Hana Kusumoto

Air Force identifies Yokota airman stabbed to death in western Tokyo

Air Force officials have identified an airman stabbed to death Friday outside the home of U.S. Forces Japan in western Tokyo.

Reach new heights and take in the breathtaking views from Tokyo Skytree

Want to see how big Tokyo really is? Go up Tokyo Skytree, the tallest public observation tower in the city where nothing blocks the view of the sprawling metropolis below. Six years since its opening, Skytree remains one of the most popular tourist attractions in Tokyo, with long lines of visitors waiting to take in the view from the tower’s observation floors on weekends.

New Japanese marines train with US, Filipino troops in Philippine Sea

U.S. Marines and sailors aboard the dock landing ship USS Ashland trained for the first time with Japan’s new Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade during recent Kamandag drills in the Philippine Sea.

Twitter reacts after Japanese police reject airman’s ‘heart-warming’ gesture

An airman’s failed attempt at gifting refreshments to two Japanese police officers made the rounds on social media last week after a Twitter user captured the “heart-warming” interaction.

Japan could use Aegis Ashore system to shoot down Guam-bound missiles, official says

A pacifist constitution bans Japan from stepping in to defend other nations unless it was also being attacked — but security legislation passed in 2015 allows the country to exercise its right to collective defense and to defend close allies.

Japanese submarine trains for first time in South China Sea

The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force has for the first time sent a submarine to train in the contentious South China Sea.

Japanese fishermen to seek $837K payout after US jet dropped fuel tanks into lake

One hundred and eighty fishermen in a local association are expected to seek a payout from the U.S. and Japanese governments for losses suffered during a shutdown that resulted from tanks being dropped onto a lake, a Tohoku Defense Bureau spokesman said on Tuesday.

Family receives a second Japanese flag taken off soldier's body during WWII

During WWII, flags were often signed by servicemembers’ families, neighbors, schoolmates and coworkers wishing for good fortune in war. The warriors would then fold the flag and carry it into battle.

Experience Harajuku’s famous ‘culture of cute’ at Tokyo’s Kawaii Monster Cafe

Japan is famous for its culture of cuteness — better known as kawaii — embodied by popular characters like Hello Kitty or unique fashion subcultures such as Lolita and Decora. In Tokyo, the undisputed epicenter of kawaii culture can be found on the streets of Harajuku, a neighborhood long known for its status as the place where Japan’s offbeat fashion trends come to life.

Strengthening US-Japan alliance ‘more important than ever,’ defense report says

Strengthening Japan’s alliance with the United States is “more important than ever” as North Korea continues to pose a “serious and imminent threat,” says a Japanese defense report approved by the nation’s cabinet Tuesday.


Tokyo ice cream shop ‘towers’ above the rest thanks to its eight-layer cone

Daily Chico's eight-layer cone, which has long been popular on social media and television, comes with all eight flavors of ice cream sold at the shop.