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Trump warns Europe he will free ISIS fighters if allies won’t prosecute them

Comments come as global leaders wrap up three days of security talks in Munich, where the conflict in Syria was among the agenda items.

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Pence calls on allies to end dealings with Iran, increase defense spending

At the Munich Security Conference, remarks from Vice President Mike Pence credited allies for stepping up their investments but demanded that all 29 NATO members hit a 2024 deadline to meet agreed-upon spending targets. He also noted that “the time has come for our European partners to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal."

Shanahan calls for larger anti-ISIS coalition at start of Munich talks

Acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan said Friday he wants coalition members in the fight against the Islamic State group to step up their support even as the U.S. prepares to pull out of northern Syria.

Shanahan calls on Europe to make public case for more defense spending

Acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan said leaders in Europe must galvanize public support for more military spending, saying that recent increases in investment aren’t enough for the threats NATO now faces.

US prepares for larger military presence in Poland

The U.S. will deploy hundreds more troops to Poland in a push to further boost its military presence in a region where the Pentagon already has thousands of servicemembers conducting operations, America’s top diplomat in the country said.

Army civilian in Landstuhl says he 'fought like hell' during home invasion that left one intruder dead

The former Air Force major, who now works as an Army civilian employee, is being investigated by German prosecutors over whether he used excessive force in the fight.

Army civilian in Landstuhl says he ‘fought like hell’ during home invasion

HED: Army civilian in Landstuhl says he ‘fought like hell’ during home invasion

A new US base in Poland wouldn't mean troop cuts in Germany, US ambassador says

If the United States moves forward with a plan to set up a new military base in Poland, American forces won’t be pulled out of Germany to man the mission, the U.S. ambassador to NATO said Tuesday.

Army civilian in Germany faces investigation after fatally stabbing home invader

An Army civilian who fought off home invaders with a kitchen knife during an attempted robbery is facing an investigation into whether he acted in self-defense when he fatally stabbed one of the perpetrators, German authorities said Tuesday.

Army civilian in Landstuhl fends off home invaders with knife, German police say

Police said that four suspects attempted to force their way into the American’s home in Landstuhl, a community with a large U.S. military population.

Promotion rates improving for Air Force drone pilots, GAO says

Air Force fighter pilots continue to be promoted at higher rates than their counterparts who control drones, but the gap is closing as the demand for remotely piloted aircraft increases, a government watchdog said in a new report.

Effectiveness of US airstrikes in Somalia questioned by AFRICOM commander

AFRICOM has picked up the pace of its airstrikes in Somalia, going from 35 in 2017 to 47 last year. The command's top leader says that won't be enough to defeat the Islamic militants operating in the country.

NATO paves way for Macedonia’s membership after country changes name

Macedonia was formally invited Wednesday to join NATO and could become the alliance’s 30th member by year’s end, after recently resolving a long running dispute with neighboring Greece.

New retro-style Army Greens to hit the streets this year in phased rollout

The Army could begin issuing the first batch of its retro-style service uniforms this month in a push to get recruiters onto the streets of “hometown America” in the new duds, the Army’s top enlisted soldier said Monday.

USAREUR allows longer registrations for older cars

A new U.S. Army Europe policy means that owners of vehicles more than 10 years old can now register their cars every two years instead of annually.

Two Germans cause alarm after shooting blanks near Army base

Two German men were taken into custody Sunday after police swarmed near U.S. Army Europe’s Clay Kaserne headquarters in Wiesbaden in response to sounds of gun fire in the vicinity of the base.

Germany misses key NATO defense spending deadline

Germany has missed a deadline for reporting to NATO how it will increase defense expenditures, failing to deliver on a key priority for the Trump administration.

Army adds time off for new dads, flexibility for new moms

The new policy means that parental leave time will go from 10 to 21 days for fathers or mothers in cases where they are the secondary caregiver of a newborn.

US, allies brace for end of Cold War-era nuclear deal

A U.S. deadline for Russia to come into compliance with a key nuclear treaty will expire Saturday, sparking concerns of a looming arms race as allies brace for the end of a Cold War-era accord.

