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American faces big fine for hosting Kaiserslautern July 4 party that broke coronavirus rules

An American woman faces a fine of up to 25,000 euros after hundreds of people, including U.S. service members, turned up for a 4th of July party that she announced via a mobile phone messaging service, officials said Monday.

US soldier in Nuremberg bit officer’s leg, police say

It took six German police officers to haul off a cowboy boot-wearing American soldier who called them Nazis, kicked them and later bit one of them in the leg, police said.

Bavarian woodcarver to join Stallone, John Wayne in ranks of honorary Green Berets

A German man who has made wood carvings for the 10th Special Forces Group for nearly 50 years has been nominated for a rare distinction — to become an honorary member of the Green Berets. He will be the first German to receive the honor.

See Europe with tours from on-base agencies

Base tours offer an easy way to see Europe with other members of the military community. Here is a sampling of trips scheduled as of Feb. 28.

German lawmakers investigate whether double taxation of US troops, civilians violates SOFA

Regional lawmakers in Germany are investigating why a finance office near Ramstein Air Base has stepped up efforts to collect income tax from American troops and military civilians, possibly breaching an international treaty that governs U.S. forces in the country.

Sonic booms from German Eurofighters rattle residents near Ramstein Air Base

German Eurofighters flying over the state of Rheinland-Pfalz broke the sound barrier several times in recent days, shaking houses, rattling windows and unnerving more than a few people and pets.

Restaurants, hotels poised to reopen in Germany will remain off limits for many US personnel

U.S. military personnel in Germany may have to bide their time before they can enjoy a night out again in the country, where restaurants and hotels will begin to cautiously reopen this month after weeks of coronavirus closures.

US bases reviewing restrictions as barbershops, playgrounds and more prepare to reopen in Germany

U.S. military bases across Germany are still reviewing what services and facilities to resume and reopen, following Germany’s lead.

Speeding in Germany could now mean a bigger fine and a suspended license

Exceeding the speed limit in town by just 21 kilometers per hour, or about 13 mph, could cost drivers in Germany a one-month license suspension and a hefty fine as of Tuesday, when tough new traffic laws take effect.

Bavaria, home to large US Army garrison, will require masks while shopping

Wearing masks when shopping or using public transportation will be required beginning April 27 in Bavaria, German’s second-most populous state and home to about 40,000 U.S. military personnel and family members.

Germany to order 45 US jets to replace 1970s’ Tornados, report says

Germany will buy 45 fighter aircraft from the United States to replace its aging Tornado fighter-bombers, a German media report said.

'Forever chemicals' are hundreds of times over safe levels at Katterbach Kaserne site in Germany, Army report says

Toxic chemicals are present in soil at disused firefighting training sites at Katterbach Kaserne in Bavaria at levels up to 225 times higher than what’s considered safe, an Army report says.

Some smaller stores in Germany to reopen as coronavirus precautions continue

Smaller stores can reopen soon and masks are now recommended while shopping as Germany tries to maintain its “fragile” success in containing the coronavirus, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said.

Violating virus restrictions in Germany could lead to fines, jail time, military disciplinary action

Americans in Germany who violate restrictions aimed at stopping the spread of the coronavirus could face hefty fines from the government and disciplinary action from the military, a top Army official in Europe said Friday.

Germany limits public gatherings, Italy bans outdoor exercise in fight against pandemic

Tens of thousands of U.S. military personnel and their families are among the millions living under new restrictions on activity in Germany and Italy, as the two countries grapple with containing the spread of the coronavirus.

Kaiserslautern, home to largest US military community overseas, restricts businesses

In Kaiserslautern, the largest city in an area where about 50,000 Defense Department personnel and their families live, city officials late Monday ordered numerous businesses to close and banned gatherings of more than 75 people until July 10.

Driver flees after fiery car crash near Grafenwoehr

A driver near the U.S. Army’s Grafenwoehr Training Area fled the scene after the driver’s car struck trees and burst into flames, German police said Monday.

