Nancy Montgomery

Vicenza’s Biasio Central not only pleasant, it’s open as long as the law allows

Dinner is impossible, lunch is hard to find and takeout is supreme at Italy’s restaurants, all a result of the second coronavirus wave’s effect on dining culture.

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Exhibit in Vicenza asks what comes after the pandemic

One of Vicenza’s art museums has reopened after months of coronavirus lockdown with a new exhibit that looks at the future as envisioned by the past, and asks: What now?

Vicenza High School at Army’s Italy garrison closes after a positive coronavirus test

Vicenza High School was closed Monday after a student tested positive for the coronavirus over the weekend, DODEA officials said.

A pain in the gut, but are groin hernias really the cause?

The second most frequent diagnosis among troops evacuated from the U.S. Central Command area of operations last year was a groin injury that has occurred in 45,000 service members in the past decade, a new military study has found.

Adventurous, exemplary, special: 173rd Airborne Brigade memorializes soldier who died while hiking

Sgt. Cade Pendergraft died Sept. 19 after he fell into a ravine while hiking the popular Road of 52 Tunnels, a World War I mule trail carved into Monte Pasubio, a mountain about 30 miles northwest of Vicenza. He was 24.

Italy could face Christmas lockdown if new surge in coronavirus cases isn’t curbed, expert warns

Italy reported a record 7,332 new coronavirus cases Wednesday as officials scrambled to contain the virus and scientists said a new lockdown might be needed.

Italy mandates masks outdoors as coronavirus cases rise again

The mask mandate affects U.S. bases in Italy and comes as the number of coronavirus cases in the country have risen in recent weeks.

Furai Japanese Restaurant’s entrees are hit or miss in Vicenza

On a warm, cloudless day at the end of a summer mostly lost to the coronavirus pandemic, I decided I wanted a late afternoon lunch, al fresco, under a white umbrella.

Mandatory masks, widespread testing and buddy ethos set the military apart in the coronavirus fight

Mandating masks is just one way the U.S. military's response to the pandemic has been more rigorous than that of the civilian community.

‘Going in and coming out clean’: No coronavirus in thousands of US soldiers before or after exercise in Italy

The 173rd Airborne Brigade command tested every paratrooper shortly before heading out to its first large-scale exercise since the pandemic began. Six weeks later, they were all tested again.

The Army had the most hospital trips among the services for alcohol-related problems, study finds

More than 101,000 active-duty troops ended up in the hospital between 2009 and 2018 because of a problem related to excessive drinking, a new study has found.

Trace team helps Army in Italy stem the spread of coronavirus

A vital part of U.S. Army Garrison Italy’s efforts to control the spread of the virus, the contact tracing team leaps into action if someone tests positive for the virus — and even before they do.

Reopened Vicenza museum’s works tell stories of local history, citizens

Every picture tells a story, and in Vicenza’s civic museum, they’re not all pretty. Little girls are fated to an arranged marriage or the nunnery. A young man is shot with arrows then clubbed to death. Another is turned into a stag and killed by his own hounds.

Differing values dictate how each Pentagon service promotes top officers, study finds

Marines tend to value discipline over risk-tasking for their one-star candidates, the Navy prizes technical expertise, and relations with peers hold greater sway in the Army, a Defense Department-commissioned report by the Rand Corp. found.

Individual tents, uniform masks among precautions as 173rd Airborne Brigade returns to the field

Members of the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Germany for the annual Saber Junction exercise are required to wear masks in most circumstances this year, but not when jumping from the door of an aircraft.

DODEA Europe parents have to decide next week between online or in-school classes

Military parents in Europe must decide by Tuesday whether to send their children back into Defense Department classrooms or commit to online instruction, school officials said in a town hall meeting Wednesday.