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Defense Department braces for government shutdown

By Friday afternoon, leaders for a long list of government entities, including the Pentagon, were putting together emergency contingency plans if Congress fails to reach a deal.

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Graham: Immigration deal is the price to pay to boost military, national security

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a chief negotiator vying for a bipartisan immigration deal, pleaded with Republicans on Wednesday to consider the plan in exchange for addressing an underfunded military and other hobbled national security issues.

Experts: Servicemembers should start navigating new tax law now

The new U.S. tax law is not even a month old, but financial experts say it’s not too soon for military servicemembers, veterans and retirees to dig into how the massive policy change will impact their pocketbooks for years to come.

Pentagon’s overdue financial audit will cost $367 million, could uncover estimated $551 million in fixes

Lawmakers lauded the effort saying it will set the stage for a new level of fiscal accountability at the Pentagon for years to come and reverse trends of financial waste that have plagued the department.

Experts: US lag in tech, national security race against China could worsen under Trump

In a sobering reminder of a U.S. lag in the tech-based national security race against China, a panel of experts told a House committee that the country faces an uphill battle to gain dominance in the field.

Lawmakers face defense funding fight in the new year

The new, four-week funding measure approved Thursday evening has drawn the ire of several military veterans on Capitol Hill who voiced concerns ahead of the Christmas holiday. The new stopgap funding will run out Jan. 19.