Christopher Dennis

Christopher Dennis has a degree from the University of South Florida and calls Alaska his home, but has traveled all over the United States.

He has been to Korea and Afghanistan and is now covering England for Stars and Stripes. He enjoys history, art, and photography.

Email: dennis.christopher@stripes.com

Wrestlers begin the long grind to season-ending finals

Competitors from large and small schools open the season at RAF Lakenheath in seven-team meet.

Great social scene, average food at hotel pub in Newmarket, England

I learned about White Hart Hotel’s pub and restaurant in Newmarket because I like to talk to locals about good places to go for food, drinks and entertainment.

Part falls off US B-52 bomber, lands in British woman’s garden

The woman, who was inside her home in the village of Brailes, about 35 miles northeast of RAF Fairford, said it was “a miracle” no one was injured in the Oct. 23 incident, the Gloucestershire Live website reported.

Tick-borne virus found for first time in UK near US Air Force base

British health officials said a “very small number of ticks” with tick-borne encephalitis were found at two locations in England, including Thetford Forest, which lies just across from RAF Lakenheath.

A-10 sound system upgrade will help pilots hear incoming missiles faster

Studies show that the audio system’s tones allow a pilot to hear which direction a missile is coming from 1.5 seconds faster than using the traditional display panel, according to the system's maker.

Lakenheath finally wins set, but Kaiserslautern prevails

Kaiserslautern keeps Lakenheath winless on the season, less than two weeks before championships begin.

Bury St. Edmunds’ Giggling Squid a treat for diners fit to be Thai’d

Wherever I go, be it Florida, Alaska, Korea or England, I always look for a place to get a good curry. Not super spicy, but with enough zing to get my attention.