Danielle L. Kiracofe

'Ocean’s 8'

Danny Ocean is dead. But his sister, Debbie, played by Sandra Bullock, has just been released from prison. And she’s been plotting a great heist. Of course.

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Stars and Stripes staff on the best picture nominees

The spotlight is once again on Hollywood, the city of stars, and there’s much to love about the Academy’s favorite movies in 2016. Nine movies made the best picture cut this year, and the field is remarkably more diverse.

Previews of select fall movies

Previews of some fall 2015 films, from Stars and Stripes staff

Our take on the Academy Award nominees for best picture

Just eight films earned Academy Award nominations this year for best picture. The candidates this year have very little in common. Five are biopics or studies in historical events. One is a love story. One is a war story. One was shot over a 12-year period. But they are all excellent films with unique and wonderful stories. Stars and Stripes staffers share their takes on the nominees.

Looking ahead: Summer 2015

I must confess: I could skip ahead to next summer’s box office offerings.

What our staff thinks of the Best Picture Oscar nominees

This year, the best picture nominees for the Academy Awards are really about the characters. The nine films nominated for best picture are full of great and memorable characters who endure long after the movie has ended.


That's the ticket: 2013 Fall Movie Preview

Temperatures are cooling, but the box office is heating up. Stars and Stripes staffers pick the ones to watch.

Reel Expectations: 2013 Summer Movie Preview

These are a few of the movies the staff of Stars and Stripes are anticipating as summer approaches. All dates are U.S. release dates unless otherwise noted.

Our take: 2013 Best Picture Nominees

Up for the an Oscar at the Academy Awards this year are some very different films. Three are inspired by historic events. One is a foreign picture, one is a musical, one is set on the ocean and one is set in a Louisiana bayou. Another deals with mental illness. The staff of Stars and Stripes saw all of the best picture nominees and had a few things to say about why they are — or are not — worthy contenders for Oscar.

A moment with Oscar

I’d like to tell you that I started planning for my recent moment with Oscar a couple days in advance. Just like a nominee, I carefully selected what I was going to wear (keeping in mind that it’s cold here in the D.C. area this time of year), refreshed my makeup before leaving work, and practiced my smile in the mirror.

Sales for singer's latest to benefit military overseas

Musician Lisa McClowry says she doesn’t come from a military background. But one of her projects has brought her close to the military community. And with it, she’s giving back.

Spend or splurge? Travel guru shares tips

There’s nothing like getting information from the best of sources. When it comes to cutting costs while traveling, Pauline Frommer is one of the most trusted names in the travel industry. I heard her speak at a recent Travel and Adventure show in Washington, D.C. Her topic: Saving and splurging when traveling. This is a topic that held my attention. I love traveling, but I’m often intimidated by the cost. Flight, hotel, food and activities — the first two alone can quickly consume the most generous of budgets.

On movie screens: What's playing this summer

Super summer? Maybe not. Unlike previous years, it doesn’t seem like Hollywood is trying to fill the season with a potential blockbuster every weekend. After “The Avengers” officially kicks off the season, the pace slows considerably. Still, we’ve highlighted a few films we’re looking forward to escaping into as the temperatures outside rise.

Our take: 2012 Best Picture Nominees

Up for best picture this year at the Academy Awards are many movies set in times past, several set in popular travel destinations and a few that feature animals. To find out more, read on.

The Stars and Stripes features staff pick some of their favorite pop-culture moments from 2011

The world of entertainment in 2011 contained a little something for everyone — at least, so it seemed to the features staff at Stars and Stripes. Here are a few of our favorite things from the past year:

J.R. Martinez: Week 9

J.R. Martinez, who ended up in third place when the night was over. Not only did each have to perform three times during the two-hour show, but Martinez did it on a painful, twisted ankle.

Following his footsteps: J.R. Martinez

Get the latest scoop on the his appearances on the TV show "Dancing with the Stars."

J.R. Martinez: Week 8

Martinez says in rehearsal for the "instant" jive that “I want everyone to be like, ‘You sure he didn’t practice to that music all week? Because he killed it.'”

J.R. Martinez: Week 7

It’s Week 7, and I’ll let actor and Army veteran J.R. Martinez explain what this means: “The pressure is on!” He says there’s a lot of stress and this week, he’s really feeling it. Part of the reason they’re feeling it is because they are not only doing a solo Halloween-themed dance, but they are also doing a group dance. And this group dance gets a score that’s added to the individual score. But more on that later.

J.R. Martinez: Week 5

Ahead of each performance, a video is played of one of the judges giving the performer advice about how he or she can take it to the top. Bruno Tonioli says of Martinez, "There is some magic that seems to exude out of him.” I totally agree, Tonioli. Bruno’s advice is that Martinez is so good, he needs to make sure that he gets the tiny details, such as extensions, right.

J.R. Martinez: Week 4

It's movie scores night, and some of the stars are frustrated – and their professional partners are, too.

J.R. Martinez: Week 3

Martinez then dedicated the dance, set to Tim McGraw’s “If You’re Reading This,” to the servicemen and women who didn’t make it home. Martinez said in a voiceover before dancing, “I just want people to say, ‘that is a beautiful dance.’ ”

J.R. Martinez: Week 2

The pair gave a high-level, high-energy dance to “Jump, Jive An’ Wail,” by The Brian Setzer Orchestra. I admit, I not only cheered during the performance, I applauded.

J.R. Martinez: Week 1

He and partner Karina Smirnoff, one of my favorites, chose the Viennese Waltz as their first dance. Before they dance, though, there’s a nice vignette about their first meeting and rehearsals. “I had butterflies before I met my partner and when I saw it was Karina, I was so excited,” Martinez says in a voiceover.

Movies: What's On Hand for Summer

Getting excited about the summer movie season? Stripes staffers are, too. Here are a few of the movies we’re waiting to watch. To find out more about the movies ahead this summer, check out Diversions on May 1.

Our take: Best Picture Nominees

Wonder what makes the 10 movies nominated for best picture by the Academy Awards special? Stars and Stripes staffers explain why this year’s crop of nominees is deserving.

Games: ‘Half-Blood Prince’ will please Harry Potter fans

As a fan of the Harry Potter books, I’ve always wished for the chance to be a wand-waving, spell-casting, potion-making witch. So the chance to play Electronic Arts’ "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" for the Wii seemed like the closest I could ever get to doing just that.

Games: Little love for tennis games

I have been looking forward to games featuring the new Wii MotionPlus sensor for a little while now. Even better, among the first titles for the sensor were tennis titles. I have a soft spot for tennis games — the first game I played and loved on the console was tennis in "Wii Sports."

Wife writes about the joys and stresses of loving a man in uniform

Lily Burana is unlike most military wives. A writer and author, she was a stripper and an ex-punk when she met her man in uniform.

Games: ‘We Ski’ offers good game play, great views

I hate the cold. That probably means the closest I’ll ever get to skiing or snowboarding is the Bandai Namco game "We Ski & Snowboard."