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Art turns Naples subway into ‘catacombs of beauty’

When people talk about great Italian art, they normally refer to Renaissance masterpieces or even those dating to the Roman period. But superb contemporary art can be found in the city’s subways.

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Vet’s ‘miracle’ survival in Austrian Alps retold in TV documentary

In 1985, Ken Cichowicz was stranded in the Dachstein Mountains for 19 days, ran out of food after 12 days and ate only snow for six days.

Naples commissary deli cleared to open after bacteria-tainted sandwich prompted shutdown

The Navy on Friday cleared the commissary deli in Naples, Italy, to reopen after subsequent tests came back negative for Listeria nearly a week after the potentially harmful bacteria was detected in a prepared sandwich.

US Navy boosts patrols in Black Sea amid tensions in region

The USS James E. Williams sailed into the Black Sea this week, the second U.S. warship in the past three months to patrol a region where fighting has increased between Ukrainian government troops and separatists backed by Russia.

NATO exercise seeks to display unity amid increasing US-Turkey tensions

The United States and its allies are finishing a 10-day naval exercise led by NATO ally Turkey, whose relations with Washington have grown increasingly tense.

Pope Francis makes historic visit to American military cemetery in Italy

Pope Francis gazed out at a sea of headstones and thousands of followers as he gave a solemn mass for war dead Thursday at the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery.