Hana Kusumoto

Tokyo court awards more money for noise complaints by Yokota Air Base neighbors

The court ordered the Japanese government to pay just over a million dollars to 144 residents living near Yokota Air Base who complained about aircraft noise but rejected a demand for a ban on late night and early morning flights.

World War II war trophies returned to families of fallen Japanese soldiers

The returned photo album, likely taken as a souvenir by an American soldier, belonged to Hideo Shikata, who was killed in action, aged 24, in the Philippines in 1945, according to Obon Society founder Rex Ziak.

US did not request five-fold increase for stationing troops in Japan, nation’s defense minister says

In Japan’s fiscal 2019 draft budget, about $1.8 billion has been earmarked to host U.S. forces, which include more than 50,000 servicemembers, mostly stationed on Okinawa.

Tokyo police beef up warnings about ‘rip-off bar’ scams targeting foreigners as tourist numbers surge

The scam typically involves patrons being lured inside a bar by street touts in areas like Roppongi and Kabukicho, then finding themselves charged excessively large tabs.

In-flight selfies and other reckless behavior by Marine aviators outrage Japanese officials

Investigators determined that the squadron involved in a deadly 2018 midair collision suffered from “inadequate oversight of training and operations” and an “unprofessional command climate.” A report says officers engaged in wrongful use of prescription and over-the-counter drugs and that aviators took selfies in-flight.

No injuries or damage after Air Force F-16 drops dummy bomb on private property in Japan

The object, described by Misawa’s 35th Fighter Wing as an “inert training device,” created a deep crater upon impact, according to Japanese public broadcaster NHK.

Judges increase compensation for aircraft noise near Marine air station in Japan, but won’t limit flight hours

An award of about $6.8 million — the latest in a 10-year-old lawsuit — benefits 653 residents living near Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni who say they suffered from the noise.

Interactive displays at the Miraikan museum in Tokyo make science fun

The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, more commonly known as Miraikan, showcases Japan’s leading studies in science and technology. The museum offers an interactive, hands-on learning experience enjoyable for visitors of all ages.

Japan weighs sending troops to the Middle East to protect commercial vessels

Japan won’t join a U.S.-led maritime coalition in the Middle East, but the longtime U.S. ally is looking at sending forces to the region to protect Japanese merchant ships, according to local media.

Sometime adversaries Japan and China unite for rare naval drills south of Tokyo

For the first time in eight years, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force and the Chinese navy trained together at sea last week.

Eight-pound part falls from special ops aircraft and lands at US air base on Okinawa

A torque tube from the landing gear was missing during an aircraft inspection Friday morning at Kadena Air Base and later found on a U.S. airfield, a report said.