All information used to compile high school reports is provided by home-team coaches and staffs at each event.

CORRECTION: The runners who officially placed third and fifth in Saturday’s cross-country meet at Patch High School were omitted from Sunday’s paper. Amanda Elliot of Hohenfels placed third in 20:56 for the 5,000-meter layout; Anai Denikiewicz of Munich International School was the fifth high-school finisher in a time of 21:56.

Volleyball(Matches Saturday unless otherwise indicated. Boys volleyball is played solely in the Mediterranean Region of DODDS-Europe. Varsity matches are rally-point best-of-5; JVs best-of-3)

BoysAt VicenzaVicenza def. Sigonella 25-18, 25-18, 23-25, 25-17Noteworthy — According to Vicenza coach Susan Vanderbeek, her team served successfully 85 percent of the time and collectively blocked 12 shots. David Lynch made 6 kills, Sawyer Ballard and Troy Young 4, and Tevin Cleveland 3.

Vicenza def. American Overseas School of Rome 25-19, 25-16, 25-17

Milan def. AOSR 25-22, 25-20, 25-15

Vicenza def. Milan 28-26, 18-25, 17-25, 23-26, 15-5Noteworthy — Vanderbeek credited her team, which served at a 90 percent clip against AOSR and Milan, with allowing few unforced errors.

At RomeMarymount International School of Rome def. American Overseas School of Rome 29-27, 25-20, 25-21

GirlsAt Brunssum, NetherlandsAFNORTH def. Baumholder 25-18, 25-16, 25-17Noteworthy — According to AFNORTH coach Kevin Padron, Brenda Broadwater had 17 assists, Caroline Sughrue and Jessanna August each put down 8 kills, and Kassandra Thomas-Tremblay registered 11 service points. Baumholder got 7 service point and 4 assists from Alexandra Bower, 9 service points from Laura Bailes and 6 service points from Jasmine Soule.AFNORTH JV def. Baumholder JV 25-14, 25-11

At BrusselsBrussels def. Alconbury 25-19, 16-25, 17-25, 25-23, 15-13Noteworthy — According to Brussels coach Vicky Westland, Brussels got 5 kills from Sindi Shahu; 7 assists and a solo block from Nina Knezic; a solo block and a block assist from Dominique Poitier, and 3 kills, a solo block and a block assist from Sarah Preciado.

SHAPE def. Alconbury 25-16, 25-13, 25-13Noteworthy — Westland reported 6 kills, 4 blocks, 8 straight service points and 2 aces by SHAPE’s Teresa Muldoon. Paris Johnson added 6 kills for SHAPE, which got 7 assists, 2 kills and a block from Rachel O’Neill. Alconbury’s combined stats for its two matches contained 10 kils, 4 blocks and 2 aces from Maddy Zitka; 6 kills and a block by Savanna Fourman; 6 kills and 3 aces by Ashley Goluba, and 4 kills, 3 aces and a block by Ashley Steele.

SHAPE def. Brussels 25-5, 25-13, 25-11Noteworthy — Muldoon had 9 kills, 2 blocks, a dig, an ace and 7 straight service points; Ashley Seiler posted 4 kills and a dig; O’Neill blocked 3 shots, made a kill and handed out 5 assists, and Zivik Jucyte registered 5 assists.

At StuttgartPatch def. Hohenfles 25-20, 25-19, 25-14Wiesbaden def. Hohenfels 25-14, 25-19, 25-14Noteworthy — According to Patch coach Joshua McCall, Wiesbaden’s victory centered around 8 aces and 5 kills by Michelle Schonberg; 10 kills and 5 aces by LeAmber Thomas, and 4 aces and 4 kills by LeAndra Thomas.

Wiesbaden def. Patch 21-25, 25-10, 25-23, 25-7Noteworthy—Schonberg registered 7 kills and 6 aces; LeAmber Thomas served 6 aces, and LeAndra Thomas amassed 9 kills and 3 aces.

