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Atomic bomb tests witness knows what fire and fury really is

22 September 2017

the Navy in World War II. A brother 10 years younger than Jim would be in the Navy during the Vietnam

One of the last Pearl Harbor survivors from Kansas dies at age 95

22 September 2017

Jim Denison, a Vietnam War veteran and honorary member of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association who

On base activities

22 September 2017

commemoration of 50th Anniversary to the Vietnam Veterans; Oct. 7, 8 a.m.-1 p.m., 2017 Yongsan 5K Fun Run

Team effort led to long-overdue Purple Heart for Vietnam vet Mike Sanzaro

22 September 2017

Sanzaro, a veteran of more than 300 combat patrols during the height of the Vietnam War, is soft... .” He went to boot camp in San Diego in July 1969 and soon found himself in Vietnam, working as an... could’ve ended in a cornfield deep in the heart of Vietnam. At that point, he

WWII veteran, 98, receives replacement medals — and a surprise decoration

22 September 2017

Trump awarded a Medal of Honor to a Vietnam War veteran for his bravery under fire as a medic in 1969... Korean War and the Vietnam War with honors they earned but never collected. In Salazar

Traitors or patriots? Vietnam POWs were charged with collaborating with the enemy

22 September 2017

Traitors or patriots? Vietnam POWs were charged with collaborating with the enemy... MOSCOW, Idaho — The six young servicemembers, fresh from the prison camps of North Vietnam... Ken Burns and Lynn Novick retell the tragedy of the Vietnam War on public television, the story of the

Honoring the POWs who came home, remembering those who remain missing

21 September 2017

Sylvia. A retired Lt. Colonel of the U.S. Army, Anshus served during the Cold War, Vietnam War and... Grenada. He was captured in South Vietnam March 8, 1971, and released from captivity March 27, 1973, then

High school with highest death rate in Vietnam embraces its legacy

21 September 2017

High school with highest death rate in Vietnam embraces its legacy... was home to William Moore, the Marine who took a bullet for him six weeks into their tour in Vietnam... clung onto a laminated page of information about Moore printed from the Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans

The media scandal surrounding Operation Tailwind

21 September 2017

honor, during a ceremony at the time in Vietnam. But in 1998, Rose and the... , famed for his dispatches from the Vietnam War and Desert Storm, was reprimanded and later pushed out of... , received a presidential citation in 2001 for heroism in Vietnam from 1964-1972, which is equivalent to the

47 years after Vietnam War secret mission, Green Beret to receive Medal of Honor

20 September 2017

during the Vietnam War, the Army’s Military Assistance Command Studies and Observations Group... Group was based in southern Vietnam from where it routinely led such missions into Laos, leading the U... .S. covert war against North Vietnam along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. The force came

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