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93 coronavirus cases among Roosevelt sailors as Navy works to remove most of the crew

The Navy is working to remove some 2,700 sailors from the USS Theodore Roosevelt by Friday in an attempt to slow a spreading coronavirus outbreak on the aircraft carrier now docked off the coast of Guam.

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Four Air Force recruits have contracted coronavirus as service preps to open second basic training site

The Air Force halted sending new recruits to basic training this week in an effort to ensure safety for trainees and instructors amid the coronavirus pandemic, which has sickened four individuals in the service’s initial training program, officials said Monday.

Pentagon orders installations to stop reporting coronavirus cases as military-linked infections eclipse 1,000

As of Monday morning, the Pentagon reported 633 service members were among 1,087 total cases within the Defense Department community.

Pandemic slows Space Force growth though new service helps with coronavirus response

The coronavirus pandemic has delayed the planned doubling in size of the U.S. military’s newest branch though Space Force has conducted critical missions amid the global crisis, its first general said Friday.

Army field hospital is expected to be caring for patients in NYC by Monday

Top Pentagon leaders have said they were poised to send more medical help to communities in need, if they were deemed necessary.

Pentagon halts all overseas travel, increases restrictions at bases as coronavirus cases reach 600

Defense Secretary Mark Esper has issued orders barring nearly all official movement for Defense Department personnel overseas and instituted new health protection measures worldwide as the Pentagon attempts to slow the spreading coronavirus, which has sickened at least 600 people in the military community.

Army to allow some virtual promotion boards for enlisted force during coronavirus outbreak

The Army will allow commanders to conduct some promotion boards by video conference and has suspended temporarily some requirements for enlisted soldiers to be promoted as it responds to the deepening coronavirus pandemic that has forced military posts to close to nonessential personnel.

Pandemic slows Space Force growth though new service helps with coronavirus response

The coronavirus pandemic has delayed the planned doubling in size of the U.S. military’s newest branch though Space Force has conducted critical missions amid the global crisis, its first general said Friday.

Army to deploy field hospitals to coronavirus hot spots in New York, Washington state

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy on Tuesday ordered three field hospital units to two states hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, which has sickened more than 55,000 people in the United States.

Army recruit at Fort Jackson tests positive for coronavirus

An Army recruit at Fort Jackson, S.C., has tested positive for the coronavirus, marking the first known case of the illness in the military’s initial entrance training programs, service officials said Tuesday.

Milley warns of ‘social breakdowns’ in other countries facing coronavirus; US crisis could last months

Government forecasts predict the coronavirus will continue to spread throughout the United States for roughly three months based on its impacts on other nations, said Army Gen. Mark Milley.

Coronavirus cases in the military community surpass 200, as Pentagon announces death of DOD contractor

The new statistics show a substantive rise among troops and other DOD-linked individuals in the last week, as the virus spreads and larger numbers of individuals are tested, especially in the United States.

Airman, defense contractor mark first two coronavirus cases in Pentagon

In Virginia, the Pentagon’s home city of Arlington is among the state’s hardest hit communities by the coronavirus.

Coronavirus leads Army to shut down its recruiting stations, focus on online recruiting

Maj. Gen. Frank Muth, USAREC chief, said he was confident the Army’s recruiting mission would not grind to a halt without face-to-face meetings with potential recruits.

Soldiers stuck in coronavirus-PCS limbo can request to stay at their current installation

The decision was made as the Army works with the rest of the U.S. government to limit unessential movements in the United States and in other areas of the world hit hard by the virus, including Italy, Germany, South Korea and Japan.

Tens of thousands of National Guard members may be activated, top officer says

“Going forward, we expect the role of the National Guard will continue to grow and evolve to meet the country’s needs during this historic pandemic,” Gen. Joseph Lengyel said. “It’s hard to tell what the exact requirement will be.”

The Army Reserve halts monthly training amid coronavirus pandemic

The Army Reserve on Wednesday halted monthly training and virtually all official travel through the end of March for the vast majority of its roughly 200,000 soldiers, Lt. Gen. Charles Luckey, the Army reserve chief announced.

