Roast Beef Abura Soba Beefst offers an edible adventure in Tokyo

Roast Beef Abura Soba Beefst is a build-your-own soba noodle restaurant in Tokyo that stays open deep into the night.


By CHRISTIAN LOPEZ | Stars and Stripes | Published: June 6, 2019

The party’s over, the bars are closed, the lights have gone up, and you have a hangover hunger to satisfy.

If you’re in Shinjuku, you’re in luck; that’s the home of Roast Beef Abura Soba Beefst, a “build your own” soba noodle restaurant that unlocks its doors just in time for lunch and stays open deep into the night.

Abura Soba — literally, “oil noodles” — is basically a bowl of thick noodles slathered in oil and as much beef as your heart desires.

But first, you must make a crucial decision: How will I craft a hearty bowl of beef and noodles? The friendly Japanese staff will hand you a menu at the cash register where you’ll have to decide how much meat you’re craving, your choice of sauce and the grilled vegetables and toppings you need to sate your hunger.

Starting with the sauce to adorn your thick, slurpable noodles, you have the choice of a salty, yet smoky and savory soy sauce (940 yen, or about $8.70); a spicy red miso, packed with vibrant chilis and tenman sauce (990 yen); or a creamy Japanese-style carbonara (1,090 yen).

After arguing with your stomach over the perfect sauce, move on to the meat. The quantities available of lean and juicy roast beef, cut from the top blade muscle, start at 80 grams (about 3 ounces or 6 slices) and rise seven levels, ending at 450 grams, a 1-pound serving of beef.

Now that your mouth is watering from the thought of all the meat you just ordered, all that’s left is to decide the toppings and grilled vegetables to accent the bowl of your dreams. With choices like a spa-boiled egg, wasabi mayo, onions, mushrooms and many more, there’s a perfect concoction waiting to be tailor-made just for you.

Upon completion of your order, choose your own seat at either the countertop, facing the chef; a traditional Japanese-style table on the floor; or a regular table.

After a short 10 minutes imagining how you’ll tackle your mountain of meat and noodles, your bowl is presented to you and the dream becomes a reality. All that’s left before digging into your masterpiece is to choose from even more tableside condiments such as vinegar, chili oil or wasabi relish.

Roast Beef Abura Soba Beefst gives the option of a small bowl of rice to soak up all the juices and leftover trimmings to fully complete one’s meal.

No matter the hour, if you’re searching to gorge yourself on a mountain of beef or please a 2 a.m. craving, Roast Beef Abura Soba Beefst eagerly awaits its next Picasso of noodles.

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Location: Kabukicho 2-37-2, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Directions: A 5-minute walk from Shinjuku Station’s east exit.

Hours: 11 a.m. to 4 a.m. Sunday-Thursday; closes 8 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays

Prices: A basic bowl with no additional meat and one topping and vegetable is 1,240 yen.

Dress: Casual

Information: 03-5291-7333; www.beefst.com

For those looking to submerge themselves in an ocean of beef or please a 2 a.m. craving, Roast Beef Abura Soba Beefst in Tokyo eagerly awaits.

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