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Bahrain’s DODEA school closes to celebrate national team’s big soccer win

The Bahrain School, run by the Department of Defense Education Activity on the U.S. Navy base there, operates independently but decided to “honor the decree from the king,” the school's principal said.

Swim, kayak, relax at Al Dar Islands, a short boat ride away from Manama

For beach lovers, families or partygoers, Al Dar offers the feel of an island getaway.

A sailor who helped save a child spreads the word on bone marrow donation

Navy Lt. Kawika Segundo’s bone marrow had less than a 4% chance to match with a terminally ill 7-year-old, but that slim chance turned out to be enough.

Bahrain looks for creative ways for athletes to beat the heat

Every weekday morning, before the janitors show up to clean the floors, the boys and girls teams dash through the school hallways to avoid heat-related injuries.

Navy brings back the torpedoman's mate rating

The torpedoman moniker was first used in 1921 and was changed to torpedoman’s mate in 1942. It retained that name until 1995, when the Navy merged the job with machinist submariners.

Navy scraps instructor-led college at sea program as demand falls, costs rise

The roughly $2 million that will be saved annually by closing an instructor-led program will be redirected to tuition assistance for sailors, officials said.

Navy says goodbye to the 'blueberry' camouflage uniform

First introduced in 2008 as part of a uniform modernization program based on sailor input, the blue camouflage uniform was intended to be worn by enlisted and officers to “project a unified image/appearance regardless of rank.”