Norman Llamas

Diners hungry for Brazilian barbecue can find it at Boom Brasil in Sacile

Many Americans know Brazilian food primarily from churrascarias, the all-you-can-eat steakhouses that fill diners up on numerous preparations of freshly cut meats.

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DoDo near Aviano offers Neapolitan-style pizza for pickup or delivery

Finding good pizza is easy when you live in Italy. Finding great pizza is slightly harder.

Aviano offers new ideas, timesavers in bid to win $250,000 Air Force contest

Aviano is aiming to win an innovation competition by highlighting its innovations and upgrades.

Facilities on US bases shuttered as Italy closes just about everything to fight coronavirus

The food court at the base exchange was a ghost town Thursday. No milk was being frothed for cappuccinos at Aviano’s coffee shops, and nothing was cooking at the golf course or bowling alley grill.

Grado is a pleasant day trip from Aviano for the beach lover

With Venice, the Alps and a multitude of beach towns all roughly the same distance from Aviano, the most challenging thing about living in northern Italy is sometimes picking where to go when you have some spare time.

German Pub and Alehouse near Aviano transports taste buds across the Dolomites

If you’re looking to dine on something other than the traditional Italian fare you can easily find near Aviano, head to the quaint little town of Sacile, about nine miles southwest of the base.

Airman killed 10 years ago in Afghanistan is honored at Aviano

Air Force Tech. Sgt. Adam K. Ginett, who was killed 10 years ago in Afghanistan, was honored this week at Aviano, where the Airman Leadership School was named after him.