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‘Significant’ activity spotted at North Korea’s nuclear-testing site

A report issued Thursday says the activity underscores Pyongyang’s efforts to maintain the testing site, despite reports of a tunnel collapse that killed several hundred people there after a Sept. 3 test.

North Korean ICBM appears to have broken up during re-entry, think tank says

Based on the video evidence of North Korea’s latest intercontinental ballistic missile test, a “reasonable conclusion” is that the ICBM’s re-entry vehicle did not survive the launch.

US sends pair of supersonic bombers in show of force after second ICBM test

Two Air Force supersonic bombers flew low over the Korean Peninsula Sunday in a show of force after North Korea test-fired its second intercontinental ballistic missile.


Kim Jong Un: ICBM test a ‘stern warning’ that N. Korean missiles can reach US mainland

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un boasted Saturday that the communist regime’s latest intercontinental ballistic missile launch proves that the U.S. mainland is now in reach of its long-range weapons.

Kennedy: Serving as ambassador to Japan ‘greatest privilege of my life’

Outgoing envoy Caroline Kennedy praises 'alliance of hope' in a farewell message released this week by the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo.

French cops accidentally stow away on USS Eisenhower

Three Marseille police officers, who were working security for the aircraft carrier, found themselves stuck on the moving vessel Tuesday after stepping aboard for a last-minute tour.


Caroline Kennedy’s Christmas cheer goes viral in Japan

The ambassador to Japan — daughter of late President John F. Kennedy — stars as an un-bearded version of the jolly old elf in two Christmas-themed videos posted to U.S. Embassy Japan’s official YouTube channel.

Satellite images show North Korean submarine activity

North Korea’s ballistic missile-launching submarine appears to have been out to sea recently, a Washington-based think tank says, though it’s unclear whether a test is imminent.

Suspected WWII-era bunker uncovered at Hardy Barracks in central Tokyo

Officials have decided not to preserve or even explore a suspected World War II-era air-raid shelter discovered recently at a small Army installation in central Tokyo.

Soldier buried 65 years after death as Korean POW

An American soldier has been laid to rest in his Ohio hometown 65 years after reportedly dying in a North Korean prison camp.

Think-tank: N. Korea’s Musudan missile could be ready by next year

An aggressive schedule that has seen multiple tests, coupled with the communist nation carrying out launches near Kusong on its west coast, suggest the missiles could enter service as early as next year.

‘Increased activity’ detected at North Korea’s Sohae rocket-launching site

Satellite images taken Oct. 1 show crates on the launch pad at North Korea’s Sohae satellite-launching station, a Washington-based think tank says.

Activity spotted around N. Korea’s nuclear test site, think tank says

Activity at the north portal, where the North’s fifth and most recent nuclear test took place on Sept. 9, could be for a number of purposes, including “collecting post-test data, sealing the portal or preparing for another test.”

Carter: Military ‘stronger than ever’ 5 years after repeal of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’

Defense Secretary Ash Carter said today’s military is “a cross-section of America” that’s stronger than ever, thanks to the 2011 lifting of the policy that banned homosexual individuals from openly serving in the military.

Images show upgraded security at North Korean launch site

Security has been tightened at North Korea’s Sohae satellite-launching station — changes that a U.S. think tank says could indicate the site might soon be occupied by space-agency scientists, engineers, technicians and the military.

SEC football players visit Fort Jackson for rigorous boot camp

Players from the University of South Carolina took a break from tough preseason drills and got a taste of even tougher Army training during a crash course in leadership and teamwork at Fort Jackson, S.C.


Flooding, power outages force some Yokota families to evacuate

Monday's typhoon caused severe flooding in parts of the base, leading to power outages in several residential towers. Temporary quarters are being provided to evacuees.

Bombers make history with first simultaneous Pacific operation

Though the the B-52 Stratofortress, the B-1 Lancer and the B-2 Spirit have deployed independently to the Pacific, this was the first time all three simultaneously conducted operations in the region.

Satellite photos show continued activity at N. Korean test site

Satellite images taken Aug. 4 show a large canopy has been erected south of a support building near the test tunnel’s entrance, according to a website that monitors North Korean activities.

