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Afghans brave threats, bombings to vote in long-delayed parliamentary elections

Targeted by bombings and hampered by problems, voters across Afghanistan went to the polls on Saturday to cast their ballots in the country’s long-delayed parliamentary elections. “Yes, there were problems today, but they will be solved,” said voter Habibullah Hayed.

Rainey takes the lead of key coalition command in Afghanistan

Army Lt. Gen. James Rainey became one of the most important leaders of NATO’s Resolute Support mission Friday when he assumed command of Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan.

UN sees progress in securing Afghan elections but 'significant' challenges remain

The United Nations on Thursday said NATO-trained, local security forces are creating conditions for most eligible Afghans to vote, as Afghanistan braces for a spike in violence ahead of parliamentary elections next week.

UN: Insurgents spur rise in civilian Afghan deaths, but US airstrike casualties also up

The U.N. Assistance Mission in Afghanistan documented 8,050 total civilian casualties from January through September. Nearly half — 3,634, including 1,065 deaths — were caused by improvised explosive devices, the weapon of choice for militant groups.

UN: IED casualties reach 'extreme levels' in Afghanistan

The United Nations on Sunday called on militants in Afghanistan to stop using improvised explosive devices in civilian areas, after it documented a sharp rise in civilian casualties caused by the explosives this year.

Highest-ranking female officer in Afghanistan to leave key coalition command

Army Maj. Gen. Robin Fontes, who last year assumed the highest post of any female servicemember in the war in Afghanistan, is being replaced as commander of Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan. She was earlier expected to remain at the command's helm until next summer.

Marine Corps F-35Bs could make debut in Afghanistan, report says

The stealth aircraft were traveling from the Gulf of Aden to the Persian Gulf aboard the USS Essex amphibious assault ship on Wednesday morning, CNN reported.

Businessman bilked US government of millions for mine in Afghanistan, court says

A California business owner defrauded the U.S. government of nearly $16 million by misusing an American loan intended to help develop a marble mine in western Afghanistan, a U.S. court ruled on Monday.

Coalition alters tactics in Afghanistan as casualties among local forces mount

The U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan is adjusting tactics to address mounting casualties among local security forces, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said this week.

Multi-million US program finds jobs for just 55 Afghan women, new report says

After spending nearly $90 million on an ambitious program designed to provide employment for women and promote gender equality in Afghanistan, the U.S. development agency could find jobs for just 55 women, said a new report by a government watchdog.

Taliban capture another district on the eve of expected cease-fire

Afghan security forces had been battling the Taliban in Faryab province’s Bulcheragh district for a week, before about 100 government employees — mostly police officers — surrendered to the insurgents.

30 Afghan soldiers killed in latest battlefield reversal

The Taliban stormed two small bases in northern Baghlan province on Wednesday, killing dozens of Afghan troops and police officers — the latest in a string of battlefield successes by the guerrillas, officials said.

Battle for Ghazni ebbs as Taliban capture base in northern Afghanistan

The U.S. military appears to have ended its bombing campaign in the embattled city of Ghazni, which was the scene of heavy fighting after the Taliban tried to storm it on Friday.

US says Kunduz airstrike did not kill civilians

U.S. airstrikes in northern Kunduz province last month did not result in civilian casualties despite allegations to the contrary, the U.S. military said on Friday.

US says airstrike did not kill Afghan forces

A U.S. airstrike in eastern Afghanistan this week did not kill any Afghan security forces despite contrary claims by local officials, the U.S. military said in a statement on Wednesday.

US airstrike mistakenly kills Afghan security forces, local officials say

A U.S. airstrike on Tuesday in eastern Logar province mistakenly hit friendly forces and killed several Afghan police officers, local officials said.

3 Czech troops killed in Afghanistan attack

Three Czech soldiers were killed by a suicide bomber in eastern Afghanistan on Sunday in an attack that also injured one American and two Afghan troops, officials said.

ISIS flees Taliban onslaught, surrenders to Afghan government forces

The allied coalition’s battle against the Islamic State in Afghanistan received a boost from another enemy Wednesday, when Taliban guerrillas drove ISIS fighters out of northern Jawzjan province.

Georgian soldiers accused of stealing from Bagram base store

A group of Georgian soldiers is suspected of stealing about $3,600 worth of merchandise from a shop at Bagram Air Field, military officials said Tuesday.

Afghan forces struggling to reclaim lost territory, watchdog says

Recent figures provided by U.S. Forces-Afghanistan indicate the number of people living under government and insurgent control remained the same over the last quarter — despite an intense aerial campaign by U.S. and Afghan forces.

Taliban gaining upper hand in Afghan district after government cease-fire

A steady stream of locals have been lodging complaints about the tangible effects of a U.S.-backed cease-fire by the Afghan government. They fear another truce could help the Taliban take full control of the district.

Pennsylvania post office is renamed for airman killed in Afghanistan

Air Force Staff Sgt. Peter Taub, who grew up near the post office in Wyncote, Pa., was killed in a suicide attack while on patrol near Bagram Air Field.

US munition drops on Afghanistan on pace to set record this year

U.S. Air Force data released Friday showed that aircraft released 2,911 bombs and missiles over Afghanistan during the first half of 2018 — a higher number for that period than during the surge of 2010, when about 100,000 American troops were in the country.

Afghan civilian deaths up by 1 percent this year

As Abdul-Basir visited the Ministry of Interior, an ambulance packed with explosives killed him and about 100 other people. The former refugee's death is among the toll of civilians killed in the first half of 2018, which is more than any other six-month period since recording began 10 years ago.

Pentagon IDs second US soldier killed in Afghanistan within a week

Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Andrew Celiz, 32, from Summerville, S.C., was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, at Hunter Army Airfield, Ga. He died of a wound suffered while fighting in support of a medevac landing zone in eastern Paktia province.

UK to nearly double troops in Afghanistan after Trump request

British Prime Minister Theresa May said Tuesday that 440 more British servicemembers would deploy to the country, bringing the U.K.’s total contribution to about 1,100 troops.