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Army veteran in love with a terrorist is accused of supporting al-Qaida affiliate in Syria

Holiday travel can be stressful, especially for a New Jersey woman arrested this week on charges she provided material support to a member of an al-Qaida affiliate in Syria whom she said she loved, but found too controlling.

Most military aircraft fleets missed readiness targets over nine years, GAO says

More than half of 46 types of military aircraft failed to meet mission capability readiness goals in any year from 2011 through 2019, including most fighter jets, a government review has found.

Navy destroys ICBM using new interceptor missile for first time

The destroyer USS John Finn shot down an ICBM on Monday.

Navy SEAL Foundation backs study of ecstasy component for PTSD treatment

A grant made by the Navy SEAL Foundation is expected to assist with large-scale trials of the psychoactive drug MDMA, also known as molly, coupled with psychotherapy.

Pentagon identifies five Americans killed in Black Hawk crash in Egypt

An Army doctor on his first overseas assignment and three veterans of the Afghanistan War were among the five Americans killed in a helicopter crash in Egypt, the Pentagon said Saturday.

Indiana mom captured in Syria is sentenced to prison for supporting ISIS

An American woman who helped her husband and brother-in-law join the Islamic State in Syria by smuggling cash and gold overseas has been sentenced to 6 ½ years in prison after pleading guilty to financing terrorism.

Air Force pilot earns Distinguished Flying Cross after landing A-10 with damaged gear, no canopy

During a 2017 training flight, Maj. Brett DeVries flew for 25 minutes after a misfire in the aircraft’s 30 mm cannon caused the canopy and several panels to blow off.

US-trained Iraqi counterterrorism forces capture ISIS child recruiter in independent operation

An Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service raid in Fallujah that captured a suspected Islamic State child recruitment ringleader without firing a shot last week was one of many successful recent Iraqi operations, coalition officials said.

Pararescueman awarded Silver Star for treating Green Berets during Afghan firefight

Staff Sgt. Nicholas Brunetto never expected to receive an award for his actions in combat with a Special Forces team ambushed in Afghanistan earlier this year.

‘Finally getting that recognition’: Marine who died trying to save struggling swimmer honored over two years after death

Lance Cpl. Corey Staten, who was just 23 when he drowned in a Missouri river in 2018, was recently awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal.

‘Nerds run the Army': 101st Airborne soldier wins innovation challenge with range app

Winning the XVIII Airborne Corps’ first “Dragon Innovation Challenge” with an idea to improve training range management by using mobile apps earned Maj. Evan Adams his choice of any Army school. He opted for something sensible, if less action-packed.

Marines choosing Corps over tanks as service eliminates armor

Most Marine tankers have chosen to stay in the Corps rather than join the Army to keep on tanking in the months since the top Marine general called for the shuttering of heavy armor battalions earlier this year.

‘Semper Tanks’: Marines hold on to tanker spirit as 100-year legacy ends

The Marine Corps is ditching tanks, but its tankers are working to preserve their unique subculture, some with hopes that their special breed may one day be called on again.

Military working dogs in Iraq get a blood bank like their humans have

Military working dog handlers in Iraq have set up a “walking blood bank” for their four-legged partners who help secure bases, hunt explosives and assist in combat missions.

Paratrooper’s airborne TikTok video could be a safety violation, Army says

The Army is looking into a viral video showing a soldier drinking from an Ocean Spray juice bottle and lip-syncing the words of the Fleetwood Mac hit “Dreams” while on a daytime parachute jump.

USS Nimitz crew welcomed to COVID-free ‘bubble’ during Bahrain visit

The USS Nimitz was the first U.S. aircraft carrier to put the Navy’s coronavirus-related port call procedures to the test in Bahrain.

Hot Pockets in short supply at AAFES, commissaries because of coronavirus

Nestle told the Army and Air Force Exchange Service and other retailers that it will have “severe inventory constraints” in its Hot Pockets product lines.

Tattoo shop at US military base exchange could be first of a trend

Military Star Cards are accepted at the Nellis Air Force Base Exchange tattoo store, which opened last month.

Marine who fled Camp Lejeune, three others charged with armed robbery at church

Lance Cpl. Shawn M. Miller was initially thought to be a victim of a robbery in the parking lot of a Catholic church, but police said he conspired with three other suspects.

