Aya Ichihashi

US returns 27 acres of land on Okinawa Marine Corps base back to locals

The U.S. government returned a small portion of a Marine Corps base to the Okinawa prefectural government Tuesday in what amounts to the last planned land return without preconditions.

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Japan sets water quality safety guidelines for banned pollutants found near US bases

Although potential contamination of groundwater from American military bases has been of concern to Japanese officials, Japan previously had no guidelines on how much of the acids are safe in its drinking water.

Super Stallion crew ditches 'unstable' missile-system replica off Okinawa coast

No injuries or damage were reported and Marine officials said the target had to be ditched to “ensure the safety of the crew.”

Tokyo cancels plethora of public events in attempt to stem coronavirus’ spread

Several events in Tokyo over the next three weeks are canceled, including an imperial birthday greeting.

Navy Super Hornet loses refueling cover while training off Okinawa coast

The jet belongs to Strike Fighter Squadron 115 and was training with Air Force F-15 Strike Eagles from Kadena when the part was lost, according to a report in the Okinawa Times newspaper.