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Heavenly views wait at the end of a steep climb to Vicenza’s 15th century Sanctuary of Saint Mary of Mount Berico church

Millions of pilgrims have made their way over the centuries up the hill from Vicenza to the Sanctuary of Saint Mary of Mount Berico, sometimes on their hands and knees.

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Military in Europe finishes its first round of coronavirus vaccinations

The U.S. military in Europe has finished administering its first batch of coronavirus vaccinations to select health care workers and first responders, health officials said Tuesday.

Young and healthy should still plan for coronavirus quarantine, senior military doctor says

Everyone needs to prepare for the possibility of contracting the virus or coming into close contact with someone who has, says the chief of Preventive Medicine for Public Health Command Europe.

Supreme Court rules rape cases before 2006 may be prosecuted, overturning military court

The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the rape convictions of three Air Force airmen, reversing a ruling from the military’s top court dismissing their cases because they fell outside the statute of limitations.

Family and personal time become the upside to military quarantine life in Italy

The quarantine has units waiting longer to fill manning gaps. But for many, the two weeks of downtime — instead of heading directly to inprocessing, formations, physical fitness runs and various other duties — has come as a welcome respite.

Vicenza’s Biasio Central not only pleasant, it’s open as long as the law allows

Dinner is impossible, lunch is hard to find and takeout is supreme at Italy’s restaurants, all a result of the second coronavirus wave’s effect on dining culture.

Female combat deaths don’t erode war support, study finds

Opponents to allowing women in combat positions suggested that deaths of women would dampen public support for a war more than the deaths of men. A new study says it's not so.

Customers and postal workers see online customs forms as a glitch-filled failure

Many customers have struggled to complete the new, glitch-filled electronic forms, and military postal clerks are having to input data on the forms manually at the post office, leading to longer wait times.

US military in Italy keeps schools, some gyms open as it grapples with second coronavirus wave

As the second coronavirus wave strikes, U.S. military actions are differing from Italy in a few ways — particularly in keeping school classrooms open for now — as they balance Italian decrees and DOD guidelines.

Exhibit in Vicenza asks what comes after the pandemic

One of Vicenza’s art museums has reopened after months of coronavirus lockdown with a new exhibit that looks at the future as envisioned by the past, and asks: What now?

Vicenza High School at Army’s Italy garrison closes after a positive coronavirus test

Vicenza High School was closed Monday after a student tested positive for the coronavirus over the weekend, DODEA officials said.

A pain in the gut, but are groin hernias really the cause?

The second most frequent diagnosis among troops evacuated from the U.S. Central Command area of operations last year was a groin injury that has occurred in 45,000 service members in the past decade, a new military study has found.

Adventurous, exemplary, special: 173rd Airborne Brigade memorializes soldier who died while hiking

Sgt. Cade Pendergraft died Sept. 19 after he fell into a ravine while hiking the popular Road of 52 Tunnels, a World War I mule trail carved into Monte Pasubio, a mountain about 30 miles northwest of Vicenza. He was 24.

Italy could face Christmas lockdown if new surge in coronavirus cases isn’t curbed, expert warns

Italy reported a record 7,332 new coronavirus cases Wednesday as officials scrambled to contain the virus and scientists said a new lockdown might be needed.

Italy mandates masks outdoors as coronavirus cases rise again

The mask mandate affects U.S. bases in Italy and comes as the number of coronavirus cases in the country have risen in recent weeks.