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How Amazon and Silicon Valley seduced the Pentagon

22 August 2019

modernized. But there may also be costs. Silicon Valley has pushed for the Pentagon to adopt its technology... How Amazon and Silicon Valley seduced the Pentagon... Pentagon employee responsible for policing conflicts of interest, emailed an urgent warning to the chief of

Hillary Clinton regrets her Iraq vote, but opting for intervention was a pattern

15 September 2016

her into voting for the resolution. But an examination by The Washington Post found that her decision... classified analysis that other senators cited in voting against the resolution. The path to Clinton... would later play top roles in the Bush administration pushed for regime change. Congress in October 1998

Training spies in the era of cyber-security

23 November 2012

Pentagon’s National Security Agency, which conducts America’s digital spying. Other graduates have... Pentagon spends more than $3 billion annually for cyber-security. “Our most important investment is... online to lure predators. In 2003, students helped solve a triple homicide by cracking an email account

Pentagon pushed email voting for troops despite security concerns

4 November 2012

Pentagon pushed email voting for troops despite security concerns ... got funding from the Pentagon program, said t they are allowing email or fax voting, but not with... , to consider email voting for more than 1 million troops and civilians living abroad. The

European edition letters for the weekof October 13 - October 19, 2002

20 October 2002

after I retired and returned to the United States. In fact, Josar has had my personal e-mail address... ) ¶ “In numerous e-mail messages to EUCOM senior officials, Mr. McCarthy strongly urged endorsement of his... “Still no decision on Kosovo medal” (Oct. 8) said “Pentagon brass” ensured a waiver was