Matt Burke

Malt and hops: Happy times at Okinawa’s Orion Happy Park brewery

If there is a recipe for happiness, it surely contains malt and hops — and there is plenty of that to go around at Orion Happy Park in Nago city.

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Tokyo declines Okinawa officials’ request to provide new deadline for closing Futenma

Okinawan officials sought a new deadline because of safety risks associated with Futenma, which is in an urban area in central Okinawa.

Air Force commanders across the Pacific gather airmen to counter suicides

Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein recently ordered a daylong halt in operations after the service's 78th suicide this year.

New Japanese police force will defend disputed islands in East China Sea

This is the first time Japanese police will be called to respond to territorial incursions near the Senkaku islands, which are controlled by Japan but claimed by Taiwan and China.

Snakes in the grass: Poisonous habus spotted at Okinawa Marine bases as officials negotiate mowing contract

A lack of a landscape agreement with local contractors means there's a lot more overgrown grass on Marine Corps bases in Okinawa — and more grass means more places for the venomous habu snake to hide.

Japan calls for inspections, maintenance after Marine Corps helicopter loses window off Okinawa

The incident occurred Tuesday at approximately 5:30 p.m., about five miles east of Okinawa’s main island, when a Super Stallion based at Marine Corps Air Station Futenma reportedly lost a 23-by-19-inch Plexiglas window.

Local media identify man killed by wounded Andersen Air Force Base guard

The Pacific Daily News and The Guam Daily Post reported gleaning Ansell Degoma Poblete’s name from police blotter reports of a home invasion and high-speed chase Wednesday night that officials have linked to the base incident.

Man shot by security forces dies after intruding into Andersen Air Force Base on Guam

The unnamed man was shot while being apprehended at approximately 6:35 a.m. Thursday after reportedly stabbing an unnamed civilian guard attached to base security forces who was attempting to apprehend him.

Okinawa’s Hacksaw Ridge, once the site of bloody battle, now a peaceful place to recall acts of valor

The thing that stands out about Okinawa’s idyllic Maeda Escarpment today is its peacefulness. Rolling green fields, trees, unique rock formations and stunning vistas greet dog walkers, lovers, foreign tourists and local schoolchildren alike. As if these stunning natural features were not enough, the escarpment is a wonder for a totally unrelated reason. It is known by another name that commands reverence: Hacksaw Ridge.

Intruder shot, security forces member stabbed at Andersen Air Force Base on Guam

Information on the unnamed security forces member’s condition was not immediately available. Air Force officials said the intruder — who was also not named — was shot during the incident.

Marine arrested on Okinawa after punching patrol officer, police say

Lance Cpl. Domonic Bulgara, 20, was arrested in an Araha Beach parking lot in Chatan after striking a patrol officer who had stopped to break up an argument involving Bulgara and an unspecified number of individuals.