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European Union food import rules may cause shortages at US bases

Thousands of items sold in commissaries and exchange stores at U.S. military bases in Europe could soon be missing from shelves because of previously unenforced European Union rules on food imports, military and industry officials said.

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More openings are announced as Germany plans to ease its lockdown next week

German states where U.S. forces are based plan to ease their coronavirus lockdowns with limited store openings, shopping by appointment and reopened outdoor venues next week.

The dine-in experience at Zum Kaaser in Erzenhausen is memorable, but takeout will do well enough for now

If we ever get to eat in restaurants again, Zum Kaaser, tucked away in a village northwest of Kaiserslautern, is at the top of my list.

Lousy weather and a pandemic couldn't stop paratroopers from jumping at Ramstein

For the Air Force and Army paratroopers on the C-130J aircraft that took off from Ramstein on Thursday, the day was good enough for a jump — and that’s all they needed.

Hard landing caused $21 million in damage to Ramstein cargo plane, Air Force finds

Pilot error caused $21 million in damage to a cargo plane, the Air Force said.

Air Force to provide more 'adverse information' to officer promotion boards

Air Force officers with negative actions on their records may soon face greater scrutiny when being considered for promotions.

Many overseas tours for new airmen and guardians extended an extra year

The change in unaccompanied tour lengths applies to both enlisted service members and officers on their first permanent duty assignment at nearly two dozen bases and locations.

RAF Mildenhall tightens security after base breach

Security has been stepped up at RAF Mildenhall after an individual drove onto base through a guarded, outbound gate, and reportedly went unnoticed until he stopped to fix the tires he’d shredded on traffic spikes on the way in.

US Air Force bombers deploy to Norway for first time

The Air Force is deploying bombers and airmen to a base in Norway for the first time, underscoring the growing importance of the Arctic region to U.S. defense strategy.

Spangdahlem reverses course on classroom return; all US base schools in Germany to continue online

School and base officials said Friday night that Department of Defense Education Activity schools at Spangdahlem will continue remote instruction through at least Feb. 12, as will all other DODEA schools in Germany.

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With miles of trails, Johanniskreuz near Kaiserslautern is ideal for a woodland hike

In the thick of a pandemic and a countrywide lockdown, there’s nowhere to go except outdoors.

DODEA delays return to in-class learning at all schools in Germany except one

Schools at all but one U.S. military base in Germany will continue remote instruction through at least Feb. 12, school officials announced Thursday afternoon.

Military in Europe is offering coronavirus testing for air travel to US

Americans affiliated with the U.S. military in Europe may be able to get coronavirus tests on base before flying to the United States, officials said this week.

Police to actively enforce coronavirus rules Thursday in Rheinland-Pfalz, home to US bases

German law enforcement officials in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz, home to several U.S. military bases, will be looking for violations of coronavirus restrictions and could issue fines for noncompliance Thursday.

Here’s what you need to know about Germany’s new face mask rules

Medical-grade masks will be required across Germany starting Monday, but different states have different rules and military officials haven’t said if the new requirements will apply on U.S. bases.

Americans in Germany have to wear medical masks when shopping, using public transport, off base

The new face mask requirement is part of a package agreed to by Chancellor Angela Merkel and state leaders Tuesday during an hourslong meeting to hash out ways to bring down high numbers of coronavirus infections.

Teachers, deploying service members line up for COVID-19 vaccine at Ramstein

Air Force medical officials said they expected to vaccinate several hundred people during the three-hour shot clinic, which was open on a walk-in basis to select personnel.

New F-35 squadron at Lakenheath to be nicknamed soon

A team at the 48th Fighter Wing picked five finalists for the name for its new squadron of F-35As.

Air Force takes steps to ensure disciplinary action is impartial

The Air Force has begun tracking the demographics of some disciplinary actions to determine if punishment is meted out impartially.

DODEA schools in Germany extend remote learning

Under newly released plans, the first day back in the classroom for DODEA students in Germany will be Monday, Feb. 1.

More flu vaccine arrives in Europe for Americans still waiting for a jab

The U.S. military in Europe received about 56,000 doses of the vaccine this week, which “should be more than enough for everyone we still need to vaccinate,” said Gino Mattorano, spokesman for Regional Health Command Europe.

COVID vaccination starts at more bases in Europe, but not everyone wants the jab

Airmen in Germany were given their first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine Monday, just over two weeks after it received emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration.

Service members, federal employees are given more time to repay deferred Social Security payments

Members of the armed forces and federal employees have 12 months instead of four to pay back Social Security taxes that haven't been collected since September, officials said this week.

Military medical workers are first to get coronavirus jabs at US bases in Germany

Frontline medical workers at three Army bases in Bavaria became the first in the U.S. military community in Europe to be vaccinated against the coronavirus Monday, officials said.

Missile drill momentarily triggers false ‘air attack’ alarm at Ramstein Air Base

Sirens sounded on the Ramstein Air Base’s loudspeaker system Saturday morning, followed by the warning: “Aerial attack, aerial attack, seek cover, seek cover.”

‘A tremendous soldier and teammate’: Army confirms Baumholder soldier died of coronavirus complications

Sgt. Setariki Korovakaturaga, 43, had “previously tested positive for COVID-19 and was at home on quarantine when he began experiencing increased symptoms,” U.S. Army Europe and Africa said in a statement.

Schools on US military bases to close classrooms as Germany readies for tougher coronavirus lockdown

Schools at U.S. military bases in Germany will hold a final day of in-person classes before transitioning to remote learning, in line with new host nation restrictions aimed at bringing down stubbornly high numbers of coronavirus infections, officials said Monday.

‘They actually watched TV’: Ramstein HS time capsule gives students glimpse into mysterious world of 2005

This year’s Ramstein High School seniors were toddlers when the class of 2005 boxed up a few items from their school years and sealed them up.

US service member in Germany is first active-duty soldier to die from coronavirus, German reports indicate

A 43-year-old U.S. soldier with the coronavirus died on the way to a U.S. military hospital despite a roadside rescue attempt by emergency personnel, German police said Thursday.

Here's a look inside a military quarantine facility in Germany

Unaccompanied, junior enlisted soldiers spend the first two weeks in Germany bunking inside large supply warehouses, eating chow hall food in a tent and fighting off boredom.

US military schools, facilities close, restrict business as Germany struggles with coronavirus second wave

Five U.S. military schools in Germany have been temporarily shuttered and services on bases have been restricted following a spike in coronavirus cases, as the host nation struggles to get the upper hand on a second wave of infections.

Some Air Force bases postponing fitness tests until April as coronavirus spreads

On some bases, commanders have pushed back fitness assessments until the spring.

A mountain hike followed by a stroll about town make St. Martin a relaxing day trip

St. Martin is more than just a cute village with wine, though it would be a wonderful place even if it weren’t.

Flu vaccine trickles in to US bases in Europe, but there’s still not enough for everyone

Many Americans affiliated with the U.S. military in Europe haven’t been able to get flu shots this year, due to delays in delivering the vaccine that officials are struggling to explain.

Pilot error, poor visibility caused Lakenheath pilot to crash in North Sea

Air Force 1st Lt. Kenneth Allen, 27, with the RAF Lakenheath-based 48th Fighter Wing, was killed after his plane plunged into the North Sea about 140 miles northeast of the base on June 15.

Spangdahlem F-16 combat jets deployed to the Middle East

Hundreds of airmen and more than 10 F-16 fighter jets from Spangdahlem Air Base have deployed to the Middle East to support combat operations and train with regional allies, Air Force officials said Tuesday.