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Jury acquits senior NCO accused of pointing weapon at soldier and calling another fat

Sgt. 1st Class Jessica Barboza was found not guilty of dereliction of duty, maltreatment and disrespecting an NCO by a panel of nine male officers and senior NCOs.

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Military frostbite, cold-weather injuries up with little explanation why

Nearly 500 troops suffered from chilblains, frostbite, hypothermia and trench foot during the most recently studied annual period, more than in any of the previous three years and a 20 percent increase over the previous year.

Servicemembers have to get flu shots. Civilians? It’s a harder sell.

Despite decades of studies showing its safety and effectiveness in preventing flu or reducing severity of the disease that killed more than 80,000 Americans last year, the influenza vaccine can be a tough sell among U.S. Army Europe civilians.

Botswana to co-host US Army Africa conference

Now in its seventh year, the African Land Forces Summit 2019 will be held in June in Botswana’s capital of Gaborone. The conference is attended by land force chiefs from across Africa.

Rabies risk to Germany-based troops rose with 2016 deployment, new study finds

Reports of possible exposures to rabies, the deadly virus that killed a soldier seven years ago, more than doubled in southern Germany-based troops in 2016 primarily because of deployments to Egypt and Eastern Europe, according to a new report.

Paratrooper survives meningitis; no new cases reported at Vicenza

A paratrooper who was fighting for his life after being infected with bacterial meningitis a month ago is recovering in the U.S., Army officials said this week.

The Sunday price is right for Vicenza’s natural history museum

Do you like fossils? How about stuffed owls? Ever seen the skeleton of a cave bear? Vicenza’s Natural History and Archaeological Museum currently has them all.

Italy garrison cuts planning burden for paratroopers heading to the field

The 173rd Airborne Brigade is getting a little help with logistics from its friends at U.S. Army Garrison Italy for the first time in years. The garrison took over the intricacies of getting hundreds of paratroopers from Caserma Ederle onto planes Wednesday to Aviano Air Base for exercises in southern France.

Vicenza health center branches out to offer care for four-legged family members

The Vicenza Health Center is once again providing surgery and overnight care to patients — but only if they have four legs and enjoy petting.

Thunderstorm forecast shuts down base schools in Italy

Heavy rains, thunderstorms in the forecast and the Italian decision to shutter schools for the next two days persuaded U.S. Army and Air Force authorities to close their base schools on Monday and Tuesday.

Lawmakers call for Army’s Iraq War study to be published

A candid history of how the Army prosecuted the Iraq War intended to be published while its lessons were still relevant was completed more than two years ago, but has yet to be released, with former officials saying it became mired in reviews and infighting amid concerns it might make the Army look bad.

Tiffs provides satisfying South Asian food with a backstory in Vicenza

At Tiffs, you might get the noodle soup with the secret recipe from the restaurateur’s father’s onetime Burmese fiancee’s uncle.

Soldier gravely ill with bacterial meningitis prompts public health effort

A 25-year-old paratrooper with the 173rd Airborne Brigade was reportedly in guarded condition in a medically-induced coma. Italian public health authorities are trying to find anyone who came in contact with the soldier at a local nightclub on Friday and provide antibiotics for anyone who needs them.

Army stops autopsy, takes body of dead paratrooper from Italian hospital

The removal of Sgt. Kevin Deon Connor’s body from San Bortolo Hospital came after the Army claimed jurisdiction, according to the lawyer assigned to defend four paratroopers whom Italian prosecutors were investigating for negligence connected to Connor’s death.

Paratroopers under investigation after death of fellow soldier

Italian prosecutors are investigating whether four 173rd Airborne Brigade soldiers with Sgt. Kevin Connor on the night he died, possibly from alcohol poisoning, are criminally culpable.

Marble Marconi monument moving from US base to Italian town

An 8-ton marble monument to Guglielmo Marconi dedicated by American signal soldiers 45 years ago is to be hauled off base and handed over to local Italians for a planned museum.