Aya Ichihashi

Visitors to Akajima are treated to beautiful uncrowded beaches, array of local wildlife

Akajima is one island of Okinawa’s Kerama archipelago and only 25 miles from the Tomari Port of Naha.

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Get away to Okinawa’s Iheya Island for turquoise-blue seas, starry skies and beautiful coral

Since making Okinawa my home in 2007, I have visited more than 20 islands within the archipelago.

Tokyo again protests to Beijing about incursions near Senkaku Islands in East China Sea

Japan urged China to halt incursions into Japanese waters and to stop harassing Japanese fishing boats in the area, a spokesman from Japan’s Foreign Ministry said.

Enjoy a winter hike and delicious lunch in northernmost Okinawa

The wind is shifting to the north, Okinawa is less humid and it’s looking like autumn-wintery weather has come to the sub-tropical island.

Japan moving on pledge to strengthen Senkaku defense in face of China claims

The U.S. has declined to take a position on the islands’ sovereignty; however, Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump both have said they fall under the U.S.-Japan security alliance.