Matt Keeler

7th Fleet Marines anti-terrorism team stays sharp with realistic training in South Korea

Over 40 Marines from the Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team-Pacific, or FASTPAC, are living for two weeks at Warrior Base near the DMZ, the sometimes-tense border between North Korea and South Korea. The practice ranges include training areas that simulate the real-life settings in which the Marines may be called upon to ply their trade.

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Get all the gear you need to up your social media game in downtown Seoul

The fast-paced growth of social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube has birthed the realization that anyone can create and publish content with very little up-front costs.

Hundreds of airmen try out F-35 stealth fighter during simulator’s visit to South Korea

Airmen in South Korea recently got a chance to learn about the tactical capabilities of the F-35 Lightning II and operate the stealth fighter in a full-size cockpit simulator provided by engineers from Lockheed Martin Aeronautics.

Airmen in South Korea come up with ideas for phone apps to combat DUI, handle stress

The 51st Fighter Wing's Innovation Engine Room at Osan Air Base was created to give innovative airmen the resources and connections needed to turns their ideas into reality.

Helicopters authorized over South Korean DMZ restricted airspace to contain virus

The South Korean government asked to fly helicopters inside the DMZ and near the Military Demarcation Line to cover as much area as possible with a decontamination spray designed to fight African swine fever, according to a U.N. Command statement.

‘The hell we went through’: Korean War vets who fought in bloody Chosin battle honored in Seoul

The Nov. 27-Dec. 13, 1950, battle, which is also known as the Changjin Campaign, pitted some 30,000 U.S.-led troops against an underestimated Chinese force of about 120,000 trying to prevent the allies from pushing north in a bid to unify the Korean Peninsula.


Yongsan Garrison tests South Korean emergency response during knife-attack exercise

Starting Tuesday, Yongsan Garrison will rely on local emergency services from outside the gates when the base hospital suspends its emergency services.