Carrier-launched airstrikes hit ISIS targets in Iraq as USS Nimitz patrols Persian Gulf

For the first time in over two years, carrier-launched U.S. aircraft conducted an airstrike against Islamic State targets on Sept. 23 in support of Operation Inherent Resolve, the global coalition battling the terrorist group in Iraq and Syria.

Air Force lab wants to find out how to get humans to trust robots

Researchers want to test how troops might react to artificial intelligence when it behaves independently, and in unexpected ways.

Navy sailor in Naples drops 94 pounds to stay in the service

Dietitians at Naval Support Activity Naples helped Petty Officer 2nd Class Andrew O’Brien change his eating habits.

Injured Army musician turns crutches into flutes

Spc. Jessica Tang made crutches into flutes after a severe injury during Army basic training. Here's why.

US deploys Bradleys, mechanized infantry to Syria to ensure 'freedom of movement' for coalition forces

The mechanized forces are from the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, deployed to Kuwait from Fort Bliss, Texas, according to Operation Inherent Resolve .

Special operations soldier is killed in vehicle accident at Key West Navy base

A 17-year Army veteran and father of two was killed when he was hit by a security patrol truck that ran into the entrance of the Navy Exchange store at Naval Air Station Key West’s Sigsbee Park Annex this week.

‘Marines make excellent soldiers’: Over half a Marine tank company just joined the Army National Guard

When a Marine Corps tank company disbanded, 39 of its reservists transferred to the Idaho Army National Guard.

Trump awards Distinguished Flying Cross to guardsmen who helped rescue hundreds from wildfires

“They flew into blazing flames, raging wind — and it was raging — and blinding smoke to rescue families who were trapped by the massive Creek Fire,” President Donald Trump said during an awards ceremony Monday.

Security Forces airman killed on noncombat patrol in Kuwait was slated to train as a dog handler

One U.S. airman was killed and two others were injured in a single-vehicle accident while conducting a routine patrol in Kuwait, the military said Sunday.

Air Force special ops members ‘fight, bleed and laugh’ on nearly 7,000 days of deployments

The 17th Special Tactics Squadron has had no breaks in its rotations in support of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq since October 2001.

Sailors, Marines can no longer use hemp products to fight frizz, soften skin, Navy says

The Army, Air Force and Coast Guard already have policies in place that forbid military members from using products made with hemp or hemp seed oil.

Navy calls off search for US sailor reported overboard in Arabian Sea

The Navy ended the search for a missing U.S. sailor in the North Arabian Sea, officials said more than 48 hours after a “man overboard” alert was sounded aboard the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier, officials said Tuesday.

Air Force joins Navy's search for US sailor reported overboard in Arabian Sea

Air Force aircraft joined a round-the-clock Navy search for a missing member of the USS Nimitz crew, officials said more than 36 hours after a “man overboard” alert was sounded.

US blocks propaganda websites registered by Iran-backed militia

The United States this week seized two websites run by an Iran-backed terror group linked to dozens of rocket attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq and the storming of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad in December.

American who told parents he was camping pleads guilty after joining ISIS in Syria

A U.S. citizen pleaded guilty to conspiring to provide material support to terrorism after spending five years handling communications for ISIS militants battling the U.S.-led coalition, the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas said.

Stepbrothers reunite on Afghanistan deployment for first time since 2001

The last time the soldier stepbrothers had seen each other was the year the war in Afghanistan started — and one of them was a baby.

Silver Stars awarded to two Green Berets and a pararescueman for close-quarters Taliban battle

Two Green Berets and an Air Force pararescueman were awarded Silver Stars for their heroism during a nearly eight-hour firefight last year after the Special Forces team “stumbled upon” an elite Taliban force in a small Afghan village.

Army policy changes focus on extremist activity and gun ownership by violent offenders

Soldiers can now face punishment for social media posts supporting extremist groups, under a major revision to the Army’s policy guidance to its commanders.

Capt. Kirk to Space Force: Let’s debate rank names

William Shatner, the actor who played Kirk on “Star Trek,” may have characteristically beamed himself into an ongoing fray, as lawmakers have proposed requiring the Space Force to use Navy ranks and grades.

US-led coalition documents memorial murals before handing Camp Taji to Iraqis

Nearly $350 million in equipment and property from Camp Taji was transferred to the Iraqi security forces.

