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Texas mass shooting highlights failings of military justice

Former airman Devin Kelley had choked his wife and put a gun to her head. He’d fractured her baby’s skull. He’d made threats to his commanders and he’d been committed to a mental hospital. Those acts foretold Kelley as a potential killer, experts say, and make the Air Force’s failure to enter his name into an FBI database especially egregious.

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Taxis allowed on Vicenza bases for 1st time in memory

Starting this week, local taxis will be able to come on base at Caserma Ederle and Caserma Del Din. It’s the first time in memory, and possibly the 62-year history of the Southern European Task Force.

Pedestrian seriously hurt in car accident involving Vicenza soldier

A U.S. soldier suspected of hitting two pedestrians with a car early Sunday, injuring one of them seriously, was under “direct supervision of his command” while Italian authorities investigate the matter, Army officials said.


For flag officers, an IG probe usually means early retirement

If the investigation into Maj. Gen. Joseph Harrington’s alleged flirtatious texting of a local woman proceeds like similar past probes, he’ll join an Air Force three-star, a Marine four-star and scores of other senior officers in undergoing months of turbulence, followed by retirement.

Yes, you can get bad pizza in Vicenza, Italy

Turns out there is such a thing as bad pizza.

The text messages with a younger, married woman that threaten to send an Army general’s career off the rails

For three months, Maj. Gen. Joseph Harrington, commander of U.S. Army Africa, exchanged flattering, playful and flirtatious messages with the much younger Italian wife of an enlisted man. The woman kept the messages with Harrington on her phone, and shared them during a recent interview with Stars and Stripes.

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Hidden below modern Vicenza is a long-abandoned Roman mansion

Although a serious archaeological space operated by the regional government, Vicenza's Roman Criptoportico is a little quirky.

Former engineering professor unexpectedly takes USARAF command

A former engineering professor who arrived in Vicenza three weeks ago found himself on Friday as the acting commander of U.S. Army Africa.

US Army Africa commander suspended amid investigation into texts

The 30-year career of U.S. Army Africa’s commander was in jeopardy Friday after he was suspended from command in the wake of flirtatious messages he is suspected of sending to another man’s wife.

Servicemembers turned out in smaller numbers for 2016 presidential vote

The 2016 U.S. presidential election failed to interest many military voters, says a recently released federal study. “A striking finding from our analyses is the reported drop in participation rate among military personnel in the 2016 election as compared to the general population,” said one voting official.

Neo-Nazis excluded from military service by policy, but concerns persist

Longstanding concerns about right-wing extremists in the military include such groups seeking to infiltrate the services to gain tactical knowledge and about troops’ radicalization after they’ve joined.

Commander sends case of plummeting Humvees to court-martial

Three Humvees broke loose from their parachutes and plummeted to earth at the Hohenfels Training Area in April 2016. Now, a sergeant charged in connection with the free-fall destruction is headed to court-martial, the military said.

173rd Airborne Brigade to head north – and south

After three years of deployments to the likes of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and six months spent training the Ukrainian National Guard for combat – the 173rd is shifting south.

USARAF lauds peace-keeping exercise with South African troops

A peacekeeping exercise with U.S. and South African troops headed into its final week as the troops practiced U.N. peacekeeping procedures, trained in detecting roadside bombs and learned “bush craft.”.

Army surgeon general shares her path to success with US soldiers in Italy

She’s the first African-American surgeon general in Army history, the first black female Army officer to earn three stars and the highest-ranking woman ever to graduate from the U.S. Military Academy.

Soldier faces murder trial in Germany after death of infant son

A staff sergeant with the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade faces trial this week in Germany on charges that he murdered his infant son in 2015.