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See Europe with tours from on-base agencies

Base tours offer an easy way to see Europe with other members of the military community. Here is a sampling of trips scheduled as of Feb. 26.

Who killed the woman found dead in Kaiserslautern? German police ask Americans for help

German police are asking residents of Kaiserslautern and Stuttgart, including members of the U.S. military community, to help them find the killers of a woman whose body was found in an alley near Kaiserslautern’s shopping mall in December.

Police to actively enforce coronavirus rules Thursday in Rheinland-Pfalz, home to US bases

German law enforcement officials in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz, home to several U.S. military bases, will be looking for violations of coronavirus restrictions and could issue fines for noncompliance Thursday.

Here’s what you need to know about Germany’s new face mask rules

Medical-grade masks will be required across Germany starting Monday, but different states have different rules and military officials haven’t said if the new requirements will apply on U.S. bases.

Americans in Germany have to wear medical masks when shopping, using public transport, off base

The new face mask requirement is part of a package agreed to by Chancellor Angela Merkel and state leaders Tuesday during an hourslong meeting to hash out ways to bring down high numbers of coronavirus infections.

US Army to follow Bavarian rule requiring medical-grade FFP2 or similar masks in stores, on public transportation

Bavaria will require people entering shops or using public transportation beginning Monday to wear FFP2 or similar masks, which provide better coronavirus protection than cloth masks but aren’t common among the 40,000-strong U.S. military community in the state.

Between Blood Road and German culture stands the barbarism of Buchenwald

“Blood Road,” says the gray sign alongside the road that leads to what was once Germany’s largest concentration camp, Buchenwald.

Here’s how Germany's new coronavirus restrictions are likely to affect US military communities

U.S. military commands, which impose their own coronavirus restrictions, have said that service members and civilians working for the military in Germany must follow whichever rules are stricter — the German authorities’ or the military's.

German police seek US military community's help to identify woman found dead near Kaiserslautern mall

A woman's body was found Monday evening, lying just off Stauboernchenstrasse about 600 feet south of the K-in-Lautern shopping mall.

US service member in Germany is first active-duty soldier to die from coronavirus, German reports indicate

A 43-year-old U.S. soldier with the coronavirus died on the way to a U.S. military hospital despite a roadside rescue attempt by emergency personnel, German police said Thursday.

For most US personnel, holiday travel in Germany is either complicated or unlikely to happen

U.S. military personnel and their families living in Germany won’t have many travel options over the December holidays, either because of command decisions or the patchwork of state and local laws meant to curb an ongoing spike in coronavirus infections.

US soldier’s child badly injured in car crash in Germany

The crash took place in poor weather conditions Thursday evening in the town of Amberg, about 30 minutes south of Vilseck where the 2nd Cavalry Regiment is based.

Proposed troop drawdown in Germany complicates plans to hand back military land

A directive from President Donald Trump to withdraw some 12,000 U.S. troops from Germany and move numerous units elsewhere has further complicated a plan to return several military sites in the country.

Dozens of new coronavirus cases reported at Army base in Wiesbaden

More than two dozen coronavirus cases have been reported in the U.S. military community in Wiesbaden in a little over a week, a German official said Tuesday.

Kaiserslautern area raised to second-highest health alert level as coronavirus cases surge in Germany

The Kaiserslautern area was raised to Germany’s second-highest health alert level last week after a sudden spike in coronavirus cases that some were pinning on members of the large U.S. military community, officials said.

US military community in Kaiserslautern may be coronavirus hot spot as cases surge around Germany

The U.S. military community was being eyed Friday as a hot spot for new coronavirus infections in the Kaiserslautern area, where the health warning system was raised to the second-highest level after a sudden spike in cases, district officials said.

US military figures obscured, often uncounted in Germany’s coronavirus totals

Several German health departments don’t include U.S. military personnel in case totals because they consider them nonresidents, since most aren’t required to register with local governments under the terms of the status of forces agreement.

Army launches probe as three coronavirus cases are connected to Edelweiss quarantine violation

Three of 56 active cases in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen district were traced directly to an Edelweiss Lodge and Resort employee’s night on the town after she was ordered into quarantine following a coronavirus test, district officials said.