AFRICOM monitoring situation in Mali following military coup condemned by US

All U.S. service members in Mali were safe and accounted for, U.S. Africa Command said the day after Malian soldiers seized the country’s president and forced his resignation.

Bomb-sniffing ‘cyborg locusts’ advance under Navy-funded research

Navy-funded researchers have discovered that a locust’s sensitive “horns” can distinguish between the scents of TNT and other explosives — a development that one day could herald the deployment of bomb-sniffing, electronically augmented bug swarms.

US-led site handover to Iraq proceeds after attacks by suspected Iran-allied fighters

The U.S.-led coalition in Iraq transferred about 50 ammunition storage bunkers and facilities to Iraqi forces at Camp Taji, part of a continuing force consolidation as the Islamic State fight wanes and conflict with Iran-backed fighters ramps up.

Coalition denies airstrike on Syrian troops after fight involving US convoy

A convoy of U.S.-led coalition and partner forces returned fire after coming under attack near a Syrian military checkpoint in the country’s northeast, the alliance said, but it denied reports of an airstrike.

Marine who died in Bahrain described as ‘respectful, driven and focused’

Sgt. Trevor Goldyn of the 5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade was found dead in a noncombat-related incident Tuesday.

US military delivers emergency food, medical aid to Beirut

U.S. Air Forces Central Command and Air Mobility Command delivered the more than a half-million pounds of food, water and medical supplies in four days following the Aug. 4 explosion, the military said.

New VET-Tv documentary series on Purple Heart veterans seeks to inspire life changes

“Veterans Laughing Together” brings together Purple Heart recipients to share stories of how they were wounded and what happened next. It’s the first such nonfiction program for the 3-year-old comedy site.

Trump says US forces in Afghanistan to be slashed to fewer than 5,000 this year

President Donald Trump said he expects fewer than 5,000 U.S. troops to be in Afghanistan by November and called America’s wars in the Middle East the “biggest mistake” in the country’s history during a television interview this week.

Missing mariners rescued after Air Force crew spots ‘SOS’ on Pacific island

Three mariners who apparently sailed off course and ran out of fuel were rescued from an uninhabited island with the help of the U.S. Air Force.

Meet the Ramstein airman who coined the Space Force motto

Airman 1st Class Daniel Sanchez came up with the Space Force motto, “Semper Supra,” which translates to “always above.”

A new father, a ‘soulmate,’ ‘one of the good ones’ among eight Marines, one sailor lost in amphibious vehicle accident

The Marine Corps identified the seven Marines and one sailor presumed dead after Thursday's training accident involving an assault amphibious vehicle in Southern California.

Special Tactics airmen receive dozens of awards for overseas counterterrorism missions

An Air Force special operations unit received more than 90 awards after helping battle six extremist groups on recent deployments to the Middle East and Africa, the service said.

A farewell to armor: Marine Corps shuts down tank units, hauls away M1A1s

The Marine Corps also plans to trim some 12,000 troops from its ranks by 2030, eliminate law enforcement units, slash the number of cannon artillery battalions, reduce and restructure infantry battalions, and disband many manned aviation units.

US-led coalition to turn over training base south of Baghdad to Iraq

The U.S.-led coalition in Iraq is due Saturday to hand over to Iraq some $5 million in facilities and equipment and a base south of Baghdad, where some 50,000 Iraqis have been trained as part of the global fight against the Islamic State.


‘Husband, son, brother and leader’: Soldier killed in Syria rollover accident was 82nd Airborne Division paratrooper

Sgt. Bryan “Cooper” Mount, 25, of St. George, Utah, was killed Tuesday when his mine resistant ambush protected all-terrain vehicle rolled over while on a security patrol in northeastern Syria.

Service member dies on patrol in Syria

The service member, whose nationality, service branch and unit were not released, will be identified after next of kin has been notified, according to a statement from Operation Inherent Resolve.

Former Army medic gets second Silver Star over 50 years after saving 10 fellow soldiers in Vietnam

Bart “Doc” Fabian received his second Silver Star more than five decades after he earned it in a fierce battle at an enemy base camp in Vietnam during which he saved the lives of 10 other soldiers.

No fairy tales, just good burgers at Hans im Glueck in Kaiserslautern

One of the first few times I meandered past a newly opened Hans im Glueck burger joint last winter in downtown Kaiserslautern, an inviting warm light poured out through the large front windows.

