Norman Llamas

Aviano pays tribute to airman who died while in coronavirus quarantine

An airman who died last month while in coronavirus quarantine was remembered Friday at Aviano Air Base in Italy for his fatherly sense of humor, his loyalty, his off-duty “shenanigans” and on-duty mentorship to others.

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Our Halloween hike to a fabled ghost town in the Italian Alps did turn out to be scary, but less in a haunted sense and more in a “how are my injured wife and 5-year-old going to get down a steep mountain” sort of way.

US Navy in Italy shutters base schools and day care as coronavirus numbers grow

The Navy is closing its base schools and day care centers in Naples and Sigonella because of rapid increases in coronavirus transmission rates, Europe’s top U.S. admiral said soon after Italy decreed a national curfew and other restrictions to contain the pandemic.

US military bases prepare for new rules as Italy decrees nighttime curfew

The targeted rules include a “ban on travel to high-risk regions, national travel limit in the evening, more distance learning and public transport with a capacity limited to 50%."

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Bar Trattoria Cavour in the town of Sacile, about nine miles southwest of Aviano Air Base, has been serving delicious classic Italian and traditional Friulian dishes since 1963.

Member of Aviano schools community tests positive for coronavirus

Some students at Aviano Air Base might have to switch from in-person to online learning and to go into quarantine after a member of the Defense Department school community tested positive for the coronavirus, officials said.