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Pilot error, poor visibility caused Lakenheath pilot to crash in North Sea

Air Force 1st Lt. Kenneth Allen, 27, with the RAF Lakenheath-based 48th Fighter Wing, was killed after his plane plunged into the North Sea about 140 miles northeast of the base on June 15.

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Maryland graduates serenaded with a chorus of honks in Germany

The commencement ceremony for the class of 2020 was to have been in May but it was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Enjoy the comfort at Liami, the newest Asian fusion restaurant near Ramstein

Eating lunch at my desk at work, I couldn’t finish the brown slop in my bowl, sold as miso soup in a plastic container from the shoppette.

Athletic wear now allowed at base commissaries and exchanges, defense secretary says

Defense Secretary Mark Esper immediately authorized physical fitness attire for wear by patrons at commissaries and military exchanges at Defense Department installations.

Dozens of new coronavirus cases reported at Army base in Wiesbaden

More than two dozen coronavirus cases have been reported in the U.S. military community in Wiesbaden in a little over a week, a German official said Tuesday.

US bases roll out new coronavirus restrictions as cases surge in Germany

U.S. military bases in Germany announced new rules to try to keep the resurging coronavirus in check, days before a partial lockdown goes into effect around the country, which saw a record 18,641 new infections in 24 hours Friday.

As coronavirus infections surge in Italy, Germany, cases are reported at DODEA schools

Students and staff at four schools in U.S. military communities in Germany and Italy may have been exposed to the coronavirus, officials said this week as the two European countries that are home to thousands of American military personnel scrambled to contain the rapidly resurging virus.

Parsells, Bishop top much smaller field at cross country finals

Only seven teams – all from Germany – competed and those teams were further divided into small and large schools to reduce the number of runners at the starting line.

Coronavirus is delaying flu vaccine delivery to overseas military communities, officials say

Not enough flu shots will be available until next month to inoculate all overseas Defense Department personnel and their families, military officials said Friday, pinning the delays on the coronavirus pandemic.

Army chaplain jailed for drunken behavior, shoppette gas theft

Chaplain (Maj.) Donald V. Wood was found guilty of larceny, conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman, and of damaging nonmilitary property.

Coronavirus puts a hex on Halloween at some US bases in Germany

The coronavirus has upended many Halloween traditions on bases in Germany.

Soldiers are banned from going to Baumholder bars after coronavirus case

Bars and pubs in the area of Baumholder, Germany were made off-limits to service members Thursday after an employee at a local watering hole popular with Americans tested positive for the coronavirus, officials said.

US military figures obscured, often uncounted in Germany’s coronavirus totals

Several German health departments don’t include U.S. military personnel in case totals because they consider them nonresidents, since most aren’t required to register with local governments under the terms of the status of forces agreement.

Germany sees biggest rise in coronavirus cases since spring; US military cases up in Kaiserslautern

The Kaiserslautern district health department, responsible for areas that include several U.S. Army bases and Ramstein Air Base, listed 14 new coronavirus cases — including eight among U.S. forces — bringing the total number of active infections to 54 as of Tuesday.

Pfalz Wine Trail winds through Germany’s vineyards, forests

The German Wine Route is billed as the country’s oldest scenic drive, winding 50 miles through the wine villages of the Pfalz region.

Ramstein school will remain closed after more positive coronavirus tests

Ramstein Intermediate School will stay closed to students until Oct. 14 due to quarantine requirements, officials said after the number of confirmed coronavirus cases at the school rose to five.

Military families overseas hope to relate to new HBO drama

The eight-episode “We Are Who We Are” has caught the attention of many living on U.S. bases overseas.

Ramstein school to close for several days after three teachers test positive for coronavirus

Three teachers at Ramstein Intermediate School have tested positive for the coronavirus, prompting the school’s closure to complete contact tracing and any needed testing, officials said.

Free AFN TV ends at Army housing in Germany this weekend

The end of the automatic AFN programming, which includes college and professional sports as well as popular stateside shows, comes after the Army in Europe decided earlier this year not to renew a contract for the service in Germany, officials said.

