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Fight the horde for fun and loot in 'Warhammer: Vermintide II'

Online gaming has never been more popular than it is in 2018, with heavy hitters like “Fortnite” and “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” drawing millions of players daily. But the subgenre represented by “Left 4 Dead” hasn’t really seen the success of those frag fests. Thank Sigmar for developer Fatshark and its “Warhammer: Vermintide” series

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At National World War II Memorial, veterans remember the day it all started

Twenty-one bells rang out Thursday at the National World War II Monument in Washington, paying tribute to those who were killed at Pearl Harbor 76 years ago when the empire of Japan attacked an unsuspecting nation and kicked off America’s involvement in World War II.

The 'Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim' is overly familiar, great on handheld Switch

Where do you even begin to review a re-re-release of a six-year-old video game? Most of the time, the answer is simple. You don’t. You skip that release and move on to the next one, much like gamers will not normally flock to a port of such an old game.

Flying through retirement: Vet and his Harrier star in air show business

Military retirees get involved in some fairly interesting hobbies. Hunting is popular among former servicemembers, along with fishing, hiking, camping, gaming and even historic battle re-enactments.

Ground is broken for long-awaited World War I memorial in Washington, DC

After years of false starts, unused plans and fundraising drives, the National World War I Memorial is finally on track after a groundbreaking ceremony Thursday at Pershing Park in Washington, D.C.

Photographer brings a pictorial tribute to World War I battlefields to Washington

Pershing Park in Washington, D.C., is the temporary home of a stunning collection of photographs taken by Michael St. Maur Sheil of World War I battlefields and artifacts. Until Dec. 3, the exhibit will be on display not too far from the Washington Monument.

The success of 'Super Mario Odyssey' explained

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re well aware of “Super Mario Odyssey's” stellar critical reception. Game reviewers far and wide have proclaimed “Odyssey” to be one of the best games of the year - with good reason. We break down some of those reasons in this look at the game's success.

Steelers' Villanueva thankful for SHAPE's role in his career

Pittsburgh Steeler Alejandro Villanueva spent his formative playing years as a defensive end at SHAPE in Belgium, just one of many athletes playing under the relatively small DODEA Europe umbrella.

Former Ranger, current NFL star appears in new ‘Call of Duty’

Barracks rooms across the world soon will be filled once more with the sounds of explosions, gunfire and cries of foul play, all indicating that another “Call of Duty” has been released into the wild. A former Army Ranger and current Pittsburgh Steeler will make an appearance in this year's "Call of Duty: WWII."

You decided: Vietnam and Hollywood, what went right and what went wrong

We asked you which movies made about the Vietnam War got the most right and which got the most wrong. And boy, did you respond. Here is what you told us.

'Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus' features riveting action, too many cutscenes

It’s a strange world that we live in when a first-person shooter that features robot dogs and military bases on Venus can be relevant to today’s political landscape. Yet, the marketing for “Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus,” which featured heavily riffs on modern-day political slogans, managed to make a 35-year old game series a political touchstone among the gaming community in 2017.

Team effort led to long-overdue Purple Heart for Vietnam vet Mike Sanzaro

The VA doctors told Vietnam veteran Mike Sanzaro that he rated a Purple Heart. The problem was, with four decades having gone by and no medical records of the event, he would have to find a witness. Sanzaro decided not to pursue the medal he deserved. Family members and fellow Marines had other ideas.


For 102-year-old female WWII veteran, Honor Flight was 'a dream come true'

The Flag City Honor Flight group visiting Washington, D.C. from Ohio on Wednesday included 102-year-old Betty Casselman, a Marine who taught pilots the difference between friend and foe during the war.

86-year-old Marine Corps legend John Fasulo, 'Dr. Demo,' is set to retire

John Fasulo's boyhood curiosity about fireworks formed the backbone of a decades-long Marine Corps career that took him to the frozen forests of Korea and the sweltering jungles of Vietnam. Now, "Dr. Demo" is retiring ... again.

Tekken 7: fighting bears while wearing silly hats has never been better

It has been a banner year for fighting game enthusiasts. The recently released “Injustice 2,” the mobile version of “Skullgirls” and the final form of “Street Fighter II” are all currently vying for fighting fans’ attentions. So where does Namco’s “Tekken 7” sit among this pile of fighters? Right near the very top.


At Arlington's Flags In, remembering and honoring the fallen

More than 284,000 flags were placed in front of headstones at Arlington National Cemetery Thursday by hundreds of soldiers with The Old Guard during the annual pre-Memorial Day Flags In ceremony.