Norman Llamas

Breathtaking Alpine hikes and ghost towns help chase away pandemic blues near Aviano

Our Halloween hike to a fabled ghost town in the Italian Alps did turn out to be scary, but less in a haunted sense and more in a “how are my injured wife and 5-year-old going to get down a steep mountain” sort of way.

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Member of Aviano schools community tests positive for coronavirus

Some students at Aviano Air Base might have to switch from in-person to online learning and to go into quarantine after a member of the Defense Department school community tested positive for the coronavirus, officials said.

As coronavirus infections surge in Italy, Germany, cases are reported at DODEA schools

Students and staff at four schools in U.S. military communities in Germany and Italy may have been exposed to the coronavirus, officials said this week as the two European countries that are home to thousands of American military personnel scrambled to contain the rapidly resurging virus.

NCOs to rank their assignment choices under Army’s new preference system

Army officers have had a similar system of ranked choices in place since 2016, but this is the first time it has been introduced for NCO ranks.

Cross country is even more a distance sport this season for many

DODEA introduced the virtual aspect of the competition, which concludes with a championship on Oct. 24, this year in an attempt to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Italy could face Christmas lockdown if new surge in coronavirus cases isn’t curbed, expert warns

Italy reported a record 7,332 new coronavirus cases Wednesday as officials scrambled to contain the virus and scientists said a new lockdown might be needed.

31st Fighter Wing hones skills during exercise with NATO allies in Bulgaria

Drills in Bulgaria are the latest in a series of exercises taking place across Europe, where the Air Force has conducted numerous show-of-force flights.