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Tropical Depression 33W, # 1

17 November 2018

coast of Vietnam. Japan Meteorological Agency has also designated the disturbance a... tropical depression, Toraji, is coming ashore in Vietnam. Meanwhile, one disturbance, 98C Invest, is... . GFS ensemble shows intensification as it nears Vietnam, while the

Macon transition home helps veterans get back on their feet

18 November 2018

(the veterans) have a long way to go," he said. "You can see some of these guys are Vietnam

Veteran of the Year supports Lakota students

17 November 2018

, serving stateside during the Vietnam War at three different locations. He was the founding

Tribute event to honor Vietnam vets seeks volunteers

17 November 2018

Tribute event to honor Vietnam vets seeks volunteers... the service of military veterans who served in the Vietnam War and during the Vietnam era is being... Affairs, Military Officers Association of the America, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Vietnam

Veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder denied VA benefits allowed to sue military

16 November 2018

service-connected PTSD do not suffer the same injustices as the Vietnam generation," said Garry Monk

Veterans get second chance in special Utah court

16 November 2018

Vietnam War veterans. "These people have been raised on that notion that when they're given

US, China rivalry challenging entwined Asia-Pacific region

15 November 2018

, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Its annual

WWII pilot from Derry Township is finally coming home

15 November 2018

Cemetery along with the ashes of Vietnam veteran Richard Stanton Ford, the son the young pilot never met... retired from the Navy after 20 years with two tours of duty in Vietnam, developed a keen interest in his... with the ashes of Vietnam veteran Richard Stanton Ford, the son the young pilot never met.

Report highlights lapses at Brockton, Mass. VA Hospital

15 November 2018

10 percent, anywhere you go" he said. Colleen Rapoza's Vietnam veteran father

Mattis: War-trophy bells' return to help US, Philippine ties

14 November 2018

.S. troops in World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam War and in the recent struggle against international

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