The Air Force’s top general teleworked Tuesday to set an example

Gen. David Goldfein, the Air Force chief of staff, worked from home Tuesday to “set the example” for his troops as they face down the coronavirus pandemic that has stricken hundreds of thousands across the globe, including seven active-duty airmen.

All DOD-run schools in US to close by Wednesday; students to have online courses

Defense Department-run schools on Fort Stewart and Fort Benning in Georgia and Fort Rucker in Alabama will be closed to students beginning Wednesday, making all Pentagon-run, on-post schools in the continental U.S. shut down amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus cases among US troops double in one day; Pentagon prepares hospital ships for response

Thirty-six U.S. service members worldwide had tested positive for the coronavirus as of Tuesday, a Pentagon spokesman said, confirming that the cases among troops had doubled in just one day. Defense Secretary Mark Esper noted, however, that U.S. troops were likely in a good position to avoid serious individual consequences if they contracted the disease.

Dependents at Joint Base Andrews test positive for coronavirus, prompting health emergency declaration

Two military dependents with ties to Joint Base Andrews have confirmed cases of the coronavirus, prompting the commander to declare a public health emergency at the Maryland base that houses Air Force One and other aircraft critical to travel for top U.S. officials.

Pentagon’s top civilians 'separated' from each other as coronavirus cases in DOD reach 37

The Pentagon on Monday said at least 37 members of the Defense Department community worldwide have tested positive for the coronavirus as the department takes step to mitigate the impact of the fast-spreading illness, including keeping its top two officials separated from each other.

Army offering new bonus or up to $65,000 in student loan repayment to go infantry

The Army needs more young Americans in the infantry, and it is offering new bonuses and student loan repayments as incentives to fill its ranks of front-line fighters, service officials said Thursday.

CENTCOM general: US strikes on Iran-backed militia send 'clear, unambiguous' message

An American air raid early Friday morning on an Iranian-backed militia group in Iraq was precise, proportionate and defensive — designed to deter the group from launching more rockets at American and anti-ISIS coalition forces, the top general for U.S. Central Command said.

Retired Army pilot testifies that daughter’s death likely linked to firefighting foam used by military

Jim Holmes told lawmakers that in his years at Patrick AFB he was never warned that water in the area had been contaminated with PFAS, even as the Air Force’s own water sampling showed groundwater contained drastically more PFAS in the drinking water than the EPA had determined is safe.

CENTCOM general blames Iran-backed militia for deadly rocket attack, Esper vows revenge

A top U.S. general on Thursday fingered an Iranian-linked Shia militia group as likely responsible for the rocket attack on an Iraqi base that killed two American troops and a British service member, potentially reigniting tensions between the United States and Iran.

Russian bombers intercepted off Alaska’s coast

American and Canadian fighter jets intercepted a pair of Russian reconnaissance planes in international airspace about 50 nautical miles off Alaska’s coast on Monday, the North American Aerospace Defense Command announced Tuesday.

US has yet to design plan to withdraw all forces from Afghanistan, CENTCOM general says

The Pentagon has not developed military plans for a full withdrawal from Afghanistan, despite the U.S. commitment to remove all forces from the country in 14 months should the Taliban uphold its end of a peace deal signed last month, a top U.S. general said Tuesday.

CENTCOM general: US is moving air and missile defense weapons into Iraq

The U.S. military is moving air and missile defense capabilities into Iraq, two months after Iran launched a missile attack at an Iraqi base hosting nearly 1,000 American troops, the top general for U.S. Central Command said Tuesday.

Leaders say Space Force will be kept small; 16 specialties expected for troops

Space Force leaders on Wednesday insisted to some skeptical House legislators that they would keep the new service branch small and hyper-focused on operating and defending the U.S. military’s critical space assets long into the future.

Air Force is still short more than 2,000 pilots

Gen. David Goldfein, the Air Force chief of staff, told the House Armed Services Committee that the service was “holding its own” in stabilizing its pilot shortfall and has improved retention numbers among experienced pilots. But the Air Force — just like the other military services — has continued to struggle to attract pilots into its ranks and keep them flying military aircraft.

