark (AFNORTH) def. Laila Galal (Bahrain) 8-3Alexandra Sibilla (Vicenza) def. Adriana Thompson (Incirlik) 8-2Arianna Freschi (Milan) def. Cristine Ibanez (Bamberg) 8-0Mica Aguilar (Patch) def. Claire Rumery (Brussels) 8-2Kelsey Smith (Wiesbaden) def. Lauren Finley (Ansach) 8-3Kendra Coates (Sigonella) def. Erica Ruth (Naples) 8-2Rebekah Gamble (Lakenheath) def. Tekeha Turner (Vilseck) 8-6Hope Bonen Clark (AFNORTH) def. Mehgan Eaker (Kaiserslautern) 8-3Alexandra Sibilla (Vicenza) def. Arianna Freschi (Milan) 8-1Mica Aguilar (Patch) def. Kelsey Smith (Wiesbaden) 8-3Kendra Coates (Sigonella) def. Rebekah Gamble (Lakenheath) 8-6H.Bonen Clark (AFNORTH) def. Miller (Bit) 8-0DoublesMeagan Adams and Erica Ripley (Lakenheath) def. Marija Micovic and Gopika Nambiar (Marymount) 8-5Alexis Pineiro and Amber Veranen (Mannheim) def. Alexandria Albers and Rebekkah Bingham (Kaiserslautern) 8-4Brooke Brandley and Gabriela Colon (Aviano) def. Mallory Flynn and Ellie Welton (Patch) 8-5Ginevra Di Cagno and Taylor Roman-Cohen (AOSR) def. Elvia Salazar and Victoria Williams (Baumholder) 8-0Kaitlyn Adams and Nikki Malakooti (Naples) def. Alexandra Essertaize and Naomi Traylor (Ansback) 9-7Ashley Charles and Taylor Dore (Wiesbaden) def. Patricia Rudy and Cali Steffenhagen (Brussels) 8-0Ashley Hand and Taylor Malcolm (Alconbury) def. Nina Lintz and Rebecca Matheson (Vicenza) 8-4Ellen Campany and Selena Suparman (SHAPE) def. Kelsey Downer and Katelyn White (Bitburg) 8-2Pineiro and Veranen (Mannheim) def. M.Adams and Ripley (Lakenheath) 8-4Di Cagno and T.Roman-Cohen (AOSR) def. Brandley and Gabriela Colon (Aviano) 8-6Charles and Dore (Wiesbaden) def. K. Adams and Malakooti (Naples) 8-2A.Hand and Malcolm (Alconbury) def. Campany and Suparman (SHAPE) 9-8 (7-3)Carriker and Dunn (Vilseck) def. Pineiro and Veranen (Mannheim) 8-3Di Cagno and T. Roman-Cohen (AOSR) def. Bourgeois and Redden (Hohenfels) 8-4Charles and Dore (Wiesbaden) def. Hall and Jackson (Heidelberg) 9-8 (7-5)

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