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Enlisted Marines, sailors get swanky new party place at Iwakuni

The two-story Hangar E-Club for junior-enlisted personnel boasts a VIP lounge, poolroom and food court on the first floor, and four bars and a large dance area on the second, a Marine Corps statement said.


Japan’s 3rd Air Wing welcomes first of 10 F-35A stealth fighters

Nine more F-35As will soon join it to form Japan’s inaugural fifth-generation fighter squadron at Misawa.

Warehouse arcade in Kawasaki wears a fake veneer of grime

Anata No Warehouse, a five-story video-game arcade just south of Tokyo in the city of Kawasaki, was designed to represent the gritty, disreputable atmosphere of Hong Kong's infamous Kowloon Walled City.

Australian troops decorated for helping to recover Osprey wreckage

Australian troops who helped salvage an MV-22 Osprey after a deadly crash last summer off the country’s eastern coast have been awarded a Meritorious Unit Commendation.

Heaviest snowfall in four years forces early closures at some US bases around Tokyo

Some U.S. bases in and around Tokyo closed all but essential operations Monday after the heaviest snowfall in four years slammed the densely populated area around the Japanese capital.

Tokyo-area bases recovering after heaviest snowfall in 4 years

Heavy snow meant a day off work Tuesday for many troops and civilians stationed in and around the Japanese capital.

Mike's serves Tex-Mex hot and fast

Mike’s Tex-Mex, with seven restaurants near U.S. military facilities, offers affordable Mexican food for a largely American clientele.

First Navy Jack flies at Pearl Harbor to honor sailors killed in collisions

A banner often regarded as the Navy’s first flag will fly all year long at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii, in honor of 17 sailors killed in a pair of Pacific collisions last year.

It seemed like a great idea at the time, but Tokyo capsule tower didn’t catch on

Tucked amid the expensive apartments and high-end shopping centers of Tokyo’s fashionable Ginza district is an oddity of architecture and a vision for a future that never was.

Yokota’s new Super Hercules cargo planes take over Christmas Drop mission

New technology on Super Hercules transport planes has helped crews airdrop Christmas gifts to Pacific islanders with pinpoint accuracy.

Navy, Japanese government practice response to an aircraft-carrier reactor leak

Navy and Japanese officials have practiced the steps they’d take if a small amount of radiation were to escape from the Yokosuka-based USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier.

Upcoming COLA cuts leave some Japan-based servicemembers fuming

Officials at the Defense Travel Management Office cited “decreases in recreation and transportation” costs as reasons for the drop in cost-of-living allowances across most of Japan.

Collision-damaged USS McCain arrives at Yokosuka for repairs

The USS John S. McCain is back at Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan, to receive repairs for damage suffered in a deadly Aug. 21 collision near Singapore.

Off-base drinking ban, midnight curfew lifted for US troops in Japan

The U.S. military has lifted alcohol restrictions and a midnight curfew for Japan-based servicemembers imposed last month after a fatal vehicle accident on Okinawa.

Guam student starts donation drive to help Puerto Ricans affected by storms

After Hurricane Maria cut a path of devastation through the Caribbean, a 13-year-old boy at a Defense Department school on Guam decided to make a difference.