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Airmen in South Korea come up with ideas for phone apps to combat DUI, handle stress

The 51st Fighter Wing's Innovation Engine Room at Osan Air Base was created to give innovative airmen the resources and connections needed to turns their ideas into reality.

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Air Force, South Korean aircraft share the runway during Air Power Day at Osan

The 51st Fighter Wing opened the gates to Osan Air Base over the weekend for the annual Air Power Day, a show of the combined strength of South Korea and the U.S. Air Force.


Soldiers in South Korea break attendance record for 9/11 memorial ruck march

Servicemembers and civilians participated in the ninth annual 9/11 Memorial Ruck March at Camp Humphreys on Wednesday, marking 18 years since the worst attack on the U.S. since Pearl Harbor and the prelude to the nation’s longest war.

It's time to go back to delicious, affordable Pizza School

It’s not hard to find a pizza restaurant conveniently located outside most military installations. Poke around any corner and you’re bound to find a hot slice within meatball-throwing distance.

Air Force tests baseball-style 'bump cap,' adding new flair to airmen's safety gear

The 51st Fighter Wing’s safety office came up with a simple and, it hopes, a popular solution to a problem that plagues aircraft maintainers across the Air Force.

The Army’s first smaller, nimbler combat hospitals roll out at Camp Humphreys

The 549th Hospital Center is the first unit out of 10 in the active-duty Army to reconfigure itself into smaller components that include two mobile field hospitals and their supporting units.

Progress made identifying remains returned from North Korea last year, defense agency says

Several families have found closure after their long-missing loved ones were identified as being among remains that were returned by North Korea. More than 20 more identifications are expected soon, officials say.