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Tulsi Gabbard reflects on time in Congress, National Guard

1 August 2020

seeing that veterans would have a seamless transition into civilian life. From the time the GI Bill was... open combat arms jobs to women wouldn't come until shortly after he left office, which was the catalyst... Congress. We bring in military fellows. There are organizations like HillVets that actively help veterans

Vets form nonprofit to help former service members break into civilian news careers

11 February 2020

. Military Veterans in Journalism provides a network for vets as well as tips on finding civilian jobs... Vets form nonprofit to help former service members break into civilian news careers... 120220JOURNO-VETS

Wisconsin veteran shares journey from living homeless behind Walmart, to tiny home, to hope

25 August 2019

, he took other jobs that paid better. He, like many other vets, quickly came to miss the structure and... time, Gruve’s situation wasn’t entirely unique. The independence of civilian life often can be... finally back in the fold with other vets. On May 30, after four consecutive years without a home, he moved

After a century, American Legion still helping vets

20 March 2019

to do anything we can to help them adjust to civilian life. It can be anywhere from providing jobs... After a century, American Legion still helping vets... members of the armed services transition back into life in the states, or even just back to their lives as

Wisconsin blitz to attract veterans, spouses to live, work in state

25 August 2018

estimated 200,000 to 250,000 veterans transition to civilian life. Sending Wisconsin envoys to the... tool on the state Department of Workforce Development's WiscJobsForVets.com website, including a search... state officials and veteran-friendly companies in Wisconsin, such as LHI, to "transition

How Texas Democrat Kim Olson's military career crashed in Iraq

20 July 2018

and now the Democratic candidate for Texas agriculture commissioner, recalled in her memoir. “Jobs as... , informed her founding Grace After Fire, a nonprofit devoted to helping female veterans make the transition... back into civilian life. “I didn’t realize how all that heartbreak that last year would play

Marine veteran aims to prove that investing in former servicemembers pays off

26 June 2018

on a rocky, tumultuous transition into the business world at the height of the recession. After... military" by creating communities for them in the civilian world. "When you get out of the... demonstrating that the average veteran at Power sold more and stayed longer at the company than their civilian

A class assignment inspired a Navy veteran to help other vets with a shelter

7 April 2018

problems and job loss when they return from deployment. It makes the transition into civilian life even... A class assignment inspired a Navy veteran to help other vets with a shelter... immediately following 9/11 and took part in Operation Iraqi Freedom in January 2003. Among Flick's jobs in the

BMW establishes auto workshop at Camp Pendleton to assist Marines transitioning into civilian

1 March 2018

civilian jobs through the Transition Assistance Program. TAP, an inter-agency workshop coordinated by the... transition from the Marine Corps to civilian life. At Camp Pendleton, it’s about 9,000 annually — 77 percent... transition to the civilian sector. “Programs like this six months before transitioning are critical

Former Pa. prison's transformation into $100M veterans' facility on track

28 December 2017

civilian life every day. Not only would the facility serve local returning vets, but it... ' transition service center at the site of a former state prison in Hempfield is moving ahead on schedule, the... ' transition center to include housing, medical and job training facilities in a regional construction

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