Plans to move tankers, special operations wing from Mildenhall to Germany are put on hold

Plans to close RAF Mildenhall in England and move its refueling tankers and a special operations wing to Germany have been put on hold, the Pentagon said this week.

Kaiserslautern, home to largest US military community overseas, confirms first case of coronavirus

A 32-year-old Kaiserslautern man has contracted the coronavirus and 17 others are in self-quarantine after being in contact with him, city health officials said Friday.

Army seeks hundreds more homes for troops at Hohenfels

The Army has asked the German government to help it find hundreds of homes near Hohenfels to house the growing number of troops coming to the training area, officials said this week.

Two US soldiers injured, one seriously, as car skids off road near Ansbach

After veering off the road, the vehicle skidded more than 150 feet along a bike path and flipped onto its roof.

Soldier from 173rd Airborne injured by another soldier in Grafenwoehr street brawl

An American soldier was injured in a brawl Saturday night on a Grafenwoehr street that’s home to several bars, German police and U.S. military officials said.

Power loss, bad weather caused Spangdahlem F-16 crash in Germany, Air Force says

A partial power failure during bad weather caused an F-16 fighter jet from Spangdahlem Air Base to crash last fall during a routine training flight, the Air Force said Tuesday.

Sabine storms across Europe, damaging areas near US bases in Germany

There will be periodic lulls but “the winds will pick up speed again” in Rheinland-Pfalz, a meteorologist said, adding that winds were expected to average 30-45 mph on Tuesday in the Kaiserslautern area.

New traffic laws, higher fines to take effect in Europe in 2020

Several European countries, including many that are home to thousands of U.S. service members, plan to toughen their traffic laws and to increase fines for violations next year, Germany’s ADAC roadside assistance provider says on its website.

German service members to ride their country’s trains for free

German service members in uniform and their children will be allowed to travel for free on trains in Germany, beginning next month.

Drunk, stoned and misguided by GPS: American gashes Mercedes by driving through German pedestrian tunnel, police say

An American found sleeping in a car in a field had his license confiscated after he followed the walking directions on a GPS and drove through a narrow pedestrian tunnel, authorities said.

Two men sentenced for attempted burglary of Americans’ home in Landstuhl

Two of the four men who tried to force their way into the home of an American family in Landstuhl, Germany, in February were sentenced to prison Wednesday for attempted burglary.

Ramstein service member gets bullets instead of chocolate sauce in the mail

A box of 250 bullets ordered through Amazon turned up in the military mail last week at Ramstein Air Base, but the U.S. service member who received them says he ordered chocolate sauce, not ammunition.

Soldiers detained on suspicion of fleeing $230 cab fare in Germany

Three U.S. soldiers in Germany are accused of marking the Thanksgiving holiday not with a typical turkey trot, but with an attempt to do a runner to avoid paying a hefty cab fare.

Prospect of strikes looms as US Army, German union at odds over new contract

Negotiations between the U.S. Army and the union representing Germans employed on bases in Europe have broken down without an agreement on a new contract, raising the prospect of local workers going on strike.

25 years of driving without a license comes to a stop for German man at Spangdahlem gate

German driver’s licenses used to have no expiration date, but since 2013 European Union rules require drivers to renew their licenses every 15 years.

Ramstein airman detained after punching out the wrong car window

The incident is just one of a number of recent cases of young U.S. service members in Germany getting in trouble after drinking too much.

Stepmother arrested after death of 4-year-old near Army’s Grafenwoehr base

The father of the boy who died is a soldier assigned to the Vilseck-based 2nd Cavalry Regiment’s Field Artillery Squadron.

German official thanks US, Pompeo for role in defending freedom during Cold War

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas on Thursday thanked the United States and a former U.S. tank commander for their commitment to Germany during the Cold War.

Fake US soldiers ‘verboten’ at Berlin’s Checkpoint Charlie amid reports they harassed tourists

Actors dressed as U.S. soldiers at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin have been banned from the iconic Cold War location because of their aggressive and abusive way with tourists, city officials said.