Wyatt Olson

One in custody after bomb threat shuts down main gate at Joint Base Andrews

Base security forces shut down the main gate and cleared the area of all personnel, and the individual was questioned by base security forces and local law enforcement, according to military officials.

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Pacific Fleet’s new commander quietly takes up post in Hawaii

Adm. Samuel J. Paparo replaces Adm. John Aquilino as commander of U.S. Pacific Fleet, who assumed leadership of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command on Friday.

Ordnance airmen have a blast experimenting with snow and C-4 in Alaska

In its Arctic strategy released last summer, the Air Force called the development of cold-weather materials “foundational to future operations.”

Space Command is tracking Chinese rocket-launch junk careening wildly toward Earth

Where the debris will land will remain unknown until shortly before it crashes, the Pentagon said Tuesday.

Joint exercise of US forces in Alaska mimics ‘what future conflict could feel like’

The massive Northern Edge joint exercise kicked off Monday in Alaska, bringing together about 15,000 U.S. airmen, sailors, Marines and soldiers and 240 ships and aircraft, including the Air Force’s newly upgraded fighter, the F-15EX Eagle ll.

Davidson, handing INDOPACOM’s reins to Aquilino, takes one last jab at China

Adm. Philip Davidson took a parting shot at Beijing on Friday as he ended his 39-year Navy career and handed the reins of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command to the former head of the Pacific Fleet.

Commander of Hawaii-based fast-attack submarine fired over ‘command climate’ problems

Cmdr. Joseph Lautenslager was dismissed from the fast-attack sub by Capt. Michael Majewski, who heads Submarine Squadron 7, after losing confidence in his ability to command, the Navy said in a news release.

Navy should share cost of toxic-dump cleanup, Guam tells Supreme Court justices

The federal government has shielded the U.S. Navy from paying its fair share to clean up a toxic dump on Guam by selective use of two key environmental laws, an attorney for Guam argued Monday before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Pentagon aims to appraise climate hazards at major US bases within a year

DOD will use its Climate Assessment Tool, which was launched in September, as a means of evaluating risks to the roughly 5,000 Defense Department sites worldwide.

A third fast-response Coast Guard cutter heads to Guam as tensions simmer with China

The 154-foot Sentinel-class cutter Frederick Hatch is expected to arrive at the U.S. island territory in early July. It will join two similar cutters — Myrtle Hazard and Oliver Henry — that arrived there in the latter half of 2020.

Osprey touches down on a Navy hospital ship for the first time

An Osprey has made the tiltrotor aircraft’s first-ever landing on a Navy hospital ship, an important step in an effort to increase the speed in which patients and crucial supplies can be brought aboard.