At LakenheathMenwith Hill def. Lakenheath 3-1, game scores unavailableNoteworthy — Sarah Hover made 21 digs, Alex Furrow came up tieht 30 assists and 20 digs, and Hannah Huntington dished out 25 assists for Menwith Hill, according to Lakenheath coach Michael Mickenberg. For Lakenheath, Mickenberg reported 14 digs, 7 kills 5 blocks and 4 aces for Kelli Fleming; 14 assists and 2 kills for Christine San Augustine; 5 kills and 5 digs for Jenna Potter, and 3 aces for Kaitlyn Mergil.Menwith Hill JV def. Lakenheath JV 2-0, game scores unavailable

At HeidelbergHeidelberg defeated Vilseck 21-25, 13-25, 25-10, 25-19, 15-13Vilseck def. Black Forest Academy 25-14, 25-23, 25-13Heidelberg def. BFA, 25-23, 25-22, 25-14

At RomeMarymount International School of Rome def. American Overseas School of Rome 25-14, 25-22, 25-22Noteworthy — According to Marymount athletic director Simone Trott, Micol Pignataro served 8 straight points with 2 aces in Game 3.

Cross country(All races 5,000 meters and were run Saturday)

At VicenzaBoysTeam scoresAviano 27, Vicenza 29, Marymount International School of Rome incompleteIndividual results1, Sean Wilson (Avi) 16:242, Tyler Holderby (Vicz) 17:003, Jacoby Dooley (Vicz) 18:434, Matthew O’Brien (Avi) 18:465, Anthony Mathus (Avi) 18:506, Beau Murphy (Vicz) 20:487, Nathan Schwartz (Vicz) 20:528, Phoenix Salter-Mack (Avi) 20:539, Devin Lewis (Avi) 20:5510, Andy Kunis (Avi) 20:59GirlsTeam scoresAviano 18, Marymount International School of Rome 45, Vicenza incompleteIndividual results1, Maddy O’Brien (Avi) 21:122, Shelby McHugh (Avi) 21:133, Caroline Wiley (Mmt) 22:144, Alex Ostler (Avi) 22:305, Victoria Blake (Avi) 22:306, Brighton Reyes (Avi) 22:337, Ashley Ackett (Avi) 22:438, Raquel Stevens (Avi) 22:469, Adrienne Bryant (Avi) 23:0010, Victoria Newbill (Avi) 23:41

At LakenheathBoysTeam scoresLakenheath 25, SHAPE 30, Menwith Hill incompleteIndividual results1, Archie Robertson (Lake) 16:152, Curtis Engel (SHP) 18:063, Jon Batzer (Lake) 19:124, Eli Robertson (Lake) 19:225, Karl Kristensen (SHP) 19:426, Justin Davis (SHP) 20:017, Austin Whiting (Lake) 20:228, Allen Dunlap (SHP) 20:419, Josh Paugh (SHP) 20:5010, Patrick Misnick (Lake) 21:30GirlsTeam scoresLakenheath 20, SHAPE 47, Menwith Hill incompleteIndividual results1, Elizabeth Doe (Lake) 20:402, Shanni Wilkin (Lake) 21:353, Julia Mendenhall (SHP) 22:034, Alexis Castellanos (Lake) 22:255, Andrea Dargie (SHP) 22:306, Katie Coogan (Lake) 22:387, Laura Brannon (Lake) 22:408, Nicole Lewis (Lake) 22:529, Sarah O’Neill (SHP) 23:0910, Michela Lieb (MH) 23:13

At Steerebeek, BelgiumBoysTeam scoresSt. John’s 45, Brussels 60, International School of Brussels 63, Alconbury 65, British School of Brussels 114Individual results1, Ben Bigelow (Brus), 16:512, Tim Barry (Brus) 17:153, Matt Tucker (ISB) 17:284, Ernestas Tyminas (Alc) 18:065, Tim Silcock (StJ) 18:176, Louis Coutuire (ISB) 18:247, David Westland (Brus) 18:258, Jackson Smith (StJ) 18:399, Brandon Simons (StJ) 18:4910, John Volcheck (Alc)18:57.GirlsTeam scoresSt. John’s 23, International School of Brussels 54, Brussels 57, Alconbury 95, British School of Brussels incomplete.Individual results1, Emma Martensson (StJ) 21:132, Ali DeFazio (Brus) 21:203, Hannah McKenney (StJ) 21:544, Yuiko Sakuma (ISB) 21:565, Mackenzie Lowery (StJ) 22:016, Jessie Renshaw (StJ) 22:067, Gabriela Overeem (ISB) 22:178, Anna Brook-Lowery (StJ) 22:379, Ebba Edstrom (StJ) 22:4410, Veerle Versteeg (ISB) 23:40.

