Aya Ichihashi

US air base on Okinawa offers burial sites for culled hogs after swine fever outbreak

The area approved by the Air Force is about a mile from Chibana Housing Area at Kadena Air Base and 3,500 feet from the nearest home at nearby Camp Shields, a Navy base.

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Okinawa’s Kouri Island popular with lovers and families alike

Kouri Island is one of the most beautiful island destinations in Okinawa. Recently my family visited from the main islands of Japan, and I thought they would enjoy a delicious lunch and Kouri’s breathtaking turquoise ocean.

Okinawa-based Marine arrested on trespassing, destruction of property charges

Pfc. Anthony Sowers, 20, assigned to Camp Hansen, was taken into custody shortly after police were called, said Okinawa Police Station Deputy Chief Hirotoshi Iha.

Okinawa Marine base to evacuate over 100 buildings Sunday for removal of unexploded ordnance

The Marine Corps has ordered over 100 buildings, including six housing towers, on Camp Kinser emptied for four hours Sunday to accommodate the removal of unexploded ordnance.

Okinawa prosecutors decline to charge Marine pilot at fault in 2016 Osprey crash

Prosecutors on Okinawa declined this week to charge a Marine helicopter pilot found to be at fault for an MV-22 Osprey crash off Okinawa in 2016.