Rose L. Thayer

Spc. Vanessa Guillen’s harasser was a known toxic leader, Army report shows

There had been four other complaints filed against Spc. Vanessa Guillen's platoon sergeant for his mistreatment of subordinates, yet leaders continued to move him and keep him in charge of soldiers, according to an Army report released last week.

Billion-dollar Army housing project begins next week at five bases

The money speeds up plans to upgrade family housing with a focus on junior enlisted and noncommissioned officer housing at Fort Hood in Texas, Fort Campbell and Fort Knox in Kentucky, Fort Drum in New York, and Army housing in Oahu, Hawaii.

CID found little was done to find Sgt. Elder Fernandes in first 48 hours after he disappeared

Fernandes had been missing for 48 hours before anyone contacted the Army Criminal Investigation Command, setting agents far behind in the race to find Fernandes, who had spent the previous week hospitalized for contemplating suicide.

Arizona governor approves 250 National Guard for state border mission

Up to 250 Arizona National Guard members will deploy to the state’s southern border with Mexico on state orders to support law enforcement grappling with an influx of migrants, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey said.

Fort Hood names gate after slain Spc. Vanessa Guillen

The Vanessa Guillen Gate at Fort Hood is a reminder to soldiers passing through to look out for one another, said Lupe Guillen, the younger sister of the Army specialist who was killed at the base one year ago this week.

Army housing survey shows slight increase in satisfaction from military families

Results of the 2021 tenant survey were released Friday and showed a higher participation rate than last year, with nearly 24,500 residents filling out the questionnaire generated by a third-party firm. About 85,000 residents were invited to participate, the Army said.