Aya Ichihashi

Marines suspend use of illumination flares after ‘several’ land off base on Okinawa

Mortar flare rounds were found Thursday and Friday outside training grounds near Camp Hansen.

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Japan’s Ishigaki island is a picture-perfect tropical getaway

Ishigaki island, 256 miles southwest of Naha, capital of Okinawa prefecture, is a jewel of the Yaeyama archipelago.

Marine spouse launches online fundraiser after fire devastates Shuri Castle on Okinawa

Shuri Castle, rebuilt in 1992 following its destruction in World War II, was reported ablaze at 2:21 a.m. Wednesday. It took 171 firefighters more than 11 hours to extinguish the fire.

Shuri Castle, World Heritage site on Okinawa, ravaged by fire

A fire on Thursday destroyed significant portions of Shuri Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Naha, the Okinawa prefectural capital.

Sailors arrested on Okinawa after disturbance that involved damage to a police car

Sailors Desmond Ruffin, Mark Elam, Colter Krebill, and Todd Casselman were described as acting “violently” at restaurant in Okinawa's Onna village Sunday evening.