Matt Keeler

‘Unusual senior year’: DODEA students enjoy in-person graduations in South Korea

After months of online classes, seniors at DODEA schools in South Korea graduated together.

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Virus forces US military police to expand off-base patrols into Korean restaurants, barbershops

“We need to stop the virus,” said Sgt. 1st Class Alex Reyes, the provost sergeant for Area III, which encompasses Camp Humphreys. “The way we can do it as law enforcement professionals is by actually visiting the hotspots."

Air Force relieves logistics squadron commander in South Korea

Lt. Col. Michael Kearney lost his job leading the 51st Logistics Readiness Squadron “due to a loss of confidence” in his ability to effectively lead the squadron, according to an Air Force Statement.

Soldiers wait hours for haircuts as barber shops, gyms reopen at Camp Humphreys

After nearly three weeks without a regular trim or daily workout, Camp Humphreys soldiers lined up outside base barber shops and with their families hit the gyms that reopened over the weekend.

Two more American contractors test positive for the coronavirus in South Korea

U.S. Forces Korea reported Friday that two civilian contractors tested positive for coronavirus, bringing the number of cases affiliated with the U.S. military on the peninsula to 17.

US soldiers with premature twins are evacuated from South Korean city hit hard by coronavirus

“We can see the boys as much as we want to now,” said Spc. Cody McFall, the infants' father. “That’s a blessing to me.”

Coronavirus hits US military in South Korea at its core with three new cases at Camp Humphreys

New infections, including two reported Friday, brought the total number of cases affiliated with U.S. Forces Korea to 12, raising concern about complacency as the overall number of infections in South Korea has slowed.