Navy base school in Bahrain to reopen classrooms despite teachers’ union objections

U.S. military and school officials on Bahrain plan to resume classes Sunday for elementary and middle school students, despite teacher concerns that the health risk is still too high for in-person learning.

Army infantry school is doing away with 'mean, nasty' shark attack methodology at basic training

Infantry recruits will no longer have drill sergeants barking orders at them inches from their faces during basic training as the “shark attack” technique, which uses intimidation to establish authority and weed out the weak, is dropped in favor of a new approach.

'Thundervarks' on the way out as Air Force seeks new name for F-35 squadron at Lakenheath

The 48th Fighter Wing is asking for help naming the new squadron of F-35A Lightning II fighter jets that will arrive at RAF Lakenheath next year, saying “Thundervarks” just doesn’t cut it for the 5th-generation plane.

Spangdahlem's F-16s aren't leaving Germany for Italy just yet

No date has been set for the last remaining U.S. fighter squadron in Germany to move to Italy, said Gen. Jeffrey Harrigian, the leader of U.S. Air Forces in Europe – Air Forces Africa.

Students test positive for coronavirus at DODEA schools in Bavaria

Cases were confirmed at Grafenwoehr Elementary School on Tower Barracks and the elementary and middle schools at Netzaberg, Col. Christopher Danbeck told the U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria community in a video message posted on the garrison’s Facebook page last week.

At 9/11 ceremony in Germany, Army colonel remembers the day 'the hometown was struck'

“It’s a very personal day, not only a personal day if you’re an American, but even more so if you’re a New Yorker because the hometown was struck,” Col. Douglas Levien said at a 9/11 remembrance ceremony in Germany.

Dozens of service members to be reimbursed by Florida company that towed their vehicles

Another Florida towing company is on the hook for illegally towing, selling and scrapping U.S. service members’ vehicles while they were deployed.

DODEA schools fail to report serious incidents involving students, including sexual assault, IG report says

Hundreds of serious incidents involving students at Defense Department schools, including alleged sexual assaults and threats of physical violence, have gone unreported because of policies that allow principals to decide whether to report them, a report by the DOD Inspector General has said.

Military personnel can’t opt out of government’s payroll tax deferral

Many servicemembers, including all enlisted personnel, will see a temporary increase in their paychecks this month through the end of the year, followed by a fall in January, when they are likely to have to start repaying the money.

21st TSC soldiers in Europe have more flexibility for leave following a rule change

Service members assigned to the Army’s 21st Theater Sustainment Command in Europe no longer need a two-star’s approval for leisure travel to coronavirus risk areas.

Overseas military post offices stop accepting handwritten customs forms after months of delays

The Postal Service began transitioning to electronic customs forms in March due to international regulations but had granted military post offices an extension.

Two new coronavirus cases among Kaiserslautern area students but schools stay open

The two new school cases were closely linked to a Kaiserslautern Middle School student who tested positive for the virus last week, said a Department of Defense Education Activity-Europe spokesman.

Student’s positive coronavirus test shuts down DODEA school in Kaiserslautern for a day

Kaiserslautern Middle School was closed Friday after a student there became the first at a Defense Department school in Europe to test positive for the coronavirus in the new school year, officials said.

Air Force offers cash for better system allowing female pilots to relieve themselves in flight

The Air Force is offering at least $100,000 to whomever comes up with a way for female pilots to answer the call of nature while strapped into the cockpit of a jet.

Amid coronavirus pandemic, students' first day at DODEA's overseas schools looked different

The first day of school on U.S. military bases took on the trappings of a pandemic Monday as children bustled off to class in masks or logged on to meet their teachers from home.

Army raising service commitment for future aviators to 10 years

The decade of service obligation kicks in after graduation from flight training and does not apply to personnel currently in training, Army officials said.

Florida towing company sued for selling Marine’s car while she was deployed to Okinawa

A Florida towing company that sold a Marine’s car while she was serving overseas is being sued by the Justice Department for violating her civil rights.