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Blast kills explosives experts surveying WWII munitions on Guadalcanal

The men, one British and one Australian, worked for Norwegian People’s Aid and died when an explosion ripped their home and office in the Tasahe residential area of West Honiara on Guadalcanal.

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Marine journalist Steve Stibbens, first to cover the Vietnam War for Stars and Stripes, dies at 84

In 1962, Marine Gunnery Sgt. Steve Stibbens joined the Pacific Stars and Stripes in Tokyo and was the newspaper’s first reporter to set foot in Vietnam later that year.

US troops may soon qualify for generous travel discounts through Japan’s ‘Go To’ campaign

Starting Oct. 1, the program may be extended to anyone in Japan and include destinations in Tokyo, although a final decision will depend on the capital’s coronavirus infections, according to Japan Tourism Agency officials.

Indo-Pacific Command leader underscores need for stronger missile defense on Guam

Guam urgently needs an Aegis Ashore missile defense system to protect vital military assets from an increasingly aggressive China, according to the head of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command.

US missile-defense brigade in Japan could expand rapidly under threat, commander says

The Army could send missile defense units from all over the world to Japan to safeguard allied forces in a contingency, according to the commander of an air defense unit near Tokyo.

China sends two aircraft carriers to sea as US conducts large-scale drills off Guam

Beijing has built up and militarized several small islands in the South China Sea that have become frequent targets of U.S. freedom-of-navigation operations.

Japan is building an expeditionary air force, with help from the US military

The Japan Self-Defense Forces have been transforming their capabilities in recent years in line with the government’s reinterpretation of the country’s pacifist constitution to allow for a more pro-active military.

Navy ready to kick off large-scale air, land and sea exercise near Guam

Some of the largest U.S. warships, along with 100 aircraft and 11,000 service members, will be on or around Guam this month.

Solar-powered electric scooters make their Air Force debut at Edwards in California

Spin, the San Francisco-based company behind the new scooters at Edwards Air Force Base, hopes to roll out its service on other installations — including overseas and deployed locations

Pacific island nation of Palau offers to host US military bases, report says

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Republic of Palau, which occupies territory that’s becoming increasingly important to U.S. military planners, is offering to host new U.S. military facilities.

Trump says troops love him, attacks top brass ‘who want to do nothing but fight wars’

President Donald Trump's comments follow an anonymously sourced report in the The Atlantic magazine that Trump had referred to fallen and captured U.S. service members as “losers” and “suckers."

Barbecues help Yokota’s new airmen get through coronavirus quarantine in Tokyo

The events for newly arrived airmen are choreographed affairs where the guests of honor don masks and keep their distance from the folks cooking their food.

Marines say Palau mission proves deployments are possible without bringing coronavirus along for the ride

Marine Corps efforts to dispose of unexploded bombs on Palau could serve as a blueprint for exercises in other parts of the Pacific during the coronavirus pandemic, according to service spokesman.

US Marines in Australia kick off large-scale, live-fire field exercise

This year’s Marine Rotational Force — Darwin mission has been curtailed by the coronavirus pandemic, which forced Marines to quarantine for two weeks after arriving in Australia.

Tokyo-based space expert predicts US Space Force troops will be stationed in Japan

The U.S. Space Force will soon have personnel in Japan, a local space expert predicts, following the first-ever visit by a commander of the new service branch to Tokyo..

Medal of Honor recipient Ronald Rosser, who stormed hill during Korean War, dies at age 90

Medal of Honor recipient Ronald Rosser, who died Wednesday in Bumpus Mills, Tenn., at age 90, had a colorful way of talking about the brutal combat he saw during the Korean War.

US, Japan pledge to work together on lunar exploration and space security

The U.S. and Japan plan to expand cooperation in a variety of space-related areas, and they reaffirmed their commitment to a program through which the U.S. and its partners plan to explore the moon to prep for a human mission to Mars.

Yugawara Beach a great place for novice surfers to hang 10

With Japan’s rainy season’s over and the temperature soaring into the 90s, it’s an ideal time for beach lovers to head for the seashore to soak up the sun.

US military goes virtual to stay in touch with foreign partners during pandemic

Virtual meetings have become standard practice for Indo-Pacific Command this year as the coronavirus has limited troop movement.

Family of Japanese woman abducted by North Korea seeks US help to bring her home

The family of Megumi Yokota, who was 13 when she was abducted by North Korea, is asking for U.S. help to secure her return and that of other abductees.

Military on Guam enters health condition ‘Charlie’ as island’s coronavirus cases surge

Officials on Guam reported 22 new coronavirus cases, bringing the total number reported on the island to 599, including 74 service members, since March 12.

Esper’s jaunt to Hawaii, Palau and Guam may include meetup with Japanese defense minister

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper will visit troops, meet with local leaders and attend events marking the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II.

Space Force units are already operating worldwide, and experts expect more to pop up soon

The Space Force may be the U.S. military’s youngest service branch, but it already has 10 units based outside the continental United States, along with facilities in Greenland, the United Kingdom, Ascension Island, Diego Garcia, Alaska, Hawaii and Guam.

Report: Multiyear counterterror operation has failed to dislodge extremists from Philippines

Islamic extremists remain a stubborn problem in the Philippines despite a multiyear U.S. military effort to combat the threat, according to a recent report to Congress.

Top US health official blasts China’s coronavirus response during Taiwan visit

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said China's lack of transparency and failure to contain the virus within its borders contrasts with the way the U.S. and Taiwan are handling the disease.

Postal Service delays switch to electronic customs forms on overseas military bases

Handwritten customs forms will be accepted until further notice, the postmaster at Yokota Air Force Base said in a Facebook message Thursday.

Guam-based bomber trains with Japanese fighters, Reagan strike group near Japan

A Guam-based B-1B Lancer recently flew alongside 14 Japanese fighter jets before drilling with multiple USS Ronald Reagan strike group aircraft near Japan, the Air Force announced Monday.

Marines wrap up quarantine in Australia, putting Darwin rotational force at full strength

The contingent of Marines training in Australia has reached full strength for this year’s coronavirus-affected rotation after a final group of U.S. service members emerged from quarantine, according to the unit’s commander.

Electric mountain bike rentals prove popular with military personnel in Tokyo

Five brand-new electric cycles, available to rent at Tama Hills Recreation Center in suburban Tokyo, are a hit with Japan-based service members and their families.

Dating app hookups by quarantined troops rile enlisted leader for US Forces Japan

To prevent the coronavirus’ spread, U.S. service members and civilians arriving in Japan are placed in “restriction of movement.” But authorities say some under quarantine aren’t following the rules.

US commanders in Japan urge compliance with coronavirus measures as civilian cases mount

A second wave of the virus is coursing through Japan, particularly in urban areas, and U.S. military commanders in the country are reemphasizing public health orders.