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In rare spectacle, Army court-martials a retired general

25 August 2017

was shattered four years ago when the Army prosecuted then-Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair on charges of... determined that Gen. Arthur Lichte had an affair with a junior officer and likely coerced her into having sex... and cut a plea deal that spared Sinclair jail time, but only after days of sordid testimony that

Military bringing more charges against officers for sexual assault

20 March 2016

-abuse cases was shattered three years ago when the Army prosecuted Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair on charges of... charges and cutting a plea deal that spared Sinclair jail time. But the spectacle of a general sitting in... colonels from the Air Force, Army and Marines. In addition, a Navy captain was found guilty of abusive

Bergdahl court-martial scheduled for August on Fort Bragg

7 January 2016

. Jeffrey Sinclair in 2014. Sinclair was tried on allegations he sexually assaulted a female... moved to another location, the case would be the most watched since the court-martial of then-Brig. Gen... Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. The case would arguably be the most high-profile in recent history on a

Military sexual-assault reports on rise in Fort Bragg, nation

18 April 2015

allowances. He denied all of the charges. In 2014, Fort Bragg Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair pleaded... dropped in his plea bargain. Sinclair was accused of sexually assaulting a female captain who... The Halloween party was supposed to be a night of fun, to let off steam with her colleagues

Hagel's parting ethics advice to brass: Do better

18 February 2015

. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair, who last year... WASHINGTON — Senior military officers, such as the Navy admirals censured for their role in a... a memo signed by former Defense secretary Chuck Hagel and obtained by USA Today. The Navy

Sex assault in the military: debated statistics, scandal and a failed bill

23 December 2014

the Air Force.” In June, the Army announced that  disgraced Brig. Gen. Jeffrey... Sinclair, who had gone to trial on sodomy charges, would retire as a lieutenant colonel, three months after... . On the day that Sinclair was sentenced, a military judge acquitted a former Navy Academy football

A year of change, a year of challenges for Fort Bragg

28 December 2014

court-martial for then-Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair, who was convicted of adultery and inappropriate... . The division also welcomed a new commander, Maj. Gen. Richard Clarke. That was one of several... Drew Brooks: A year of change, a year of challenges for Fort Bragg

Reports of unwanted sexual contact in military drop 27 percent

4 December 2014

number of high-profile cases, including Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair's court-martial for sexual assault... . Sinclair, the Army general tried for sexual assault, took a plea deal to avoid jail time. He acknowledged... commanders' authority over sexual assault cases. "Let me be clear, a estimate of 20,000 cases

Army general, accused of sex assault by adviser, quietly retired with demotion

1 October 2014

another senior Army officer, Brig. Gen. Jeffrey A. Sinclair, faced court-martial for alleged forcible... A two-star Army general who was fired from his job in Djibouti last year after allegedly... groping a female adviser was allowed to retire quietly with a demotion in rank at the same time that a

Admiral hopes to squelch military scandals

5 June 2014

reasons," Klein said in an interview. Some of those reasons: • Army Brig. Gen. Jeffrey... Sinclair cut a plea deal with prosecutors in March over extramarital affairs he had with subordinates, one... of whom accused him of sexual assault and threatening to kill her. Sinclair's deal included a $20

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