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Ramstein base commuters will begin testing new east gate traffic circle Saturday

Only one interior lane in each direction will open Saturday. But when it’s completed by December 2019, the new circle will be what’s called a “turbo circle."

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Air Force drops re-enlistment bonuses in 17 career fields

Air Force cryptologic language analysts who specialize in Korean or Hebrew and who are eligible to re-enlist may want to submit their paperwork now. Re-enlistment bonuses in fields across the service are going extinct.

NASA ‘flying lab’ takes to European skies for experiments with German research plane

NASA’s DC-8 “flying laboratory,” an aircraft based near Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., and decked out with various sensors and intake valves, is in Germany this month to conduct joint research with the German Aerospace Center and its Airbus A320 research aircraft.

AFN programming, including NFL, among affected services for overseas military families

Defense Department personnel and their families overseas woke up over the weekend to confusion, uncertainty and some anger about how their lives would be affected by the U.S. government shutdown.But

Red Cross to roll out welcome mat to contractors and their families

The American Red Cross in Europe is trying to erase the difficulties many contractors and their spouses face in integrating into their new communities on the Continent.

Flying emergency rooms are classrooms for first European and Africa aeromedical symposium

More than 40 flight nurses, physicians, pilots and planners from NATO and partner countries shared their experiences in airlifting wounded and sick patients on military aircraft during the event.


DODEA students get their groove on at annual jazz seminar

The annual jazz seminar for U.S. military schools in Europe is the one chance many students get to play this quintessentially American music in a group setting.


Air Force video shows Lakenheath fighters' intercepts of Russian aircraft

The United States will hand over the lead in NATO’s Baltic air-policing mission to Denmark next week, concluding a four-month stay in Lithuania that saw U.S. fighter jets scramble about 30 times to identify Russian aircraft flying near NATO air space, officials said.

Air Force eliminating EPRs for airmen first class and below

The service announced Thursday that Enlisted Performance Reports are no longer required for all active-duty airmen until they reach the rank of senior airman or have served for 36 months, regardless of grade. For reservists, EPRs will be required for senior airmen and above. The change is effective immediately.

Air Force colonels nearing mandatory retirement can remain 3 more years

The Air Force has given a late Christmas present to colonels approaching the 30-year mandatory retirement mark - a few more years of active duty service.

Le Petit Frederic's French menu adds a bit of 'je ne sais quoi' to Kaiserslautern

Le Petit Frederic and its lineup of baguette sandwiches with French names adds a bit of fun to the otherwise drab lineup in downtown Kaiserslautern’s Schillerplatz.

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Trip to French market offers a world of things to consume

If you want to speak like the French and eat like the French, you can do that at Simply Market, a French grocery store a stone’s throw from the German border near Saarbruecken.

Kids who misbehave at Ramstein could lose IDs on the spot

Starting Jan. 1, Security Forces can confiscate dependent ID cards and call parents if military police are asked to assist with youth misbehavior at the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center, base officials said.

AFN says engineers have a fix for glitch affecting new HD decoders

American Forces Network’s transition to high-definition television in Europe has been rocky so far for many off-base residents, but AFN officials say they think they've found a solution.

Military television sets in Europe go high-definition

American Forces Network made the switch to high-definition TV overnight Monday in Europe, the Americas, Southwest Asia and Africa, completing the last phase of the agency’s worldwide conversion to HD programming.

Ramstein chaplain found guilty of stealing from German grocery store

Capt. Sharior Rahman, an imam at Ramstein Air Base and one of only a handful of Muslim clerics in the Air Force, was convicted by a military judge Tuesday of larceny and conspiracy to commit larceny in a shoplifting incident last year.

Exchange stores race to have decoders ready for AFN’s switch to HD

New decoder boxes needed by many subscribers to continue watching the American Forces Network as it transitions to high-definition TV hadn’t reached shelves at some overseas bases Tuesday, but officials said most viewers should have time to make the switch without interruption.

