Aya Ichihashi

Kadena airman helps save 4-year-old boy who nearly drowned on Okinawa

Air Force Master Sgt. Roger Halle was recognized along with three local lifeguards Monday by Chatan Mayor Masaharu Noguni for their efforts July 26 to revive a young boy who was visiting the island from Hong Kong.

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American with loaded gun in luggage arrested at airport en route to new job at Okinawa base, police say

Michael Edward Applegate was en route to Okinawa for a new job as a civilian firefighter at White Beach Naval Facility when he was arrested after a loaded firearm was found in his bag at Narita International Airport.

Okinawa sues Tokyo again to stop MCAS Futenma relocation project

MCAS Futenma is in a densely packed urban area in central Okinawa, which has given rise to safety concerns. The plan is to close Futenma and relocate Marine air operations to Camp Schwab in a less-populated coastal area to the north.

More Chinese ships spotted near disputed islands in Japanese waters, official says

China Coast Guard ships also entered Japanese-controlled waters on July 10, according to a spokesman for Japan’s 11th Regional Coast Guard. Four vessels spent two hours in Japanese territory before exiting into the contiguous zone.

Japan Coast Guard rescues another US servicemember swept out to sea on Okinawa

For the second time in a month, a Japanese coast guard helicopter rescued a U.S. servicemember swept to sea Sunday at a popular but often dangerous swimming and diving spot known as Mermaid Grotto.