Investigators to audit CENTCOM, AFRICOM over fuel payments

The upcoming Inspector General probe follows revelations about accounting errors that resulted in failures to properly bill Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for refueling missions that supported the Saudi-led coalition in fighting in Yemen.

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease way up among servicemembers

Between 2000 and 2017, the military experienced a 12-fold increase in the number of troops diagnosed with a disease linked to obesity that can result in cirrhosis of the liver, according to a new health report.

Special Forces chow hall feeding unpaid civilians, Coast Guard for free

The dining facility run by Green Berets began offering free meals Friday to members of the Stuttgart military community who are not getting paid because of the government shutdown.

Army’s big plans for new weapons at risk of waste, watchdog report says

The Army should avoid relying on unproven technology, a practice that has crippled past innovation and wasted billions on failed weapons systems, a government watchdog said.

Army history highlights failures in Iraq War

While fighting in Iraq, the Army failed to grasp the significance of the country’s sectarian divisions and “tended to penalize” its own innovative leaders, according the service’s long-awaited history of the war that claimed over 4,000 servicemembers’ lives.

Senators want legislation to block Trump over feared NATO pullout

A bipartisan group of lawmakers reintroduced legislation Thursday that seeks to prohibit President Donald Trump from quitting the NATO alliance amid fresh concerns about the president’s commitment to the 70-year-old military pact.

Army plans to ramp up rotations to US, Germany combat centers

The Army is planning to boost the pace of rotations to its combat training centers in the United States and Germany, going from 20 this year to 32 in 2020 as the service emphasizes higher end combat skills.

Capping troop pay, higher Tricare fees among theoretical options for reducing deficit in report

Congressional budget analysts have 121 ideas for reducing the ballooning U.S. deficit, and 16 of them target Pentagon programs, ranging from long-term pay caps for servicemembers and higher Tricare premiums to spending less on weapons systems.

Army looks to give its old combat boot the boot

The Army is testing new combat boots that are lighter and have more flexible leather. If any of the prototypes are chosen, it would be the first significant change to the service's basic boots in years.

Russian base in central Africa on the table while US refocuses its strategy

Russian troops are already active in the Central African Republic, where they train local forces in combat techniques as part of an agreement reached in 2018. The next step could be a military base, Russian state media reported.

Troops driving older diesel cars may want to sell as Stuttgart ban takes effect

Drivers of diesel vehicles in the Stuttgart military community may want to consider selling their cars to troops in other parts of Germany as a new environmental law barring many of them takes effect in the city.

US troops in Gabon remain focused on Congo despite local coup attempt

A coup attempt in the central African nation hasn’t yet changed the mission of U.S. troops deployed there last week in response to potential violence in the neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo, U.S. Africa Command said Monday.

Somalia combat operations to continue despite reports, Pentagon says

The Pentagon denied reports of a looming drawdown in Somalia, saying there is no plan to cut back the mission in a country where U.S. Africa Command continues to carry out airstrikes.

Marine deemed falsely accused of war crimes is recommended for higher retired rank

A retired Marine Corps officer whose career was damaged after his unit was falsely accused in 2007 of war crimes in Afghanistan should have his rank elevated and be awarded back pay for damages, a Navy board has determined.

Servicemember advisory to avoid Russia travel remains in effect following Marine veteran’s arrest

U.S. troops are advised not to travel to Russia, where a Marine Corps veteran accused of spying has been detained by authorities and where security services have a history of harassing American military personnel visiting on vacation.

Air Force ‘base in a box’ plan delayed because of poor management, IG says

A plan to stand up 24 mobile air base kits — part of a $797 million program to bolster American air power in Europe — has been hampered by vague deadlines and insufficient oversight, according to an IG report.

Germany wants Poles, Italians and Romanians to beef up its military

The German military, plagued by a shortage of recruits, is considering accepting foreign citizens to help fill out the ranks, the country’s top soldier said Thursday.