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Tricare billing glitch leaves some customers with maxed-out credit cards

About 75,000 Tricare customers were overcharged for monthly premiums on Thursday, in some cases 100 times more than the actual amount owed.

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Retired Adm. James L. Holloway III, former chief of naval operations and ‘true Navy legend,’ dies at age 97

Trained as an aviator, Holloway holds the distinction of serving as a four-star admiral at the same time his father held the same rank — the only father and son in the history of the Navy to do so.

Top Indo-Pacific commander says goals of Hong Kong protesters dovetail with U.S. vision

Last week, the U.S. House and Senate approved in nearly unanimous votes the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, which would impose sanctions against Hong Kong and Chinese officials found responsible for human rights abuses, among other provisions.

US to give Vietnam another coast guard cutter amid rising tensions in South China Sea

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper’s speech Wednesday left no doubt that the transfer is in direct response to China’s assertions of sovereignty over most of the South China Sea.

Former Inherent Resolve commander takes over US Army Pacific and its 85,000 soldiers

Gen. Paul LaCamera, one of the Army’s most experienced combat leaders, has assumed command of U.S. Army Pacific after leading America’s campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Navy lacks means to evaluate success of revamped ship-driving training, GAO report finds

The Navy has instituted numerous changes for surface warfare officer ship-driving training in the wake of two deadly crashes in 2017.

Milley declares Pacific top US military priority in first overseas trip as Joint Chiefs chairman

The U.S. focus on the Pacific region is a result of the emerging great-power competition among America, China and Russia.

Former Army employee pleads guilty to taking bribes in Hawaii Army range corruption case

Victor Garo admitted that, while employed as training range director at the Army’s Schofield Barracks from 2011 through 2018, he accepted bribes in the form of cash, automobiles and firearms from an employee of a federal contractor.

Veteran of almost three decades of Mideast conflict takes command of Hawaii’s 25th Infantry Division

Maj. Gen. James Jarrard replaces Maj. Gen. Ronald Clark, who has held command of the 25th Infantry Division since January 2018. Clark is slated to serve as the next chief of staff for U.S. Indo-Pacific Command.

Remains of first Coast Guard member to become POW in WWII returning home for burial

Lt. Thomas Crotty, 30, died July 19, 1942, at the Cabanatuan Prisoner of War Camp in the Philippines after being captured with the fall of Corregidor earlier that year.

Esper praises Solomon Islands’ decision to nix island-leasing deal with Chinese firm

Details of the long-term lease between the Solomon Islands’ Central Province and the China Sam Enterprise Group were only recently made public. News of the deal followed soon after Solomon Island officials announced in September that the nation was switching its diplomatic ties from Taiwan to China.