Army to fire two hypersonic test shots this year, McCarthy says

The Army plans to test-fire two land-based hypersonic missiles this year as it works toward fielding the high-speed munitions by 2023 to give U.S. forces a new weapon critical to competing with other military powers, the service’s top civilian said Tuesday.

Pacific commander picked as next top Air Force general would be first black military service chief

Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr. was nominated Monday to become the next Air Force chief of staff, a selection that would make him the first African American to serve as the top uniformed leader of a U.S. military service.

Citing coronavirus scare, CENTCOM limits unofficial travel in Middle East, Afghanistan

In countries with American troops in CENTCOM's area of responsibility in the Middle East and southwest Asia, 43 cases of coronavirus were reported in Kuwait, 33 in Bahrain, 13 in the United Arab Emirates, six in Iraq, and one each Afghanistan and Egypt.

House lawmakers critical of Pentagon, VA responses to cancer among troops who served at Uzbekistan base

House lawmakers on Thursday blasted the Pentagon and Department of Veterans Affairs for a lack of response to requests for information about contamination at a former Soviet Union base in Uzbekistan linked to hundreds of cancers among U.S. troops who served there between 2001 and 2005.

82nd Airborne soldiers who rapidly deployed to Middle East in January return to Fort Bragg

The soldiers were the first group of some 3,000 paratroopers with the 82nd’s 1st Brigade Combat Team rushed to Kuwait during the first week of January to bolster security for U.S. troops in the region after an American airstrike killed Iran’s most powerful general.

CENTCOM: Weapons shipment from Iran seized in Arabian Sea was on the way to Houthi rebels in Yemen

A U.S. military spokesman said Wednesday that a large shipment of Iranian-made weapons seized last week by the Navy in the Arabian Sea was being transported illegally to Houthi rebels, who have been supported by Tehran in Yemen’s five-year civil war.

Benning's Infantry Week to showcase Army’s best Rangers, snipers, mortarmen and fighters

Some of the Army’s best-skilled soldiers will gather at Fort Benning in mid-April for a quartet of challenging annual competitions during the Georgia post’s Infantry Week meant to determine the service’s best Rangers, mortarmen, snipers and fighters.

Army secretary: 'No investigations' into Vindman after officer's testimony in impeachment case

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said Friday that the service was not pursuing punishment for Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the former National Security Council staffer who testified during the impeachment case against President Donald Trump.

US says it has seized large cache of Iranian-made missiles in the Arabian Sea

The Navy on Sunday captured a cache of illegal, Iranian-made weapons, including about 150 anti-tank missiles, from a small sailing vessel in the Arabian Sea, U.S. Central Command announced Thursday.

Esper defends stripping Stars and Stripes of all funding, says news organization is not a priority

Defense Secretary Mark Esper listed space, nuclear programs, hypersonic missiles and “a variety of systems” as places Stars and Stripes' funding — slightly more than $15.5 million — could be reinvested in the $705.4 billion Defense Department spending proposal.

National Guard leaders say a Space Force National Guard is needed

Top National Guard leaders want the Pentagon to create a Space Force National Guard, which they said Wednesday was needed to ensure continuity between Guard space operators and their active-duty counterparts who will soon join the new military branch.

DOD budget proposal cuts all funding to Stars and Stripes; lawmakers, others back news organization

The Pentagon’s fiscal year 2021 budget request would strip Stars and Stripes of all its federal funding, more than $15 million annually, a Defense Department official said Wednesday, as lawmakers and others defended the editorially independent news organization.

Space Force seeks $15.4 billion in its first budget request

The U.S. Space Force requested a $15.4 billion budget for fiscal year 2021 that would grow the size of the military’s new, sixth branch and invest billions on research and design aimed at improving the defenses of key U.S. space assets.

DOD proposes stripping Stars and Stripes’ funding in 2021 budget request

Pentagon officials first informed Stars and Stripes’ leadership of the proposed budget cuts to the news organization Monday morning, after The Wall Street Journal published a story identifying the planned funding reduction.

