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Senate approves $700B defense authorization bill, sends it to president’s desk

The Senate on Thursday approved a nearly $700 billion plan that would enact raises for servicemembers, increase the size of the military, fund new ships and aircraft and authorize new spending on missile defense.

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Lawmakers: ‘War Machine’ satire reflects truth of Afghanistan failure

In hosting a Capitol Hill viewing of the fictional Netflix film “War Machine,” a bipartisan group of lawmakers Tuesday evening said the satire is a striking reminder of the need for urgent legislation to address and potentially end America’s longest war.

McCain threatens new hold on Pentagon nominees

A slate of Pentagon nominees faced off with a Senate panel Tuesday about the changes facing military recruiting today, as one key senator warned that confirmation hearings could be stalled again if the Pentagon doesn’t cooperate with new demands for information.

Floodgates open for Trump’s Pentagon nominees

In early October, Sen. John McCain said he was halting Pentagon nominations as a result of a disconnect between Congress and Pentagon officials. Recently, however, Armed Services Committee members said they were pleased with the new level of cooperation from the Pentagon and would lift the holds.

Aviation officials: Competing priorities complicate efforts to address readiness crisis

WASHINGTON – A panel of senior military aviators told lawmakers Thursday that while progress has been made in readiness efforts, competing priorities are getting in the way.

Space Corps could take flight in the future

Supporters of the creation of Space Corps, a new military service that would be an arm of the Air Force, are holding out hope it will take off some day.