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Taliban still working with al-Qaida as US looks to exit Afghanistan, DOD says

The Taliban remain closely tied with al-Qaida, despite assuring the U.S. they would disavow the terrorist group in exchange for a withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, the Defense Department said this week.

Afghanistan conflict still the world’s deadliest for children, UN says

The war in Afghanistan was the world’s deadliest conflict for children last year, the fifth consecutive year the country has held that status, a United Nations report said.

George Floyd mural painted near Kabul’s Green Zone

On a concrete blast wall topped with barbed wire near Kabul’s Green Zone, Afghan artists have painted a large mural depicting George Floyd next to an image dedicated to Afghan migrants who recently died in Iran.

Afghanistan vows to release more Taliban prisoners, setting stage for talks

Afghanistan will soon complete a prisoner release that the Taliban have demanded before starting peace talks to end nearly two decades of war, the country’s president said.

US conducts first airstrikes against Taliban since Eid cease-fire

The U.S. has conducted airstrikes against the Taliban in Afghanistan as the insurgent group attacked Afghan security forces, a spokesman for the U.S.-led NATO mission in the country said.

Taliban maintains ties with al-Qaida despite US peace deal, UN says

The Taliban haven’t severed ties with al-Qaida and may have strengthened them, despite pledging to stop cooperating with terrorist groups, the United Nations said in a report released this week.

Kabul releases 900 Taliban prisoners as warring sides say they’re open to extended cease-fire

About 900 Taliban prisoners were set free from government prisons near Bagram Airfield and elsewhere in Afghanistan on Tuesday, a move that could further an embattled peace process, Afghan officials said.

Taliban, Afghan government announce three-day cease-fire to mark Eid holiday

The Taliban and the Afghan government have announced a three-day ceasefire across Afghanistan starting Sunday to mark the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Fitr.

Civilian deaths and injuries rose in Afghanistan following peace deal, UN says

Civilian casualties in Afghanistan rose sharply last month, the United Nations said Tuesday, even as U.S. troops begin to withdraw under a deal with the Taliban meant to bring peace to war-weary Afghans.

Afghan political rivals agree on power-sharing deal after months of bickering

According to a close aide to Abdullah Abdullah, the two sides have agreed to form a coalition government and Abdullah will lead the peace process with the Taliban militants.

Taliban attack leaves five civilians dead as Afghan military prepares to attack the insurgents

A Taliban truck bomb killed at least five civilians when it exploded near a military court in eastern Afghanistan.

ISIS fighters who attacked Bagram killed in raids, Afghan forces say

Five members of an Islamic State terror cell that attacked the largest American base in Afghanistan earlier this year were killed in a series of operations by Afghan commandos in and around Kabul, Afghan officials said Wednesday.

Information restrictions on Afghan War deepen as military withholds American airstrike data

The U.S. military has stopped releasing information about airstrikes it conducts in Afghanistan, reversing a longtime policy amid a spike in violence in recent weeks, officials said.

US-led coalition in Afghanistan withholds more information from public as violence intensifies, watchdog says

The U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan is for the first time withholding information about enemy attacks in Afghanistan from the public, as violence rises in the country and the U.S. begins drawing down its troops, a U.S. government watchdog said.

Army stands up adviser brigade ahead of Afghanistan deployment

The latest Army unit created to train and advise foreign forces has been activated ahead of a fall deployment to Afghanistan.

Decline in civilian casualties reversed by Taliban violence after peace deal signing, UN says

Growing violence since the signing of the U.S.-Taliban peace agreement contributed to a first-quarter death toll of over 500 civilians in Afghanistan, the United Nations said Monday.

Taliban vow to keep fighting during Ramadan despite coronavirus concerns

The Taliban have rejected calls for a cease-fire during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, despite warnings from U.S. and Afghan officials that the coronavirus outbreak in the country would worsen if violence continues.

Six Afghan workers killed outside Bagram Airfield

Six Afghans who worked at Bagram Airfield were shot dead Thursday just outside the base, an Afghan official said.

US commander meets Taliban officials as Afghan peace process stutters

The meeting between Gen. Austin "Scott" Miller and Taliban leaders came as both sides accuse each other of ramping up violence since signing a peace deal on Feb. 29.

Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan comes under attack

The Islamic State group fired several rockets at Bagram Airfield on Thursday, the latest in a string of recent attacks targeting the largest U.S. base in Afghanistan.

Taliban says it’s walking away from talks with government over prisoner release

Afghanistan’s fragile peace process suffered a major blow Tuesday as the Taliban said it was breaking off talks with the government about a prisoner exchange, which is a key part of a deal the insurgents signed with the United States.

Gold Star families hold out hope for peace in Afghanistan

Three Gold Star families talk about the prospect of the U.S.’s longest war coming to an end.

Afghan government and Taliban say prisoner release to start within days

Thousands of prisoners in Afghanistan could start being released by early next week, fulfilling a key condition of the nearly month-old U.S.-Taliban deal to bring peace to the country, government and Taliban officials said.

US condemns ‘fanatics and criminals’ as dozens killed in Sikh temple attack in Kabul

At least 25 people were killed when a lone gunman attacked a Sikh temple in Kabul’s old town Wednesday, starting an hourslong firefight with Afghan security forces, local officials said.

Four coronavirus cases confirmed at coalition bases in Afghanistan

Four service members in Afghanistan have tested positive for the coronavirus while being held in a screening facility after arriving in the country, military officials said Tuesday.

Pompeo makes surprise visit to Afghanistan as peace process slumps

During his visit, U.S. secretary of state is expected to try to help end the impasse, which has put on hold the start of intra-Afghan peace talks that would include the Taliban.