Will Morris

Police officer gets year in prison for assaulting veteran at VA hospital

A former Veterans Affairs police officer who authorities say repeatedly struck a patient outside a VA hospital in Indianapolis has been sentenced to a year in prison.

Servicemembers, DOD civilians set to keep more in pockets for TDY expenses

Servicemembers and Defense Department employees who travel a lot for work should see more money in their wallets soon thanks to the expected reversal of a policy that cut reimbursement rates for travel expenses on temporary duty assignments, a labor union said Thursday.

German eatery in Kaiserslautern offers authenticity, at a price

I first found out about Zur Feiermaus when I went to a German canteen at a local Army garrison to get lunch. When the server at the counter asked what I wanted, I told her, “Some really good, authentic German food.” Without missing a beat, she scribbled something on a piece of paper, gave it to me and said, “Then go here instead.”

Military not keeping some MWR program costs low enough for families, study finds

Military officials haven’t evaluated during the past 20 years whether spending targets for the multibillion-dollar MWR program, which encompasses services ranging from day care to vacation lodging and movie theaters, are keeping up with servicemember paychecks, the Government Accountability Office said in a report released on Wednesday.

Turkish lawyers seek arrest of US servicemembers on Incirlik Air Base

A group of pro-government lawyers in Turkey have filed charges against several U.S. officers associated with Incirlik Air Base, seeking their arrest for alleged ties to terrorist groups. The lawyers are seeking a temporarily halt to all flights leaving the base and access to execute a search warrant, according to court papers.

Medical officials in Europe urge caution as disease-laden ticks are on the prowl

Army officials are urging servicemembers across Europe to be on the lookout for ticks, as the range of a potentially deadly virus increases across the Continent.

Contractor settles for $9.1 million after providing defective earplugs for servicemembers

Known as “selective attenuation earplugs,” 3M’s Combat Arms earplugs would “loosen in the wearers ear, imperceptibly to the wearer and even trained audiologists visually observing a wearer, thereby permitting damaging sounds to enter the ear canal.