Marine Raider teammates earn Silver Star, Bronze Stars for heroism in Afghanistan

A special operations Marine was awarded the Silver Star for assaulting a bunker and recovering a wounded Afghan soldier during a four-hour gun battle in Afghanistan last year.

‘A brother that could never be replaced’: Loved ones mourn Marine who drowned at Hawaii base

Sgt. James Jayqon Parker was pronounced dead after being pulled unresponsive from the water at Marine Corps Base Hawaii’s Pyramid Rock Beach on June 28.

Tennessee Guardsman is awarded Soldier's Medal for stopping shooter at football game

A 24-year veteran of the Tennessee Army National Guard who disarmed and restrained a gunman at a high school homecoming game nearly two years ago has been presented the Army’s highest award for noncombat bravery.

'Go forth and kick butt': Navy's first Black female fighter pilot earns her wings

Lt. j.g. Madeline Swegle completed a tactical air program whose graduates generally go on to fly F/A-18E/F Super Hornets, EA-18G Growlers or F-35C Joint Strike Fighters.

Paratrooper pleads not guilty to charges he plotted with satanic Neo-Nazis to ambush his unit

Ethan Melzer faces charges including onspiracy to kill U.S. nationals and conspiring and attempting to murder U.S. service members, which each carry a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Air Force pilot to resume flying after being electrocuted

Lt. Col. Jonathan Kassebaum is set to return to the skies for the first time Monday since an accidental electrocution in his backyard pool just over eight months ago caused his heart to stop for 12 minutes.

Navy chief who died aboard Theodore Roosevelt leaves behind wife and three children

Chief Petty Officer Justin Calderone died after a medical emergency aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

Father who pushed for son’s Purple Heart and championed veteran suicide awareness has died

Howard Berry, 64, had sought unsuccessfully for the medal to recognize his son for wounds he received during the 2009 mass shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, that left 13 dead and 33 wounded.

‘Deltas’ are in as Space Force develops command structure

The new Space Force has streamlined its structure by going without wings. Instead, the intermediate echelons above squadrons in the country’s newest military branch will be known as “deltas,” and they will be led by whatever the service decides to call its equivalent of a colonel.

First Air Force ‘Echo Flight’ class graduates basic training after English-language immersion

A group of mostly native Spanish speakers from Puerto Rico recently completed a first-ever Air Force program to provide them English-language training and cultural immersion before basic training.

CENTCOM battling a series of coronavirus cases that developed at Kuwaiti air base

A cluster of coronavirus cases has developed at a Kuwaiti air base that houses U.S. Central Command personnel, officials said.

Taser-like shotgun round could let Marines stun people a football field away

A company recently demonstrated the ability of a "less lethal" electroshock round to incapacitate a target around 330 feet away.

Navy working dog donates blood to save Air Force canine colleague

When an Air Force working dog suffering a heat injury in Saudi Arabia needed a blood transfusion, he got it from a Navy dog named Army, in what officials are calling a joint service lifesaving effort.

Service members, civilians honored for response to Pensacola terror attack

More than two dozen Marines, sailors and civilians have been recognized for their response to a terrorist shooting that left three sailors dead at Florida’s Naval Air Station Pensacola.

Airstrikes destroy ISIS mountain training camp, cave hideout in Iraq, coalition says

Coalition strikes took out three Islamic State camp sites in Iraq’s Kirkuk province on Friday, while a jet “blasted” an ISIS cave in Nineveh province.

Marine who died during airborne training is remembered for his 'unconquerable spirit'

Sgt. Wolfgang K. “Wolf” Weninger, 28, a critical skills operator assigned to the Marine Raider Training Center, was fatally wounded during one of the final qualification jumps of the Army’s Basic Airborne Course class 24-20 at Fort Benning, Ga.

Special operations Marine dies during airborne training at Fort Benning

A special operations Marine died this week from injuries suffered during airborne training at Fort Benning, Ga., days shy of completing jump school.

First F-35 pilots graduate from TOPGUN, return as instructors

The coronavirus pandemic may have set back the sequel to the movie “Top Gun,” but it hasn’t kept the real-life Navy training course from graduating pilots in its newest fighter aircraft for the first time.

'He was the love of my life': Air Force pilot who died in F-15 crash remembered for his kindness and faith

Air Force 1st Lt. Kenneth Allen, who died Monday, was a man of strong faith who showed love and respect for others, even in the face of danger, friends and family recalled.