Jolene Carpenter

Edelweiss resort in Bavaria portrays Calgary Olympic headquarters in ‘Eddie the Eagle’

In March 2015, a funny thing happened to the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort, an Armed Forces Recreation Center in the Bavarian Alps. The hotel and its grounds suddenly transformed into a 1980s Olympic ski lodge in Canada.

Great British Chef Nathan Outlaw depends on the day's catch for his evening menu

At just 37, Great British Chef Nathan Outlaw has four restaurants in England (three bearing Michelin stars), a chef academy and several books to his name, including “Nathan Outlaw’s British Seafood.” We met him at his flagship eatery in Port Isaac to talk about his favorite subject: All things fish.

BBC's 'Poldark' drama attracts tourists to film locations in Cornwall, England -- including us

Fans of the BBC's epic 18th-century drama “Poldark” have discovered not only the rippled abs of its handsome star, Aidan Turner, but they've also fallen in love with the craggy, windswept landscape of the English county of Cornwall. I recently became a "set-jetter" and watched the cast filming.

Year-round markets in Paris offer a delicious taste of the city

Could there be a better way to sample daily life as the Parisians live it than browsing the markets of Paris? American and former Paris resident Marjorie R. Williams, co-author of “Markets of Paris” (Little Bookroom, 2012), thinks not.

What our staff thinks of the Best Picture Oscar nominees

This year, the best picture nominees for the Academy Awards are really about the characters. The nine films nominated for best picture are full of great and memorable characters who endure long after the movie has ended.

Budapest: Hungarian capital called ‘Pearl of the Danube’

Before I went to Budapest, a friend told me that for her it conjured images of “Eastern European dissidents and women with hairy legs.” I hadn’t considered either. What I knew about Budapest could be summed up in a few phrases: Eastern European, recently communist (until 1990), a relatively new NATO member. And always the refrain I heard from people who had been there: "The women are beautiful."

Lake Garda: Gourmet Italia course teaches Americans healthful, Mediterranean-style cooking

Anyone who might follow the aroma of simmering food to a Gourmet Italia cooking course in northern Italy will encounter a group of Americans cutting and folding pasta, flipping crepes and tasting freshly made pizza, gnocchi and risotto.

Frequent flier miles: Use ’em while you’ve got ’em

I fully understand that some people are leery of frequent flier programs, and even more jittery about redeeming the miles they accumulate. They fear they will be hoodwinked; that just as they are about to hit “redeem miles” on their favorite airline’s website, their dreams will be dashed when a message pops up that says, “Ha ha... Chump! Your air miles can’t be used for these dates or this itinerary!”

Lessons learned from a volcano

"Volcanoes can erupt for weeks." These were the discouraging words my travel companion, Sue, uttered to me on April 17 as we were stunned to learn that our flights to Paris and back to the States — along with almost every other flight on the boards at Naples’ Capodichino airport — were canceled due to Iceland’s volcanic eruption. As in ... indefinitely.