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North Korea confirms it successfully test-fired new submarine-launched ballistic missile

The launch threatened to raise tensions as Washington and Pyongyang planned to resume talks over the North’s nuclear weapons program this weekend. No location has been announced.

South Korea suspends tours of border truce village to prevent spread of African swine fever

South Korea has suspended tours of the border truce village of Panmunjom and the recently opened hiking trails in the area as part of measures to prevent the spread of African swine fever, officials said Wednesday.

North Korea says it will resume nuclear talks with the US this weekend

North Korea and the United States will resume nuclear negotiations this weekend, Pyongyang said Tuesday, a move that would break a seven-month long diplomatic deadlock.

US, South Korea seek ‘dynamic and new negotiating environment’ in cost-sharing talks, Seoul says

U.S. demands that Seoul pay more for stationing some 28,500 American troops on the divided peninsula have raised pressure on the longtime alliance as the two sides are trying to get nuclear talks with North Korea back on track.

US, South Korea set to resume defense cost-sharing talks

The United States and South Korea prepared to resume negotiations Tuesday on footing the bill for some 28,500 American troops stationed on the peninsula, just over three months before the current agreement is set to expire.

US military helicopter drops container unit on building in South Korea

Local police and fire department officials said nobody was injured in the incident, which occurred at about 2 p.m. in Yongin, just south of Seoul. Officials also said the container apparently contained fuel pump equipment.

Typhoon damage at DMZ truce village brings North Koreans, UN Command together

Storm damage at the Joint Security Area was relatively minor but had a diplomatic side effect, bringing together the North Koreans and members of the U.S.-led United Nations Command for repairs.


After a long wait, US military dedicates new $275 million hospital at Camp Humphreys

The U.S. military broke ground for the Brian D. Allgood Army Community Hospital in November 2012 — but construction problems and quality control issues filled the years that followed, as the South Korean contractor struggled to meet rigid U.S. standards.

Pressured to speed returns, the US military says South Korea can have 15 bases now

The plan to move most American forces from bases in Seoul and near the border with North Korea stems from agreements reached in the early 2000s, but it was frequently delayed due to construction problems and quality-control issues.

US military extends South Korea curfew suspension for three months

In one exception, however, the curfew has been slapped back on the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, also known as the “Greywolf Brigade,” which began a nine-month rotation in South Korea in early June.

Some shopping restrictions lifted at US military stores in South Korea

Before a new policy, commissary shoppers in South Korea were limited to $800 in commissary spending per month for the main sponsor and $300 for additional family members per month.

North Korea says it tested another ‘super-large’ rocket launcher

Tuesday's weapons launch was North Korea’s 10th since early May as experts say it is seeking to boost its negotiating power ahead of possible new nuclear talks with the United States.

‘This reversed the Korean War virtually overnight’: The Incheon landing’s victorious, bloody legacy 69 years later

The high-stakes Incheon landing marked a crucial turning point early in the Korean War which, absent a formal peace treaty, is technically still underway. Some military commanders argued it was too risky, but Gen. Douglas MacArthur insisted the riskiness only boosted the element of surprise.

North Korea punctuates offer for talks by firing short-range projectiles

The latest launch — the 10th since May — raised pressure on President Donald Trump, who is eager for talks to resume and so far has downplayed the surge in weapons testing as routine.

North Korea offers to restart nuclear talks with US later this month

Talks have been stalled since President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un failed to reach an agreement during their second summit in February in Vietnam.

Yongsan Garrison closes gates as winds from Typhoon Lingling knock out power

Strong winds knocked out power on Yongsan Garrison on Saturday, forcing the Army post to lock down for the night as Typhoon Lingling tore through South Korea.

South Korea says ‘ball is now in Japan’s court’ in row over intel-sharing pact

South Korea has offered to reconsider its exit from a military intelligence sharing pact with Japan if Tokyo lifts export curbs that officially took effect on Wednesday.

South Korea’s exit from intelligence-sharing pact with Japan will complicate defense, US warns

The United States stepped up criticism of South Korea’s withdrawal from a military intelligence-sharing agreement with Japan, warning it will complicate defense and “increase risk to U.S. forces.”

North Korea touts new ‘super-large’ rocket launching system

North Korea said Sunday that it test-fired a new “super-large multiple rocket launcher system” the day before, raising tensions nearly a week after the United States and South Korea concluded military exercises.

