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Navy looks to eliminate the shakes from its submarines

In the Navy’s ongoing quest to build a more stealthy submarine, service-funded research is close to yielding a new method for boat builders to test how much vibrational noise a sub will emit before it ever touches water.

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Russian submarines are a growing threat, says Europe’s top Navy commander

Russia is deploying more submarines to the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and North Atlantic than at any time since the Cold War as part of a growing power game driving the U.S. to revive a decommissioned fleet and NATO to strengthen its naval defenses, the Navy’s top commander in the theater said.

Baltic exercise a show of strength with 'uninvited observers' from Russia in mind

The point of Baltic Operations 2018 at the tactical level is training, but at the strategic level, analysts say it is a show of strength — and that means the U.S.and NATO want Russia’s full attention.

Allied navies learn to save lives at sea as other ships ‘threaten’ them

A simulated standoff between fictional countries added a twist to the mass casualty rescue drill conducted Sunday during NATO’s Baltic Operations exercise, a two-week event including the United States and 15 other militaries.

Inspectors told an Army spouse the lead level in her home isn’t a risk. She’s not convinced.

Jessica Alaniz's discovery of lead at her Naples home raises questions about how widespread lead contaminants are in the dwellings that servicemembers rent near U.S. installations nearby, which include the Navy’s 6th Fleet headquarters.

What does it take to feed an aircraft carrier on a combat mission? About 17,300 meals

Cooks on the USS Harry S. Truman must feed about 5,500 people while the ship is in the eastern Mediterranean launching sorties against the Islamic State group.

With finals looming, track athletes push to qualify

Athletes still trying to qualify for the DODEA-Europe Track and Field Championship in Kaiserslautern, Germany, in two weeks were as focused on the clock or measuring tape as their opponents.