Matt Keeler

Wing upgrades for Korea-based Warthogs near completion, extending service into next decade

The new wings are designed to last up to 10,000 flight hours without a major inspection. The upgrade includes a new wiring harness created for easier wing removal and to reduce the chance of damaging the wing during the process.

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Wallet-friendly menu with no bull at Bulldog Steak

Outside temperatures have plunged in South Korea, but Bulldog Steak in Pyeongtaek is worth tackling the chill city breeze for a delicious meal.

7th Fleet Marines anti-terrorism team stays sharp with realistic training in South Korea

Over 40 Marines from the Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team-Pacific, or FASTPAC, are living for two weeks at Warrior Base near the DMZ, the sometimes-tense border between North Korea and South Korea. The practice ranges include training areas that simulate the real-life settings in which the Marines may be called upon to ply their trade.

Cavalry troops in South Korea get up close and personal with Russian battle tanks

Troops of 3rd Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment out of Fort Hood, Texas, inspected Russian T-80 battle tanks courtesy of their South Korean army hosts. South Korea still fields the T-80 as part of its arsenal.

'More than just a good soldier': Cavalry unit in South Korea remembers 20-year-old killed in rollover accident

Not a seat inside the Warrior Chapel on Camp Humphreys was empty and soldiers lined the walls to bid farewell to Spc. Nicholas C. Panipinto, a young soldier who had promised to share his outdoor adventures one day with all his friends.

Ex-German sailor who joined US Army and served in Korea and Vietnam dies at 91

Kurt Dressler fought under Adolf Hitler during World War II, but went on to join the U.S. Army and serve in the Korean and Vietnam wars.

Get all the gear you need to up your social media game in downtown Seoul

The fast-paced growth of social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube has birthed the realization that anyone can create and publish content with very little up-front costs.