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Coronavirus policies keep spouses out of delivery room in Vicenza

Pregnant Americans living in Vicenza will have to deliver their babies without spouses or other support people present because the local Italian hospital, with restrictive new rules to prevent coronavirus spread, is the only option.

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Don’t panic, says Naples-based admiral as Italy shuts down over coronavirus

Navy officials urged service members and their families in southern Italy to keep calm and carry on as usual Tuesday, even as the Italian government restricted movement throughout the entire country.

Army bans moves to new assignments, training trips for soldiers based in Italy

The Army has barred troops based in Italy from taking new assignments or attending military schools in the U.S. in an effort to slow the spread of the new coronavirus.

Military families moving back to US from Italy could be quarantined; base schools extend closures

U.S. military families here are facing a third week of coronavirus-related school, day care and other closures at the same time they were told they could expect a two-week quarantine if they travel to the United States.

Italy-based US paratroopers leave Israel after exercise canceled due to coronavirus restrictions

About 60 U.S. paratroopers who traveled to Israel returned abruptly to their base in Italy last week after Israeli measures to contain the new coronavirus forced an exercise to be canceled.

Italian authorities arrest 173rd Brigade soldier accused of beating

Carabinieri who work on Caserma Ederle arrested Pvt. John Badger at his barracks last week for what local authorities said were violent and unprovoked attacks on Italian civilians and U.S. soldiers.

Closures at US bases in Italy continue as coronavirus spreads

U.S. bases in northern Italy entered a second week of school, day care and gym closures as the country’s cases of the new coronavirus doubled over the weekend.

US Army in Italy plans for possibility of longer school closure, isolation for coronavirus patients

The city of Vicenza, home to U.S. Army Garrison Italy, has three suspected coronavirus cases, Italian media reported Thursday.

Thousands in military community poisoned by carbon monoxide over the course of a decade, study finds

Around 6,400 troops and their family members were poisoned by carbon monoxide in the past decade, a military health study has found.

US military in Italy extends coronavirus safety measures, including closures of Vicenza schools and child care centers

U.S. Army Garrison Italy shuttered on-base schools, child care centers, gyms and churches through March 1.

Aviano service members to receive more COLA, others in Italy less after survey

Aviano airmen got a boost in their living allowance this month, while most other service members in Italy will see theirs cut next month.

In retrial, soldier is convicted of sexually assaulting mother-in-law

“It probably doesn’t mean very much but I want to say I’m sorry and I hope you can find peace in your life,” Spc. Brian Hollenbeck said in court before being sentenced to 36 months in prison.

Military spouses in Italy travel to Rome to meet Karen Pence

Active-duty military spouses assigned to Italian bases attended a reception Friday with Karen Pence, the second lady of the United States, at the U.S. Embassy in Rome.

US troops in Vicenza investigated after attack as Army reviews off-limits policies

Italian prosecutors are investigating several U.S. paratroopers after one of them was accused of punching a local man, fracturing his jaw and breaking most of his teeth, the man’s lawyer said.

‘Best Warrior’ formerly convicted of sexually assaulting mother-in-law gets new trial

A soldier convicted of sexually assaulting his sleeping mother-in-law three years ago is being tried again after an Army court tossed the conviction because of a possibly biased juror.