Germany to test its emergency warning system on Thursday

Sirens will blare across Germany at 11 a.m. Thursday as the country tests its national emergency warning system for the first time since 1990.

Coronavirus cases more than doubled in Kaiserslautern area in one week, officials say

The number of active coronavirus cases in the Kaiserslautern area, which is home to one of the largest overseas U.S. military communities in the world, more than doubled in the past week as new infections rose around Germany during a popular time for vacations.

Not-so-grand theft auto: Transmission foils US soldier’s attempt to steal a cab in Germany, police say

A 19-year-old American soldier who is accused of trying to steal a taxi at Munich International Airport was thwarted by the car’s transmission, German police said.

Airmen save toddler from drowning in German lake

A two-year-old girl owes her life to the quick reactions of two U.S. airmen who saved her from drowning last weekend in a popular recreational lake in southwest Germany.

Vilseck-based soldier could face criminal charges after high-speed road crash

A Vilseck-based American soldier could face up to three years in prison after he was accused of causing a traffic accident on a Bavarian country road in which he and a couple were injured, German police said Wednesday.

What will it take to move 12,000 troops from Germany? Closures, time and lots of money

Removing 12,000 troops from Germany will likely mean several base closures and cost billions of dollars for an operation that could begin in weeks but take years to complete.

Police probe theft of dummy rifles at Army training center in Hohenfels

A number of dummy rifles used for exercises at the U.S. Army’s training area in Hohenfels have been stolen, German police said Tuesday.

American faces big fine for hosting Kaiserslautern July 4 party that broke coronavirus rules

An American woman faces a fine of up to 25,000 euros after hundreds of people, including U.S. service members, turned up for a 4th of July party that she announced via a mobile phone messaging service, officials said Monday.

Woman receives nine-year sentence for death of 4-year-old Army dependent

The wife of an American soldier was sentenced to nine years in prison Thursday by a German court for killing her 4-year-old stepson last year at the family home in Eschenbach, German media reports said.

German firefighter injured during rescue of US paratroopers who landed in trees

A German firefighter was seriously injured in an operation to rescue six American paratroopers who landed in trees during a parachute training exercise, officials said Thursday.

American in Kaiserslautern tests positive for coronavirus as total active cases in area fall

A member of the U.S. military community in Kaiserslautern has tested positive for the coronavirus, marking the first confirmed case among defense personnel in the area in more than a month.

US soldier in Nuremberg bit officer’s leg, police say

It took six German police officers to haul off a cowboy boot-wearing American soldier who called them Nazis, kicked them and later bit one of them in the leg, police said.

Bavarian woodcarver to join Stallone, John Wayne in ranks of honorary Green Berets

A German man who has made wood carvings for the 10th Special Forces Group for nearly 50 years has been nominated for a rare distinction — to become an honorary member of the Green Berets. He will be the first German to receive the honor.

German lawmakers investigate whether double taxation of US troops, civilians violates SOFA

Regional lawmakers in Germany are investigating why a finance office near Ramstein Air Base has stepped up efforts to collect income tax from American troops and military civilians, possibly breaching an international treaty that governs U.S. forces in the country.

Sonic booms from German Eurofighters rattle residents near Ramstein Air Base

German Eurofighters flying over the state of Rheinland-Pfalz broke the sound barrier several times in recent days, shaking houses, rattling windows and unnerving more than a few people and pets.

Restaurants, hotels poised to reopen in Germany will remain off limits for many US personnel

U.S. military personnel in Germany may have to bide their time before they can enjoy a night out again in the country, where restaurants and hotels will begin to cautiously reopen this month after weeks of coronavirus closures.

US bases reviewing restrictions as barbershops, playgrounds and more prepare to reopen in Germany

U.S. military bases across Germany are still reviewing what services and facilities to resume and reopen, following Germany’s lead.

Speeding in Germany could now mean a bigger fine and a suspended license

Exceeding the speed limit in town by just 21 kilometers per hour, or about 13 mph, could cost drivers in Germany a one-month license suspension and a hefty fine as of Tuesday, when tough new traffic laws take effect.