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Soup & sandwich are delicious at Vicenza's Cafe Natura

Caffe Natura is owned and staffed by women, and they give the small, airy cafe featuring fresh food made from scratch a pleasing, somehow relaxing, feminine energy.

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Aviano out of the baby business, sending military women ‘downtown’ to deliver

The U.S. military is set to end maternal care for women assigned to Aviano and Vicenza this spring, leaving obstetrical and other medical services to local Italian hospitals that officials say are better-equipped to handle American patients than in the past.

Vicenza's Michelin-starred restaurant, El Coq, excels at odd combinations

At El Coq, Vicenza's only Michelin-starred restaurant, the food was complicated and innovative, with many unusual flavor combinations. Which for the most part we didn’t love.

Vicenza to test Army nutrition and fitness initiative

Vegan options in the dining facility. Vending machines that drop apples, not candy. The Army is considering these ideas and more in a new effort to take on soldier obesity and unfitness that officials say has hurt readiness for years.

High military rate of sexually transmitted disease defies treatment and education efforts

Sexually transmitted disease cases are rising in the military in line with a record number of reported cases across the civilian population in the U.S.

Major seeks new sentencing for child abuse, says fraternization reprimand unfair

Maj. David Jerkins was convicted at a 2014 court-martial for severely beating his toddler stepson with a belt. Now his lawyers have asked the military’s highest court to overturn his sentence, arguing that critical remarks about his military character improperly influenced the jury.

Europe Quick Trips

‘Van Gogh: Between the Wheat and the Sky’ looks into the artist’s spirit

“Van Gogh, Between the Wheat and the Sky” contains 43 paintings and 86 drawings, many on loan from the Kroeller-Mueller Museum in Holland, as well as letters Van Gogh wrote, many of them to his brother Theo.

Surgeons sitting idly during deployments may be leaving military patients at risk

Military surgeon Maj. Joseph Lee deployed to a remote Cameroon hospital recently. But he didn’t perform surgery. That's not a rare occurrence. Most military hospitals do far fewer surgeries than civilian surgery centers and lag behind civilian surgeons in case numbers and complexity.


Texas mass shooting highlights failings of military justice

Former airman Devin Kelley had choked his wife and put a gun to her head. He’d fractured her baby’s skull. He’d made threats to his commanders and he’d been committed to a mental hospital. Those acts foretold Kelley as a potential killer, experts say, and make the Air Force’s failure to enter his name into an FBI database especially egregious.

Air Force could face record lawsuits over mass shooting

The Air Force faces many millions of dollars in potential liability for the mass shooting at a small-town church in Texas earlier this month by a former servicemember, legal experts say.

Air Force acknowledges it failed to report Texas church shooter conviction

Devin P. Kelley’s convictions for child and spousal assault while in the Air Force should have prevented him from owning the assault rifle that authorities said he used in Sunday’s massacre at a Texas church.

Study: Blood transfusions aboard medevacs ‘critical’ to survival

Gravely injured troops who received blood transfusions during battlefield evacuations were more likely to survive than troops who first received them at a hospital, according to a new study.

Taxis allowed on Vicenza bases for 1st time in memory

Starting this week, local taxis will be able to come on base at Caserma Ederle and Caserma Del Din. It’s the first time in memory, and possibly the 62-year history of the Southern European Task Force.

Pedestrian seriously hurt in car accident involving Vicenza soldier

A U.S. soldier suspected of hitting two pedestrians with a car early Sunday, injuring one of them seriously, was under “direct supervision of his command” while Italian authorities investigate the matter, Army officials said.


For flag officers, an IG probe usually means early retirement

If the investigation into Maj. Gen. Joseph Harrington’s alleged flirtatious texting of a local woman proceeds like similar past probes, he’ll join an Air Force three-star, a Marine four-star and scores of other senior officers in undergoing months of turbulence, followed by retirement.

Yes, you can get bad pizza in Vicenza, Italy

Turns out there is such a thing as bad pizza.