Second employee dies in connection with explosion at Letterkenny Army Depot

Five Letterkenny Army Deport employees were injured in an apparent explosion at Letterkenny Army Depot on July 19. Two employees were killed as a result of injuries sustained in the blast.


By BEN DESTEFAN | The Record Herald | Published: August 10, 2018

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. (Tribune News Service) — A second employee died Thursday from injuries suffered in an apparent explosion at Letterkenny Army Depot on July 19, according to a news release from Letterkenny.

Five Letterkenny employees were injured during the incident, which occurred in one of the production facilities housed in Building 350.

Eric Byers, 29, died the day after an explosion resulted in a fire. A second employee, whose name is being withheld, died Thursday. According to the Army, one employee remains hospitalized while two others were treated and released the same day of the accident.

"The Letterkenny Army Depot family deeply mourns the loss of another invaluable team member as a result of the industrial accident that took place on July 19th," said Col. Stephen Ledbetter, Letterkenny Army Depot commander.

Letterkenny's Safety and Engineering offices, OSHA and the depot's emergency fire services are working together to investigate the cause of the incident.

A Safety Stand Down Day was held on July 24, when operations are shut down so the depot's leadership could speak directly with employees about safety. Ledbetter intends to hold Safety Stand Down days on a recurring basis, the release states.

Letterkenny Army Depot, a division of U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command, is situated on 18,600 acres in Chambersburg, and is the organic maintenance facility for refurbishment, maintenance, manufacturing and logistics support for Tactical Missile Air Defense Systems and other programs.

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