North Korea fires two missiles into sea in fiery answer to US call for talks

North Korea fired two missiles into the sea on Saturday, South Korea’s military said, a blow to U.S hopes that the launches would stop and nuclear talks would resume after military exercises concluded earlier this week.

South Korea to withdraw from military intelligence sharing pact with Japan over trade dispute

South Korea will scrap a key military intelligence sharing pact with Japan, the government said Thursday, as an escalating trade spat between the two U.S. allies spilled into the security arena.

US prepared to resume nuclear talks as soon as North Korea gives word, envoy says

The United States is prepared to resume nuclear negotiations, a senior envoy said Wednesday, while the communist state issued new criticism over U.S.-South Korean military exercises that ended the day before.

US troops may be victims of massive credit card hack in South Korea, military says

The thefts targeted unspecified business and financial entities in South Korea and included information on at least 38,000 U.S.-issued payment cards, according to an alert distributed by the Eighth Army.


North Korean missile tests, saber-rattling test US-South Korean alliance

North Korea stepped up its criticism of U.S.-South Korean military exercises on Sunday, warning the drills will have “disastrous consequences” despite allied efforts to scale them back.

North Korean leader hails ‘mysterious and amazing success rates’ after latest missile test

The latest launch of missiles and rockets comes as the communist state steps up pressure on the United States and South Korea while the allies conduct joint military exercises this month.


'The torture stopped': 1969 brought temporary changes to infamous Hanoi Hilton

American prisoners of war locked up for years in North Vietnam knew the drill. Bow to their captors or take a beating. But in October 1969, the rules changed.

Momentum for dialogue with North Korea ‘unshaken’ despite recent missile tests, Moon says

President Moon Jae-in offered an olive branch to Japan over the two countries’ trade dispute on Thursday, while vowing to “solidify denuclearization and peace” on the Korean Peninsula before his term ends.

North Korea shows off another missile as Trump predicts nuclear talks will resume

North Korea showed off more missiles on Sunday, hours after President Donald Trump said he’s not worried about the recent spate of launches and raised hope for new nuclear talks with the communist state.

North Korea test-fires two more missiles into sea, South says

The latest launch — the fifth in just over two weeks — came hours after President Donald Trump said North Korean leader Kim Jong Un sent him a “beautiful letter” and complained about the “war games.”

Trump says talks underway to persuade South Korea to pay more for defense

President Donald Trump’s comments, made in a series of tweets, were the first indication that new negotiations with South Korea were underway.

US, South Korea start low-key joint military drills after North Korean missile tests

The quiet start of U.S.-South Korea exercises was in sharp contrast to past years. The allies declined to officially announce the two-week exercise had begun or provide details, but several officials confirmed they were underway.


North Korea flexes military muscle ahead of US-South Korean drills

The North stopped short of crossing the red line set by President Donald Trump, who has said he’s not worried because the weapons launched were not intercontinental ballistic missiles that could target the U.S. mainland.

South Korea, US plan military exercises despite North Korean missile tests, officials say

A series of missile launches happened after the North warned the South against taking part in joint military exercises with the United States, which are reportedly to begin next week.

North Korean soldier defects to South in midnight DMZ river crossing, military says

The defection comes at a sensitive time. Efforts by Seoul to improve relations between the two Koreas have been stymied amid stalled U.S.-North Korean nuclear talks.

North Korean leader oversaw test of ‘multiple launch guided rocket system,’ state media says

The Korean Central News Agency said North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had guided the test-firing of a newly developed “large-caliber multiple launch guided rocket system.”

North Korea again fires short-range missiles, raising pressure on US as it tries to restart nuke talks

The launches raise pressure on the United States as it tries to restart talks aimed at persuading the North to abandon its nuclear weapons.

Pompeo expects talks with North Korea to start soon despite another missile test

North Korea said Friday that its latest missile test was a “solemn warning” to South Korea against joint military exercises with the United States, while Secretary of State Mike Pompeo suggested the launch would not disrupt the resumption of nuclear talks.

American soldier detained in taxi incident weeks after curfew lifted in South Korea

The soldier tried to steal a taxi after the driver refused to let him into the car, but crashed the taxi into a fire hydrant, the Korea Broadcasting System reported.

North Korea test-fires two new ballistic missiles, upping the ante in nuclear talks

It was the first launch since President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un agreed to resume working-level negotiations that the United States hopes will persuade the communist state to abandon its nuclear weapons.

