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Votel: Time for Pakistan to step up in peace efforts in Afghanistan

A successful cease-fire between Afghan forces and Taliban fighters last month helped create an “unprecedented opportunity” for peace efforts in Afghanistan, and now Pakistan – as a key regional player - must step up to the plate, the top commander of U.S. operations in the region said Thursday.

Army reverses deportation decision for soldier from China

Luo Shu was accepted into the Military Accessions for Vital National Interest, a military program for foreigners with language or medical skills that the Army lacks. A paperwork mistake led to Luo arrest by immigration authorities for overstaying his visa earlier this month.

Recommended: No court-martial for 2 Fitzgerald junior officers

Cmdr. Anthony Johnson recommended that both cases go before an administrative separation board, where each sailor will likely face a board of inquiry to determine whether their performance was substandard and whether they should be separated from the Navy.

‘Glaring deficiencies’ and ‘decision paralysis’: Navy finds seamanship incompetencies in junior deck officers

Nearly 84 percent of Navy first-tour junior deck officers randomly tested were not competent to drive their ships without raising concerns, particularly when “immediate action” was required “to avoid collision,” according to findings the Navy released Wednesday.

Foreign-born recruit faces deportation despite assurances by Mattis

Luo Shu, a Chinese citizen who graduated with a degree in data analytics from George Washington University, was recruited into the Army’s delayed entry program two years ago. He was arrested at a Department of Homeland Security Investigations office on Monday after an Army administrative error allowed his service contract to expire.

After nearly 29 years, Navy reverses ‘other than honorable’ discharge for sailor sexually assaulted by 6 shipmates

Nearly 29 years after Heath Phillips was discharged for going AWOL after repeatedly attempting to get his command to intervene in a series of sexual assaults committed against him, his doggedness paid off. The Board for Correction of Naval Records agreed on Wednesday to overturn his record and grant him an honorable discharge.

Fitzgerald collision hearing brings ship's ongoing radar problems into focus

Faulty radar was a way of life on the USS Fitzgerald and was a key contributing cause for its collision with a merchant vessel June 2017 in the busy waters off the coast of Japan.

Hearing: Series of errors by junior officers contributed to Fitzgerald collision, deaths

The collision killed seven sailors in the early hours of June 17. Until just moments before the strike, the accused officers in the Combat Information Center several levels below deck were unaware of the danger from nearby ships.

Fitzgerald officer of the deck pleads guilty at court-martial

Lt. j.g. Sarah Coppock, in charge of navigating the USS Fitzgerald when it collided with a commercial vessel, is among 18 sailors who faced nonjudicial punishment in the wake of separate collisions involving two Japan-based Navy destroyers in 2017.

Families of sailors who died in Navy collisions hope for answers in court

Reports have been filed and some punishments doled out. But when the first scheduled court proceeding opens at the Washington Navy Yard on Tuesday, the Navy will publicly begin hashing out what went wrong and who should be held accountable.

Special visas dwindle for Afghan, Iraqi interpreters

Thousands of Afghans and Iraqis and their families have entered the U.S. since Congress enacted The Afghan Allies Protection Act in 2009 and a similar program for Iraq a year earlier. But the numbers of Afghans requesting the visas have surpassed the numbers allocated.