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No environmental impacts from wastewater spill at Kadena Air Base on Okinawa, wing says

The Air Force on Okinawa said a 25,000- to 50,000-gallon sewage spill on Kadena Air Base last month was contained to the installation and it anticipates no environmental impacts.

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Marine Corps confirms its first positive coronavirus case on Okinawa

The Marine Corps has reported its first case of coronavirus on Okinawa, a family member of a Marine who tested positive Wednesday after returning from the United States, Marine Forces Japan announced Thursday.

New commander takes over Marine Corps’ premier overseas crisis response force

Command of the nation’s only permanently forward deployed, seaborne quick reaction force is in the hands of a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan with a career in light armored reconnaissance, the Marine Corps announced Monday.

Senkaku island-naming spat further inflames tensions between Japan, China and Taiwan

As of May 2020, there were 48 families registered within the five uninhabited islands, with 76 people registering their personal domiciles there.

Kadena begins random coronavirus testing for airmen, others on Okinawa

Medical officials are aiming to test 1% of Kadena’s active-duty airmen and DOD civilians, as well as 10% of 18th Medical Group clinical staff, every 14 days, a statement said. Civilian participation is voluntary but “highly encouraged,” according to the medical group.

Kadena doubles number of people treated for gas or smoke effects from warehouse fire

The base began its cleanup Wednesday, which includes a “thorough” investigation of the cause of Monday’s blaze as well as health and environmental monitoring, the wing said.

Japanese officials lodge complaints with US military over Okinawa hazmat fire at Kadena Air Base

Defense Minister Taro Kono criticized the U.S. military for not sharing information with the Japanese government in a timely manner while a fire destroyed the 18th Wing Hazardous Materials Pharmacy, releasing chlorine gas.

Okinawa marks Battle of Okinawa’s 75th anniversary with scaled-back ceremony

Handfuls of locals who lost family in the World War II Battle of Okinawa turned out to pay their respects at a ceremony that drew less than a tenth of the attendees of years past.

Marine punched man in the face at Okinawa nightclub while violating coronavirus restrictions, police say

Cpl. John William Thomas III was taken into custody after punching a college student, a police spokesman said.

About 45 people treated for chlorine gas and smoke exposure after Kadena Air Base fire at hazardous materials site

Most of the approximately 45 people affected by smoke and gas after a fire tore through a hazardous materials facility "mild symptoms" and were treated and returned to duty.

Kadena calls out Okinawa media for portraying US military in ‘negative light’ after robbery

A spokesman for Okinawa prefecture said some local media reported that Air Force Brig. Gen. Joel Carey refused to go to the prefectural government offices and apologize for a recent robbery involving a service member and civilian from Kadena Air Base.