At StuttgartBoysTeam scoresPatch 20, Vilseck 43, Ansbach 85. Bamberg, Hohenfels and Munich International School were incompleteIndividual results1. Zane Kennedy (Vils) 17:282. Brandon Lockridge (Pat) 18:133. Nick Pugh (Pat) 18:16 4. Sebastian Blake (MIS) 18:19 5. Chris Brown (Pat) 18:226. Drew Nixon (Pat) 18:35 7. James Martin (Pat) 18:40 8. Logan Sullivan (Pat) 18:44 9. Alex Denikiewicz (MIS) 18:51 10. Thomas Trevino (Pat) 19:03GirlsTeam scoresPatch 15, Vilseck 47. Bamberg, Hohenfels and Munich International School were incomplete.Individual results1. Morgan Mahlock (Pat) 19:35 (Course record. Old record 19:40 by Mahlock, Oct. 2, 2010)2. Katherine Castro (Pat) 20:52 3. Amanda Elliot (Hoh) 20:564. Christine Hamilton (Pat) 21:035. Samantha Barglof (Pat) 21:44 6. Anai Denikiewicz (MIS) 21:567. Johanna Quinn (Pat) 22:07 8. Malia Carson (Vils) 22:13 9. Britney Lockridge (Pat) 22:48 10. Payton Bodecker (Vils) 22:56

At HeidelbergBoysTeam scoresRamstein 24, Heidelberg 71, Wiesbaden 73, Black Forest Academy 116, Frankfurt International School 122, American School of Paris 141Individual results1, Carl Lewenhaupt (Rams) 16:542, Thomas Amrine (Rams) 16:583, Jack Scranton (Rams) 17:294, Ryan Fisico (Wies) 17:365, Trevor Hope (BFA) 17:366, David Grano (BFA) 17:387, Jaron Henniger (Heid) 17:398, Joseph Gould (Rams) 17:509, Brian Hannum (Heid) 17:5310, Thomas Lambert (Rams) 17:55GirlsTeam scoresRamstein 23, Heidelberg 60, Wiesbaden 77, Frankfurt International School 81. Black Forest Academy and American School of Paris were incompleteIndividual results1, Jessica Kafer (Rams) 20:362, Natalie Pecoraro (FIS) 20:563, Meagan Rummage (Rams) 21:104, Laura Welch (Rams) 21:155, Olivia Darrow (Heid) 21:246, Priya Kannan (FIS) 21:377, Jordan Thompson (Rams) 21:378, Tallie Elbert (Rams) 21:399, Shena Cousens (Wies) 21:5410, Stephanie Barlow (Heid) 22:01

At Brunssum, NetherlandsBoysTeam scoresKaiserslautern 19, Baumholder 58, AFNORTH 61Individual results1, Matt Finley (Kais) 19:012, Skyler Clements (Baum) 19:023, Justin Sestan (Kais) 19:174, Barry Metheny (Kais) 19:175, Stephen Hook (Kais) 19:206, Matt Harvey (Kais) 19:327, Sean Davis (Kais) 19:358, Michael Lawson (Kais) 19:559, T.J. Daly (Kais) 20:0310, Jacob Bishop (Baum) 20:07GirlsTeam scoresKaiserslautern 19, AFNORTH 43, Baumholder incompleteIndividual results1, Ashley Santos (Kais) 22:012, Terryl Ann Fritz (AFN) 22:043, Emily Ciocca (Kais) 22:074, Brianna Riffe (Kais) 22:095, Colleen Davis (Kais) 22:346, Veronica Houck (Kais) 22:387, Carlie Core (Kais) 23:078, Brittney Brubeck (AFN) 23:369, Rachel Hook (Kais) 23:4410, Cassidy Harless (AFN) 24:02

Tennis(Individual forfeits not listed but included in team score. Time permitting, No. 1s play best-of-3; all others single 8-game pro sets. Matches Saturday unless otherwise indicated. Tiebreaker scores in parentheses.):

