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Navy shows off its airpower during rare tri-carrier drills near Korean Peninsula

The four-day drills, which kicked off on Saturday, involve the USS Ronald Reagan, USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Nimitz, and are aimed at demonstrating the Navy’s “unique capability to operate multiple carrier strike groups as a coordinated strike force effort.”

Government building offers sweeping views of Tokyo

“Local municipal building” never comes to mind when I’m thinking of amazing travel destinations.

Glimpse the past and future of driving at Toyota’s Mega Web

Toyota’s Mega Web is designed to sell new cars; however, the “Look, Ride, Feel” theme park in Tokyo’s Odaiba district offers a lot more.


Yokota engineers practice new way of repairing bomb-damaged runways

Air Force engineers are learning a new repair method that should have runways back online within a couple of hours if enemy missiles strike U.S. bases in Japan.

US Mint to release coin honoring 100th anniversary of WWI

An American “doughboy” with a distinctive crooked nose will adorn a World War I Centennial Silver Dollar being released by the U.S. Mint to mark the 100th anniversary of the war’s end.

Soldiers like new ‘pinks and greens’ but aren’t happy about growing wardrobe

Stars and Stripes spoke to some troops who expressed they aren't keen on buying another outfit barely two years after the Army phased out green office clothes and an older dress uniform.

Cobara-Hetta in Odaiba is a winner for great food

At Cobara-Hetta, it’s possible to imagine you’re having a meal in the European countryside rather than inside a large shopping mall in Tokyo.

Unicorn Gundam in Odaiba makes a big impression on anime fans

Those who visit Odaiba, an artificial island in Tokyo Bay, won’t be disappointed by the 65-foot Unicorn Gundam statue unveiled there on Sept. 24. The robot, standing next to DiverCity Tokyo Plaza mall, replaced a Gundam that was recently dismantled.

USS Wasp crew rescues 2 men after Cessna crashes in Caribbean

An amphibious assault ship bound for Japan has rescued two people from a downed civilian aircraft in the Caribbean, the Navy said Thursday.

Parakeet found at US air base in Tokyo reunites with elderly Japanese owner

A blue and white parakeet found near Stars and Stripes’ office in western Tokyo has been reunited with its Japanese owner in neighboring Kanagawa Prefecture.

Open house keeps Yokota personnel informed about noncombatant evacuation operations

North Korea was the elephant in the room during an open house to keep people informed about noncombatant evacuation operations, or NEO, on Wednesday at Yokota in western Tokyo.

DODEA celebrates its latest ‘21st Century’ school at Yokota Air Base

Classrooms with moveable glass walls that open to accommodate any number of students are part of a new energy efficient high school building at the home of U.S. Forces Japan and 5th Air Force in western Tokyo.

UFC champs, octagon girl greet servicemembers in western Tokyo

Servicemembers at Yokota got a chance to meet, greet and eat with Ultimate Fighting Championship athletes on Thursday at an on-base chow hall.


US-Japanese troops practice recapturing territory during Orient Shield drills

U.S. and Japanese troops trained to retake territory occupied by an invading force during live-fire drills near Mount Fuji on Tuesday.

Iwakuni Marines teach Japanese airmen all about the F-35 stealth fighter

A group of Japanese airmen recently visited Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni to learn more about the F-35 Lightning II ahead of the stealth fighter’s expected arrival at Misawa Air Base by 2019.