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Seeking friendship without alliance, US and Serb troops take the plunge

U.S. and Serbian armed forces were on opposite sides in 1999 during the 78-day war in Kosovo. But for two countries that just a generation ago were at war, their recent joint exercise may be a sign that Serbia is opening more to the West.

US and Serbian paratroopers build partnership in training jumps

About 120 U.S. Army and Serbian paratroopers dropped side by side from the gray sky here outside Belgrade on Friday, wrapping up four days of drills aimed at building military capabilities and a partnership between two countries with a troubled past.


Americans close door on operations at Bitburg after more than 60 years

The U.S. Air Force formalized the return of the annex to the German government at a ceremony Monday, marking the official end of U.S. military operations at the base that began in 1952.

D-III volleyball

New roster, same result for Sigonella: another title

Sigonella used a balanced attack and long stretches of error-free play to upend Brussels in Division III girls’ volleyball on Saturday and clinch its third consecutive European title, 25-17, 21-25, 25-17, 25-22.

D-I volleyball

Lancers make short work of two-time defending champs

A new champion sits atop the DODEA-Europe Division I girls’ volleyball throne.

DODEA students let creative sparks fly at week devoted to the arts

Ask a group of teenagers what they’re doing in school, and you’re likely to be greeted with silence and a few shrugs. But ask a group of teenagers what they’re doing at Creative Connections, the weeklong arts workshop at U.S. military schools in Europe, and the hands fly up.

Europe cross country

Roberts, Smith complete dominant seasons with titles

Two runners who went undefeated all fall kept their unbeaten streaks intact to win their respective races Saturday at the 2017 DODEA European cross country championships.

Mushroom hunter finds WWII-era bomb near Ramstein Air Base

A German mushroom hunter found more than he bargained for recently when he stumbled upon an unexploded, World War II-era bomb in the woods.

Late-start at KMC, Baumholder schools made permanent

Late-start Thursdays that began earlier this month on a trial basis at all Kaiserslautern Military Community and Baumholder schools will now be permanent after the first two weeks, during which the adjusted schedule went smoothly, school officials said.

Germany raises highway fines for rubbernecking, blocking emergency vehicles

Getting stuck in a traffic jam on the German autobahn might cost more than just time and heartache under a new German law that significantly raises penalties for failing to open up the middle lane for emergency vehicles.

Spinnraedl in Kaiserslautern excels in the meaty dishes of the Rheinland-Pfalz

Spinnraedl seems to be the place to go in Kaiserslautern if you’re not just craving something German but rather something from the Pfalz, a largely rural region of southwestern Germany.

DOD mulls more money for reservists who travel a long way to serve

U.S. military reservists who travel a long way to serve — and in some cases spend their drill pay to do so — may see their expenses reduced by as much as two-thirds as the Pentagon considers changes to the reserve travel policy as a retention tool.

Scoring discrepancies delay DODEA’s release of test results

The release of standardized test results used to measure student progress has been delayed by months for some 33,000 students at Defense Department schools because of problems reported by the testing company, school officials said this week.

Wildpark Potzberg puts visitors eye to eye with animals

Wildpark Potzberg combines outdoor adventure and family-friendly fun with some educational opportunities.

KMC students ‘fall back’ a month early so teachers can boost instruction

Come Thursday, students at Kaiserslautern-area schools can sleep in an extra hour before heading to school.

KMC will hear voices during sound system tests next week

Decibel levels will be on the rise next week at Air Force bases in the Kaiserslautern Military Community when officials test recent upgrades to the “giant voice.”

2 US soldiers under investigation after pepper spray incident at Kaiserslautern shopping mall

Two U.S. soldiers are under investigation after shoppers were injured with pepper spray that was released at the K in Lautern shopping mall on Saturday.

Thieves near US bases in Germany stealing keyless cars

Owners of keyless cars may want to keep their key fobs in a metal box or even the freezer, following a string of recent car thefts near U.S. bases in Germany.

Tankers’ move to Ramstein Air Base delayed by two years

The relocation of U.S. tanker capabilities from the United Kingdom to Germany will be delayed by two years, as U.S. and German officials continue to work through the details of the pending move, Air Force officials in Europe said this week.