Norman Llamas

Facilities on US bases shuttered as Italy closes just about everything to fight coronavirus

The food court at the base exchange was a ghost town Thursday. No milk was being frothed for cappuccinos at Aviano’s coffee shops, and nothing was cooking at the golf course or bowling alley grill.

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Top wrestlers move on to compete for titles

Sectionals held at Aviano, Stuttgart and Brussels produce dozens of automatic qualifiers, with others still to be selected.

Aviano airmen build bonds, tackle challenges in Amazing Wyvern Race

Scores of airmen hauled 5-gallon jerrycans, dragged dummies across a field, ran 3.1 miles, put together guns and took down a bad guy in the Amazing Wyvern Race.

Few surprises as wrestlers vie for supremacy

Asked how their teams were doing, many coaches answered that they were doing OK – not that bad or good. And that seemed to be the theme of the day, as most of the wrestlers also felt that way.

Airman gets 40-year prison sentence for sexually assaulting child at Aviano

Airman Alexander L. Driskill had earlier pleaded guilty to charges related to possessing and viewing pornographic animation that depicted underage girls.

First all-women team enters Aviano bomb-building competition — and wins

The team, called the Bouncing Bettys, completed the Rapid Aircraft Generation and Employment competition dressed as World War II icon Rosie the Riveter.

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Innsbruck, founded by a Holy Roman Emperor, has something for everyone

The Austrian town of Innsbruck is about a four-hour drive from Aviano and is surrounded by the majestic Alps and all they have to offer.