Nancy Montgomery

Furai Japanese Restaurant’s entrees are hit or miss in Vicenza

On a warm, cloudless day at the end of a summer mostly lost to the coronavirus pandemic, I decided I wanted a late afternoon lunch, al fresco, under a white umbrella.

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Trace team helps Army in Italy stem the spread of coronavirus

A vital part of U.S. Army Garrison Italy’s efforts to control the spread of the virus, the contact tracing team leaps into action if someone tests positive for the virus — and even before they do.

Reopened Vicenza museum’s works tell stories of local history, citizens

Every picture tells a story, and in Vicenza’s civic museum, they’re not all pretty. Little girls are fated to an arranged marriage or the nunnery. A young man is shot with arrows then clubbed to death. Another is turned into a stag and killed by his own hounds.

Differing values dictate how each Pentagon service promotes top officers, study finds

Marines tend to value discipline over risk-tasking for their one-star candidates, the Navy prizes technical expertise, and relations with peers hold greater sway in the Army, a Defense Department-commissioned report by the Rand Corp. found.

Individual tents, uniform masks among precautions as 173rd Airborne Brigade returns to the field

Members of the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Germany for the annual Saber Junction exercise are required to wear masks in most circumstances this year, but not when jumping from the door of an aircraft.

DODEA Europe parents have to decide next week between online or in-school classes

Military parents in Europe must decide by Tuesday whether to send their children back into Defense Department classrooms or commit to online instruction, school officials said in a town hall meeting Wednesday.

Diverse paths led US Army Africa’s ‘best warriors’ to service

A linguist, an infantryman and an officer who came up from the enlisted ranks will compete for U.S. Army Africa with soldiers from throughout Europe in the service’s Best Warrior competition.

For the first time, a woman graduates as an Army Green Beret

Rep. Elise Stefanik had announced the unidentified soldier’s upcoming graduation and hailed it as “an important and hard-earned milestone.”

Cantina Del Tormento in Vicenza serves Tapas without torture

The Piazza delle Erbe in downtown Vicenza boasts numerous bars and restaurants where people can eat, drink and be merry just steps away from an ancient prison that was once the scene of the most abject misery.

Most active-duty soldiers with severe COVID-19 have preexisting health conditions, study finds

Most of the small number of active-duty soldiers who became seriously ill after contracting the coronavirus had underlying health conditions such as obesity and high blood pressure, the first study to look at that group of service members has found.

Americans and Italians protest together against racism

The peaceful, two-hour program included speeches, music, and the playing of a videotape in which a black Minneapolis man died two weeks ago when a white police officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

Army to place women in last all-male infantry, armor companies

The Army will place female infantry and armor enlisted soldiers into its last nine all-male brigade combat teams after changing rules that required multiple women in unit leadership.

Restrictions mean troops can’t join racism protest near US Army base in Vicenza

A protest condemning police brutality and racism is planned for Saturday in this northern Italian city that hosts U.S. Army Garrison Italy, but service members will be unable to attend because of military coronavirus restrictions on public gatherings and regulations barring attending protests in foreign countries.

Rome USCIS closure could delay US civilians needing visas for families

Civilians who marry foreign nationals in Europe should expect delays obtaining U.S. documentation for their new families following the closure of the U.S. immigration office in Rome, one of the last on the Continent to remain open.

Army holds back as Italy loosens coronavirus restrictions

Army officials are moving cautiously as Italy lifts restrictions ordered months ago, when it became the European epicenter of the virus.

Military heat injuries down slightly as doctors work to end ‘tragedy loop’

The number of service members stricken with potentially fatal heat injuries declined last year for the first time in at least five years, but military health officials aren’t taking any victory laps.