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Army goes nautical in Persian Gulf staging drill

Nautical Horizon concluded with a display of the Army’s ability to quickly move and deploy its forces and equipment when pulling up to a pier isn’t an option.

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New program to simplify debt forgiveness for disabled vets

Tens of thousands of disabled veterans should receive a letter letting them know that they are eligible to have their student loan debt forgiven over the next few months, federal officials said in a statement earlier this month.

Sailor reignites ice hockey passion in the Bahraini desert

Seaman Anthony Greco thought his hockey days were probably over when the Navy sent him to Bahrain. He was wrong.

New pretest required before sailors can sit for advancement exam

Come September 2019, sailors will have to pass an online military knowledge test in order to take the E-4, E-5 and E-6 advancement exams.

Mattis meets with servicemembers in Bahrain, affirms Navy base’s role in Middle East

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis met with a crowd of servicemembers at Naval Support Activity Bahrain Thursday during his tour of Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

US-led task force makes $400 million drug bust in Arabian Sea

While conducting operations for U.S.-led Combined Task Force 150, a Royal Australian Navy frigate seized about 8 tons of hashish worth about $400 million from a vessel, officials said Wednesday.

System error sends thousands of sailors false message about canceled orders

Thousands of sailors were left thinking their orders had been canceled because of an error in the Navy’s interactive detailing program.