B-52, B-1, B-2 bombers share tarmac on Guam for first time

B-52, B-1 and B-2 bombers are sharing the tarmac at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam — the first time the aircraft have been inside U.S. Pacific Command territory simultaneously, according to a tweet by Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James.

Hornet pilot makes 1,000th aircraft carrier landing

Cmdr. Jeffrey Farmer has touched down on an aircraft carrier for the 1,000th time, joining an elite group of pilots to reach that mark.

Meaningful ink: ‘Japanese Tattoos’ analyzes art form’s history, design

This informative, well-researched and beautifully designed paperback by Osaka-based journalist Brian Ashcraft and tattooist Hori Benny takes readers deep into the history of irezumi, or Japanese tattoos, while helping them avoid getting ink they don’t understand – or worse, that they’ll regret.

Destroyer to be named for Vietnam hero, MOH recipient Barnum

President Lyndon Johnson presented Barnum, then a first lieutenant, the nation’s highest military honor in 1967 for his actions during the Vietnam War.

Photos show N. Korea making progress on sub program upgrades

North Korea is making significant progress on a project that will enable it to build more advanced ballistic-missile submarines, a Washington-based think tank says.

Blue Angels announce new aviators, other officers for 2017 season

Three Navy F/A-18 pilots, a Marine KC-130 aviator and other officers have been chosen to join the elite Blue Angels flight demonstration team for next year’s air-show season.

Former Japanese leader starts fund for US vets who helped Fukushima

Hundreds of veterans claim a host of medical conditions they say are related to radiation after participating in Operation Tomodachi relief efforts.

S. Korea to double number of propaganda loudspeakers at DMZ

South Korea plans to step up its barrage of anti-Pyongyang propaganda and pop music by doubling the number of loudspeakers at the Demilitarized Zone by the end of the year, according to South Korean media reports.

Marines spell out new PFT, CFT, body composition rules

Major changes are in store for the Marine Corps’ physical and combat fitness tests, while tweaks to the body composition program are already in place.

Tokyo’s The Great Burger offers just a good but pricey burger

This so-called “Southern California diner” in Tokyo’s youth-centric Harajuku neighborhood should downgrade its name to The Good Burger. Or maybe The Overwhelmed Burger. I’d rename it The Pricey Burger.

Okinawa team patrols areas near US bases, nightlife spots

The team, composed of staff from Okinawa government agencies, was created in an effort to prevent crimes near U.S. military bases and nightlife areas.

ROTC back at Harvard after break due to Vietnam protests

ROTC programs for all services are active again at Harvard University after a more than four-decade absence sparked by protests during the Vietnam War.

Explosive ordnance disposal compound named for fallen airman

The name of an explosive-ordnance-disposal expert killed in Afghanistan will live on at Shaw Air Force Base, S.C.

New Snoopy Museum Tokyo makes 'Peanuts' fans do a happy dance

Happiness is a warm puppy to good ol’ Charlie Brown, but for “Peanuts” fans in Japan, happiness might be the world’s first Snoopy museum, which will host revolving exhibits over the next two and a half years.

Navy says goodbye to another fast-attack sub in Hawaii

Sailors, submarine veterans and friends and families of the USS Houston crew bid farewell to the Los Angeles-class fast-attack submarine Monday after more than 30 years of Navy service.

Air Force captain killed in Afghanistan receives Silver Star

The Pentagon has awarded a posthumous Silver Star to a special operations airman whose quick actions saved lives during an ambush by a gunman wearing an Afghan security forces uniform.

Midnight curfew, other restrictions in place on Okinawa

A midnight curfew and other restrictions took effect Friday for all servicemembers on Okinawa after Americans were arrested in the death of one woman and the rape of another on an island with a history of public outrage over crimes by members of the U.S. community.

Okinawa governor decries no SOFA revision talk between Obama, Abe

Okinawa’s governor has expressed disappointment that President Barack Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe did not mention amending the status of forces agreement during a joint news conference ahead of the G-7 economic summit.