At StuttgartBoysPatch 9, Vilseck 0SinglesAjdin Tahirovic def. Miguel Cordero 6-0, 6-0Jon Lightner def. Sage Thornbrough 6-0Josh Lightner def. River Shank 6-0Charlie Schoonover def. Ben Huff 6-0Eric Stuber def. Caleb Pettitt 6-0Phil Yambrick def. Nathan Petersen 6-1DoublesDylan Rehwaldt and Schoonover def. Thornbrough and Shank 6-0, 6-4Lightner and Lightner def. Cordero and Huff 6-0Tahirovic and Stuber def. Pettitt and Petersen 6-0GirlsPatch 5, Vilseck 4SinglesMica Aguilar (Pat) def. Tekeha Turner 6-2, 6-0Ellie Welton (Pat) def. Sara Carriker 6-3Mallory Flynn (Pat) def. Thea Dunn 6-4Melissa Camara (Vils) def. Stephanie Shiffert 6-3Peyton Smith (Pat) def. India Pinkney 6-0Christy Chanin (Vils) def. Tori Gilster 6-3DoublesCarriker and Dunn def. Welton and Flynn 6-1, 6-4Aguilar and Shiffert def. Turner and Camara 6-1Chanin and Oinkney def. Savann Pugh and Gilster 6-3

At RamsteinBoysRamstein 6, Wiesbaden 3SinglesVon Eicken (Rams) def. Evin Alarilla 6-1, 6-0Armin Alarilla (Wies) def. Kamperman 9-7Priddy def. Jeff Holt 8-1DeBose (Rams) de. Mario De la Guardia 8-2Caldwell (Rams) def. Vincent Matsayko 8-4Stewart def. Devin Tisdale 9-7DoublesKamperman and DeBose def. A.Alarilla and Holt 6-2, 6-4E.Alarilla and De La Guardia def. Von Eicken and Priddy 8-6Tisdale and Matasayko def. Bolan and Seawell 8-2GirlsRamstein 6, Wiesbaden 3SinglesMichaela Corral (Rams) def. Kelsey Smith 6-0, 6-1Meghan Augsburger (Rams) def. Ashley Charles 8-2Fritz (Rams) def. Heather Boehme 8-2Olivia Rockwell (Rams) def. Taylor Dore 8-0Apryl Jackson (Wies) def. Allison Adams 8-4Cate Boardman (Wies) def. Taylor Grantham 8-2DoublesAugsburger and Rockwell def. Charles and Dopre 6-2, 6-2Fritz and Corral def. Smith and Boehme 8-5Jackson and Boardman def. Arianna Borders and (first name unavailable) Wilkinson 9-7

At Brunssum, NetherlandsBoysSHAPE 1, AFNORTH 0SinglesAlvaro Sanchez def. Saveno Young 8-0All other matches rained out.DoublesNone. All matches rained out.GirlsAFNORTH 1, SHAPE 0SinglesTaylor BonenClark def. Selena Suparman 8-1All other matches rained out.DoublesNone. All matches rained out.

At BitburgBoysBitburg 7, Kaiserslautern 2SinglesTyler Jakobs (Bitb) def. Chris Jimenex 6-2, 6-0Chris Jastrab (Kais) def. Eric Liebig 8-5John McCrea (Bitb) def. Erik Lanholz 8-1Alex Helm (Kais) def. Sven Livingston 9-8 (7-3)Patrick Goetz (Bitb) def. Patrick Tremaglio 8-6Joshua Olson-Gross (Bitb) def. Jeff Lawson 8-6DoublesLiebig and McCrea def. Jastrab and Langholz 6-2, 6-1Jakobs and Livingston def. Jimenez and Helm 8-3Goetz and Olson-Gross def,. Tremaglio and Lawson 8-6GirlsKaiserslautern 5, Bitburg 4SinglesKaitley Miller (Bitb) def. Mehgan Eaker 6-0, 6-0Katelyn White (Bitb) def. Alexandria Albers 8-3Rebekkah Bingham (Kais) def. Anne Marie Clark 8-3Kelsey Downer (Bitb) def. Mekinna Rahn 9-8 (7-5)Kelsey Dawling (Kais) def. Avelri Goetz 8-6Hanneh Schenk (Kais) def. Megan Mein 8-3DoublesAlbers and Bingham def. White and Clark 6-1, 6-2Downer and Miller def,. Eaker and Rahn 8-4Dowling and Schenk def. Goetz and Mein 8-4

