Restaurant at 13th-century German castle offers food, hospitality fit for a prince

The large patio at BurgRestaurant at Lichtenberg Castle, in Thallichtenberg, Germany, is shaded by umbrellas and trees.


By BRIAN FERGUSON | Stars and Stripes | Published: July 18, 2019

Eating out with friends is always enjoyable, no matter what restaurant you go to. But when it’s the one on the grounds of 13th-century German castle Burg Lichtenberg, the enjoyment is multiplied by delicious food and hospitality fit for a prince.

Burg Lichtenberg lies about halfway between Kaiserslautern and Trier, and is one of the largest castles in Germany. The BurgRestaurant is about 50 yards from the entrance to the castle and offers a wide choice of German cuisine.

Before ordering, my two guests and I relaxed on the large patio, sheltering in the shade of linden trees from the unusually hot German summer. It took a few minutes for the server to notice us, but once she did, we did not go without a fresh beer or water all night.

Because there were three of us, we got to try three different dishes. Andrew ordered steak with fried onions and potatoes, Perry ordered venison stew, and I chose the pork tenderloin. An unspoken bet was on as to whose meal would turn out to be the best.

The venison stew arrived in a large bowl. The BurgRestaurant prides itself on its game, which it says is hunted locally. My pork tenderloin was perfectly cooked and delicious. But after sampling Andrew’s medium-cooked steak, I knew he’d won the bet. Perry ate all of his stew before I could try it, so his meal was out of the running. Maybe that was his plan the whole time.

After the meal, we sat back to enjoy one more cold beer. One of the best things about German restaurants is that no one asks you to leave, even if they need your table.

And at the BurgRestaurant, they probably did. Hundreds of people visit the castle grounds every day. With so many visitors, they could have cut corners on preparing and presenting the food, and on hospitality. They did not.

After dinner, we walked the castle grounds, criss-crossed with cobblestone roads and hugged by 800-year-old walls. In addition to the castle and restaurant, Burg Lichtenberg has a playground, a shop and a hotel.

My advice to you: visit the castle, eat at the restaurant and take the kids. The playground is awesome, and so are the food and the history.



Location: Burgstrasse 12, 66871 Thallichtenberg, Germany
Hours: Open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.; closed on Monday
Prices: Appetizers, 5 – 11 euros. Main course items, 10-26 euros.
English menu: Yes
Dress: Casual
Information: +49 6381 2633 or online: burglichtenberg.de
Note: Vegetarian and vegan options available. Food allergies catered to. Reservations are recommended. Cash or credit cards accepted.

The steak with onions and potatoes at BurgRestaurant at Lichtenberg Castle, is cooked to order. Our group of three decided it was the best meal of the night.

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