Rose L. Thayer

Military families file court injunction to stop housing company from leasing sewage-filled Texas house to other families

Three military families — one after the other — moved into the same home at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas, only to be forced out by the same sewage problems.

‘I want somebody who can be fired:’ Senators seek accountability, charges in family housing crisis

Congress took interest in the issues affecting on-base military housing following a Reuters news agency report published a year ago highlighting a slew of problems ranging from mold to lead paint exposure.

Five families file lawsuit over mold in military housing at Florida’s MacDill Air Force Base

At least three other lawsuits have been filed in federal courts against private companies that manage military base housing. Each accuses housing companies of unsafe living conditions that were aggravated by shoddy maintenance work and slow response to repair requests.

'We were forced to find answers’: Burn-pit injury and advocacy shape the lives of veteran and his wife

For more than 10 years, Le Roy and Rosie Torres' lives have revolved around his medical needs and veterans advocacy related to burn pit exposure. Thousands of veterans have linked their chronic medical issues to burn pits. The VA contends that there isn’t enough conclusive research to prove the connection.

The price of their pain: Military families weigh legal options over faulty housing

In determining the best way to get out of living conditions they deem unsafe, some military families are seeking legal remedies. At least three multifamily lawsuits have been filed in federal court against private companies that manage military base housing.

Navy veteran found in his Dallas-area apartment had been dead for three years

The body of retired Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer Ronald Wayne White was discovered in his DeSoto, Texas, apartment last week.