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'Mission Transition' helps military members plan for any future

15 February 2018

Terri Barnes... senior book editor at Elva Resa Publishing. Her book, “Spouse Calls: Messages From a Military Life,” is a... is also the spouse of a retired soldier, so she has firsthand experience in military

‘Seven Wings to Glory’ a nuanced portrayal of military relationships

2 May 2017

. Terri Barnes is a freelance writer and editor. She is the author of “Spouse Calls: Messages From a... Terri Barnes... XX0417wwbook-terri_web

Andria Williams speaks to the heart of military life in novel 'The Longest Night'

23 April 2016

thought long after the last page is turned. Terri Barnes is the author of “Spouse Calls... .lang.String value = 'Terri Barnes'; R transient java.lang.Object _data = 'com... characters. The author, a Navy spouse, speaks to the heart of military life in any era, when she

Last call for Spouse Calls

29 June 2015

Terri Barnes... Last call for Spouse Calls... page. I began writing Spouse Calls in 2007 as a Q&A column, but the format soon evolved to

The end, the beginning

29 May 2015

Terri Barnes... completes high school. When I wrote my first Spouse Calls column, we were the parents of a grade... Spouse Calls duties. June will be my last month of writing this column in this space. I will

Stuck on you

27 March 2015

.   This column is excerpted from Terri Barnes’ book “Spouse Calls: Messages From a Military Life.” ... Terri Barnes

'Johnnie' comes marching

29 January 2015

.” Terri Barnes is the author of “Spouse Calls: Messages From a Military Life.” Contact her at... Terri Barnes

Year in review

6 January 2015

Terri Barnes... ’s a look at some Spouse Calls columns from last year’s pages... , the Month of the Military Child and Military Caregiver Month, included a Spouse Calls feature about

Small but mighty

1 July 2014

Terri Barnes... through contacts at her spouse club, the local chamber of commerce and many phone calls. Kidz Showing

Small town, small world

8 April 2014

Terri Barnes... space since the first installment of Spouse Calls appeared April 1, 2007. Most of the stories I... on the next part of my military journey as a spouse. We’re still traveling that road, but most of my

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