Pentagon’s proposed 2021 budget focuses on future weapons to compete with Russia, China

The request includes funds to build up the military’s newest service, the U.S. Space Force, to buy dozens of aircraft, ships and land vehicles, and a proposed 3% boost in troops’ pay.

'Spacemen' and 'space cadets' are out, as Pentagon officials wrangle with what to call Space Force members

Planners have sought guidance from both military officials and troops expected to transfer into the Space Force to determine what their service’s equivalent will be to soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen.

'Spacemen' and 'space cadets' are out, as Pentagon officials wrangle with what to call Space Force members

Planners have sought guidance from both military officials and troops expected to transfer into the Space Force to determine what their service’s equivalent will be to soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guardsmen.

Trump promotes 100-year-old Tuskegee Airman to brigadier general

Charles McGee is among the last survivors of the Tuskegee Airmen, the famous group of African-American military pilots and air corps personnel whose success in World War II was considered critical to the eventual integration of the military after the war.

Esper: Pentagon's 2021 budget request builds modern, lethal force focused on China, Russia

The Pentagon’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2021 is meant to ensure the Defense Department can compete militarily with its great-power competitors China and Russia, Defense Secretary Mark Esper told senior leaders in a memorandum.

AFRICOM general says US troops were not prepared for Kenya attack, orders security review

Gen. Stephen Townsend said Thursday that he has launched a security review of all bases housing U.S. troops in Africa in the wake of an attack on a Kenyan military post that left three Americans dead.

SEAL charged with Green Beret’s death was promoted after incident was ruled a homicide

The Navy promoted SEAL Team 6 member Tony DeDolph from petty officer 1st class just weeks after Army Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar died June 4, 2017 during an incident in which fellow service members said DeDolph placed the Green Beret in a choke hold.

DOD houses American evacuees from Chinese coronavirus epicenter at March Air Reserve Base

More than 200 Americans evacuated this week from Wuhan, China, the center of an outbreak of a deadly virus that has quickly spread across the globe, will be given temporary housing on March Air Reserve Base in Riverside, Calif.

Pentagon: US troops in South Korea are combat ready despite lack of major training events

Last year, the U.S. military and South Korean forces completed 273 of 309 “planned activities,” or training missions, even though three major, large-scale exercises long considered the bedrock of the nations’ military partnership were canceled.

Trump unveils Space Force logo, draws Star Trek comparisons

The dark blue circular logo features the words “United States Space Force” and “Department of the Air Force” surrounding a design that appears to show a planet with stars in the background and a triangular arrowhead symbol.

Pentagon: 34 troops diagnosed with brain injuries from Iran strikes; reporting requirements will be reviewed

The Pentagon said Friday that 34 U.S. service members suffered concussions from the Iranian missile attack Jan. 8 on al Asad Air Base in Iraq and it will review its injury reporting requirements amid the shifting narrative about casualties resulting from that strike.

More than 800 Army officers undergoing new, expanded battalion commander assessment at Fort Knox

The new testing adds additional physical fitness testing, evaluations by a team of psychologists and a blind panel, in which senior Army officers, including at least three generals, conduct a blind interview of the potential candidates to assess first-hand their preparedness for command.

Trump downplays severity of injuries to US troops in Iran missile attack

“I heard they had headaches and a couple of other things. I can report it is not very serious,” Donald Trump said at a news conference in Davos, Switzerland, arguing that potential traumatic brain injuries are less severe than amputations.

Pentagon to continuously monitor, restrict travel for foreign service members training at US bases

Foreign military students in the Pentagon’s U.S.-based training programs will face continuous monitoring of their activities and new restrictions on off-duty travel in the wake of a deadly shooting last month at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida, defense officials said Friday.

Army’s 10th Mountain Division headquarters tapped for Afghanistan deployment

Maj. Gen. Brian Mennes, the division’s commander, will lead the deployment. In a statement, Mennes called the 10th Mountain the “most deployed in the Army.”

Eleven US troops flown to hospitals from al Asad Air Base in days after Iran missile attack

“As a standard procedure, all personnel in the vicinity of a blast are screened for traumatic brain injury, and if deemed appropriate are transported to a higher level of care,” said Navy Capt. Bill Urban.

