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Greece: Suspect charged for US scientist’s slaying in Crete

16 July 2019

his car and abducted her “motivated by the intention to commit sexual assault,” Crete police

Cuban singer becomes pioneer of #MeToo movement on island

15 July 2019

were investigating whether they can bring charges of abuse and sexual assault against Cortés so many... Are More" and "Evolve," though that appeared to focus more on physical than sexual

Congressional task force aims to curb rise in military sexual assaults

13 July 2019

rising rate of sexual assault in the U.S. armed forces. On Thursday, the panel conducted a... .” Nate Galbreath, the acting head of the Defense Department’s sexual assault prevention and response... assaults. The 2016 sexual assault rates were down by one third for women and two thirds for men over 2006

Will military families be protected in ICE raids? Trump says ‘we are looking at that’

13 July 2019

sexual abuse, including 18 instances where minors were involved and “21 had convictions related to... homicide, assault, or attempted homicides or assaults,” the GAO found. The aggravated felonies in 32 of the

Sexual assault allegations complicate confirmation of vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

10 July 2019

's confirmation process for Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh, who was accused of committing sexual assault... made the sexual assault allegations against Hyten said she mentioned what she saw as gray-area ethical... Sexual assault allegations complicate confirmation of vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Milley: 'Not going to be intimidated into making stupid decisions'

11 July 2019

sexual assault in the military. McSally’s question followed reports Wednesday of sexual... as commander involvement regarding military sexual assault. A military investigation found... Press. Milley thanked the senator for her efforts and called sexual assault “fratricide” by one

Teen migrant says border agent sexually assaulted her, sparking federal investigation

10 July 2019

spokesman said. “It’s important to note that the allegation of sexual assault is already under investigation... assault that they couldn’t prove was true, they could go to jail for 25 years. Another child, a

American pride now a partisan issue?

9 July 2019

long avoided, details of slavery, lynching, eugenics, sexual assault and other systemic ills of

Ex-Rep. Scott Taylor will challenge Va. Sen. Mark Warner despite election fraud controversy

8 July 2019

scandals involving sexual assault and racism allegations surrounding the top three Democrats in Virginia

Man arrested in Washington mobile home fire that killed 4

7 July 2019

, assault, attempted robbery and burglary with sexual motivation. He is a registered sex offender in Pierce

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