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Guam exercise serves as laboratory for Air Force’s goal of an advanced warfare network

This year’s Valiant Shield exercise, which concludes on Friday, involves about 11,000 personnel from the Navy, Air Force, Army and Marine Corps. Roughly 100 aircraft are involved in the U.S.-only exercise, which is intended to hone joint warfighting capabilities.

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Munitions containers dumped illegally on northeast coast of Hawaii Island

Improperly discarded waste near the Pohakuloa Training Area posed "no imminent risk" to human health or the environment, an Army official said.

Pacific Air Forces leader eager to take up Palau’s offer to build joint military airfields

During Defense Secretary Mark Esper’s visit to Palau late last month, Palauan President Tommy Remengesau Jr. presented a written offer to host new U.S. military ports and airfields.

Ten House lawmakers urge Esper to restore funding for Stars and Stripes

“Beyond serving as a reminder of home, the journalists at Stars and Stripes provide over 1 million daily readers with unfiltered news and perspective free of institutional bias,” said a letter signed by 10 U.S. representatives.

Ceremony marking 75th anniversary of WWII’s end reflects on a generation’s toil to turn ‘peril into peace’

On Wednesday, only a dozen veterans of the war were on the fantail of that ship in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, to witness a commemoration marking the 75th anniversary of the war’s end, their numbers thinned by time.

End-of-WWII commemoration to be livestreamed from fantail of battleship Missouri in Hawaii

Over concerns of the coronavirus pandemic, only a few dozen people will be on hand Wednesday. Original plans for the commemoration called for a throng of 600 people to fill the USS Missouri.

RIMPAC ends with a bang — lots of them — as ships and aircraft sink retired Navy vessel

This year’s RIMPAC exercise, held entirely at sea due the coronavirus pandemic, joined navies from 10 nations. More than 16,000 small-arms rounds were shot during the two-week exercise.

Crew safely bailed out of Navy plane before it crashed on Virginia coast

The cause of the crash is under in investigation, but initial reports indicated “no structures or personnel on the ground were damaged or injured” as a result of the incident.

For US troops in the Pacific, the end of World War II deepened the ache for home

Many suspected the end was near after the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima on Aug. 6 and Nagasaki on Aug. 9. Their hope was fulfilled when Japanese Emperor Hirohito announced the surrender in a radio broadcast six days after the second bombing.

Who fired the final salvo of World War II? Depends on who’s calling the shots

The Pearl Harbor-based destroyer USS Ward is credited with firing America’s first shot in the war sinking a Japanese mini-submarine, but the end of fighting in the Pacific war was not as definitive.

Parents of toddler poisoned at unlicensed day care in Army housing sue government for negligent oversight

The parents of a 7-month-old girl who died last year at an unauthorized home day care in Army housing in Honolulu filed suit Wednesday alleging that negligence by active-duty military personnel and federal employees led to her death.