At LakenheathBoysInternational School of Brussels 5, Lakenheath 0

SinglesPatrick Tan (ISB) def. Andrew Cates 8-3Kristof Viranyi (ISB) def. Sam Armstrong 8-2DoublesBrice Tanner and Shobu Shotato (ISB) def. Cen Cates and Armstrong 8-0Peter Viranyi and Asgiev Hallgrimson (ISB) def. Greg Holmes and Keith Koehler 8-0Mehmet Erimcag and Victor Pierson (ISB) def. Geoff Holmes and Caleb Wilson 8-1GirlsInternational School of Brussels 6, Lakenheath 0

SinglesSayaka Goto (ISB) def. Erica Ripley 8-0Hitomi Mimura (ISB) def. Kathleen Keenan 8-3DoublesYu Murakami and Ana Torrijos (ISB) def. Ripley and Meagan Adams 8-1Blandine Pairet and Juharna Robberts (ISB) def. Yo-Sing Miller and Rustine Azsur 8-2Hannah Kieiren and Alice Johnson (ISB) def. Jazmine Hayes and Madison Passmore 8-0

At BambergBoysAnsbach 3, Bamberg 0SinglesDamon Adler def. Trent Harvey 6-1, 6-2Tony O’Gorman def. Theo McCray 8-1DoublesAdler and O’Gorman def. T.J. DiFiore and Kaleb Stevenson 8-6, 6-4GirlsBamberg 8, Ansbach 1SinglesCharlotte Woods (Bamb) def. Lauren Finley 6-3, 3-63rd set score unavailable; Lauren Sink (Bamb) def. Naomi Traylor 8-3Cristine Ibanez (Bamb) def. Alex Essertaize 8-2Chealsy Martinez (Bamb) def. Soliel Vaughb 8-5Jordan Callahan (Ansb) def. Melanie Rivers 8-4Tristen Cash (Bamb) def. Val Mayorga 8-2Brittany Tiler (Bamb) def. Elena Thomas 9-8 (tiebreaker score unavailable)DoublesWoods and Sink def. Traylor and Finley 6-2, 6-3Martinez and Rivers def. Essertaize and Vaughn 8-3Ibanez and Cash def. Thomas and Callahan 8-1

Friday's summariesAt RamsteinBoysRamstein 9, Baumholder 0SinglesAryan Von Eicken def. Cameron Koch 6-0, 6-0Nathan Priddy def. Alex Shadrin 8-1Bryan Caldwell def. Van Phipps 8-1Matt Bolan def. Justin Owens 8-3Taylor Stewart def. Robert King 8-0DoublesForrest Kamperman and Lee DeBose def. Phipps and Shadrin 6-0, 6-0Matt Bolan and Josh Seawell def. Koch and Owens 8-0GirlsRamstein 9, Baumholder 0SinglesElena Fritz def. Victoria Williams 6-0, 6-0Emilie Magill def. Elvia Salazar 8-0DoublesAnna Claire Cabbiness and Emily Wilkinson def. Williams and Salazar 6-0, 6-0

At Steerebeek, BelgiumBoysAlconbury 5, Brussels 4SinglesRyan Bottesini (Brus) def. Ronnie Behr 6-0, 6-0Tristan Fitch (Brus) def. Matt Thrasher 8-6Joel Fourhman (Alc) def. Jeremiah High 8-6Danny Helbling (Brus) def. Francis O’Connell 8-1Cameron Perdomo (Alc) def. Alex Drakalski 8-0Isaiah Beltran (Alc) def. Max Hale 8-1DoublesBottesini and Helbling def. Behr and O’Connell 8-0Perdomo and Adam Jimmo def. Drakalski and Hale 8-5GirlsAlconbury 9, Brussels 0SinglesAshley Hand def. Claire Rumery 7-6 (7-2) 6-2Taylor Malcolm def. Callie Stefenhagen 8-1Nichole Pisierra def. Patricia Rudy 8-2Lia Caverly def. Jane Rudy 8-2Caitlin Cash def. Caitlin Cook 8-2DoublesHand and Malcolm def. Rumery and J.Rudy 6-1, 6-1Pisierra and Caverly def. P.Rudy and Steffenhagen 8-5

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