Matt Burke

Guam won’t ease COVID-19 restrictions; bars, restaurants will remain open to US troops

Guam has put a plan to relax public health restrictions on hold following three recent deaths from COVID-19, the coronavirus respiratory disease.

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Japan protests presence of Chinese research vessel near Okinawa

The Japanese government lodged a protest with Beijing through diplomatic channels after a a Chinese research vessel entered its exclusive economic zone.

Educator who reinvigorated aging Okinawa campus is DODEA’s Principal of the Year

Principal James Strait is a soldier-turned-educator who has led Defense Department schools through a hurricane and a global pandemic.

Marines test their island-fighting skills during exercises in Okinawa

The Marine Corps on Okinawa put the commandant’s island-fighting doctrine into practice in another series of military exercises this month by sending Marines, fighter jets and helicopters to rough landing sites in an austere location.

Marine in court admits to sexual assault on Okinawa; judge delays case

A Marine accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a Naha parking lot and then shoving a police officer pleaded guilty Wednesday during his first appearance in Naha District Court.

Marine Corps recognizes first responders on Okinawa for water rescue near Camp Schwab

The Marines were kayaking from seaside Camp Schwab, on the island’s northeast coast, when they were sucked out to sea, Timothy Johnson, the Marine Corps Installations Pacific regional deputy fire chief, said Thursday by phone. The incident ended with no serious injuries.

Coronavirus surge sets new record in Osaka as US bases in Japan report 26 cases

Vaccine clinics at several U.S. bases in the Pacific for all eligible recipients ages 18 and older continued this week.

‘We’d love to have more’: Shot clinic turnout disappoints Air Force official on Okinawa

The coronavirus vaccine is becoming more widely available to U.S. service members and their families in Japan but turnout Friday at a Kadena shot clinic left a health care professional disappointed.

Navy identifies civilian worker found dead on Okinawa shore

The Navy on Okinawa has identified a civilian employee who died after vanishing from a popular tourist spot in December.

Marine honored on Okinawa for rescuing distressed local woman

Marine Sgt. Jovany Gutierrez, a military police officer and the driver for III Marine Expeditionary Force commander Lt. Gen. H. Stacy Clardy, was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal during a ceremony at Camp Courtney on March 12.

Marine of tomorrow is an Edison of electronics in his barracks room on Okinawa

When a platoon commander conducted a barracks inspection for a Marine on Okinawa, he was shocked by what he found. It wasn't piles of trash or video games — but rather, a treasure trove of electronics and amateur inventions that has now made the young corporal the talk of the III Marine Expeditionary Force.