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London bar with noir detective theme worth investigating

“Evans & Peel Detective Agency” is stenciled across an opaque-green door that makes it appear like a real office for private eyes. The elegant, retro bar in central London is as well-disguised as a Prohibition-era speakeasy, giving casual passersby no clue of what really lies within.

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War dead honored in 75th anniversary remembrance of Anzio, Nettuno invasions

A ceremony at the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery, held as part of a 75th anniversary commemoration of the Allied landings at Anzio and Nettuno, saw the reading of stories from a few of the Americans killed in action there.

US destroyer arrives in tense Black Sea region as Russia watches closely

The destroyer USS Donald Cook has arrived for a port visit in the Black Sea nation of Georgia, as Russia monitors the ship’s movements at a time of heightened tensions in the region.

Navy SEAL taking reins as fleet master chief a rarity

A Navy SEAL will become a fleet master chief for only the second time in the service’s history this spring when Master Chief Petty Officer Derrick Walters takes the post at Naval Forces Europe and Africa.

Navy sends first ship into Black Sea since Russian seizure

Navy officials say the dock-landing vessel USS Fort McHenry is conducting a regularly scheduled Black Sea operation.

Navy to scrap bread-and-water confinement

Bread-and-water confinement is a nonjudicial penalty that ship commanders can mete out to misbehaving sailors in the lowest three pay grades. It dates back to when warships had wooden hulls and sails.

USS Harry S. Truman departs Europe after deployment

The Nimitz-class carrier took part in exercises and security missions in the North Atlantic Ocean as well as the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas while utilizing the “dynamic force employment” concept.