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S. Korea-based soldiers enjoy 'once-in-a-lifetime' Olympics experience

Many American troops and their families on the Korean Peninsula are watching the Winter Games, supporting soldier-competitors and exploring the Olympic village.

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Korea-based soldiers squeeze in scaled-down war games before Winter Olympics

Warrior Strike, which involves four days of training alongside South Korean troops, is a lot smaller than the peninsula-wide Foal Eagle and Key Resolve drills that the United States agreed to postpone until the Olympics and Paralympics end on March 18.

Soldiers in S. Korea remember servicemember fatally shot while on leave in Nebraska

At a memorial service, attendees recalled Staff Sgt. Kyle LeFlore's confidence, mentorship and love of combat sports.

Army secretary addresses tour lengths, spouse jobs, produce prices in Korea

Soldiers won’t have to move as often, spouses will find it easier to get jobs and there will be access to cheaper produce if the new Army secretary has his way.

8th Army welcomes new commander on tension-filled Korean Peninsula

Lt. Gen. Michael Bills will oversee the final touches of a $10.7 billion expansion at Camp Humphreys and maneuver a dense media landscape as a leader in a geopolitical hotspot.

More stray rounds found outside US live-fire range near N. Korean border

The .50-caliber rounds, were discovered at a small base in Pocheon, just a few miles from Rodriguez Live Fire Range — a 3,390-acre U.S. complex near the heavily fortified border with North Korea