William Howard

William Howard joined the Army in February 2010 as an M1 Abrams crewmember and trained for a reclassification to an Army public affairs print journalist in November 2013.

In 2014 he earned the James P. Hunter Award for Outstanding New Writer in the Maj. Gen. Keith L. Ware Public Affairs Competition for the United States Army Forces Command.

Email: howard.william@stripes.com


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Air Force T-6 Texan training plane grounded after cockpit scares

The Air Force has grounded the T-6A Texan II it uses to train many of its new pilots after oxygen-deprivation symptoms were reported among pilots at three stateside bases.

Tougher fitness test slated for airmen in 2 job specialties

Air liaison officers and tactical air control party operators will have to take a new test featuring 10 components. Both occupations embed with Army and Marine units to direct strikes from ground locations.

‘Tail spotter’ hobbyists counted on by UK, US militaries to watch for suspicious behavior

Officials say that having civilians tracking planes boosts security around the bases, thanks to reporting programs offered by the United Kingdom's Defense Ministry and the U.S. Air Force.

Air Force team investigating causes for in-flight oxygen deprivation

The team will look at so-called unexplained physiologic events that pilots experience, including oxygen deprivation, disorientation and low carbon dioxide levels in the blood.

Vegan, vegetarian, carnivore? Edmundo Lounge in Bury St. Edmunds has a menu for you

The Edmundo Lounge was a godsend for my family because it offers three menus — a regular one with meat dishes, another that’s gluten-free and a third featuring only vegan food.

Pilots back in Lakenheath after Baltic air-policing mission

“Long time no see,” Capt. “Nacho” Taylor said to his wife from the cockpit of his fighter jet shortly after landing on base Tuesday afternoon.

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England’s Norwich Cathedral brims with beauty and history

I was immediately drawn toward the Norwich Cathedral in England during my first visit to the Norwich city center.

Several new firsts as Alconbury hosts first marksmanship meet

A single bulls-eye separated first and second place as Jazmyn Taylor finished with 282-8 against Victoria Jackson’s 282-7.

For endless beef, try Cheers at Bury St. Edmonds

While not everyone at the Cheers Steakhouse in Bury St. Edmunds will know your name, the staff does provide a memorable experience for beef connoisseurs with self-cooked steak on a hot stone.

Naples girls, Lakenheath boys open strongly

Two schools split two doubleheaders in rare trip to England by Italy-based Wildcats.

Air Force adds bonus for switching to new retirement system

Airmen approaching 12 years served who convert to the new Blended Retirement System will be eligible for a continuation pay bonus, but those planning on retiring after 20 years may benefit more from the current system.

Air Force aims for laser weapons on a fighter jet by 2021

The Air Force Research Laboratory is forging ahead with a high-energy laser designed to shoot down drones, incoming rockets and mortar rounds and hopes to have a demonstration model ready by 2021, officials say.

Outrage sparked after airman takes knee during ceremony; Air Force says he felt faint

An airman attacked on social media for appearing to take a knee in protest during a Remembrance Day service near the Mildenhall War Memorial on Sunday morning was just feeling faint, Air Force officials said.

Raptors back home after training with forces over England

U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptors have returned to their home bases in the United States after wrapping up a set of exercises in Europe this month.

Three teams all come up with a win - and a loss

AFNORTH, Alconbury and Brussels all have highlights and lowlights in U.K. gathering.