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Troops serving along Mexico border to get medal

Thousands of servicemembers sent to the border are eligible to receive a medal that recognizes those who, as a unit, take part in a designated U.S. military operation “deemed to be a significant activity” and “encounter no foreign armed opposition or imminent hostile action,” DOD criteria state.

Trial-run fitness tests among Air Force top enlisted leader’s priorities

The Air Force’s top enlisted leader, Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force Kaleth O. Wright, wants the service to consider several changes in Air Force policy designed to help airmen — including the option to take a no-fail, trial-run fitness assessment.

Air Force alerts airmen to mystery pay raise problem

Some military personnel may not see an expected pay update or increase on their end of July leave and earning statement, according to a statement.

Restaurant at 13th-century German castle offers food, hospitality fit for a prince

Eating out with friends is always enjoyable, no matter what restaurant you go to. But when it’s the one on the grounds of 13th-century German castle Burg Lichtenberg, the enjoyment is multiplied by delicious food and hospitality fit for a prince.

One dead, 12 injured in Fort Polk rollover accident

A 1st Special Forces Command soldier died and 12 others were injured after a military vehicle rolled over during training in Louisiana, military officials said Thursday.


Ramstein middle schoolers show off winning robotics program

Autonomous robots built by seventh and eighth graders, some of whom have won Europewide acclaim in competitions, completed tabletop “space missions” in front of hundreds of spectators during an exhibition at Ramstein Middle School.

Air Force’s SHiELD shoots down airborne missiles with laser

During the tests at White Sands Missile Range, N.M., the laser system engaged and shot down multiple air-launched missiles in flight.