Hana Kusumoto

US did not request five-fold increase for stationing troops in Japan, nation’s defense minister says

In Japan’s fiscal 2019 draft budget, about $1.8 billion has been earmarked to host U.S. forces, which include more than 50,000 servicemembers, mostly stationed on Okinawa.

Judges increase compensation for aircraft noise near Marine air station in Japan, but won’t limit flight hours

An award of about $6.8 million — the latest in a 10-year-old lawsuit — benefits 653 residents living near Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni who say they suffered from the noise.

Interactive displays at the Miraikan museum in Tokyo make science fun

The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, more commonly known as Miraikan, showcases Japan’s leading studies in science and technology. The museum offers an interactive, hands-on learning experience enjoyable for visitors of all ages.

Japan weighs sending troops to the Middle East to protect commercial vessels

Japan won’t join a U.S.-led maritime coalition in the Middle East, but the longtime U.S. ally is looking at sending forces to the region to protect Japanese merchant ships, according to local media.

Sometime adversaries Japan and China unite for rare naval drills south of Tokyo

For the first time in eight years, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force and the Chinese navy trained together at sea last week.

Eight-pound part falls from special ops aircraft and lands at US air base on Okinawa

A torque tube from the landing gear was missing during an aircraft inspection Friday morning at Kadena Air Base and later found on a U.S. airfield, a report said.

Japan cancels international fleet review to focus on disaster relief after Typhoon Hagibis

Monday’s review would have involved 46 vessels and 40 aircraft from Japan and seven other nations, including the U.S., Canada, Singapore, the United Kingdom, India, Australia and, for the first time, China.

American bases near Tokyo escape deadly Typhoon Hagibis with minimal damage

By 5:30 a.m. Sunday, all bases in the region — including Yokosuka Naval Base, Yokota Air Base, Camp Fuji, Camp Zama and Naval Air Facility Atsugi — had issued the all-clear for residents to safely leave their homes.

Japan sets up Patriot anti-missile battery in Tokyo park during rare off-base training

A Japan Air Self-Defense Force exercise involved about 30 troops from the 1st Air Defense Missile Group setting up and then dismantling the PAC-3 battery in about 20 minutes at Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park.

New 10% sales tax takes effect in Japan, raising the costs of off-base goods and services

U.S. military personnel are already feeling the impact of Japan's new sales tax, as the costs of various off-base goods and services saw prices surge Tuesday.

Marine accused of punching Tokyo taxi driver faces additional charges related to other attacks

The new charges against Lance Cpl. Kahsai Tyree Hill, 21, are related to allegations that he punched a Japanese man in the face and choked a 19-year-old woman.