Matt Burke

Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps visits Okinawa to talk readiness and lethality

Okinawa was chosen as the site for the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Force Level Summit — usually held in Washington, D.C. — because of the importance placed on the Indo-Pacific region by Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David Berger’s Planning Guidance and the National Defense Strategy.

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Hog cholera strikes Okinawa for first time in 34 years, forcing thousands of pigs to be slaughtered

A highly contagious, fatal, porcine viral disease was confirmed two days after an Uruma city farmer reported pig deaths due to an unknown respiratory ailment, according to government officials.

Sailor, two Marines arrested in separate assault and theft incidents on Okinawa

Three U.S. service members were recently arrested on Okinawa in separate incidents that resulted in assault and shoplifting charges.

Snorkeler arrested after trespassing onto coastal US Marine base on Okinawa

A South African man was arrested at Camp Schwab late last month after illegally entering the coastal Marine Corps base on Okinawa while snorkeling.

Trump’s signature extends full honors at Arlington to enlisted MOH recipients and former POWs

Any former POW who served honorably and died on or after Nov. 30, 1993, can be buried at Arlington. Recipients of the Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Cross, the Air Force Cross, the Navy Cross, the Distinguished Service Medal, the Silver Star or the Purple Heart are also eligible for burial there.

Japan Self-Defense Force plans temporary V-22 Osprey posting in Chiba prefecture starting next summer

The mayor of Kisarazu city announced a temporary five-year deal to host U.S.-made helicopter-plane hybrids at Ground Self-Defense Force Camp Kisarazu, located about 25 miles southeast of Tokyo.

New girls in Scouts set pace with ‘seamless’ integration on Okinawa

Troop 110 is one of eight on the Japanese island of Okinawa, according to the Boy Scouts of America Far East Council website. Since adding girls in February, it now operates as two separate gender-specific troops under the same umbrella.

New Patriot Express route between Guam and Seattle aims to reduce PCS, pet-shipping costs

The Defense Department plans to add charter flights between Guam’s Andersen Air Force Base and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport starting this spring, officials announced Monday.

Okinawa-based Marine arrested on trespassing, destruction of property charges

Pfc. Anthony Sowers, 20, assigned to Camp Hansen, was taken into custody shortly after police were called, said Okinawa Police Station Deputy Chief Hirotoshi Iha.

Sumo heavyweights introduce Okinawa middle-schoolers to their time-honored sport

The wrestlers answered students’ questions, gave pointers on proper wrestling technique, and even refereed several matches between the school’s teachers.

Okinawa prosecutors decline to charge Marine pilot at fault in 2016 Osprey crash

Prosecutors on Okinawa declined this week to charge a Marine helicopter pilot found to be at fault for an MV-22 Osprey crash off Okinawa in 2016.