US, Thailand focus on anti-submarine drills at Guardian Sea

The U.S. and Thailand navies are focusing on “anti-submarine warfare and maritime domain awareness” during drills that began Monday off the Asian country’s west coast.

US Pacific Command co-hosts peacekeeping drills in Mongolia

Khaan Quest, an annual peacekeeping exercise co-hosted by U.S. Pacific Command and the Mongolian Armed Forces that brings western troops close to China and Russia, is underway near Mongolia’s capital.

Satellite photos show no signs of impending N. Korean nuclear test

Recent satellite images of North Korea’s nuclear test facility raise doubts that another underground blast is looming, a Washington-based think tank says.

Satellite photos: Unclear if 5th N. Korean nuclear test imminent

The latest satellite images of North Korea’s underground test facility provide no clarity on whether the provocative country may carry out its fifth nuclear test ahead of the ruling Workers’ Party congress on Friday, a Washington-based think tank says.

Hawaii crash recovery efforts wrap up with 3 Marines still missing

The remains of nine of 12 Marines killed when a pair of CH-53E helicopters crashed during routine training earlier this year in Hawaii have been recovered and identified, the Marine Corps said Thursday.

Tokyo’s popular Taimeiken restaurant does omurice right

In a scene from the cult-classic Japanese film “Tampopo,” a homeless man sneaks into a restaurant kitchen after hours to whip up a fluffy, expertly prepared omelet served atop a delicious-looking mound of ketchup-tinted fried rice. The dish, called omurice — an amalgam of “omelet” and “rice” — has made countless viewers’ stomachs growl ever since the food-centric comedy from director Juzo Itami debuted in 1985.

Next Marine rotation headed to Australia

About 1,250 Marines are heading to Australia for a Marine Rotational Force-Darwin deployment, a mission that is part of Washington’s “Pacific pivot” and reflects the White House’s commitment to the region.

Video game trains Army leaders to deal with sexual harassment

The Army is capitalizing on many soldiers’ love of video games to help its leaders deal with sexual assault and harassment within the ranks.


Thousands turn out for cherry blossom festival in Tokyo

Thousands of people gathered under pink and white petals at Ueno Park over the weekend to enjoy one of Japan’s most popular cherry blossom festivals.

Iwakuni offering new flights to Okinawa, Tokyo

A commercial terminal at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni is offering new flights to Okinawa and Tokyo — a move officials say should help lift the local economy while benefiting military installations throughout Japan.

Japan tourism agency asking onsen owners to relax tattoo policies

Japan’s tourism agency is urging traditional hot springs spas to relax their tattoo policies as the country aims to host 20 million annual foreign visitors by the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Eielson AFB airmen build ice bridge for Red Flag-Alaska exercises

Airmen from Eielson Air Force Base recently ventured into the Alaskan wilderness in below-freezing temperatures to build an ice bridge in preparation for this year’s Red Flag-Alaska exercises.

Navy Arctic exercise tests readiness while advancing scientific research

Sailors are trying to accurately forecast arctic weather for the first time from a temporary station on an ice floe in an attempt to predict the harsh conditions that can constrain military operations in the Arctic Circle.

Cambodia exercise focuses on disaster relief, humanitarian aid

U.S forces are in Southeast Asia for Angkor Sentinel 2016, an annual bilateral exercise with Cambodia that focuses on disaster relief and humanitarian assistance.

Tokyo's Pan to Circus specializes in tasty wild game

This so-called “meat bar” — its named translates to “Bread and Circus” — near Shinjuku Station’s east exit boasts an eclectically dressed staff, edgy decor and interesting dishes.

Tokyo’s 8 Bit Cafe serves up drinks named after gamers’ favorite digital characters

Pac-Man gobbles a power pellet. Link holds up a piece of the Triforce. Mario dashes past Bowser to save the princess. Bar patrons can replay these classic video-game moments while sipping cocktails named after their favorite digital characters at 8 Bit Cafe, one of Tokyo’s most popular retro-gaming spots.

'Empire' star gains respect for military women during USO tour

“Empire” star Taraji P. Henson says she gained a newfound respect for women in the military during a USO tour in Japan.

