Dianna Cahn

California governor challenges Trump on National Guard role at Mexico border

California Gov. Jerry Brown has said that he wanted the National Guard to help prevent cross-border criminal and gang activities but would not allow his forces to be used to aid in rounding up “desperate mothers and children or unaccompanied minors.”

Foreign-born recruits, promised fast track to citizenship, stuck in ‘mindless bureaucracy’

Well-educated Army recruits in the Military Accessions Vital to National Interest program are finding themselves sidelined and under suspicion, many stalled wherever they were when the rules changed in late 2016.

‘Unauthorized vehicle’ crashes, driver dies, on Travis Air Force Base

An unauthorized vehicle crashed shortly after it gained access through the main gate at Travis Air Force Base in Northern California late Wednesday, fatally injuring the driver, according to a statement from the base public affairs.

4 charged with using 'Wounded Warrior' name to collect donations

Using a variation on the name of one of the most well-known veterans charities, four suspects in Indiana have been charged with bilking people out of $125,000, according to federal and local law enforcement in Indiana.

War dog handlers left behind by adoption process

According to Defense Department inspector general report, dogs from the Army's tactical explosive device detection program were adopted out without giving their handlers first option, and many were given away without the required vetting of the dog or its new owner to ensure they were suitable.

Singapore report: USS McCain's sudden turn put it into path of tanker

The Singapore findings aligned with a Navy investigation in October that revealed a loss of “situation awareness” at the McCain controls ahead of the collision.

Deadline puts pressure on 'Dreamers' who seek to serve in US military

In the Queens, N.Y., neighborhood where he grew up, Harminder Saini never thought twice about having foreign-born parents. Saini was born in India but thought of himself as an American. It was only after high school that his parents told him a hard truth: He was undocumented. As such, his dream of joining the Army is in danger.

Army recruit, born in Ukraine, has been in limbo for 2 years

In May 2017, there were at least 1,000 recruits in the military’s program for immigrants with vital skills whose visas had expired while they waited for background checks, according to a Pentagon memo revealed through a lawsuit and obtained by Stars and Stripes.

Air Force punishes Nellis AFB airman for racially charged online rant

In a video posted on a private Facebook forum, Tech. Sgt. Geraldine Lovely ranted about black female subordinates, whom she said were disrespectful.

Article 32 hearings delayed for commanders in 'avoidable' collisions

Cmdr. Bryce Benson, who commanded the USS Fitzgerald, and Cmdr. Alfredo Sanchez, former skipper of the USS John S. McCain, were slated for Article 32 hearings at the Navy Yard in Washington on March 6 to 8, along with three other Fitzgerald sailors.

Troubled transition: Tricare changes endanger autism therapy services for military families

Parents and providers say they are facing overwhelming obstacles to sustaining services under Tricare following the Jan. 1 reorganization that included merging Tricare East and Tricare South and changing out contracts for Tricare East and West.