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Air Force general apologizes for wearing upside down ribbon rack at State of the Union

The mistake, in which Air Force Gen. Joseph Lengyel wore his highest-precedence awards on the bottom row instead of the top, had already been spotted by eagle-eyed viewers after he was briefly shown during the televised address.

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Commissary officials still unsure when overseas beer, wine sales will begin

A decision on whether the sales will be rolled out at commissaries worldwide won’t be available until a study is complete, officials said.

US military back-pedals on base access for South Koreans in Japan

The U-turn, announced Thursday at the home of U.S. Forces Japan in western Tokyo, follows complaints that South Koreans had been turned away at Yokota and other installations in Japan.

Yamanashi Prefecture to go whole hog at second annual Japan Bacon Festival

Japan is a nation famous for its festival traditions. The celebrations — which can range from the rowdy and rambunctious, to the spiritual and serene — often date back hundreds of years, and many are steeped in ancient Japanese history and folklore. But a festival taking place next weekend in Japan’s Yamanashi prefecture is based on something a bit more contemporary: A love of all things bacon.

Indiana Guardsmen wrap up Pacific Pathways deployment in Japan

The annual Orient Shield exercise involving U.S. and Japanese ground forces began Aug. 30, runs until Sept. 19, and includes training in Miyagi and Gunma prefectures.

First Vietnamese-American general takes command of US Army Japan

Maj. Gen. Viet Xuan Luong, the former deputy commanding general for operations at Eighth Army in South Korea, will be responsible for 2,500 soldiers, civilians and family members throughout 16 installations in mainland Japan and Okinawa.

New technology could eliminate long checkout lines for military shoppers

The Defense Commissary Agency is looking at ways to update self-checkout systems on overseas military bases that allow customers to scan and pay for groceries — without the aid of a cashier.

Okinawa-based Marines’ ‘USA’ dance video goes viral in Japan

A video of Marines dancing to a Japanese pop hit is a viral internet sensation with millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets.

Guam-based sailor decorated for trying to save pedestrian hit by car

A sailor has been awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for his actions after a fatal car crash last month on Guam.

US, allies kick off air warfare drills Down Under

Air Force and Marine Corps aviators, along with participants from 16 nations, are engaging in simulated combat above Australia’s Northern Territory during Exercise Pitch Black, which began Friday.

‘Zombie Airman’ is vet’s latest work of military science fiction

A former master sergeant who retired in 2003 after 21 years managing life-support equipment on almost every plane in the Air Force, David Guenther says he has spun yarns for his own amusement for years.

Former basketball star takes command of Yokota’s 374th Airlift Wing

The Air Force’s largest transport hub in the Far East has a new leader and he happens to be the second-highest scorer in Air Force Academy basketball history.

Mackay Trophy winner takes command at Misawa Air Base, Japan

Col. Kristopher Struve became the wing’s 66th commander Monday when he accepted the unit colors from Col. Scott Jobe. Struve won the prestigious Mackay Trophy for the “most meritorious flight” of 2007.

Marine veteran’s meal-replacement bars take aim at MREs

A health-conscious Marine veteran has channeled a longtime dissatisfaction with MREs into a full-time job making meal-replacement bars.

Air Force fighters escape Typhoon Maria's path, draw a crowd in Tokyo

Military aircraft enthusiasts in Tokyo got a surprise treat over the weekend with the arrival of some of America’s most powerful and stealthiest jet fighters at the headquarters of U.S. Forces Japan.

Airman praised after parking in wing commander’s space at E-Club

When Col. Kenneth Moss, commander of the 374th Airlift Wing, arrived at Yokota’s Enlisted Club for a morning meeting last Thursday and discovered a car parked in his reserved space, it seemed like an airman was about to have a very bad day.