Commander of Navy destroyer USS Decatur is fired for loss in 'confidence'

Navy officials declined to provide additional details about Cmdr. Bob Bowen’s firing, but one official said it was not related to any criminal allegations.

Rapidly deployed 82nd Airborne soldiers to replace Marines at Baghdad embassy, could see pay boost

The bulk of the brigade, which is made up of nearly 4,000 paratroopers, is expected to remain in Kuwait, at least for the time being, defense officials said. The brigade, which is specially trained to deploy on short notice, was rushed into the Middle East during the first week of 2020 as tensions increased with Iran.


Soldiers, get ready for ACFT in ’20

The Army has spent years developing its next-generation fitness assessment to gauge soldiers’ ability to accomplish combat-related tasks, and in 2020 the Army Combat Fitness Test will become the service’s official physical evaluation.


Army enters 2020 focused on solidifying new recruiting campaign changes

The Army is revamping the way it recruits after missing its recruiting goal in 2018 for the first time in more than a decade. It plans to build on 2019 efforts to refocus its recruiting system and marketing strategy to better connect with Generation Z — those born from the mid-1990s and about 2010 — who have grown up in a digital world.

Navy, Marine Corps JAGs must address culture and lack of ethics, review finds

Navy and Marine Corps lawyers have failed to learn from past mistakes and many of them display a lack of basic ethics in their approach to cases, according to a review of the services’ judge advocate general corps released Friday.

Pentagon leaders say Iran missile attack was meant to kill American troops

The Pentagon’s top leaders said Wednesday that they believe the ballistic missiles launched by Iran against U.S. military positions in Iraq was an unsuccessful strike meant to kill American troops in retaliation for an Iranian leader’s death.

Trump: No Americans harmed in attack by Iran, which 'appears to be standing down'

President Donald Trump said no American troops were injured or killed in an attack Tuesday night by Iran, which launched more than a dozen ballistic missiles at Iraqi bases hosting American troops in retaliation for the United States killing one of Iran’s top military leaders.

Esper: Iraqi government has not asked US troops to leave

Iraq’s government has made no formal request that American forces leave its country, despite a nonbinding vote Sunday to expel U.S. and other troops after the Pentagon killed a top Iranian commander in Baghdad, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Tuesday.

Esper: No plans for US troops to leave Iraq

The Pentagon’s top civilian and general said Monday that the U.S. military had no plans to leave Iraq, disavowing an American general’s draft letter mistakenly made public that appeared to indicate an imminent troop withdrawal.

Rangers among US special operators deploying to Middle East in response to tensions with Iran

Army Rangers will anchor a special operations task force deploying to the Middle East as part of the U.S. effort to bolster security in the region after killing Iran’s top military leader last week, defense officials said Monday.

3,000 additional troops to deploy to Middle East as Pentagon prepares for Soleimani strike fallout

The new deployment will include roughly 3,000 82nd Airborne Division soldiers who were placed on prepare-to-deploy orders earlier this week amid growing tensions in Iraq between the United States and Iran.

Starting Thursday, nearly all privately owned firearms will be prohibited on Offutt AFB

The new policy prohibits almost all personal firearms from base, ending a regulation that allowed individuals with DOD identification and concealed carry permits issued by Nebraska or certain other states to access the post with guns that were locked in their vehicles.


Pentagon sends 100 Marines to US Embassy in Baghdad amid protests over airstrikes

The Pentagon on Tuesday sent some 100 Marines to the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad to bolster security after Iraqi Shiite protesters enraged by American airstrikes on Iran-backed militia in Iraq and Syria breached the compound, U.S. officials said.

Baltimore man faces murder charge in National Guard soldier’s weekend slaying

Maryland Army National Guard Spc. David Collins died of stab wounds he received in an altercation outside a Baltimore County nightclub just after midnight Saturday, according to police and Army officials.

Space Force is now an official branch of the military — but it still doesn't have its own troops

The sixth branch of the U.S. military became reality Friday evening when President Donald Trump signed into law the fiscal year 2020 National Defense Authorization Act, the yearly bill that sets Pentagon policy.