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USS Harry S. Truman departs Europe after deployment

The Nimitz-class carrier took part in exercises and security missions in the North Atlantic Ocean as well as the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas while utilizing the “dynamic force employment” concept.

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Naples labor strikers impede base traffic, want jobs now held by spouses

Striking Italian workers deliberately impeded traffic entering the Navy Support Site on Black Friday to protest what labor leaders say are too few Italians employed on base.

Navy must meet Russia’s challenge in Europe, CNO Richardson says

A resurgent Russia is “challenging a lot of the system of rules and norms that have existed here in Europe and around the world for so long,” Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson said after an all hands meeting with sailors at the Navy’s base in Naples.

USS Truman sailors arrested on suspicion of assaulting taxi driver in Portugal

A taxi driver told Portuguese police that two American sailors assaulted him and took his phone after he picked them up in Lisbon, the Portuguese news outlet Cofina Media reported.

Navy's top commander in Europe recalls personal connection to WWI at Flanders cemetery

The Navy’s top Europe and Africa commander spoke Sunday at Flanders Field American Cemetery in Belgium in honor of the armistice forged 100 years ago and the thousands of U.S. servicemembers who died in “the war to end all wars.”

Navy disputes survivors’ claim USNS Trenton was slow to respond to migrants in distress

Some of the 42 migrants rescued in June by the USNS Trenton in the Mediterranean Sea say 76 people died because the vessel was slow to respond, but the Navy insists it acted as swiftly as possible.

Russian jet flies dangerously close to Navy aircraft during Black Sea operations

Two unsafe passes by a Russian fighter jet put a U.S. military aircraft at risk during flight operations over the Black Sea, Navy officials said Monday.