$215 million military hospital in S. Korea one step closer to November opening

A new hospital at Camp Humphreys was officially transferred to the U.S. government on Wednesday. Its fall opening will provide relief to Americans at Camp Humphreys, many of whom must commute 55 miles to Seoul for care.

North Korean leader inspects new submarine, raising pressure on US amid efforts to restart nuclear talks

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspected a new submarine and its weapons systems, state-run media reported Tuesday, the latest apparent effort to raise pressure on the United States amid efforts to resume nuclear talks.

South Korean jets fire multiple warning shots after Russian aircraft breaches airspace

South Korean fighter jets fired some 360 warning shots after a Russian military aircraft violated airspace twice Tuesday off the peninsula’s east coast in an unprecedented breach, defense officials said.

US-S. Korean military drills to proceed despite N. Korean objections, officials say

The United States and South Korea will conduct joint military exercises as planned later this year, officials said Thursday, despite warnings by North Korea that the drills may affect the resumption of nuclear talks or prompt more nuclear or missile tests.

Gilland takes helm of 2nd Infantry Division at sensitive time in S. Korea

Maj. Gen. Steve Gilland, who took command from Maj. Gen. Scott McKean on Camp Humphreys, inherits the challenge of balancing the need to maintain readiness with diplomatic efforts to persuade the North to give up its nuclear weapons.

N. Korea hints it may restart nuclear tests over US-S. Korea military exercises

North Korea warned on Tuesday that upcoming U.S.-South Korean military exercises would affect the resumption of nuclear negotiations and suggested it may restart nuclear or missile tests.

S. Korean president says Trump-Kim border meeting amounted to end of hostilities

President Moon Jae-in, who traveled to the truce village of Panmunjom with the president on Sunday, expressed confidence the meeting would lay the foundation for renewed negotiations aimed at persuading the North to abandon its nuclear weapons.

Trump says US, N. Korea agreed to restart nuclear talks during historic DMZ meeting

President Donald Trump became the first sitting American president to step onto North Korean territory Sunday in an extraordinary impromptu summit aimed at boosting stalled nuclear talks.

N. Korea says Kim-Trump meeting was ‘historic’ and ‘amazing’

The report echoed President Donald Trump’s comments on Sunday, when he said the two sides agreed to resume negotiations, which had been stalled since the previous U.S.-North Korean summit in Vietnam ended without agreement in late February.

President wraps up South Korea visit by thanking troops and those who support them

With the backdrop of a giant American flag, President Donald Trump thanked American troops and the families who support them on Sunday after his historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.


US, N. Korea hail ‘historic’ DMZ meeting as chance to reset nuclear talks but offer no clue how things will be different

Neither side has given an indication of how things will be different this time, four months after their summit in Vietnam ended without agreement due to stark differences over North Korean demands for sanctions relief.

In surprise tweet, Trump invites North Korean leader to DMZ meet-and-greet

President Donald Trump has offered to meet and shake hands with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un during a planned visit to the Demilitarized Zone on Sunday afternoon.

New commander takes charge at Army’s new home on Korean Peninsula

Col. Michael Tremblay assumed command of Camp Humphreys on Thursday as the Army’s new home in South Korea faces the final push in its much-delayed expansion.

US, North Korea in talks to arrange a third nuclear summit, Moon says

The United States and North Korea are holding “behind-the-scenes talks” on the possibility of a third summit, President Moon Jae-in said in remarks released Wednesday.

US ready for talks with N. Korea ‘at a moment’s notice’ as Trump prepares for weekend visit to peninsula

President Donald Trump’s upcoming South Korea visit, his second to the divided peninsula as president, comes amid new optimism for the stalled diplomatic push to persuade the North to abandon its nuclear weapons.

South Korean woman caught trespassing onto US Army garrison in Seoul

A local police official said the woman who was apprehended near the gate of Yongsan Garrison Wednesday claimed that she ran onto the base to escape somebody who was trying to kill her.

Barbed wire and ‘paradise’: Here’s what it’s like to hike the new trail in the DMZ

Many South Koreans have flocked to a civilian hiking trail in a northeastern section of the Demilitarized Zone, a heavily fortified strip of land that divides the peninsula.

Troops happy but skeptical as US military suspends off-base curfew in S. Korea

U.S. Forces Korea, which oversees some 28,500 U.S. servicemembers on the divided peninsula, lifted the four-hour curfew for 90 days following a policy review ordered by the commander, Gen. Robert Abrams.

It’s official: US military lifts curfew for 90 days in test for troops in S. Korea

The reprieve followed a policy review ordered by Gen. Robert Abrams after he took command of U.S. Forces Korea in November.

N. Korea urges US to withdraw ‘hostile policy’ on eve of summit anniversary

Here’s a look at where things stand on the first anniversary of the first summit between leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump.

More than 300 North Korean execution sites identified by Seoul-based rights group

North Korea has summarily executed people on allegations ranging from stealing cows to political offenses, wielding the death penalty as an intimidation tactic, a rights group said Tuesday.

Skeleton believed to be US or French soldier found in DMZ, S. Korea says

The remains were unearthed Wednesday during an excavation project at the former battleground known as Arrowhead Hill, which is in the Demilitarized Zone that has divided the country since the war ended in an armistice instead of a peace treaty.

Eighth Army seals letters, challenge coins — even a CD — in time capsule marking 75th anniversary

A time capsule at Camp Humphreys will stay sealed until the Eighth Army's centennial.

Eighth Army celebrates 75th birthday at new base south of Seoul

With parachutes and cotton candy, the Eighth Army marked the 75th anniversary of its foundation with a weekend of festivities at its new home south of Seoul.

New 2nd Infantry Division museum celebrates Army’s history on Korean Peninsula

The museum — which has expanded its mandate to include the Eighth Army and the Korean theater of operations overall, in addition to the 2nd ID — officially opens Monday on Camp Humphreys after moving from its longtime home at Camp Red Cloud.

Seeking closure: American families get rare look at Korean War remains recovery site in DMZ

An unprecedented opportunity allowed families of servicemembers still missing from the Korean War to visit the site known as Arrowhead Hill, which sits in an eastern section of the heavily fortified border area that has largely been sealed off for decades.

China vows military action to protect interests in Taiwan, South China Sea

China’s defense minister on Sunday rejected U.S. criticism of self-made islands and military facilities in the South China Sea, accusing the United States of stoking regional tensions by deploying warships to the strategic waterway.

Shanahan says China’s actions threaten to destabilize region, calling them a ‘toolkit of coercion’

“No one nation can – or should – dominate the Indo-Pacific,” acting U.S. Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said in a wide-ranging speech at the annual Shangri-La dialogue in Singapore, which brings together defense chiefs and other dignitaries from 38 countries.

North Korea remains an ‘extraordinary threat,’ acting US defense secretary says

North Korea has neared a point where it could strike U.S. forces and other targets in the region, Pat Shanahan warned Saturday.

N. Korea says no new nuclear talks unless US changes its position

The statement was posted on the state-run Korean Central News Agency on the eve of President Donald Trump’s planned visit to Japan.

US body armor found with remains of Korean War dead at DMZ

Search teams have found 321 pieces of bone and nearly 23,000 items from soldiers who died during fierce battles in what would later become the Demilitarized Zone since April 1.

2nd ID welcomes new deputy commander for maneuver at Camp Casey

Col. Gene Meredith replaced Brig. Gen. Stephen Maranian in the position, which is responsible for overseeing the division’s training and readiness.

N. Korea accuses US of violating sovereignty by seizing cargo ship

North Korea's ambassador to the United Nations condemned the seizure of the ship dubbed the Wise Honest “in the strongest terms” during a rare news conference at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

Moon praises restraint in response to N. Korean missiles during meeting with top US commander

The U.S. and South Korea have sought to keep tensions from rising after the North conducted two short-range missile tests five days apart earlier this month.

N. Korea accuses US of ‘robbery’ for seizing cargo ship, demands its return

North Korea on Tuesday accused the United States of “robbery” for seizing a cargo ship and demanded the vessel’s return in the latest sign of rising tensions that threaten to scuttle nuclear talks.

Rare Asiatic black bear discovered in Korean DMZ, highlighting conservation potential

The photo of the bear, which was captured by a motion-sensor camera in October, emerged as the fate of the DMZ is in question amid efforts to improve relations between the two Koreas and persuade the North to abandon its nuclear weapons.

Missiles fired by N. Korea flew at relatively low altitude, military says

The two missiles fired by North Korea flew at a relatively low altitude, South Korea’s military said Friday, as diplomats struggled to prevent nuclear talks from unraveling.