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Visually impaired rugby team shows military kids how those with low vision can stay in the game

A group of English players showed off their skills on Wednesday to youngsters at the home of U.S. Forces Japan in western Tokyo.

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Visually impaired rugby team shows military kids how those with low vision can stay in the game

A group of English players showed off their skills on Wednesday to youngsters at the home of U.S. Forces Japan in western Tokyo.

US Navy base reports damage to more than 20 structures days after typhoon pummels Japan

Naval Air Facility Atsugi lay along Typhoon Hagibis' path after the eye came ashore over the Izu peninsula on Saturday evening.

American bases near Tokyo escape deadly Typhoon Hagibis with minimal damage

By 5:30 a.m. Sunday, all bases in the region — including Yokosuka Naval Base, Yokota Air Base, Camp Fuji, Camp Zama and Naval Air Facility Atsugi — had issued the all-clear for residents to safely leave their homes.

Army-style land navigation, resilience training helped US Eagles prepare for Rugby World Cup

The U.S. Eagles national rugby team, which trained on the island of Okinawa before the start of the Rugby World Cup, went down 47-17 against Argentina on Wednesday, but could get a win in their final pool match against Tonga in Osaka on Sunday.

US and Filipino troops gear up for weeklong ‘warriors of the sea’ exercise in the Philippines

Kamandag — short for “Kaagapay Ng Mga Mandirigma Ng Dagat,” or “Cooperation of Warriors of the Sea” — will also involve Japan Self-Defense Forces conducting humanitarian-assistance and disaster-relief missions with U.S. and Philippine troops.

‘Committed to connecting’: Air Force chaplain stands by flight line to help airmen in western Tokyo

The Air Force opened a chaplain’s office near the flight line at the home of U.S. Forces Japan and 5th Air Force after three maintainers there killed themselves during a six-month span in 2016.

Marine Corps veteran helps manage US national team at Rugby World Cup in Japan

Civilian life after a military career can be a challenge. It wasn’t easy for Oscar Alvarez, who went through four jobs before finding his calling as a manager with the U.S. Eagles national rugby team.

New 10% sales tax takes effect in Japan, raising the costs of off-base goods and services

U.S. military personnel are already feeling the impact of Japan's new sales tax, as the costs of various off-base goods and services saw prices surge Tuesday.

Exchanges to pull e-cigarettes, vape products from stores amid health concerns

The move, which takes effect on Sept. 30, comes after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said vaping may be linked to hundreds of cases of severe lung disease and at least six deaths in dozens of states.

Rugby World Cup: Tough sport thrills some US troops as tourney kicks off in Japan

The best international rugby teams in the world will be in action in Japan over the next six weeks with dozens of matches scheduled as part of the Rugby World Cup, which kicked off Friday at Tokyo Stadium.

Army identifies soldier found dead on post in Alaska last week

Sgt. Ken Conrad Chambers, a signal support system specialist with the 70th Brigade Engineer Battalion, was found dead on post in Alaska on Thursday.

Military looking into deaths of Alaska-based soldier and airman

The Air Force on Friday identified Tech. Sgt. Phillip Coley as the Eielson Air Force Base airman found dead in Texas, where he was on temporary duty. The Army did not identify the Fort Wainwright soldier who was found dead in a separate incident.

On Air Force’s 72nd birthday, a reminder that 5th Air Force was first to fight

The Air Force celebrates its 72nd birthday Wednesday but 5th Air Force, which oversees U.S. air power in the Far East, has been in action even longer.

Japanese crowds check out a Global Hawk drone at Yokota’s annual Friendship Festival

The annual event, which attracted more than 125,000 visitors this year, gives the local community a chance to learn about and meet the American and Japan Self-Defense Force servicemembers who work and live on Yokota Air Base.

Command of US Navy’s largest overseas fleet changes hands in Japan

Vice Adm. Phillip Sawyer passed command of the 7th Fleet to Vice. Adm. Bill Merz, a fellow submariner with experience in Japan.

Air Force music group performs on popular Japanese TV show

Members of a Yokota-based group played the opening song on Nippon Television’s “Nodojiman The World!”

Transfer of funds from Yokota Osprey facilities to border wall won’t affect operations, officials say

CV-22 Osprey operations won’t be affected by the diversion of nearly $87 million from projects supporting tiltrotor aircraft in western Tokyo, according to U.S. military officials.

Mitsubishi apologizes to daughter of American POW laborer during visit to Japan

George Burlage, a member of the 4th Marine Regiment, was captured on Corregidor in May 1942 and spent time in prisoner of war camps in the Philippines and Taiwan before being sent to work at a lead and zinc mine operated by Mitsubishi Mining in northeast Japan.

US and Japanese troops set to begin annual Orient Shield live-fire exercise across Japan

An exercise that runs through Sept. 23 involves members of the Illinois National Guard’s 33rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team as well as a multidomain task force.

Troops of the future may ditch night-vision goggles in favor of eye injections to see in the dark

Nanoparticles would have an advantage over other night-vision technology if they could be safely injected into soldiers to help them see during nighttime operations, a technology expert says.

US military competing for contractors in Japan's booming building industry

The Japanese government will spend more than $20 billion and the U.S. another $2.5 billion on projects supporting the U.S. military in the country over the next decade.

Air Force turns to spouses for help in combating suicide in the ranks

Spouses may spot suicidal tendencies or mental health issues that an airman hides at work, according to servicemembers and spouses involved in a resiliency workshop Thursday at the home of U.S. Forces Japan in Tokyo.

Vets say their Iraq Commitment Medals never arrived — so they’re raising money to pay for their own

The Iraq Commitment Medal was intended to recognize the work of troops who served in Iraq following the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime — but the Department of Defense has yet to authorize servicemembers to wear the medals or taken steps to award them.

Play tells the story of Operation Babylift in Vietnam of 1975

Operation Babylift took infants and small children from Saigon, now Ho Chi Minh City, to new homes in America and other developed countries as communist forces closed in on the South Vietnamese capital.

US troops should expect more South Pacific missions, security expert says

Concerns about Chinese efforts to build influence in the South Pacific will likely spur more exercises like one involving the U.S. Army in Fiji this month, according to a regional security expert.

Hear firsthand stories of World War II at the MacArthur Museum in Brisbane

Australian Ron Rees was just 6, on his way home from a fishing trip with his older brother, when he met Gen. Douglas MacArthur on the street in 1942.

Rotational force in Australia’s Northern Territory hits target of 2,500 Marines

Marine Rotational Force-Darwin, which trains in Australia for six months during the southern hemisphere summer, has built up slowly since an initial contingent of 250 Marines hit the beach there in 2012.

Japan’s new marine unit gets a workout during Talisman Sabre drills Down Under

Members of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force began observing and participating in amphibious training with U.S. Marines on Okinawa in 2012. The training, which was off limits to media, was part of a multiyear effort to develop amphibious capability that included new helicopter carriers and landing craft.

Talisman Sabre troops honor Australians killed during World War I and beyond

Troops from several service branches of the nations that are participating in the monthlong drills gathered Tuesday at the Bowen War Memorial to pay tribute to those who had come before them and had made the ultimate sacrifice.

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US, Pacific allies show off their growing amphibious strength during Talisman Sabre

The Marines have been renowned for their ability to get from ship to shore under fire since World War II, but Monday’s training made clear that their mates have plenty of firepower to bring to the party.