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New Marine correctional unit goes against stereotype with mindfulness and goal setting

The Correctional Custody Unit, a new rehabilitation program aimed at setting Marines on the straight and narrow and reintegrating them into their units, is "like boot camp all over again." Based at Camp Hansen in Okinawa, the program could soon expand to stateside bases.

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Ancient ruins unearthed at US Army garrison on Okinawa

The find was first unearthed in 2015 at sites slated to host buildings that will be relocated from Camp Kinser and Camp Foster. Ruins from three of the 18 sites hail from the late Jomon period, between 2,700 and 2,800 years ago.

Former Marine reportedly confesses to brutal drug-related homicide in Taiwan

Ewart Odane Bent, 30, was taken into custody Aug. 24 in connection the death of Ramgahan Sanjay Ryan, a 43-year-old Canadian man who was killed and then dismembered with machetes on the evening of Aug. 21 in Taiwan.

Okinawa izakaya devoted to Hiroshima Carps baseball team is a home run

Tucked away in a sleepy residential neighborhood in Okinawa City is Akai Helmet, a spacious and trendy traditional Japanese izakaya opened in honor of one of the most popular teams in Nippon Professional Baseball.

Appeal denied for ex-base worker convicted of Okinawan woman's slaying

A panel of Japanese judges has upheld the 2017 murder conviction of a former U.S. base worker sentenced to life imprisonment for the brutal killing of a 20-year-old Okinawan woman.

Florida-based Marine charged in wife’s 2015 death on Okinawa faces courts-martial

Private 1st Class Timothy Irvin, 23, assigned to Marine Aviation Training Support Group 23 out of Pensacola, Fla., has been charged in the death of Glynis Shermaine “Necii” Irvin, 19, according to a copy of the charge sheet obtained by Stars and Stripes.

Pro and anti-US military candidates to vie for Okinawa governorship Sept. 30

When Okinawans head to the polls Sept. 30 to vote for their next governor, they will have four distinct choices to replace the fervently anti-U.S. base Takeshi Onaga, who died suddenly of pancreatic cancer last month.

Okinawa-based Marine helicopter makes ‘precautionary landing’ in Nagasaki

A CH-53E Super Stallion from the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing landed at about 4:40 p.m. after the pilot received a “cockpit warning indication." The incident occurred during routine training on a pre-determined route.

Congressmen work to grant enlisted MOH recipients, POWs full military honors at Arlington

Arlington officials said earlier this year they can barely keep up with the current demand for full-honors burials. There are only eight horse-drawn caisson slots per day, and the cemetery performs up to 30 burials.

US bases ‘fully mission capable’ after Category 2 typhoon pummels Guam

While Typhoon Mangkhut has moved on from Guam and the Northern Marianas, it could take days to assess damage and clean up debris left in the powerful storm’s wake.

No clear winner on US base issues following Okinawa elections

Voting was largely seen as a referendum on the plan to build a runway into Oura Bay at Camp Schwab that would one day facilitate the closure of Futenma and the relocation of Marine air assets on the island.