Aya Ichihashi

Iriomote Island’s land-based treasures include waterfalls, gardens and scrumptious snacks

Imagine kayaking serenely through a mangrove forest as tropical birds sing all around you. If you’re lucky, you might spot a crested serpent eagle perched on a branch. If you are into trekking, kayaking and outdoor adventures, Iriomote is your paradise.

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Japan Coast Guard seeks charges for Marine Osprey pilot involved in 2016 crash

Coast Guard officials requested that the unnamed Marine pilot be charged with negligence resulting in an aircraft crash under Japanese aviation law, which could bring three years in prison or up to $1,863 in fines.

Beach patrol complains about US litterbugs at popular island destination near Okinawa

The issue was first raised on Labor Day, Sept. 2, when the Zamami Island beach patrol posted photos of litter to Instagram. Village officials said the trash was left by both Japanese and U.S. military visitors to the island.

Protesters block Marine boat launch at port on Okinawa

The incident started at approximately 7 a.m. Tuesday when a Marine truck towing a 32-foot boat arrived at Motobu Port from Camp Schwab. The Marines were met by about 100 Okinawan demonstrators and turned away after a nine-hour protest.

Tokyo declines Okinawa officials’ request to provide new deadline for closing Futenma

Okinawan officials sought a new deadline because of safety risks associated with Futenma, which is in an urban area in central Okinawa.