Only in Japan: Chocolate fries

Everybody has a sweet and salty side, McDonald’s said when announcing the “latest fry innovation” to hit its menu: the McChoco Potato.

A celebrity favorite, tiny Tokyo bar offers stiff drinks, tasty bites

Stroll through the narrow, dimly-lit alleyways of Tokyo’s Golden Gai, and you might feel as though you’ve stepped back in time.

US, Japan to hold Keen Edge computerized command exercise

American and Japanese servicemembers will unite this week for a bilateral command-post exercise that uses computer simulations to prepare them to effectively defend Japan or respond to a regional crisis.

USS Barry heads to Japan after more than 20 years in Norfolk

The USS Barry steamed away from Norfolk — its homeport for more than 20 years — on Tuesday toward its new home in Japan.

USS Lassen heads to new home after nearly decade in Japan

The USS Lassen steamed away from Japan Wednesday after spending nearly a decade aiding the Asia-Pacific region out of its homeport at Yokosuka Naval Base.

Report says design changes likely improved North Korean missile

Design changes to a North Korean missile capable of reaching the U.S. mainland should increase its reliability but are likely to delay deployment for at least five years, according to a Washington, D.C.-based think tank.

Images suggest North Korea wrapping up missile site upgrade

North Korea appears to be wrapping up a 3-year-old upgrade to its Sohae satellite-launching station and could fire large rockets from the site as early as next year, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank reported this week.

Walkers, cyclists and bird-watchers enjoy parklike Tokyo cemetery

With nearly 38 million people crammed into the Tokyo metropolitan area, it’s ironic that one of the urban sprawl’s largest — and arguably most beautiful and intriguing — green spaces has been set aside for the dead.

Robotic exoskeleton helps vet with brain injury walk again

Canadian army veteran Trevor Greene calls himself the “bionic” man. Told he might never walk again after suffering a brain injury during a 2006 ax attack in Afghanistan, Green is now mobile with the help of a robotic exoskeleton on the lower half of his body, according to Simon Fraser University.


Disabled vet turns to physical fitness to help him and others press on

Derek Weida’s humorous, profanity-filled Internet videos on bodybuilding and weight loss have attracted millions of viewers. The amputee veteran has his own clothing line, and tens of thousands of people have reached out to him for advice.


Survival drill unites US, Chinese, Australian forces Down Under

Ten U.S. Marines and soldiers are in the Australian Outback for Kowari 15, a trilateral exercise with Chinese and Australian forces that focuses on survival in harsh environments.


US military drills focus on disaster relief in Japan

U.S. servicemembers from Naval Air Facility Atsugi and Yokota Air Base took part in separate disaster-relief exercises this week, training to provide a strong response to such crises.

Tokyo’s Whoopi Gold Burger plays on famous names

Japan has an abundant burger scene. You don’t have to travel far to find one, especially if you go the fast-food route.

Heat warning for troops in Japan

The heat is on in Japan, and residents are being warned to take precautions to avoid health problems.

Rash illness, commonly affecting children, spreading in Tokyo

Cases of fifth disease — a mild rash illness that most commonly affects children but in rare cases can cause expectant mothers to lose the fetus — are on the rise in Tokyo and expected to worsen, according to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

With Japan’s volcanic activity rising, Mount Fuji climbers urged to wear helmets

Mount Fuji’s climbing season has arrived, and local governments surrounding the iconic volcano — spurred on by intensifying volcanic activity throughout the Japanese archipelago — are taking steps to protect climbers in case of an eruption.

Japan may test airport body scanners this year

Travelers transiting Japan’s busiest airports could encounter full-body scanners at security checkpoints as soon as this fall.

Japanese government examines public baths' no-tattoos policies

An increasing number of foreign visitors sporting body art has prompted the Japanese government to poll thousands of the nation’s onsens — traditional hot springs spas — about their tattoo policies.

Japan lawyers group campaigns against Yokota Ospreys plan

Citing safety concerns, the president of a Japanese lawyers’ group is urging Japan and the United States to ditch a plan to station a special operations squadron of CV-22 Ospreys at Yokota.